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Cheyenne Autumn2003S00104Film

[Childrens Show]2000P00001

Devil s Dream2005U05105Music

Faded Love2005U05102MusicWills, Bob

Horsemen of the Mongolian Steppes2004T04901Film



Red Wing2005U05101Music

San Antonio Rose2005U05106MusicWills, Bob

Soldier s Joy / Arkansas Traveler2005U05119Music

[Visions of the West]2000P029

[waltz]2005U05104Music[Gimble, Johnny]
Abbott, MarkMiss Molly2006V06908Music
Abbott, Mark
McKenzie, Joey
Miss Molly2005U05117Music
Abbott, Mary[Brandin Crew]1990F04701PoetryAbbott, Mary

Cowboys1988D08104PoetryAbbott, Mary

Cutting Horse2006V05502PoetryAbbott, Mary

Easy Profit1990F01704PoetryAbbott, Mary

Freedom1990F04702PoetryAbbott, Mary

Gatherin Time1990F01715PoetryAbbott, Mary

Gentle House2006V05509Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

My Husband1989E01802PoetryAbbott, Mary

1990F04711PoetryAbbott, Mary

Sierry Petes [Tyin Knots in the Devil s Tail]1989E01801PoetryGardner, Gail

Special One1989E08706PoetryAbbott, Mary

1990F01705PoetryAbbott, Mary

The Cowboy s Wife1988D08115PoetryAbbott, Mary

The Cuttin Horse1990F03809Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

The Nighthawk s Lament [The Night Herder s Lament] [Night Rider s Lament?]1989E08705MusicBurton, Michael

Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail1990F03804Poetry[Gardner, Gail]

Where the Ponies Come to Drink2006V05501PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Winter Night Ride1990F01710PoetryAbbott, Mary
Abbott, NeilA Cuttin Horse1989E08007PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Brands1989E06107PoetryAbbott, Neil

Broke Horses1989E08008Poetry

Broke Hosses1988D04409PoetryAbbott, Neil



It s Great to Be a Cowboy1989E06105PoetrySummer, Doc James


[Moro ?] [Jim Thomas interrupts....]1989E08006PoetryAbbott, Neil

Morro1988D04402PoetryAbbott, Neil


1989E06113PoetryAbbott, Neil

Shorty Is a Healer [Shorty Is a Heeler ?]1989E01301Poetry

The Cutting Horse1988D04001PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Paradox1989E06108PoetryBlack, Baxter

Weanin Time1988D06908Poetry

1989E06106PoetryAbbott, Neil

Weaning Time1989E01302Poetry

Working Wife1989E01303Poetry

Abbott, Neil Old Cookie1989E01305PoetryLogan, Mike
Abrams, ShelbyThe Cowgirl2004T14907PoetryAbrams, Shelby
Ackley, Shelby
Wild Horses2003S12812PoetryAckley, Shelby
Adams, GlenMy Destiny1990F09829PoetryAdams, Glen

There s a legend... 1990F09809PoetryAdams, Glen

Woman1990F09810PoetryAdams, Glen
AdrianAt the End of the Year2009Y00214MusicAdrian

Boots and Pearls2009Y00209MusicAdrian

Damn Rodeo Men2009Y00218MusicAdrian


Highway 802009Y00211MusicAdrian

I Am Losing You Today2009Y00216MusicAdrian

If These Pens Could Talk / Come From the Heart2009Y00212Poetry / Music

Last Winnemucca Rodeo, The2009Y00210MusicAdrian

Promises and Paper Moons2009Y00207MusicAdrian

Spanish Ranch Cowboy / California Girl2009Y00208MusicAdrian

Where d You Go My Buckaroo Man?2009Y00215MusicAdrian

Winter Blues2009Y00217MusicAdrian
Ahlstrom, Warren & Jeany Fulmer & Marty AhlstromIn the Mood1988D09013Music

Just Because1988D09010Music

San Antonio Rose1988D09011Music

Ahrens, RandyA Humbling Effect1990F07711PoetryAhrens, Randy

All He Ask [sic]1990F04502PoetryAhrens, Randy

All We Ask1989E02015PoetryAhrens, Randy

Born Too Late1988D05119Poetry

Cowboy s Nightmare1990F04503PoetryShell, Jack

Facts1990F01905PoetryAhrens, Randy

1990F07701PoetryAhrens, Randy

Humblin Effect1990F01917PoetryAhrens, Randy

Just One More Chew1990F01907PoetryShell, Jack

Memories of a Packer1989E08511PoetryAhrens, Randy

1990F04516PoetryAhrens, Randy

Proof1990F01906PoetryAhrens, Randy

Southern Style1988D05118Poetry

1989E08503PoetryAhrens, Randy

1990F04520PoetryAhrens, Randy

The Addiction1989E02016PoetryAhrens, Randy

1990F07703PoetryAhrens, Randy

The Humbling Effect1988D05117Poetry

1989E02014PoetryAhrens, Randy

The Proof1990F07702PoetryAhrens, Randy

The State of Mind1990F04511PoetryAhrens, Randy
Aitken, BenThe Cowboy1989E09103PoetryAitken, Ben

The Smell of Burning Hair1989E09104PoetryAitken, Ben
Aitkern, BenDo Cowboys Ever Pray1989E05207PoetryAitkern, Ben

Friendliness Is Next to Godliness1989E05208PoetryAitkern, Ben
Akerlow, Dan Cheese
1991G02003PoetryAkerlow, Dan Cheese

A Bar On the Other Side of Town1991G02002PoetryAkerlow, Dan Cheese

When TV Was Worth Watchin 1991G02001PoetryAkerlow, Dan Cheese
[Alamo, Slim] Sourdough SlimWay Out West1999O03001Music
Albrethson, HolgerBallad of John MacClane [Ballad of John MacLean?]1987C009009Poetry

Kilpatrick s Cook1987C009011Poetry

Rattlesnake Dance1987C009010Poetry

Sunday on Silver Creek Ranch1987C009012Poetry
Alcern, JenelleShoe Boss, The2001Q11952PoetryAlcern, Jenelle
Aldrich, DannyCaptain and His Brother, The1996L10703Poetry

Honor in Spittin 1995K02211Poetry

The Old Roan1995K02212Poetry

Windy Bill1995K02213Poetry

Allen, BrianaA Girl in Montana2003S12834PoetryAllen, Briana
Allen, GlenBallad of [the] Whiskey Drinking Mule1996L05719Poetry

Cowboy, The1996L05707PoetryAllen, Glen

Curb Service1996L06107Poetry

My Uncle Vic1996L05708PoetryAllen, Glen

Prologue to The Cowboy 1996L05706PoetryAllen, Glen
Allen, J. B.
1994J05501PoetryAllen, J. B.


1996L01008PoetryAllen, J. B.

[Australian poem, title unknown]1996L04904Poetry

Bad Back2001Q11610Poetry

Bad Job2001Q08604PoetryRamsey, Buck

[Bad Job?] [title uncertain]2000P04308[Poetry]Ramsey, Buck

Bunkhouse Lawyer1996L08401Poetry

Bunkhouse Lawyer, The2001Q08601PoetryAllen, J.B.

Can of Tomaters, A2002R03409PoetryAllen, J.B.

Clancy of the Overflow2000P06213
Paterson, Banjo

Conversion of Angus McPherson1994J05505PoetryAllen, J. B.

[Cowboy?]1991G04404PoetryAllen, J. B.

Cows Having ?2002R11105PoetryAllen, J.B.

Drastic Measure2001Q07910PoetryAllen, J.B.

Drastic Measures2001Q11615PoetryAllen, J.B.

2002R03507PoetryAllen, J.B.

Dreams and Nightmares1991G06706PoetryAllen, J. B.

Easin the Path1991G00414PoetryAllen, J. B.

Embryonic Nightmare1991G06707PoetryAllen, J. B.

Fall s Last Fire1996L04303Poetry

Fighting Chance, A2001Q05004PoetryAllen, J.B.

2002R03509PoetryAllen, J.B.


Fountain of Youth2002R03406PoetryAllen, J.B.

Gather Strays2002R03408PoetryAllen, J.B.

Gathering Strays1991G06711PoetryAllen, J. B.


Going To Town--Need A Bath2002R11103PoetryAllen, J.B.

Greater Love2002R03508PoetryAllen, J.B.


History A Horseback2002R06703PoetryBuck Ramsey

Home Range With the Wagon2002R06701PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[In the Days of Reach an Git It?]1994J00805PoetryFletcher, Curley

In the Gunians [sic]1992H06503PoetryAllen, J. B.

It s Only Cold If You re Working2001Q08607PoetryAllen, J.B.

2002R03506PoetryAllen, J.B.

Just a might too bronky yet... 1992H06501PoetryAllen, J. B.

Ketchin the Mornin [Catchin the Mornin ]1991G04411PoetryAllen, J. B.

Kindred Spirits1996L08403Poetry

Law or Justice [?] The flag that was dragged through the streets... 1991G06715PoetryAllen, J. B.

Little Blue Roan, A2002R04904PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Longhorns, Greys and Cowboys1996L04901Poetry

Longhorns, Greys and Cowboys [?]1991G04415PoetryAllen, J. B.

Longhorns, Greys, and Cowboys2001Q05007PoetryAllen, J.B.

Lure of Home1996L04302Poetry

Medicine Keepers, The1996L04902Poetry

Mixed Blessing2002R03407PoetryAllen, J.B.

Mixed Blessings2001Q07901PoetryAllen, J.B.

Nature s Plan2000P04320[Poetry]

Pearls1994J05510PoetryAllen, J. B.

[poem about a lice-infested cow...]2000P04304[Poetry]Allen, J. B.


Purdy Ain t Partners2001Q05010PoetryAllen, J.B.

Reasons for Staying1992H04312PoetryAllen, J. B.

Riverbed Ruckus1992H04306PoetryAllen, J. B.

Roundup In Spring2002R11102PoetryAllen, J.B.

Roundup In the Spring2002R03510Poetry

Sheepherders Lament2002R04901PoetryHarvey?

Smoothin the Path1991G00413PoetryAllen, J. B.

Spotted Heifer2000P10409Poetry

2002R11104PoetryAllen, J.B.

Stock, Earth, Men2000P10408Poetry

Strawberry Roan1994J00806PoetryFletcher, Curley

Strawberry Roan, The2002R04907PoetryCurley Fletcher

Sum of the Parts, The1996L04301Poetry

Sweet Revenge2001Q07907PoetryAllen, J.B.

Take A Bath2001Q11613PoetryAllen, J.B.

Talk, The2001Q11614PoetryAllen, J.B.

The Alchemist1992H04305PoetryAllen, J. B.

The code and the feeling remain... 2001Q11611Poetry

The Flag1992H06504PoetryAllen, J. B.

1994J08107PoetryAllen, J. B.

[The Lure of Home?]1991G04405PoetryAllen, J. B.

The Sculptor1992H04313PoetryAllen, J. B.

Throwback, The1996L04903Poetry

Transformation of Willie Jack2001Q05001PoetryAllen, J.B.


Tying a Knot in the Devil s Tail2000P04316[Poetry]Gardner, Gail

Waco s Coffin2001Q11612PoetryAllen, J.B.

Way Up High (Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail?)2002R06702PoetryGail Gardener

We were leanin back... 1992H06502PoetryAllen, J. B.

What s a Fella S posed to Think2000P06212

Where the Ponies Come to Drink1994J08402PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Willie Jack2002R03410PoetryAllen, J.B.

[ Willie Jack and Thelma Lou... ?]2000P04312[Poetry]Allen, J. B.

Windy Bill2001Q07904PoetryAllen, J.B.

[Windy Bill continued]1996L01007Poetry[Traditional]

Wrinkles In New Marriage2002R11101PoetryAllen, J.B.
Allen, J.B.






1998N12201PoetryAllen, J.B.


1999O04410PoetryAllen, J.B.

12PoetryAllen, J.B.

1999O07806PoetryAllen, J.B.

08PoetryAllen, J.B.

2005U12117PoetryFletcher, Curly

A Common Bond1999O12406PoetryAllen, J.B.

A Little Blue Roan1999O07807PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

A spotted heifer missed a drive and spent a winter free... 1993I039b24Poetry

A sure cantankerous SOB... 1993I07114PoetryAllen, J.B.

Alone1998N08013PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

1999O11316PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

And if you see me sitting sorrowful... [Bad Job] 2004T07912PoetryRamsey, Buck

Back behind a string of memories stands a man I can t forget.... 1993I039b23Poetry

Black Eyed Peas1999O04408PoetryAllen, J.B.

Blue Roan2005U12118Poetry

Bone tired and gut sick... 1993I07106PoetryAllen, J.B.

Bronc Fighter1997M03404Poetry

Bronco Twister s Prayer2004T05604PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Bunkhouse2003S12101PoetryAllen, J.B.

Canned Tomatoes2003S12107PoetryBarker, S. Omar

2004T05602PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Clancy at the Overflow1998N14707PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Consequence1998N12207PoetryAllen, J.B.

Cow In Sack1999O04308Poetry


Cows1999O04411PoetryAllen, J.B.

Did you ever stop to linger.... 2004T13301Poetry

Do You Mind Some Cold Clear Morning1997M07704Poetry

Double Hitch (Black Eyed Peas)1997M03402Poetry

Easing the Path1999O04609PoetryAllen, J.B.

Fighting Chance1999O07510PoetryAllen, J.B.


[Flag at Iwo Jima ?]1999O04307PoetryAllen, J.B.

Gathering Strays1999O07505PoetryAllen, J.B.

[Girls ? / Willie Jack Vamp ?]1999O04306Poetry

Guy in the Glass2004T13304Poetry

He sits by a battered old table... 2005U04003Poetry

Hippies Hung Tight1998N12205PoetryAllen, J.B.

Hogs1999O12405PoetryAllen, J.B.

I d Like to Be In Texas for the Roundup in the Spring1993I07108Poetry


I ve been helping the neighbors when the polar bears stayed home.... [ Now I ve been to help the neighbors when the polar bears stayed home... ]2004T07908PoetryAllen, J.B.

If You Saw Him Sitting Sorrowful.... 2003S06702PoetryRamsey, Buck

If you see me sitting sorrowful... [Major Domo]2005U04002PoetryRamsey, Buck

In the Moonlight - Magic Beams1998N12206PoetryAllen, J.B.

It s Only Cold When You Work2003S06701PoetryAllen, J.B.

It s Only Cold When You re Working1999O12404PoetryAllen, J.B.

Kinder Spirit1998N08016PoetryAllen, J.B.

Kindred Spirits1999O07805PoetryAllen, J.B.

Last that we heard of the little black steer... 1997M07712Poetry

Lice Medicine1998N14708Poetry

Litters Every Time1998N12208PoetryAllen, J.B.

