Cowboy Poets of Idaho
~ 8mm Video Sample Clips

Here are links to sample video clips hosted on Vimeo. These are drawn at random from two or three tapes selected at random from more than 250 tapes. While the technical issues leave a lot to be desired, the tapes do reflect the ambience, tone, outlook, and perspective of the participants and audiences.

These are not "highlights" videos, and I did not preview the entire contents of the tapes, thus, these may not represent "the best" material.

It may be possible to improve picture quality in some cases, although things like over and under exposure cannot really be fixed. These clips are meant to give a sense of the kind of footage the tapes contain, for better or worse.

Password = cpi8mm

Twin Falls, 1991

Owen Barton / Red Ant School

Unidentified Poet / Kids Memories

Dorothy Wheeler / What Is a Mule

Skinny Rowland / The North Dakota Fire

Unidentified Poet / The Droving Days

Dave Dean / Thank God I'm a Cowboy

Unidentified Poet / [poem for Simplot co-worker]

Logan, 1996

Yula Sue Hunting / The Liberty Bell

Yula Sue Hunting / Answered Prayers

Unidentified Musical Trio / Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie

Unidentified Poet / Poor; My Cowboy

Unidentified Poet / The Cougar and the Bull