Little Blue Roan2003S07214PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Little Blue Roan [That Little Blue Roan]2004T05603PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Many great and famous men have left their mark on the world... [The Transformation of Willie Jack?]2004T07911Poetry



Night Guard1997M03403Poetry

Now it s all fine and edifying... [ Now it s all fired edifyin ... ]2004T07906PoetryAllen, J.B.

Now you boys have seen them standing around... 2004T07907PoetryAllen, J.B.

Old Night Hawk2003S10915PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

On the Mountain Rim1998N08010PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[poem about American flag]1997M04210Poetry

Pretty Ain t Partners1999O07506PoetryAllen, J.B.

[Riders In the Stands ?]1998N14706PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Romance of a Wagon1997M01409
[Gardener, Gail ?]

Roundup In the Spring1999O07813PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce


[Saddle Horse]2005U04004Poetry

She studied the street with a long, practiced eye... 2004T13303Poetry

Sheep Herder s Lament1998N08007PoetryFletcher, Curly

Sheepherder s Lament1999O04603PoetryFletcher, Curley

Shelton2005U12119PoetryAllen, J.B.

Sierry Peaks / Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail1999O12407PoetryGardner, Gail

Spotted Heifer1997M03401Poetry

Strawberry Roan1997M03405PoetryFletcher, Curly

2003S07215PoetryFletcher, Curly

2005U12116PoetryFletcher, Curly

Sum of the Parts2004T05601PoetryAllen, J.B.

Texas Roundup In the Spring [I d Like to Be In Texas for the Roundup in the Spring ?]1998N14705Poetry

The flag that s drug through streets and burnt.... 2004T07913PoetryAllen, J.B.

The last that we heard of the little black steer.... 1993I03403PoetryAllen, J.B.

The Letter Home1999O07804PoetryAllen, J.B.

The night guard s voice... 1993I07107PoetryAllen, J.B.

The Night Herder s Call1997M07720Poetry

The Old Nighthawk1999O11318PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Sheepherder s Lament2004T07910PoetryFletcher, Curly

The Time to Decide1999O11317PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Transformation of Willie Jack2003S06703PoetryAllen, J.B.

Too Stove Up to Mow the Lawn1998N12204PoetryAllen, J.B.

Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail1998N08001PoetryGardner, Gail


Wagon Boss Comments on His Career1997M07708Poetry

Wanderlust1999O04606PoetryAllen, J.B.

We swallow our breakfast, saddle our mounts.... 2004T07909Poetry

What s a fella supposed to do.... 2005U04001Poetry

What s the mystery of the wagon? 1993I03404Poetry

When They Finish Shipping Cattle In the Fall1998N08004PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[Wife]1999O04409PoetryAllen, J.B.

Willie Jack - Schooling In a Convent1998N12202Poetry

Willy McBride2004T13302Poetry

You boys have seen her standing around with lice from head to toe.... 1993I039b25Poetry
Allen, J.B.
[Nelson, Joel]

1999O04413PoetryRamsey, Buck
Allen, J.B. and Bill ?Anthem1999O04309PoetryRamsey, Buck
Allen, LindseyWill Rogers1997M07529Poetry
[Allsome Family][ Be sure it s true... ]1989E09311Music

[ I know that someday you ll want me to want you... ]1989E09308Music

In the Mood[]1989E09309MusicGoodman, Benny

[Just Because]1989E09310Music
Allstrom, Marty and WarrenChicken Reel1987C03113Music

Dad s Rag1987C03115Music

Just Because1987C03112Music

San Antonio Rose1987C03111Music

Springtime in the Rockies1987C03114Music
Alright, LeftyA Stone Cold Cowboy1992H05117PoetryAlright, Lefty

I Want to Be a Cowboy1992H08711PoetryAlright, Lefty

Sarah Was His Girl1992H08712PoetryAlright, Lefty
Altenberg, TaylorCowboys and Horses1996L09614Poetry
Altorfer, BillUncle Bill s Experiment1987C02817PoetryAltorfer, Bill
Alu, Kani, Craig Pascual, John deJesusLei Koele1994J03505Story

Na Alli Pu olani [?]1994J03506Story
American Buckaroo OrchestraOverture to the Cowboys2004T03101MusicWilliams, John
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Edwards, Don
I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup in the Fall2004T03103Music
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Mitchell, Waddie
Edwards, Don
Sounds a Cowboy Hears2004T03105Music
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Mitchell, Waddie
Murphey, Michael Martin
Tyin A Knot in the Devil s Tail [The Sierry Petes]2004T03104MusicGardner, Gail
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Sons of the San Joaquin
Ghost Riders in the Sky2004T03106Music
Ames, DonIn My Dreams2000P08813[Music]

Magpie Tale2000P08814[Music]

Where I Stand2000P08815[Music]
Amos, WayneReining Your Dreams1996L10804Poetry
Anderson, VickHair1991G05422PoetryAnderson, Vick
Anderson, Adrienne[?]2005U13514Poetry
Anderson, BenAlaska2000P05101MusicAnderson, Music by Ben
Anderson, Caitlin
2007W12618PoetryAnderson, Caitlin
Anderson, Carl[Hungarian tune]1996L06402Music

[Ukrainian tune]1996L06401Music
Anderson, EksaynFreedom1991G05208PoetryAnderson, Eksayn

Old Dewey1991G05215PoetryAnderson, Eksayn
Anderson, GaryBabies Having Babies1990F02110PoetryAnderson, Gary

Changes1991G09115PoetryAnderson, Gary

Cowboy s Revenge1987C06402PoetryAnderson, Gary

Cowboys and Cows1987C06401PoetryAnderson, Gary

Different Folks1990F10004PoetryAnderson, Gary

Reincarnation1990F10005PoetryAnderson, Gary [McRae, Wallace?]

The Granola Cowboy1990F02111PoetryAnderson, Gary


Too Long1991G09107PoetryAnderson, Gary
Anderson, M.T.[Didn t Hear One?]1999O05302PoetryAnderson, M.T. ?

My Saddle Ain t For Sale1999O05304PoetryAnderson, M.T.

Remember the Cattle1999O05303PoetryAnderson, M.T. ?

The Wife of a Cowboy1999O05301PoetryAnderson, M.T. ?
Anderson, Madison[?]2005U13513Poetry
Anderson, Thomas
2007W12617PoetryAnderson, Thomas
Anderson, Vic
1994J06210MusicRogers, Roy

Bear Trap1992H03801PoetryWilliams, Tex


Campfire Song1992H02206Music

Cattle Call1992H02205Music

Day s End1994J06212MusicAnderson, Vic

Old George1992H03802PoetryAnderson, Vic

The Earth-First Movement1994J06211PoetryAnderson, Vic

The Letter [The Last Letter?]1994J06209Music

The Night Miss Nancy Ann s Hotel for Single Girls Burned Down1992H03809PoetryWilliams, Tex

Yodel Song1992H02203Music
Anderson, Vick
1991G05407PoetryAnderson, Vick

Old George1991G05406PoetryAnderson, Vick
Anderson, VictorGeorge1990F10002PoetryAnderson, Victor

Ode to Middle Age1990F10003PoetryAnderson, Victor

Riding Fence1990F10001PoetryAnderson, Victor

Tex1991G09011PoetryAnderson, Victor

The Barbeque1991G09010PoetryAnderson, Victor
Anderson, W. Carl

AndreaCowboys and Cowgirls1998N15536PoetryAndrea
Andreasen, JoeBad Cowboy Rap, The2001Q05902Poetry

I was headed to Elko town... 2002R09209PoetryJoe Andreessen

Lavender Cowboy, The2001Q05901SongAnonymous

Right To Be Called Cowboy, The2002R09203PoetryJoe Andreessen

The Right to Be Called Cowboy1990F10011PoetryAndreasen, Joe
Andrews, Jan MarikaCowchips and Cider1990F09610PoetryAndrews, Jan Marika

Sunset1990F09609PoetryAndrews, Jan Marika
Andrews, Jen MarikaSunset1990F05610PoetryAndrews, Jen Marika
Andy HedgesBlack Snake / Mach Box [Matchbox]2015EE04403Music[Blind Lemon Jefferson]

Cowboy Song / This Old Hammer It Killed John henry2015EE04404Music

Diamond Joe2015EE04401Music

High Lopin Cowboy / I ve Been Riding in Montana2015EE04405Music

Lord, I m Going to Leave Ol Texas2015EE04402Music
Angel, ColtBeautiful Bluebird Waltz1993I02624MusicAngel, Colt


[Put Your Little Foot]1993I02626Music

Springtime In the Rockies1993I02625Music
[Angel], Colt & friend WayneRidin Ol Paint1995K10125Music

Roll Out the Barrel [Beer Barrel Polka]1995K10127Music

Sagebrush Country1995K10126Music

Spring Time in the Rockies [When It s Spring Time in the Rockies]1995K10128Music
Antonsen, Bruce
Cristy, Raphael
[Piece of History]1989E05413MusicAntonsen, Bruce

[Red Wing]1989E05415Music

[This Land s For Sale]1989E05414Music[Lederman, Sharon]
Applebaker, DanLeisurely Pack Trip1989E08501PoetryApplebaker, Dan

Why We Like to Pack1989E08510PoetryApplebaker, Dan
Aragon, AlmaCoping With Him1999O08803PoetryAragon, Alma

First Try1999O08804PoetryAragon, Alma

Mistake in Pay1999O13001PoetryAragon, Alma
Arbiter, ConnorBill2002R09405Song

Stone Drag2002R09406Song

Tennessee Waltz2002R09407Song
Archuletta, Brianna
2007W12607PoetryArchuletta, Brianna
Arey, RobertElko Dreams and Reality1996L10308Poetry

Sumo Buckaroo1996L10309Poetry
Argento, TonyBuying a Bra2007W15704PoetryHershey, Bill

[The Bear Hill]2007W15705PoetryHancock, Sunny

Tying Knots in the Devli s Tail2007W15813PoetryGardner, Gail
Arkfeld, LarryAre You a Real Cowboy?1990F02208PoetryArkfeld, Larry

Cowboy and the Superstar1991G04908Poetry

Flankin Calves1992H08514PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

I Don t Want to Be a Cowboy1991G01902PoetryArkfeld, Larry

Judgment Day1992H08513PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Psyched Out1990F10109PoetryArkfeld, Larry

The Bull1990F10110PoetryArkfeld, Larry

The Cowboy and the Good Book1991G01901PoetryArkfeld, Larry

Whitey s Kerplup1990F02207PoetryArkfeld, Larry
Armstrong-Nelson, Bryce
1992H08817PoetryArmstrong-Nelson, Bryce

If I Was a Cowboy1992H08802PoetryArmstrong-Nelson, Bryce

The Cowboy and the Lawyer1994J10822Poetry
Armstrong, AriannaTree1998N15517PoetryArmstrong, Jeremy
Armstrong, EldaThe Strawberry Roan1993I05504Music
Armstrong, JohnnyHome from the Wreck1992H08709PoetryArmstrong, Johnny

Night of the Jalapeno1992H08710PoetryArmstrong, Johnny
Armstrong, Mark



Bath, The1995K09813Poem

Tennessee Rodeo1995K09812Poem
Arnold, DarrellA Cowboy Poetry Gathering1988D04904PoetryArnold, Darrell

Charlie Lee1990F09104PoetryArnold, Darrell

Cowboy Poultry [re Elko?]1989E08112PoetryArnold, Darrell

Cowboy Poultry Gathering1987C012013Poetry

Cowboy s New Year s Resolution1990F09106Poetry[Barker, S. Omar]

Gettin Acquainted1992H08502PoetryArnold, Darrell

Humility1988D04912PoetryArnold, Darrell

It s Hard to Be a Cowboy1987C012014Poetry

Lost Diamond1990F00703PoetryArnold, Darrell

Packers Picnic1990F00702PoetryArnold, Darrell

Riders in the Stand1990F02902PoetryPaterson, Banjo

Sentimental Banker1990F09116Poetry[Barker, S. Omar]

Shorty Benson1989E08408PoetryArnold, Darrell

Shorty s Funeral1990F00704Poetry / MusicArnold, Darrell

Song of the Artesian Water1990F02901PoetryPaterson, Banjo

The [???] Outfit [?]1987C004002Poetry

There s Something That a Cowboy Knows1987C004001Poetry

Tribute to Cecil Dobbin1990F00701PoetryDick Spencer, publisher

Wolf in Camp1990F09105Poetry[Barker, S. Omar]
Arnold, JuliaMy Cowboy1994J10615Poetry
Arnold, PegCowgirl1992H02304Music
Arnold, Peggy & Fred Ellis

Arrambide, Luzmila Arrambide, Santos
Arrambide, Alita
Jua Jua...1993I05607Music


Mujerja Andena1993I05606Music

Sueno Laque1993I05605Music
Arrambide, Santos
Arrambide, Luzmila

To Pick the Tika Flower1993I00809Music
Arrambide, Santos
Arrambide, Luzmila
[and daughter]
Arrambide, Santos
Arrambide, Luzmila
Arrambide, Alita [daughter]








Mujer Andita1993I05211Music
Ashbaugh, CarolynGod s Country (Sing me the song of the bit and spur...)1989E08702Poetry
Ashley, CarlosAunt Cordy1988D03105Poetry

[Bob Sears Chili Joint]2003S10901PoetryAshley, Carlos

Edgar Martin1988D03101Poetry

Fixin to Get Married [Bachin ?]1988D03104Poetry

Old Blue1988D03102Poetry

Old Freighter Black Snake Bill1988D03103Poetry

That Old Spotted Sow1988D03106Poetry
Asmus, John


[Iron Major?]1995K05611Poetry
Atwater, GloriaDesert Law, The1996L04701Poetry


Foot Fancy1990F08114PoetryAtwater, Gloria

For Barton [Burton?]1990F01305PoetryAtwater, Gloria

For Bill, Goodbye and Thanks1990F01307PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Going But Not Gone1996L04711Poetry

Here s to Them1996L04703Poetry

Home Place1990F01306PoetryAtwater, Gloria

I Do Believe [the] Time Has Come1996L01405PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Mystery of the Mule1996L01406PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Not a Clue1996L03613Poetry

Packrat1996L01404PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Thanks But No Thanks1996L04702Poetry

The Cowboy s Situation1989E08709PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Epidemis1990F04213PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Horseman and the Storm1989E09108PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Mystery of the Mule1990F04205PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Note1990F04206PoetryAtwater, Gloria

1996L01415PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Other California1989E04810PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Packer1989E08710PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Past Master1988D08103PoetryAtwater, Gloria

The Recital1988D08114PoetryAtwater, Gloria

[The Texan and the Lady]1989E04811PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Them That Think They Know It All And Nearly Always Don t1990F08106PoetryAtwater, Gloria

Trouble Rides Double1989E09107PoetryAtwater, Gloria

1990F08105PoetryAtwater, Gloria


Want Ad, The1996L03614Poetry
Aughlin, NateThose Kidders2001Q11904PoetryAughlin, Nate
Auker, Lily RoseIndian2003S08401PoetryBenet, Stephen Vincent

New Ropes and Skinned Noses2003S08402PoetryMcWhorter, Larry
Auker, Llly RoseIndian2003S12803PoetryBenet, Stephen Vincent
Auker, Oscar
2007W12601Poetry[McWhorter, Larry]

20PoetryGardner, Gail

36PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2007W15602PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

03PoetryBarker, S. Omar

10PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Bronc Buster s Epitaph2003S07311PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Bronc Ride2003S07307PoetryBrown, Ed

Bucking Stickhorses2003S07306PoetryAuker, Oscar

Cowboy, Count Your Blessings2005U12604PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Dear Momma, I m a Cowboy2003S10808PoetrySteagall, Red

Forgotten2004T05607PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

2007W09804PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Full Value2004T09104PoetryHayes, Joel

Gate Session2003S07310PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2003S08005PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2004T05605PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

He Used to Be a Cow Hoss2005U11505Poetry

Just Plain Old Cowboy2003S07309PoetryBarker, S. Omar

2004T05608PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Look For My America2004T13503PoetrySteagall, Red

New Ropes and Skinned Noses2003S08002PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2003S10809PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2003S12802PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2005U11507PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2007W05907PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

[Old Boy Blackman]2004T13501PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Peaches and the Twister2005U11506Poetry[McWhorter, Larry]

Peaches In the Twister2004T09101PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Pulling Leather2007W09813PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Silent Peaks2004T09102PoetryGardner, Gail

Stand2007W09808PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The All Ranch Rodeo2004T09103PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Hackamore Colt2004T05606PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Horse Trader2007W05911PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Old Cow Pony2003S07308PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Real America2003S10811PoetrySteagall, Red

2003S12801PoetrySteagall, Red

The Real American2005U12607PoetrySteagall, Red

The Time Fast Men 2005U12610Poetry

The Touch of the Master s Hand2003S10810PoetryWelch, Myra Brooks

Waiting On the Drive2004T13502PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2005U12601PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

2007W05901PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

You Can Mind An Old Man...2007W09817PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Ausmus, John
1994J02205PoetryAusmus, John


Camp Coffee1995K09514Poetry

Friendly Place, A1995K09516Poetry

Good Day, A1995K09515Poetry

Pappy1994J02204PoetryAusmus, John

The Old Gods [?]1994J02206PoetryAusmus, John

These Western Towns1994J05912Poetry
Austin ?Cowboy and the Snake, The2001Q11933Poetry
Austin, Blair[Essay]2007W02210EssayWhitman, Walt
Hadley, Drummond
Ashberry, John
Austin, JimSnake s Got the Tractor1998N12513
Austin, Jim
Autry, JamesThe Little April Flower1991G02005PoetryAutry, James

The Old Desert Has Its Way1991G02004PoetryAutry, James
Autry, Leon He would bring her wildflowers in springtime... 1993I01103Music

I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup in the Spring1993I08917Music

It was late morning when this banker fellow drove up... 1993I01101PoetryAutry, Leon

The Men That Taught Me1993I08918MusicAutry, Leon

To a canyon I go when I m troubled.... 1993I01104Music

To a canyon I go when I m troubled... 1993I08919Music

Why1993I01102MusicAutry, Leon
Avery, HelenBiting [The Way Granny Killed a Snake]1998N07515Poetry[Leary, Mark ?]

Boots1998N12209PoetryAvery, Helen

Bush Man1998N12212PoetryAvery, Helen

Bush Woman1998N01506PoetryEgan, Ted

Dear God1998N12210PoetryAvery, Helen

Emmitt Anderson1998N07507PoetryMarshall, Charlie

Hooper s Hill1998N04503Poetry

Michael McGee1998N07506PoetryPatterson, Banjo

My Heart Is Drifting Back1998N01505PoetryAvery, Helen

Pasterail [Pastorale?]1998N12211PoetryAvery, Helen

Sometime1998N01508PoetryAvery, Helen

The Athlete1998N01507PoetryAvery, P.P.

The Hands1998N01509PoetryAvery, Helen

Waiting1998N07511PoetryAvery, Helen

Women of the West1998N01510Poetry
Avery, Helen
Avery, Mark
Man From Ironbark1998N04502PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Waltzing Matilda1998N04501Poetry
Avery, KeithA Couple of Good Ole Boys1986B02205PoetryAvery, Keith

A Rare Commodity1986B02207PoetryAvery, Keith

A Salute1986B02209PoetryAvery, Keith

In My Youth1986B02206PoetryAvery, Keith

That s How It Is1986B02212PoetryAvery, Keith

The Inevitable1986B02208PoetryAvery, Keith

Truth1986B02210PoetryAvery, Keith

Yonder1986B02211PoetryAvery, Keith
Avery, Robert W.Family Land, The1996L06112Poetry
Ayres, GeorgeThe Fisherman1998N15552PoetryAyores, George
Ayres, George
Nebeker, Israel
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?1998N15553Music
Azelli, CameronTrue Story1997M07516Poetry
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan[Horsehead fiddle tune]2004T07607MusicBadamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan

[?] [horsehead fiddle]2004T10410Music


[mother/baby camel song]2004T10420Music

Orphan Baby Camel2004T07609MusicBadamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan

White Orphan Baby Camel2004T12024Music
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam
[?] [throat singing]2004T10412Music

Badgett, OwenAfter the Fall Roundup1991G06502PoetryRoberts, Montana Bill

Heaven1991G02914PoetryBadgett, Owen

Mardi Gras1991G06501PoetryStoeke, Mrs. William [?]

[Mare Runner?]1991G06512PoetryBadgett, Owen

Planning1991G02907PoetryBadgett, Owen

The Helicopter Driver1991G02913PoetryBadgett, Owen

The Old Fast Jack1991G02901PoetryBadgett, Owen

They Went to Punchin Cows1991G01502PoetryBadgett, Owen
Badure, GregDiesel Fuel Cowboy1989E07019PoetryBadure, Greg

From Town1989E07910PoetryClark, Charles Badger

High Chin Bob1989E07003PoetryClark, Charles Badger

[Hoss Work]1989E02904PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Legend of Boastful Bill1989E07912PoetryClark, Charles Badger

My Board of Directors1989E079 11PoetryBadure, Greg [father]

New Boots1989E07001PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[The Diesel Fuel Cowboy]1989E02905PoetryBadure, Greg

The Dude Wrangler1989E07002Poetry

[The Outlaw]1989E02906PoetryClark, Charles Badger
[Baer, Don]Country Music and You1993I08920Music[Baer, Don]

The Lines On My Face1993I08921Music[Baer, Don]
[Baer, Glenn]I Need You1993I05534Music[Baer, Glenn]
Baeza, MarioCaminante Triste1992H03908Music

Corrido del Caballo Prieta Azabache1992H03907Music

Corrido del Norte1992H01709Music

Corrido: Juan Charascal1992H01705Music

[unknown - break in recording]1992H03208Music


[unknown] Que bonitos.... 1992H03307Music
Bagley, LayleBefowled [?]1991G02118PoetryBagley, Layle

Bull Buffalo1991G04902PoetryBagley, Layle

Pokey1991G02117PoetryBagley, Layle
Bagley, LyleDoc s Revenge1998N07719ProseBagley, Lyle

Road Apples1998N07718ProseBagley, Lyle

Soxs [sic] [Soxes?]1992H04907PoetryBagley, Lyle


Three For One1992H04908PoetryBagley, Lyle
Bailey, JanetCow Camp On the Range2003S06303MusicBailey, Janet
[Lomax, Alan]

Donde Va [Donde vende]2003S06307MusicHosha, Tashina

Into the Wind1995K06224Music

Some Day Soon2003S05716MusicBailey, Janet

The [?] Song1995K06225Music

The Lovers Return2003S05715MusicBailey, Janet

You Are There1995K06226Music

2003S05714MusicBailey, Janet
Bailey, Janet
Moffatt, Katy
Russell, Tom
The Wayward Wind2003S06310MusicRitter, Tex
Bair, Glen
1994J10411PoetryBair, Glen

Myrtle and the Bear1994J06118PoetryBair, Glen

Phil and the Bully1994J10409PoetryBair, Glen

Sunrise1994J10410PoetryBair, Glen

The Cow1994J06117PoetryBair, Glen
Bair, Glenn117 [One Hundred, Seventeen]1998N16911
Bair, Glenn

Phil and the Bully1998N16912
Bair, Glenn

Smells of Hay1998N12514
Bair, Glenn
Bair, R.C.Just Bull1998N12515
Bair, R.C.
Baird, CrickettChildhood Memories1987C061b03PoetryBaird, Crickett

Twister1987C061b04PoetryBaird, Crickett
Baker, GeorgeOwed to the Sons [Ode...?]2000P05114PoetryBaker, George

The Last Sentinel2000P05115PoetryBaker, George

The Yellow Mare2000P12010

Baker, JamieFind My Way Home2007W12908MusicBaker, Jamie

The Wind Will Carry Me Through2007W12909MusicBaker, Jamie
[Balhorn, Didna?]Clancy of the Overflows1994J10414PoetryPaterson, Banjo
Ball, Dele
1992H04607PoetryBall, Dele

How to Make Elk Meat1990F02020PoetryBall, Dele

Lone Post1990F05604PoetryBall, Dele

Pith Helmet, Bean and I1992H04606PoetryBall, Dele

The Magnificent Weapon1990F02019PoetryBall, Dele

1990F05605PoetryBall, Dele

Willows1990F02021PoetryBall, Dele
Ball, RonBlue Shadows on the Trail1987C006063Music


"Deep within my heart lies a memory... [San Antonio Rose]1987C006062Music

Gold Mine in the Sky1987C05534Music

If God Lived in Colorado1987C03121Music

My Adobe Hacienda1987C05532Music

Palomino Pal o Mine1987C006004Music

Pecos Bill1987C03120Music

Saddle Serenade1987C006006Music

Sierra Nevada1987C006003Music

Streets of Laredo1987C03119Music

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo1987C05533Music[Traditional]

Winner, The1987C006063Music
Ballantyne, JesseA Song Vigilante2003S13110MusicBallantyne, Jesse


Being a cowboy is something you earn... 2001Q07101SongBallantyne, Jesse

Cowboy Love Song1999O04008MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Cowboy Serenade1999O04007MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Enjoying The Journey2001Q06210SongBallantyne, Jesse

2003S05709MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Enjoying the Journey [Join the Journey]2003S10310PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

Gimme Wide Open Spaces [Give Me Wide Open Spaces]1999O06716Music

Grandfather s Brand2003S07609PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2003S10309PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2003S13111MusicBallantyne, Jesse

[Hang The High ?]1999O13216Music

He ll See Katy Today2003S07611PoetryBallantyne, brother of Jesse

Hold the High Ground2005U05805MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Holdin the High Ground2003S07608PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

I rode alongside a good one or two... 2001Q07002SongBallantyne, Jesse

Join in the Journey2005U05817MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Join the Journey2003S10409PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

Joy in the Journey1999O13219Music

2001Q07005SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q13212SongBallantyne, Jesse

Law is Vigilante2005U05816MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Lilly of the West2005U05808MusicBallantyne, Jesse

My Legacy1999O05910MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Old Paint2005U05806Music[Ronstadt, Linda]

Only Love He Knows2001Q13206SongBallantyne, Jesse

2003S07612PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

Only Love He Knows, The2001Q06208SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q07104SongBallantyne, Jesse

Our Ranges Are Changing2001Q06206SongBallantyne, Jesse

Range, The2001Q13203SongBallantyne, Jesse

[Riding Out Here ?]1999O13217Music

Song of Wyoming1999O05912Music

Sunlight on Silver1999O06715Music

2001Q07004SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q07102SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q07307SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q13209SongBallantyne, Jesse

2003S05708MusicBallantyne, Jesse
Brother Ballantyne

2003S10406PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2005U05807MusicTheisel, Brent

The cowboy life is the only life he knows... 2001Q07001SongBallantyne, Jesse

The Only Horse He Knows1999O06712Music

The Only Love He Knows2003S05707MusicBallantyne, Jesse

The Winter Camp2003S10308PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2003S10407PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

They Found Their Hearts Out There2001Q06207SongBallantyne, Jesse

This is the day the lord has made... 2001Q07105SongBallantyne, Jesse

Till the Last Cowboy is Gone [Until the Last Cowboy Is Gone]1999O04006Music

(Tribute to Cowboys) Untitled2001Q07306SongBallantyne, Jesse

Vanishing Breed1999O06714MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Vigilante2001Q06209SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q07003SongBallantyne, Jesse

2001Q07103SongBallantyne, Jesse

2003S10408PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2005U11202MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Wait For Chinnock2003S05706MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Wait For Chinook1999O05911MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Waitin for a Chinook2001Q07301SongBallantyne, Jesse

Waiting for a Chinook2003S10307PoetryBallantyne, Jesse

2003S13109MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Waiting for Chinook1999O06713Music

Waiting for Schnuck2005U11201MusicBallantyne, Jesse

[Where A Cowboy s Home On The Range]2003S05705MusicBallantyne, Jesse

Winter s Camp2003S07610PoetryBallantyne, Jesse
Ballard, JeanLevis1987C05315PoetryBallard, Jean

What Would They Think1987C05316PoetryBallard, Jean
Banda Orquesta Hermanos RiveraDance of the Devil2008X01014Music

El Gaucho[?]2008X01013Music

La Coqua Liqua [Popcorn]2008X01015Music

La Pilla Reyne2008X01011Music

Rico Mambo2008X01016Music

Viva la Bumba[?] [la Bamba?]2008X01012Music
Bar J Wranglers



04Music[Sons of the Pioneers]

05MusicAutry, Gene

06Music[LeDeux, Chris]


08Music[Robbins, Marty]







Back on the Texas Plains1987C006024Music

[Blue Shadows On the Trail]1989E02806Music

[Chime Bells]1989E09202Music

(fiddle tune)1987C006034Music

[For a Cowboy Has to Sing] [The Gates of the Home Corral]1989E09201Music

Heading Back to San Antonio2007W05018Music

I m just a happy rovin cowboy...1989E00511Music

[Land Beyond the Sun]1989E02808Music

Lauralee [?]1987C006057Music

Let me live on the tumbleweed... [The Wanderer s Song]2007W05007Music

[Mean, Mean Horse to Ride]1989E09214Music

My Old Wyoming Home1987C006055Music

[Northern Lights2007W04902Music[Wolf, Kate]

[Old Wyoming]1989E09517Music

Red River Valley1987C05718Music

Ride Cowboy Ride2007W04904Music


Ridin Down the Canyon1987C05716Music[Burnette, Smiley]

Riding Down the Canyon1987C006035Music

[Riding Down the Canyon]1989E02807Music[Burnett, Smiley]

"Skies are always bluer... 1987C006056Music

Sky Ball Paint1987C05717Music

[The Cowboy s Lament]1989E09515Music

[The Rooster s Revenge]1989E09516Poetry

[The Timber Trail]1989E09514Music

Timber Trail, The1987C006036Music

Trail s End2007W04921MusicDavis, Stephanie

2007W05005MusicDavis, Stephanie

25MusicDavis, Stephanie

Trail s End (Ranch Radio Show Theme Song)2007W04903Music[Davis, Stephanie]

Tumbling Tumbleweeds1987C006002Music



13MusicDavis, Stephanie

Up in Jackson Hole1989E00503Music

[Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Get Along Little Dogies]1989E02805Music

(Yipiyayo) Cowboy Has to Sing1987C006001Music
Bar J Wranglers
Masterson, Liz
[McMahan, Gary]
[Edwards, Don]
[Sons of the San Joaquin]
[Home On the Range]1989E09518Music
Bar J Wranglers
McRae, Wallace
Zarzyski, Paul
Ohrlin, Glenn
Nelson, Rod
Groethe, D.W.
Newman, Fred
Glenn Ohrlin s Dating Service [CUD]2007W05016MusicDavis, Stephanie
Bar J Wranglers
McRae, Wallace
Zarzyski, Paul
Ohrlin, Glenn
Newman, Fred
Robin [Rob and] Steel Reality commercial2007W05009
Davis, Stephanie
Bar J Wranglers
Newman, Fred
Northern Lights2007W05004Music[Wolf, Kate]
Barble, SteveBlow the Dust Away2004T10112PoetryBundy, Bill Three Feathers
Barca, Lalo

Beautiful Memories2008X01004Music

Corrido of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering2008X01006Music
Barceleau, RichardA Dog, A Snake, [and a Damn Fool]1995K05602Poetry

A Dog, A Snake, and a Damn Fool1995K05412Poetry

Jigging Horses1995K05601Poetry

Real Cowboys and Poets1995K05411Poetry
Barkley, MikeIn the Drovin Days [In the Droving Days]1990F02904PoetryPaterson, Banjo
Barnett, BobLast of the Best1988D04808Poetry

Slickrock Jim1988D04816Poetry
Barr, GlenBombs Away1997M04909

[Histories ?]1997M04908

Barr, RebeccaA Man and His Horse1997M10914Poetry
Barrett, BobThe Horseman1988D02007PoetryBarrett, Bob

The Young Horse Learns, The Old Man Forgets, or The Buckeye Stampede1988D02008PoetryBarrett, Bob

Thinking1988D02009PoetryBarrett, Bob
Barsaleau, Richard
1996L05701PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

03PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Catchin Horses1994J02202PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Cowboyin 1992H08607PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Cowboying Writin It or Doin It1994J06402PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Greenhorn s Lament1996L05702PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Jiggin Horses1994J02201Poetry

Pull Back Horse1994J06418PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Sorry Horses1994J06401PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Strong as a Horse1994J02203PoetryBarsaleau, Richard

Stumble Bum1992H08608PoetryBarsaleau, Richard
Barsi, EliBull Riding Son Of A Gun2002R09603SongEli Barsi

Cattle Call2002R05505SongTex Owens

2002R10807SongTex Owens

Don t Fence Me In2002R09604SongCole Porter

Letter, The2002R14202SongMichael Burton

Moonlight Cowgirl2002R05506SongBuddy Gale, Eli Barsi

2002R09601SongEli Barsi

2002R10804SongBuddy Hale

Old Timer2002R09605SongEli Barsi

2002R10906SongEli Barsi

Pinto Pal2002R14201SongEli Barsi

Place Where I Worship2002R10908Songtrad.

Prairie Girl2002R09606Song

2002R10808SongEli Barsi

2002R14204SongEli Barsi

Riding Back Home to You2002R14203SongEli Barsi

Riding Home to You2002R05507SongDoris Daley, Eli Barsi

2002R10905SongEli Barsi

Santa Fe2002R10806SongEli Barsi

2002R10907SongEli Barsi

Sante Fe2002R05508SongEli Barsi

Way the West Was Heard, The2002R10805SongEli Barsi

Wide Rolling Plains2002R09602SongAllen, Rosalee

2002R10909SongAllen, Rosalee
Barthey, MikeBallad of Tonopah Bill1988D02120Poetry[Anonymous]

Home of the Sage1988D02112Poetry[ Monte from line shack wall, Nevada]
[Barthey], MikeThe Old Man s Muster1988D02103PoetrySimms, A. J. [Aust.]
Bartley, MikeThe Old Man s Muster1990F09312Poetry

Whispering Bill1990F09313Poetry
Barton, Fred60 Years Ago1986B01512PoetryBarton, Fred

A Cowboy s Lament1987C06020PoetryBarton, Fred

A Horse Named Gravy Train1987C04714PoetryBarton, Fred

I summed up all the bad in him and all the good in me... 1987C04715PoetryBarton, Fred

My Super Car1987C06019PoetryBarton, Fred

Our Country1987C05603PoetryBarton, Fred

The Levi Wedding Day1986B01509PoetryBarton, Fred

The Return of a Cowboy Ghost1987C06018PoetryBarton, Fred

The Times That Used to Be1986B01508PoetryBarton, Fred

To Our Flag1986B01507PoetryBarton, Fred
Barton, OwenCowboys Today and Yesterday1987C004004Poetry

Cowboys Yesterday & Today1988D03905PoetryBarton, Owen

Early Morning Roundup1986B02307PoetryBarton, Owen

Jackass Don1986B02306PoetryBarton, Owen

Jess Harris1986B04604PoetryBarton, Owen [?]

My Old Hat1986B02305PoetryBarton, Owen

Old Cookstove (Majestic)1987C012008Poetry

[Red Ant Hill]1985A01209PoetryBarton, Owen

Riding the trail one moonlit night.... 1985A01212PoetryBarton, Owen

Rodeo Cowboys and Real Cowboys1986B04605PoetryBarton, Owen

Shipping Time1987C004003Poetry

Startin School in 19201987C012007Poetry

The Cowpoke s Dream1985A01211PoetryBarton, Owen

The Dream (Olden Times)1986B04606PoetryBarton, Owen

The Early Morning Roundup1985A01210PoetryBarton, Owen

The Red Ant Hill1986B02317PoetryBarton, Owen

1988D07812PoetryBarton, Owen

There s been some famous lawmen who brought law among the west...1988D03912PoetryBarton, Owen

[tribute to Jess Harris] There s been some famous lawmen who brought law to the West.... 1985A02806PoetryBarton, Owen
Bartram, Bud[harmonica and bones]1985A00407Music

[harmonica and bones] 1985A00405Music

Now there wasn t a man in Santa Fe, who d go to the mat with Shag Monte... 1985A00406Poetry
Basta, DanAnniversary Poem1996L02218Poetry

Catchin Up1996L06016PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cow Savvy1996L10314PoetryBlack, Baxter

Goodbye Old Man1996L10614Poetry

Legacy of the Rodeo Man1996L02219Poetry

Living Masterpiece1996L10622Poetry

Take Care of Your Friends1996L10315PoetryBlack, Baxter

Time to Go1996L06008PoetryBlack, Baxter
Basts, RickWannabe2001Q13015Poetry
Bates, Ryan
2007W12612PoetryBates, Ryan
Bates, Sally80 Plus1989E04502PoetryBates, Sally

Arizona August2003S05804MusicGardner, Gail

Arizona Night2003S05805MusicBates, Sally

2003S07806MusicBates, Sally

Bag Balm1991G07001PoetryBates, Sally

Between Dust and Clouds1991G07310Poetry

Boss of the Cowboys2003S04808PoetryBates, Sally

Cowboy Dance1991G07015PoetryBates, Sally

Cowboy Protocol1991G07315PoetryBates, Sally

Darn Ghost [?]1991G07309Poetry

Earthly Praise2003S04817PoetryBates, Sally

Family Tradition1989E04501PoetryBates, Sally

Gunnsel [?]1991G05905Music

He Rides To The Cattle2003S05807MusicBates, Sally

He s Riding Alone2003S13204MusicHarris, Emmylou

Listen to the Wind Blow1991G05918Music

Mesa Moon2003S13203MusicBates, Sally

No Place For A Gunsel2003S05806MusicBates, Sally

Rain Quiet Hours [?]1991G05904Music

[Rustler s Moon]2003S07807MusicBates, Sally

Smokey Boy2003S13205Music

Summer Storm2003S07808MusicBates, Sally

The Old Man1989E04515PoetryBates, Sally

Tracks [?]1991G07003PoetryBates, Sally

Unwanted Pounds2003S07816PoetryBates, Sally

Washed By The Hands of God2003S04809PoetryBates, Sally

Whistle Mills1991G07011PoetryBates, Sally

Wild Spring Flowers [?]1991G05912Music

You Say I Don t Look Like a Grandma1991G07002PoetryBates, Sally
Bates, Sally [Harper]80 Plus1990F03007PoetryBates, Sally [Harper]

Between Dust and Clouds1990F03006PoetryBates, Sally [Harper]

Colts and Folks1990F01201PoetryBates, Sally

Lightning1990F01213PoetryBates, Sally
Bates, Sally & Don Edwards[Kentucky Waltz?] [Untitled]1990F07208Poetry / Music
Bates, Sally HarperPlanting Roses2003S10601PoetryMessenger, John

Riding Drag2003S10602PoetryBates, Sally Harper

The Letter2003S10603PoetryBates, Sally Harper
[Bates?], SallyJuniper Dust on HIs Dusty Jumper1991G04402Poetry[Bates?], Sally

Spring Branding1991G04403Poetry[Bates?], Sally

You ll Find Him at Some Distant Moment1991G04401Poetry[Bates?], Sally
Bauer, Roslyn [Flower, Roslyn ?]Honky Tonk1998N17112
Bauer, Roslyn
Bauer, ScottBuffalo Skinners1990F06310Music

Bury Me Out on [the] Prairie1990F06311Music

I Ain t Got No Use [for the] Women1990F06309Music

Some Men Are Eagles1990F01401MusicBlack, Baxter
BauernfeindSmoky the Bucking Horse1990F05514PoetryBauernfeind

The Calling1990F05515PoetryBauernfeind
Bauernfeind, Sarah [?]Hank s Cahp [Hank s Cap?] 1990F02115PoetryBauernfeind, Sarah

The Grandkid s Horse1990F02114PoetryBauernfeind, Sarah
Baxter, Russ & Tucker SharpBubbles in My Beer1987C03159Music


Ragtime Annie1987C03157Music
Bayles, FinI d Do It All Again1986B03510PoetryBayles, Fin

Innovation1986B03509PoetryBayles, Fin

Repentence, Cowboy Style1986B03501PoetryBayles, Fin

The Devil Take His Own1986B02017PoetryGardner, Gail

The Wreck of the Paradise Bar1986B02018PoetryBayles, Fin

Throwback1986B03502PoetryBayles, Fin
Bealer, CasandraDisappearing1997M07513Poetry
Bear Flag Revolt[Jesse Polka]1989E09609Music

[Nighttime In Nevada]1989E09606Music

[South of the Border]1989E09608Music

[The San Antonio Rose]1989E09607Music[Wills, Bob]
Bear Flag Revolt [Bear Flag Boys]Back in the Saddle Again1989E02416Music

Beaumont Rag1989E02418Music

Here, Rattler, Here1989E02419Music

Ridin Down the Canyon1989E02417Music
Beard, EdBrown Leaves and Fire1990F09309PoetryBeard, Ed

His Lake1990F02113PoetryBeard, Ed

Problems with Coffee1990F02112PoetryBeard, Ed
Beck, JeanThe Last of the Singing Cowboys1994J02005PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Way of the West1994J02006Poetry[Hinojosa, Tish]
Beck, Mike
1997M09504MusicElliott, Ramblin Jack

Allison Lives By the Big Bend1997M111b05Music

Amanda Come Home2007W01414MusicBeck, Mike

An Old Californian1998N16117PoetryBeck, Mike
Tyson, Ian

Ballad of Jimmy2002R05509SongMike Beck

Ballad of Jimmy Day1996L02703Music

1998N04903MusicBeck, Mike

Ballad of Jinny Day [Jimmy Day?]1996L06704Music

Ballad of Jo Mora2000P09601[Music]Beck, Mike & Ian Tyson

Bill Dorrance - Patrick2000P03007MusicBeck, Mike

Born up on the rocky reservation... 1993I05516MusicBeck, Mike

Buck Ramsey2002R02704SongMike Beck

Chrissy and the Red Roan1996L02702Music

Closer to the Light1996L11412Music

Cold and Lonely Night1995K00808Poetry

Cold Leather / Rode All Over the West1997M05806
Beck, Mike

Crissy and the Red Roan1997M05703

Dead and Gone1998N04901MusicBeck, Mike

Don t Tell Me1997M05702

Beck, Mike


1998N10201MusicBeck, Mike

1998N16119PoetryBeck, Mike

2002R10727SongMike Beck

Don t Tell Me It s Dead and Gone1997M111a01Music

Fire of the West1995K00807Poetry

[George Cornell s 113th Dream] [George Orwell s 113th Dream]2007W03902MusicBeck, Mike

Georgie2002R10726SongMike Beck

[guitar picking demonstation]2006V11005Music[Rich, Don]
[White, Clarence]
[Elliott, Jack]
[Hurt, Mississippi John]

Hunt of the Buffalo1997M05808
Beck, Mike

In Old California2002R02701SongMike Beck, Ian Tyson

2002R10730SongIan Tyson, Mike Beck

Jo Mora1996L11411Music

Joe Mora Old California2007W01411MusicBeck, Mike
Tyson, Ian

Juan Guadalupe1992H05410MusicBeck, Mike

1992H08102PoetryBeck, Mike

Kissing the Red Roan1997M05810
Beck, Mike

Krissy and the Red Roan1996L06701Music

Lay Down, Little Doggies1998N14801MusicGuthrie, Woody

Life of a Buckaroo1992H05411MusicBeck, Mike

1992H08103PoetryBeck, Mike

Mariposa Wind2000P03006MusicBeck, Mike

2000P06404[Music]Beck, Mike

2000P09602[Music]Beck, Mike

2002R02702SongMike Beck

My Uncle s Saddle1996L06703Music

Old Rocking Chairs1997M05807
Beck, Mike

Patrick2000P06405[Music]Beck, Mike

2000P09603[Music]Beck, Mike

2002R02703SongMike Beck

2002R05511SongMike Beck

[recording incomplete]1993I05515MusicBeck, Mike

Reuben s Song1996L11410Music

Ride Cowboy Ride1997M111b06MusicRobbins, Marty

Ridin Schools1992H05409Music

Riding Schools1992H08101Poetry

Rode All Over the West (For Buck Ramsey)2002R05510SongMike Beck

[Rode the Rail Out of the East]2007W01415MusicBeck, Mike

Ropin to Do [Roping To Do]1997M09502Music

[Rosetta and Me ?]1997M09505Music

Rosita2002R10728SongMike Beck

Rosita and Me1995K00809Poetry

1998N04904MusicBeck, Mike

Rueben s Song1993I039b42MusicBeck, Mike

The Angel of Sabrina (?01997M09503Music

The Ballad of Jimmy Day1997M05704

2007W01412MusicBeck, Mike

The Life of a Buckaroo1993I05517MusicBeck, Mike

The Vaqueros1998N10202MusicBeck, Mike

To Jo Mora2000P03005MusicBeck, Mike & Ian Tyson

[unknown] [Don t Tell Me the West is Dead and Gone]2007W03901MusicBeck, Mike

Vacquero Rode Good Horses1997M05701


1998N04902MusicBeck, Mike

1998N16118PoetryBeck, Mike

2007W01413MusicBeck, Mike

Vaquero Song, The1996L02701Music

Wine of Freedom [Don t Tell Me the West s Dead and Gone]1997M111b01Music

Your Angels2002R10729SongMike Beck
Beck, Mike & Ramblin Jack ElliottBuffalo Skins2002R09312Song

Don t Think Twice It s Alright2002R09304SongBob Dylan

Streets Of Laredo2002R09305Songtrad.
Beck, NathanA Cowboy s Life is Hard1992H08801PoetryBeck, Nathan

The Cowdog s Revenge1994J10819Poetry
Becker, JimIt s Branding Time (?)1989E09017PoetryBecker, Jim



Becker, Rachel[clogging]1998N15532DanceBecker, Rachel
Bedke, RoyRidge Running Roan1996L06103PoetryFletcher, Curley

Strawberry Roan1996L06104PoetryFletcher, Curley
Beeman, Billy

Ode to Leonard Peltier1996L10705Music
Beeson, J. W.Any Other Way1991G04414PoetryBeeson, J. W.

Ballad of Newton McComb1991G00701Poetry

In Retrospect1991G08403PoetryBeeson, J. W.

Last of a Breed1991G04409PoetryBeeson, J. W.

1991G08412PoetryBeeson, J. W.

Morning Sickness1991G08404PoetryBeeson, J. W.

My Second Wife1991G00710Poetry

Nevada Blues Memories1992H05406MusicBeeson, J. W.

Owed to Spiders Breath [Ode to Spiders Breath]1992H05404MusicBeeson, J. W.

Pine Bluff Arkansas Blues1992H05405MusicBeeson, J. W.

Road Kill Stew1991G00702Poetry

1992H07513PoetryBeeson, J. W.

Rosie s Eagle1991G08405PoetryBeeson, J. W.

Simple Logic1991G00709Poetry

The Bear Trap1992H08009Poetry

The Customer1991G04410PoetryBeeson, J. W.

The Teacher1991G00711Poetry

1991G04418PoetryBeeson, J. W.

The Time Machine1992H08011Poetry

Tom s Advice1992H08010Poetry
Bell, BurtCowboyin [Tryin to Find the Cowboy Mystique]1994J10721PoetryBell, Burt

This Ol Hat1994J10720PoetryBell, Burt
Bell, Don
1986B01503PoetryBell, Don

Bunkhouse Poetry1986B01504PoetryBell, Don

Geritol and Prune Juice1986B01511PoetryBell, Don

Nicotine1986B01505PoetryBell, Don

Not For Me1986B01510Poetry

Old Timers1986B01506PoetryBell, Don

The Dirty Thirties1986B01502PoetryBell, Don

The Oklahoma Mud1986B01501PoetryBell, Don
Bellander, ShelbyAn Attractive2004T14943PoetryBellander, Shelby
Benda, Cowboy BobCowboy Jake1990F10007PoetryBenda, Cowboy Bob

Gypsy Dust1990F05806PoetryBenda, Cowboy Bob


Howl at the Moon1990F06004Music


I Wouldn t Say That Out Loud1990F05815PoetryBenda, Cowboy Bob

Lookin on the Bright Side1990F05805PoetryBenda, Cowboy Bob

Micky [Mickey?]1990F10006PoetryBenda, Cowboy Bob

No Reason to Be Blue1990F06003Music

Wild and Free1990F10402Music
Bender, JimRopers1988D08510Poetry

Up On the Criterion1988D08509Poetry
[Bender, Texas Bix]Texas Breakfast and other readings from new book1998N01522Music
Bennett, Virginia
1990F03910PoetryBennett, Virginia

1991G00406PoetryBennett, Virginia

1994J08014PoetryBennett, Virginia

1999O036b08PoetryBennett, Virginia

10PoetryFrost, Robert

2004T13809PoetryBennett, Virginia

11PoetryBennett, Virginia

About Small Rancher (Ma & Pa Eugene)1990F00708PoetryBennett, Virginia

[about Virginia Bennett s dad]1999O036b12PoetryBennett, Virginia

All That Is Left1994J01101PoetryBennett, Virginia

Art1996L01604PoetryBennett, Virginia

Ask Him2002R06705PoetryVirginia Bennett

At the mouth at a red rock canyon... 1993I039b21PoetryBennett, Virginia

Benediction1992H07405PoetryBennett, Virgina

2002R04209PoetryVirginia Bennett

[Better Looking Dog?]1998N072b14PoetryBennett, Virginia

Big Wave Dave2006V12601PoetryBennett, Virginia

(birthday present, married at the ranch, UPS)2002R11303PoetryVirginia Bennett

Black Draught2003S07314PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Blood of Christ, The2002R06704PoetryVirginia Bennett

Bubba1991G07904PoetryBennett, Virginia

Bureaucrat Story1991G07902PoetryBennett, Virginia


Conversation Between the Ranch Woman and the Foreman1990F08113PoetryBennett, Virginia

Cougar ?1998N10314Poetry

Dead Yearling1998N10315Poetry

Deer Outside My Window1998N16401PoetryBennett, Virginia

Deers1999O11107PoetryBennett, Virginia

Description of Perfect Ranch Job [Perfect Job]2006V12701PoetryBennett, Virginia

Dream of the Wild1994J01103PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Echo]2003S10503PoetryBennett, Virginia

Eduardo2006V09008PoetryBennett, Virginia

Electrician s Nightmare1999O06803PoetryBennett, Virginia

Electricians Nightmare, The2002R11302PoetryVirginia Bennett

[Enterprise?]1998N072b15PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Evil Are Eavesdroppers / A Mood Apart2006V04409PoetryBennett, Virginia
Frost, Robert

[Farmer and Wife - Due to Have Baby]2006V09016PoetryBennett, Virginia

For Grampa2004T05006PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Grandpa Singing In the Barn]2003S07313PoetryBennett, Virginia

Hazards of Bragging2006V04412PoetryBennett, Virginia

Hazards of Bragging, The2002R04206PoetryVirginia Bennett

High Ball2006V12603PoetryZarzyski, Paul

Horse Trainer s Lament1990F08104PoetryBennett, Virginia

[husband: the older he gets the earlier he feeds...]1994J08002PoetryBennett, Virginia

I sit here on my steadfast horse...1990F03911PoetryBennett, Virginia

I m an Old Cowboy in a Nursing Home (Memories Still)1990F00709PoetryBennett, Virginia

In the Night2006V12703PoetryBennett, Virginia

In the realm of cowboy poetry...1990F03909PoetryBennett, Virginia

It Sorta Makes Sense1999O06801PoetryBennett, Virginia

It s All Relative2002R04207PoetryVirginia Bennett

Johnny Clare2003S10612PoetryMcWhorter, Larry

Kindered Spirits for Patty Dougherty1998N072b16PoetryBennett, Virginia

Letter to the Secretary of Agricullture1991G07903PoetryBennett, Virginia

Little Mouse [poem about her father]1999O11108PoetryBennett, Virginia

Lure of the Leather1994J01102PoetryBennett, Virginia

Ma and Pa Eugene1999O04501PoetryBennett, Virginia

Murphy s Texaco1999O06802PoetryBennett, Virginia

My Riding Mule Named Gordy2006V12702PoetryBennett, Virginia

My Sermon On the Mount2004T07108PoetryBennett, Virginia

Nature Lessons2004T05001PoetryBennett, Virginia

Nice Work1992H06201PoetryBennett, Virginia

Old Blue1990F08102PoetryBennett, Pete

Old Time Radio2003S04502PoetryBennett, Virginia

Older He Gets, The Earlier He Feeds, The2002R11301PoetryVirginia Bennett

On Quittin 1992H07410PoetryBennett, Virginia

On The Brink of Forever2003S04503Poetry

Poem about Mule (Apple Jack?}1990F00707PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Poem for Dad]1998N072b17PoetryBennett, Virginia

Prairie Fires1992H07414PoetryBennett, Virginia

Revenge in the Sangre de Cristos2006V09012PoetryBennett, Virginia

Revenge of the Sangre de Christos2003S10501PoetryBennett, Virginia

Roast for Paul Zarzyski2003S12213PoetryBennett, Virginia

Roping Snakes1999O11105PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Roping Snakes?]1998N072b13PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sagebrush2003S10611PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sermon On My Mount1998N16415PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sermon on the Mount1992H06210PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sleighbells1999O036b11PoetryBennett, Virginia

Smell of Rain2003S10914PoetryHall, Charlotte

So you wanna marry a cowboy...1990F03918PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sometimes He Just Wonders2002R11305PoetryVirginia Bennett

[sometimes he just wonders...]1994J08003PoetryBennett, Virginia

Songs on the Night Wind1996L01609PoetryBennett, Virginia

Sonora (?)2002R04208PoetryVirginia Bennett

[stories, jokes]1994J08001Story

Storms on the Divide1991G00405PoetryBennett, Virginia


2003S04501PoetryBennett, Virginia

[story about Athal, Idaho]1993I03206StoryBennett, Virginia

[story about chickens squawking]1998N16406PoetryBennett, Virginia

[story about stolen car]1993I03207StoryBennett, Virginia

Story of Lester Butard2003S12217PoetryBennett, Virginia

Stupid Old Me1999O036b09PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Subdivision]1992H03205PoetryBennett, Virginia

1992H03312PoetryBennett, Virginia

Tapestry of Knots1998N10316Poetry

2002R05005PoetryVirginia Bennett

[ The chinook wind that always comes and exhales its warm breath.... [El Grande]]1992H03204PoetryBennett, Virginia

1992H03311PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Chinook Winds2006V12602PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Cowboy Limerick1990F08101PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Coyote1999O12613PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Day I Thinned Out the Chickens2006V09004PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Dead Yearling1993I03202PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Dumb Cowboy1999O12609PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Electrician1992H06205PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Move1991G07901PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Neck Over Trailer1999O12610PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Old Ranch Pickup1999O12611PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Ranch Hand1999O12612PoetryBennett, Virginia

The Truth of the Matter2006V04406PoetryBennett, Virginia

There in New Mexico2004T05002PoetryBennett, Virginia

Thinning the Chickens2006V12704PoetryBennett, Virginia

Trampus1999O11106PoetryBennett, Virginia

Tribute to Ranch Truck1990F00706PoetryBennett, Virginia

Turning Out Horses2006V04403PoetryBennett, Virginia

[Twin Springs] When the full moon rises over Twin Springs.... 1992H03206PoetryBennett, Virginia

1992H03313PoetryBennett, Virginia

Uncle Lou2002R11304PoetryVirginia Bennett

2003S10502PoetryBennett, Virginia

Under An 87-6/10 Moon / Know It All Quarter Horse2003S07312PoetryBennett, Virginia

2003S12212PoetryBennett, Virginia

Upon the Leaving1999O04503PoetryBennett, Virginia

Valued Hours1999O04502PoetryBennett, Virginia

We Are the Poets2004T12201PoetryBennett, Virginia

When the full moon rises over Twin Springs... 1993I039b22PoetryBennett, Virginia

You Ask a Dumb Question1990F08103PoetryBennett, Virginia
Bennett, Virginia
Hause, Butch
Man in the Middle2004T07106Music
Bennett, Virginia
Northcott, Lauralee
Hitting the Cowboy Trail2004T10505Music[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

On Old Time Buckaroo [He s Riding High]2004T10508MusicHollis, John

Over Nevada2004T10504Music

Where the Soul of Man Never Dies2004T10507Music

You Put the Gentle Back In Gentleman2004T10506MusicBennett, Virginia
Northcott, Lauralee
Bennett, Virginia
Northcott, Lauralee
Hause, Butch
Keep On the Sunny Side of Life2004T07105Music

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot2004T07110Music

The Lord s Way of Saying Goodnight2004T07107MusicNorthcott, Loralee [Thompson, Hank]

Where the Soul Never Dies2004T07104Music
Bennett, Virginia & Lauralee NorthcottCaribou Road, The2002R09712SongJohn Hollis
Benson, MattPopcorn1986B04209PoetryWalther, Jack

The Boss1986B04210PoetryWalther, Jack

The Mule Is Not a Fool1986B04208PoetryWalther, Jack
Benson, Ray & Asleep at the Wheel; Quebe Sisters et al[ A Ride with Bob show logged, not entered in database see sheets]2009Y02001Music

Berg, MikaA Horse for All Seasons1994J10805PoetryBerg, Mika
Bergen, MartinThe Old Saddle1989E00615PoetryBergen, Martin
Bergin, MarginWindy Bell [Windy Bill]1989E03714Poetry[Traditional]
Bergin, Martin

City Feller1989E07009PoetryBergin, Martin

Cowboy Callin 1988D03406Poetry


1989E07016PoetryBergin, Martin

Judge Roy Bean1995K02204Poetry

Lareatte [Lariatta?] [Riata] [Reata]1989E07011PoetryBergin, Martin

Old Timer1989E03710Poetry

Ole Roany s Sister1989E07010PoetryBergin, Martin

On the Old XIT1991G09109PoetryBergin, Martin

[Phantom Steer?]1989E03709Poetry


Ranchin Romance1989E00602PoetryBergin, Martin

Ranchin Romance or The Old Raft Row?1987C012001Poetry

That Saddle1988D03407Poetry

That Saddle [Grandpa s Saddle ?]1987C02402Poetry

The Bull Ride1989E00603PoetryBergin, Martin

The City Feller1988D02803Poetry

The College Kid1989E00601PoetryBergin, Martin

The Cow Pony1988D03408Poetry

The Old Saddle1991G09117PoetryBergin, Martin

The Old Timer1987C02401Poetry

The Reath [The Wreath ?]1987C02403PoetryBergin, Martin ?
Bergstrom, Russ & Tim ChamplinHittin the Trail Tonight1996L06602MusicKiskaddon, Bruce & Hal Cannon

Somethin Tells Me Darlin 1996L06601Music
Bergstrom, SusanThe Trip to Elko and Back1990F05601PoetryBergstrom, Susan
Berkman, JimFlight of the Colonel1989E02002PoetryBerkman, Jim

Love Always, Jennifer1989E02004PoetryBerkman, Jim

The Log Cabin Tavern1989E02003PoetryBerkman, Jim

War1989E02001PoetryBerkman, Jim
Bernius, HilaryCoyote, The1995K09908Poem
Berry, Lavern Straw Birds of A Feather2005U03207PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Changing Times2002R07901PoetryLaverne Berry

2005U03205PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Checking the Cows2005U11406PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Choice, The2002R03809PoetryLavern Berry

2002R11801PoetryLaverne Berry

Day Break2005U07508PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Daybreak2002R07902PoetryLaverne Berry

First Ride2005U03204PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Mountain View Horse Sale2003S05503PoetryBerry, Straw

Of Horse And Men2002R11805PoetryLaverne Berry

Of Horses and Men2003S05504PoetryBerry, Straw

Riding the Circle2005U07512PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Schooled the Hard Way2003S05505PoetryBerry, Straw

Selling Off Our Place2005U11407PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

The Choice2005U03206PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

They re Selling Off Our Place2002R07903PoetryLaverne Berry

They re Selling Off the Place2002R03810PoetryLavern Berry

Too Many Memories2002R11809PoetryLaverne Berry

2005U11405PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

Youth Is Lost On the Young2005U07504PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw
[Besohn, Stephanie]
2007W12631Poetry[Besohn, Stephanie]
Best, JohnAsking Questions to Doc2004T09106PoetryBest, John

Big Day Out2004T09108PoetryBest, John

Clancy of the Overflow2004T00702PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Echoes From Elko2004T13206PoetryBest, John

Forever Overdue2004T13204PoetryBest, John

Horse Sense2004T13203PoetryBest, John

Mogle Bill from Eaglehawk2004T00704Poetry

Old Australian Ways [Trilogy2004T00701PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Out of the Mouth of Babes Came Truth2004T09105PoetryBest, John

Saying Grace Is Saying Thank You2004T09107PoetryBest, John

The Ballad of Darkie Lee2004T13205PoetryGarry, Keith

[The Debone Polar Club]2004T00703Poetry

Who Gives the Bride Away?2004T09120Poetry[Maglo, Bob]
Betchart, JenineAcorn Tree1998N17109
Betchart, Jenine

Grandpa s Fiddle1998N17110
Betchart, Jenine
Betts, Jeff[?]2000P12113

Modern Day Joe2000P12112

Betts, Jeff Risky As dependable as the sunrise... 2002R09210PoetryRisky Betts

Conversation, The2002R09204PoetryRisky Betts

Wanna Be, The2002R09205PoetryRisky Betts
Beuthe, ChrisUncle Walter1995K09306Poetry
Beville, MaggieEffect and Cause2000P05103
Beville, Maggie

Mastering the Task2000P08106[Poetry]Beville, Maggie

Petersen, Gwen

Tea Set2000P08105[Poetry]Ebert, Elizabeth
Beville, MikeBuddy Johnson2000P05102
Beville, Mike

Horse Hooves on the Ground2000P08103[Poetry]Beville, Mike

Little Britches2000P08104[Poetry]Haye [Hay?], John
Beyer, Scott [Bayer?]Buffalo Skinners1990F02605Music[Traditional]

Cowboy Jack1990F02606Music[Traditional]
Bibby, RoseCoyote Capers1992H04814PoetryBibby, Rose

Equality is a Habit1992H04813PoetryBibby, Rose

Nature Calls1992H04812PoetryBibby, Rose

1992H08601PoetryBibby, Rose

The Love of a Cowboy1992H04824PoetryBibby, Rose

Tobacco Chaw1992H04811PoetryBibby, Rose
Biehle, LarryViews from the Bottom of a Bottle1989E08713PoetryBiehle, Larry

What s True About Cowboys1989E08714PoetryBiehle, Larry
Biffel, CoryCowboys2004T14938PoetryBiffel, Cory
Bill Hearne TrioBorder Romance [When Rita Leaves]2005U06512MusicMcClinton, Dilbert

[Border Romance] [When Rita Leaves]2005U11402Music

[Bury Me Tomorrow, They ll be hanging me tonight]2005U11401MusicRobbins, Marty

Come Back to Old Santa Fe2005U06411MusicRowan, Peter
Ferris, Jerry

[Cowboyography] Ballad of Charlie Russell2005U06414MusicTyson, Ian

Farther Down the Line2005U06513MusicLovett, Lyle

[Harold s Cave Creek Corral]2005U06515MusicFernholz, Steven

It s Nothing But a Good Ride [Heading Out to Reno]2005U06413MusicLovett, Lyle

[Loose the Lone Star Blues]2005U06511MusicMcClinton, Dilbert

One More Time2005U11403MusicTellis, Mel


The Rounder2005U06410MusicHearne, Bill

Who s Heart Are You Breaking Now?2005U06516MusicWills, Bob

[Why Are You Gone So Long?]2005U11404MusicNewberry, Micky
Bill Hearne Trio
[Hardin, Andrew]
Navajo Rug2005U06517MusicTyson, Ian
Russell, Tom
Bill Hearne Trio
[Hersink, Myrna]
One More Time2005U06412MusicPrice, Ray
[Binger, Samuel]
Bingham, Denise A Silken Scarf tied around his neck.... 2003S12304PoetryBingham, Denice

Donovan s Cowboy Boots2003S08207PoetryBingham, Denise

Gathering2003S08208PoetryBingham, Denise

Tower of Cain, The2002R05305PoetryDenise Bingham

You Know You Just Can t Appreciate2003S12303PoetryBingham, Denice
Bircham, DorisCentennial Quilting1995K09501Poetry

Coffee Row1995K09502Poetry

Direct Dial1992H08602PoetryBibby, Rose

Minus 441995K09503Poetry
Bird, BobBrother Bill1992H02501Poetry

Don t Pick Up His Feet1998N11508PoetryBird, Bob

Gettin Ahead1992H04503PoetryBird, Bob

Grandma Sat at the Fence1992H04515PoetryBird, Bob

I Savor the Cow - Cows Are My Weakness1998N11515PoetryBird, Bob

Me and Simone1992H02502Poetry

My Buckle Broke Today1998N07406Poetry

Old Bill [ We were gathering cows at the Palmer... ]1998N16807PoetryBird, Bob

One More Notch1992H04502PoetryBird, Bob

[poetic introduction to first poem]1991G02006PoetryBird, Bob

Sure Fire Method1998N11509PoetryBird, Bob

The Biggest Little Cowboy1991G02007PoetryBird, Bob

The Blue Dog1991G02008PoetryBird, Bob

The Branding Experience1998N07405Poetry

The Grass Was Green1998N07416Poetry

The Last Straw1992H04501PoetryBird, Bob

The Second Young One1998N07404Poetry

Water s Up At Miller s Crossing1998N16808PoetryBird, Bob

What Do You Mean Go Ride the Fence?1998N16809PoetryBird, Bob
Bishop, EllieC. Bo s Tractor [Sebo s Tractor ?]1999O05210PoetryMalone, Jennie
Bishop, Justin & John NeilsonColorado Trail1988D09017Music

Powder River Let er Buck / LaCuna[?]1988D09018Music
Black, Baxter
1992H06409PoetryBlack, Baxter

10PoetryBlack, Baxter

1969 Ford F250 Truck2001Q11406PoetryBlack, Baxter

A Cow-y Story2004T12310PoetryBlack, Baxter

[A cowboy is the way he is...]1997M07012PoetryBlack, Baxter

A Hundred Years Too Late1987C009017Poetry

All Ranch Rodeo1998N18301PoetryBlack, Baxter

Ambition feeds a thousand fires.... 1985A00908PoetryAshley, Carlos

Anybody got a light?.... 1993I06415PoetryBlack, Baxter

(artificial insemination)2002R11208PoetryBaxter Black

Bovine Uterine Prolapse2001Q11408PoetryBlack, Baxter

[break in recording] We are of the Earth... 1993I06418PoetryBlack, Baxter

By Gosh, How d you set your hat on fire.... [Hat On Fire]2003S04210PoetryBlack, Baxter

Calving2003S04312PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cattle Drive1997M07007PoetryBlack, Baxter

[Cattle Drive]2003S04211PoetryBlack, Baxter

Chasing a Heifer and I Roped Her2006V12811PoetryBlack, Baxter

Could Be Worse1987C03610PoetryBlack, Baxter

Coup de Gras / Roper2003S04307PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy Logic1986B04801PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy Mentality [Only Grass and Water]2007W13815PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy Wedding2003S04311PoetryBlack, Baxter

Dear Saddle Trio2004T12308PoetryBlack, Baxter

Dog & Rabbit2002R11213PoetryBaxter Black

Drunk Cowboy2003S04314PoetryBlack, Baxter

Elk Hunt, The1987C009016Poetry

Feeders #2 Hair Ball1988D03109Poetry

Five Flat1985A00911PoetryBlack, Baxter

[Freddie and Wilford]1997M07008PoetryBlack, Baxter

[Going to a Garth Brooks concert...]1993I06416PoetryBlack, Baxter

Goodbye Old Man1988D03113Poetry

[Halloween spooky story]2000P10205PoetryBlack, Baxter

Hat On Fire2003S04309PoetryBlack, Baxter

Heifer Check at 2:10 am2000P10206PoetryBlack, Baxter

Horseshoeing2003S04310PoetryBlack, Baxter

Horseshoer / Pig Eye1998N18305PoetryBlack, Baxter

Hymer and the Duck2007W13808PoetryBlack, Baxter

I like a pickup that looks like a truck... 1993I06413PoetryBlack, Baxter

I Never Did Do It for the Money1988D03108Poetry

If Cows Could Swim2006V12812PoetryBlack, Baxter

[Indians as Cowboys]1992H06411PoetryBlack, Baxter

It Ain t Easy Being a Cowboy1987C009015Poetry

Jennifer1998N18308PoetryBlack, Baxter

Johnny Carson Show, The2002R11210PoetryBaxter Black

[jokes]1985A00915PoetryBlack, Baxter

Keep It Cowboy2002R11214PoetryBaxter Black

Last of the Singing Cowboys1987C008009Music

Laundry from the Local D. V. M.1988D03110Poetry

Legend of the Buckskin Mare2003S04313PoetryBlack, Baxter

Levis Dressin Up1988D03111Poetry

Lost1992H06413PoetryBlack, Baxter

Maple Creek / Old Huck2007W13810PoetryBlack, Baxter

Milk Cow Contest2000P10202PoetryBlack, Baxter

My Good Dog1998N18309PoetryBlack, Baxter

My Gosh, How d You set Your Hat On Fire... 2004T12307PoetryBlack, Baxter

Neighbor s Rabbit2003S04216PoetryBlack, Baxter

One More Year1985A00912PoetryBlack, Baxter

1998N18307PoetryBlack, Baxter

2002R11207PoetryBaxter Black

Our Flag2006V12813PoetryBlack, Baxter


2002R11209PoetryBaxter Black

People In Funny Trades2004T12306PoetryBlack, Baxter

Perfect Gift, The2002R11212PoetryBaxter Black

Pledge of Allegiance2007W13817Poetry

[poem about Wally selling cows at auction]1985A00913PoetryBlack, Baxter

Practice Riding Bulls1998N18302PoetryBlack, Baxter

Procaps ? [Prolapse]1998N18304PoetryBlack, Baxter

Rabbit Hutches2000P10207Poetry

Rabbit Poem / The Rabbits [Neighbor s Rabbit]2003S04316PoetryBlack, Baxter

Ranch Rodeo2003S04208PoetryBlack, Baxter

2003S04308PoetryBlack, Baxter

Review of Joel Nelson s Breaker In the Pen 2001Q11404PoetryBlack, Baxter

Rocky Mountain Oysters2003S04315 PoetryBlack, Baxter

Runnin Out of Sunsets1987C008010Music

Runnin Wild Horses1987C009018Poetry

Sellin Prewitt s Cow1986B04812PoetryBlack, Baxter

Sheep, Border Collie, Horses Have In Common2007W13809PoetryBlack, Baxter

Sitting On My Veranda2007W13816Poetry

Story about Wilford and Freddie shoeing horses.2001Q11405PoetryBlack, Baxter

Student of the Cow2006V12814PoetryBlack, Baxter

Taxidermy Store2002R11206PoetryBaxter Black

2003S04212PoetryBlack, Baxter

Team Roper2007W13811PoetryBlack, Baxter

Team Roping1998N18303PoetryBlack, Baxter

Technology Proof / Calving1998N18306PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Bartender s Lament1985A02423MusicBlack, Baxter

The Buckskin Mare1988D03114Poetry

The Cowboy and His Dog1985A00917PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Cowboys List of Contritions2007W13812PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Dry Grass Crackled Underfoot2004T12309PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Gay Caballero1985A00910PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Header vs. the Heeler1993I06414PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Hell Creek Bar1997M07009Poetry[Zarzyski, Paul ?]

The Horse1985A00909PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Legacy of a Rodeo Man1985A00408PoetryAshley, Carlos

The Man From Snowy River2007W13813PoetryPatterson, Banjo

The Perfect Gift1992H06412PoetryBlack, Baxter

1993I06419PoetryBlack, Baxter

The receptionist was puzzled by the answering machine... 1993I06412PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Vegetarian s Nightmare, or A Dissertation on Plants Rights1985A00916PoetryBlack, Baxter

The Veternarian Story2006V12809PoetryBlack, Baxter

[The Wedding Story]1997M07011PoetryBlack, Baxter

There s strange stories told... 1993I06417PoetryBlack, Baxter

These Girls Can Dance2001Q11407PoetryBlack, Baxter

[This is My Wife, She Does the Books]1997M07010PoetryBlack, Baxter

This Too Shall Pass1997M07013PoetryBlack, Baxter

Tribute to Women Who Marry Cow Types2000P10203PoetryBlack, Baxter

Trying to Climb Into Banjo s Brain2007W13814PoetryBlack, Baxter

[Untitled]1988D07715PoetryBlack, Baxter

16PoetryBlack, Baxter

17PoetryBlack, Baxter

18PoetryBlack, Baxter

19PoetryBlack, Baxter

Uterine Prolapse2000P10204PoetryBlack, Baxter

Uterine Prolapse [Calving]2003S04214PoetryBlack, Baxter


Vegetarian Nightmare2002R11211PoetryBaxter Black

Wedding [Cowboy Wedding]2003S04213PoetryBlack, Baxter

Wild Cow Milking2003S04209PoetryBlack, Baxter

Wildhorse / Buckskin Mare [Legend of the Buckskin Mare]2003S04215PoetryCunningham, Lyle

Women in Chaps2006V12810PoetryBlack, Baxter

Wonder Woman1985A02422PoetryBlack, Baxter

Wreck2003S04207PoetryBlack, Baxter

You know, I got this ranch from my daddy.... 1985A00914PoetryBlack, Baxter
Black, Baxter
Cannon, Hal
How To Copyright, Print, and Record Your Poems1985A01101DiscussionBlack, Baxter
Cannon, Hal
Black, Baxter
McRae, Wallace
[reading forward to Wally McRae book]1989E08114Poetry
Black, Berle

Devil Woman1990F02620

Black, BerylA Lady Loves a Gambler1991G10005Music

Oh, Cowboy1991G10004Music

Roll Around Heaven All Day1991G10006Music
Black, BillBear Ropin Bucaroo [Bear Ropin Buckaroo]1987C02101PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Bear Ropin Buckaroo1988D00505Poetry

2004T13105PoetryBarker, S. Omar


Bird Ropin Buckaroo2004T13104Poetry[Grew, Betty Lynn]

Her Love s a Rider1988D00913Poetry[Traditional]

Her Love s a Rider [My Love is a Rider ?]1986B03815Poetry[Rhodes, Eugene Manlove ?]

[Hopalong Cassidy Theme]2004T07207Music

[Jake and Roanie]1986B03814Poetry

Jake and Rooney2004T05404Poetry

Leaning on the Old Pole Gate1992H08419Poetry

Little Blue Roane [That Little Blue Roan]1988D00506Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Moonshine Steer1986B04008PoetryGardner, Gail

1987C02102Poetry[Gardner, Gail]

1988D00306Music[Gardner, Gail]

2004T07205PoetryGardner, Gail

Mooshine Steer2004T05401PoetryGardner, Gail

My Marriage1988D00911PoetryBlack, Bill

Old Stan1988D00507Poetry

That Little Blue Roan1987C002005Poetry

The Bear Roping Buckaroo2004T05411PoetryBarker, S. Omar

2004T07206PoetryBarker, S. Omar

The Meeting of a Topless Dancer1986B03813PoetryBlack, Bill

The Sierry Petes1985A00305PoetryGardner, Gail

2004T05407PoetryGardner, Gail

Wild Horse Charlie1986B03816Poetry


1988D00912PoetryBlack, Bill [?]

Windy Bill1986B04003Poetry
Black, OutlawBelly Up1996L02614Music

Windy Bill1996L02613Music
[Black, Pearl?][Rodeo Rose]1989E05421Music[Stains, Bob]

[ Well, it was last Saturday night, about eleven, I think.... ] [Drowning In Beer]1989E05420Music

[Wide Rolling Plains]1989E05419Music[Masterson, Liz]
Black, TawnyBuckin Bronc, The2001Q11958PoetryBlack, Tawny
Black, WadeCowboy Country Caution1992H08418Poetry

[Most Cowboys? Milk Cowboys?]1992H08405Poetry
Black, WillNicknames1992H08408Poetry
Blackburn, AnnChristmas Present To A Ranch Family, A2002R13508PoetryAnn Blackburn

Packin Into the Rubies2002R13509PoetryAnn Blackburn
Blackburn, SeanBudarillas [?]1995K06215Music

Love Knot in My Lariat1990F05910Music

Blackburn, Sean & Liz MastersonI Only Want a Buddy, Not a Sweetheart1991G02412Music

Moonlight on the River Colorado1991G02411Music

Roll Along Prairie Moon1991G02410Music

Where the Soul Never Dies1991G02413Music
Blackwell, BillOld Timers1988D00714Poetry

The Skunk1988D00715Poetry
Blackwell, BobA Cowboy at College [The Cowboy at College]1988D03701Poetry[Barker, S. Omar]

Bear, Broon, Buckaroo [Bruin?]1988D04004PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Cowboy Colledge [The Cowboy at College]1988D04015PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Little Blue Roan [That Little Blue Roan]1988D04009PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Pants Polish1988D03702Poetry[Barker, S. Omar ?]

The Chuck Wagon1988D03703Poetry[Barker, S. Omar ?]

The Cowboy1988D00708Poetry

The D-Two Horse Wrangler [The D-2 Horse Wrangler]1988D00707Poetry
Blair, RobBronc Peeler s Confession, The1987C010001Poetry

Call of the Wild1986B03905Poetry[Service, Robert, adaptation]

Cowpuncher s Confession (or Bronc Peeler s Confession)1986B02908Poetry

Dodger1986B00802PoetryBlair, Rob

Dodger, The1987C010019Poetry

Mis Aris Estan Aqui [?]1986B00801Poetry

My Dad, Howard Blair1986B02910PoetryBlair, Rob

Old Brahma Maverick1987C010002Poetry

Old Timer1986B02911PoetryBlair, Rob

The Cowboy s Greetings1986B02909PoetryBlair, Rob

The Land That God Forgot1986B03904Poetry[Service, Robert, adaptation]

[The Land that God Forgot?]1986B00811Poetry
Blake, Ken[Back in 1903]1989E09621MusicBlake, Ken

Bascom1993I09006MusicBlake, Ken

[Best Horse]1989E05504Music[Sweever, Mike]

1989E09622MusicBlake, Ken

Best Horses1990F05905Music

[Down On Your Luck]1989E05505MusicBlake, Ken

1989E09624MusicBlake, Ken

Fast Gun1990F05906Music


Harlow1990F09316PoetryBlake, Ken

High Rollin Cowboy1987C05515MusicBlake, Ken

Horse Trade1992H08605PoetryBlake, Ken

Horse Tradin 1994J05914Poetry

How to Sex a Plucked Pheasant1992H08606PoetryBlake, Ken

I d Like to Be the Kind of Cowboy1987C006038Poetry

I m Just A Cowboy1993I09005MusicBlake, Ken

Lord Jesus, Help Me1987C05516MusicBlake, Ken

My Best Horse1987C006037Poetry

1987C05517MusicBlake, Ken

Not a Day Goes By1990F10303Music

[Not A Day Goes By]1989E05506MusicBlake, Ken

1989E09623MusicBlake, Ken

Riding for the Old HT1993I09004MusicBlake, Ken

Ron Currin [Kurin?]1990F09315PoetryBlake, Ken

Ron Kern1991G08909PoetryBlake, Ken

Secrets for Gun Dog Breeders [?]1991G08908PoetryBlake, Ken

Secrets of a Gun Dog Breeder1990F09314PoetryBlake, Ken

Blake, KimBack in 19031988D02314MusicBlake, Kim

I Like Cowboy Songs1988D02315MusicBlake, Kim

Lonesome Cowboy1988D02313MusicBlake, Kim
Blake, TimBack in 19031991G06009Music

Best Horse1991G06010Music

Fast Gun1991G06011Music
Blanchard, FlorenceThe Cowboy Way1986B05203PoetryBlanchard, Florence
Blanchard, SteveGrandpa s Farm2002R14011SongSteve Blanchard

Prairie Wind2002R14012SongSteve Blanchard

The Dream of the San Joaquin1999O09312MusicBlanchard, Steve

Visalia Saddle [Waltz ?]1999O09313MusicBlanchard, Steve

Well, this old saddle wears the marks... 2002R14010SongSteve Blanchard
Blanton, MaryWest of Reality1991G02101PoetryBlanton, Mary
[Bliese, Jack] I met a cowboy down the trail just the other day... 1993I02615Music

I was on a drive in 80... 1993I02616Poetry

Life is like a mountain railway... 1993I02617Music

The Circuit Riding Preacher1993I02614MusicSpencer, Tim
Bliss, PaulCowboy Poetry in Motion2000P11905Poetry

Cowboy tribute1998N08306Poetry

First Time I Milked a Cow1999O09002PoetryBliss, Paul

John Hardhack1999O09003PoetryBliss, Paul

Nester In The Tree1999O09001PoetryBliss, Paul

Where s Old Doug1998N08302Poetry

Where s Old Doug?1998N17001
Bliss, Paul
Bliss, SarahOld Cowhide1998N15541PoetryBliss, Sarah

Blitz, KarlHorse Trip [rode his horse 300 miles to Elko for the Gathering]1999
O02401StoryBlitz, Karl
Bloch, DarinTexas Honcho2004T14906PoetryBloch, Darin
Blocker, MartyNight Calver s Lament2001Q05612PoetryBlocker, Marty

Outside Swing2001Q05613PoetryBlocker, Marty
Bloxham, AftonChicken Stew1990F07002PoetryBloxham, Afton

Granny s Romance1990F07001PoetryBloxham, Afton

Hayin 1990F04510PoetryBloxham, Afton

Hec s Haircut1990F08202PoetryBloxham, Afton

Horse Sense1990F08201PoetryBloxham, Afton

My husband says I have a nose...1990F04519PoetryBloxham, Afton

The Cowboy s Wife1990F04501PoetryBloxham, Afton

Willsalt Montana [sic] [?]1990F04515PoetryBloxham, Afton
Blue Prairie
1995K10102Music[Sons of the Pioneers]

Grab My Saddle Horn and Blow1995K10104Music

Sally Goodin1995K10103Music[Traditional]

So Long to the Red River Valley1995K10101Music
Blum, WilliamMy First Fifty1988D04705Poetry
Bodrero, DennisCan t Take the Country Out of the Boy1999O09005PoetryBodrero, Dennis

First Day of School1999O09004PoetryBodrero, Dennis
Boggs, KyraCowgirls2003S12829PoetryBoggs, Kyra
Bohrn, JoshTen Calves2002R13858Poetry
Boies, RobinConfessions of a Collaborator2004T08305FilmBoies, Robin
Boies, Steve

[Deep West Online Journal]2007W12204PresentationBoies, Robin
Bollars, JimBeer, Wine and Whiskey1986B00502PoetryBollars, Jim

Only One Thing Worse than Being Stupid1986B00503PoetryBollars, Jim
Bollers, Hugh JamesBeer, Wine, and Whiskey1985A00707PoetryBollers, Hugh James

Boys, I called it a Redneck Discotechque.... 1985A03411PoetryBollers, Hugh James

Slim Jackson1985A00601PoetryBollers, Hugh James
Borges, Luis Carlos
Borghetti, Renato
Borges, Luis Carlos
Marques, Mauricio





[Express Train]2006V06408Music

[From One Old Friend to Another]2006V00705MusicBorges, Luis Carlos


[Legend of the Herder / Song of Lost Things]2006V00703MusicBorges, Luis Carlos

[unknown]2006V00701MusicBorges, Luis Carlos

02MusicBorges, Luis Carlos




Borges, Luiz Carlos
Marques, Mauricio
[?]2006V11306MusicBorges, Luiz Carlos
Marques, Mauricio


[Ode to the Beauty of Gaucho country]2006V11307MusicGonzaga, Luiz

[sung a poem]2006V11305MusicBorges, Luiz Carlos
Bourne, DaveAura Lee

Battle Cry [of Freedom]

Elie Greens Table [Eli Green s Cakewalk]

Golden Slippers

Golden Slippers / Buffalo Gal2006V08201MusicBland, James

Kingdom Coming



The Glendy Burk / Old Doc Tray / Nellie Bly2006V082
02MusicFoster, Steven

Vacant Chair

[varations on old songs]2006V082

Bourne, Dave
Ranch Hand Band


Bowerman, Elizabeth
1990F09214PoetryBowerman, Jon

Appaloosie Horse1990F09207PoetryBowerman, Jon [father]
Bowerman, JonAbel s Land and Livestock1988D07603PoetryBowerman, Jon

Apache1989E08012PoetryBowerman, Jon

[Boastful Bill]1989E00308PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Cowboy in the French Restaurant1988D08418PoetryBowerman, Jon

Domino1986B00804PoetryBowerman, Jon

For Jeff1986B04501PoetryBowerman, Jon

1987C04612PoetryBowerman, Jon

Gathering at the Gate1989E08110PoetryBowerman, Jon

I still recall those early days when we went to the matinee... 1987C04611PoetryBowerman, Jon

I Went to the Cuttin at the County Fair1990F01711PoetryBowerman, Jon

[Legend of Boastful Bill?]1986B00812PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Milk Snakes and Activist Wackos1990F08301PoetryBowerman, Jon

Road Killed Rabbits1988D08407PoetryBowerman, Jon

Runaways1987C02103PoetryBowerman, Jon

Shorty s Saloon1990F03801Poetry[Ritch, Johnny]

Silver Jack1989E01009Poetry

Thank God for a... Horse1986B00820PoetryBowerman, Jon

The Gay Caballero (parody)1986B04503PoetryBlack, Baxter (parodist unknown)

The Cowboy1990F08302PoetryBowerman, Jon

The First Cowboy1990F08313PoetryBowerman, Jon

The Glory Trail (The Story of High Chin Bob)1986B01803PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Horse They Called Apache 1987C04705PoetryBowerman, Jon

The Legend of Boastful Bill1986B01802PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Man From Snowy River1987C04706Poetry[Paterson, Banjo ?]

1990F01706Poetry[Paterson, Banjo]

The Ranch Wife1989E06811Poetry

The Story of Buster Jake [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail?]1990F03812PoetryGardner, Gail

The Tied Maverick1986B00803PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1989E00304PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Wreck on State Highway 191989E01018PoetryBowerman, Jon

Tornado1986B04502PoetryBowerman, Jon

[Untitled]1988D07609PoetryBowerman, Jon

Wreck on State Highway 191987C02104PoetryBowerman, Jon
[Bowman, Bo]Cow Dogs2004T05905Poetry[Bowman, Beau]

Justice2004T05904Poetry[Bowman, Beau]

The Relic [That Old Saddle]2004T05906Poetry[Bowman, Beau]
Bowman, DonCowboy Resolutions1985A00702PoetryBowman, Don

Cowboy s Resolution, The1987C010020Poetry

Dogs Meeting, The1987C012010Poetry

First Astronauts, The1987C012009Poetry

High Chin Bob1985A01802MusicClark, Charles Badger

1986B05101MusicClark, Charles Badger

1987C05519MusicClark, Charles Badger

I ve loved this land for what it stands... [about Richard Nixon]1985A02406PoetryBowman, Cliff

My Daddy and Me1986B05125Music

Smart Horses[?]1987C010003Poetry

Sound of Doom, The1987C010004Poetry

Stan1986B02919PoetryBowman, Don

The Auctioneer1986B05102MusicVan Dyke, Leroy

1987C05520MusicVan Dyke, LeRoy

Well a cowboy has his troubles and he s surely out of luck... 1985A00703Poetry

Well, old Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates... 1985A02802PoetryBowman, Don
Bowman, JoHow Many Women Before Me2004T10708MusicBowman, Jo

Sad and Sorrowing Way2004T10707MusicBowman, Jo

The Widow [Tumbleweeds and Petticoats]2004T10706MusicBowman, Jo
Bowman. DonSave the Cowboys1986B02903PoetryBowman. Don

The Sound of Doom1986B02902PoetryBowman. Don

What s in a Horse s Name?1986B02901PoetryBowman. Don
Bowstern, Moe
2007W08004MusicGarvey, Mary

05MusicGarvey, Mary


07Music[Bowstern, Moe]
Boyce, AmandaColorful Scarf, The2002R13824Poetry

Cowgirl, The2001Q11949PoetryBoyce, Amanda
Boyd, AmberBrent and Duz[?]1995K09918Poem

My Horses1997M07530Poetry
Boyd, BobCalifornia Vaquero to High Desert Buckaroo2005U10501LectureBoyd, Bob
Boyd, VictoriaBailin Twine2001Q09004PoetryBoyd, Victoria

Cowgirl s Vows, A2001Q09005PoetryBoyd, Victoria

One Man s Junk is Another Man s Treasure2001Q09103PoetryBoyd, Victoria

Ranch Wife2001Q09105PoetryBoyd, Victoria

Treasure, The2001Q09104PoetryBoyd, Victoria
Boyers, Marge[horse story]1994J06301Story
Bradbury, Ricarda60 Miles to Bly1991G05003PoetryBradbury, Richard E.
Bradshaw, Dan
1992H04702PoetryBradshaw, Dan

A note written in the sand... 1991G06603PoetryBradshaw, Dan

[about frozen horse droppings]1991G01008Poetry

Alby Go to Hell [Abbey Go to Hell?] [i.e. Edward Abbey?]1990F05103PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Chickens and Cows1991G08502PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Cowboy Jesus1991G01017PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Getting Fat1991G01001PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Horse Droppings1990F05101PoetryBradshaw, Dan

I was raised in Utah... 1991G06601PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Last Cattle Drive1992H04709PoetryBradshaw, Dan

My Woman1991G06604PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Old Prock1997M07203Poetry

Sitting on My Horse (Wing Bing Bing)1990F05102PoetryBradshaw, Dan

The Last Cattle Drive1991G01007Poetry

The man was old and tired... 1991G06602PoetryBradshaw, Dan

The Rooster1991G08507PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Time Is Stealin My Dreams1992H04701PoetryBradshaw, Dan
Bradshaw, Dan
Bradshaw, Ken
[poem about grandpa dying]1997M07205PoetryBradshaw, Dan

Riggin [Rigging]1997M07204PoetryZarzyski, Paul
Bradshaw, JodyA Cowgirl s Dream1991G09204Poetry

Cow Dogs1991G09214PoetryBrown, Ed
Bradshaw, ToddRed Ant Hill1991G09205PoetryBarton, Owen

Silver bells and Golden Spurs1991G09215Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]
Bragoneer, ScottCaballo Diablo2004T10710MusicBragoneer, Scott

Little Roany2004T10711MusicBragoneer, Scott

Mother Nature, You, and Father Time2004T10709MusicBragoneer, Scott
Bragonier, Scott It s been twenty-four and seven, the work never ends... 2004T15402MusicBragonier, Scott

On the south fork of the Powder... 2004T15401MusicBragonier, Scott

[Wind Song]2004T15403MusicBragonier, Scott
?, BrandonMy Grandma s Age2001Q11928Poetry?, Brandon
Brannan, AdrianHighway 802008X00303MusicBrannan, Adrian

Old Dale [about Dale Harwood, saddlemaker]2008X00301MusicBrannan, Adrian

Old Time Vaquero2008X00304MusicBrannan, Adrian

[ Santa Claus lives near Tuscarora ]2008X00305MusicBrannan, Adrian

Winter Blues2008X00302MusicBrannan, Adrian
Braswell, BrandyCowboy s Jobs2004T14949PoetryBraswell, Brandy
Braun & Family, MuzzieBoil Them Cabbage Down / Old Joe Clark1988D02401MusicTraditional

Chisholm Trail / Get Along Little Dogies1988D02403Music

Cool Water1988D02402MusicSons of the Pioneers
Braun BrothersBlue Prairie1991G03001MusicSpencer, Tim & Bob Nolan

I Didn t Do It1991G03003MusicBraun, Muzzie

Little Braun Brothers Yodel1991G03002MusicBraun, Muzzie
Braun, CodyCody s Yodel1988D02405Music
Braun, KarenFirst Love, The2001Q11922PoetryBraun, Karen
Braun, MuzzieBitter Days [in Stanley Basin]2007W13807MusicBraun, Muzzie

Cactus Is in Bloom [When the Cactus Is in Bloom]1992H09203MusicRodgers, Jimmie

Cowboy Bill1992H09205Music

Cowboy Heart1992H09204MusicBraun, Muzzy

Driving2007W13803MusicBraun, Muzzie

Home Sweet Home2007W13805MusicBraun, Muzzie

Mike1992H09201MusicBraun, Muzzy

Pocket Change2007W13804MusicBraun, Muzzie

Red River Valley1988D02404Music

The Cowboy From Mackay1985A01804MusicBraun, Muzzie

The Kitchen2007W13802MusicBraun, Muzzie

The Old Cowboy Blues1985A01509Music

Well, I was sitting there down at Buck s Bar in Challis.... 1985A02435MusicBraun, Muzzie

Why Do I Need School1992H09202MusicBraun, Muzzy

Wild Horses in Spur Canyon2007W13806MusicBraun, Muzzie
Braun, Muzzie / Ernie Sites13 Miles Up Yank Fork1986B02712Music
Braun, Muzzie & Cody[Yodeling]1988D06304Music
Braun, Muzzie & the Braun BrothersIdaho Moon, The1990F00603Music[Green, Doug]

Mice1990F00602MusicBraun, Muzzie

Wild Buckaroo1990F00601MusicFletcher, Curley / Muzzie Braun
Braun, Muzzie and the BoysDon t Fence Me In1993I05602MusicPorter, Cole

The Old Chisholm Trail / [Yodel]1993I05601Music

[Yodeling song]1993I05603Music
Braun, RozOld Delores1986B05108MusicRogers, J. Grafton [?]

Prairie in the Sky1986B05107MusicRinger, Jim [?]
Brennan, Adrian[Drifting Vaquero]2007W03702MusicBrennan, Adrian

[unknown] [Highway 80]2007W03701MusicBrennan, Adrian

[Winter Blues]2007W03703MusicBrennan, Adrian
Brennan, Gary[?]1995K05502Poetry

High Tech Mustang1995K09604Poem

Joe1994J10704PoetryBrennan, Gary

Margaret Ward1994J10705PoetryBrennan, Gary

Mr. Baldini1995K09611Poem

Brewer, ArleneCowboy Idol, A2001Q11945PoetryBrewer, Arlene
Brewer, DougAh, Roy Rogers style... [?]2000P08509
Bewer, Doug

Bewer, Doug

All Earth was white or grey, it seemed.... 2003S12616PoetryBrewer, Doug

Bath a Cat [Bathe a Cat?]2000P05209

Classified Ad2003S12613PoetryBrewer, Doug

Each Monday at the crack of dawn... [?]2000P08510
Bewer, Doug

Each morning at the crack of dawn dad s high pitched voice would ring... 2003S12615PoetryBrewer, Doug

Good1999O12907PoetryBrewer, Doug

Hey, What d That Garage Sale Sign Say1996L10613Poetry

How High1999O12910PoetryBrewer, Doug

Long Ride Home, The1996L05914Poetry

Look, Another Diet Book2000P05207
Bewer, Doug

Not Raising Hogs2001Q09315PoetryBrewer, Doug

Old Jake Hanna [Old Jake Hannah]1999O08805Poetry

Opportunity in the Mud Hole1996L05904Poetry

Paunch is In Elko2001Q09314Poetry

Poetry Writin Contest, The1996L10621Poetry

Pony Egg1999O12911PoetryBrewer, Doug

Bewer, Doug

Pumper One1999O08806Poetry

Bewer, Doug




2003S08313PoetryBrewer, Doug

Suicide2003S08312PoetryBrewer, Doug

The Hate2003S08314PoetryBrewer, Doug

The Quaker and the Cow1999O12908PoetryBrewer, Doug

The War2000P05210

Touche1999O12909PoetryBrewer, Doug

Why, said the bartender, for twelve years... [Mormon church]2003S12614PoetryBrewer, Doug
Brewer, F. AllanNo Sheep Dip1986B03504PoetryBrewer, F. Allan

The Colorful Old West1986B03503PoetryBrewer, F. Allan

The Little Roan1986B03505PoetryBrewer, F. Allan

The Old and the Young1986B03512PoetryBrewer, F. Allan

This Pinto Got Away1986B03511PoetryBrewer, F. Allan
Brewer, F. AllenDenver and Rio Grande, The1987C012012Poetry

Thanksgiving at the Brewers1987C012012Poetry

Try This One On1987C012011Poetry
Brewer, MichaelCowboy Ten2004T14925PoetryBrewer, Michael
Brewster, BillThe Cow / Reflections on Ice Breaking2006V10507PoetryNash, Ogden

The Men That Don t Fit In2006V10509PoetryService, Robert

The Quitter2006V10510PoetryService, Robert

The Road Not Taken2006V10508PoetryFrost, Robert
Brian, BillGood Pards1986B04310PoetryBrian, Bill
Briggs, LauraJoan1987C04001PoetryBriggs, Laura

Joanne1989E09115PoetryBriggs, Laura
Briscoe, FayChristmas in the Bunkhouse1999O12803PoetryBriscoi, Fay

Cowboy Jake1999O08808Poetry

Briscoe, Fay

Just Two Miles From Town1999O08809Poetry

My Montana Cowboy1997M08409
Briscoe, Fay
Brisendine, EverettAll Kinds of Cowboys1987C003007Poetry


[another story]1989E08011StoryBrisendine, Everett

Comin Round the Mountain1987C05513Music[Traditional]

Cowboy Country1988D03911PoetryBrisendine, Everett

Everett Brisendine Says1988D03903PoetryBrisendine, Everett

I m going to Nevada to the town of old Elko.... 1985A02702PoetryBrisendine, Everett

I ve Rode a Lot of Horses1989E03403Poetry

It s Hell When It s This Way (And It s This Way Now)1986B03409PoetryBrisendine, Everett

It s hell when it s this way...1987C003006Poetry

Mighty Pitchfork1989E03401Poetry

Old Cowboys1987C003008Poetry

Old cowboys are a breed...1988D03910PoetryBrisendine, Everett

Old Cowboys Never Die1986B03408PoetryBrisendine, Everett

Sourwood Mountain1987C05512Music[Traditional]

Story about Arizona1987C003005Poetry

The Buckin Horse Story [The Mighty Pitchfork]1989E08010PoetryBrisendine, Everett

The Buckskin With a Stripe On His Back [The Buckskin With a Stripe Down His Back]1989E03402Poetry

The Mighty Pitchfork [bucking horse story]1989E08009PoetryBrisendine, Everett

This Old House1986B03416Poetry


Wildwood Flower1987C05514Music
Brisendine, Everett & John Nielsen [?]

Comin Round the Mountain1988D02304Music

Crawdad Song1988D02305Music

Faded Love1988D02308Music

Twine with my ribbons of... [Wildwood Flower]1988D02307Music
Brisendine, Everett & Russ BaxterCrawdad1987C03166Music

Maiden s Prayer1987C006046Music?

Old Grawdad [Crawdad Song]1987C006044Music?

She ll Be Comin Round the Mountain1987C03164Music

She ll Be Coming Around the Mountain1987C006043Music?

Sourwood Mountain1987C03163Music

Sweet Betsy from Pike1987C006045Music?

Wildwood Flower1987C006042Music?

Brisendine, Everett w/ Tom Hayden & John NeilsenComing Round the Mountain1989E02318Music[Traditional]

Old cowboys... they just smell that way... [not recorded]1989E02319Poetry

Sourwood Mountain1989E02317Music[Traditional]

Wildwood Flower1989E02321Music

Yellow Rose of Texas1989E02320Music
Brock, CraigOn My Way to Santa Fe1998N15507PoetryBrock, Craig
Broderick, Jon[Hell to Pay]2006V01212PoetryBroderick, Jon

2006V06505PoetryBroderick, Jon

[Kelly Keeps Fishing]2006V01211PoetryBroderick, Jon

[Kelly Went Back Out There]2006V06506PoetryBroderick, Jon

[Mark Mizzell Goes Clamming]2006V01214PoetryBroderick, Jon

Ollie2006V05212PoetryBroderick, Jon

[Poem for Dylan and Sarah]2006V01213PoetryBroderick, Jon

[Poetry In Motion]2006V06507PoetryBroderick, Jon
Broderick, Jon
van Amerongen, John
[cowboy song] 2006V12213Music

Last Trawler s Waltz [Just Ride]2006V12214Musicvan Amerongen, John

Sockeye Express [Little Corner Room]2006V12211Musicvan Amerongen, John

[There s a Girl in My Dreams On My Pillow Tonight 2006V12209Musicvan Amerongen, John

Think of Me2006V12210Musicvan Amerongen, John

Truck Stop Chili2006V12215Musicvan Amerongen, John

Wheatland Country2006V12212Musicvan Amerongen, John
Bronco ElkCattle Call1996L00706Poetry

Squaw Dance Song / Sugar & Honey1996L00707Poetry
Brookman, DarinArchives2000P11608PoetryBrookman, Darin



Just Say No2000P11611PoetryBrookman, Darin

Lookin Back2000P07103PoetryBrookman, Darin

Mad Cow Disease2000P04307[Poetry]Brookman, Darin

Nightmare on Elm Creek1995K04511Poetry

Parkay2000P04311[Poetry]Brookman, Darin

2000P11610PoetryBrookman, Darin

Said the Scorpion to the Tarantula... 1995K04503Poetry

Sid s Sermon on the Mount2000P04303[Poetry]Brookman, Darin

2000P11609PoetryBrookman, Darin

Some Men1995K08402Poetry

2000P07102PoetryBrookman, Darin

[Straightened] Out1995K01016Poetry

The Calf1995K04502Poetry

The Gather1995K01017Poetry

Therapy2000P07110PoetryBrookman, Darin

Things Ain t Always As They Seem1995K01018Poetry

Those Who Came Before1995K08401Poetry

Timid Souls2000P07101PoetryBrookman, Darin

[untitled]2000P04315[Poetry]Brookman, Darin
Brooks, JerryBattle Hymn of the Republic, The2002R09101Poetry

Beavers [Dam the Missouri]2007W05411Poetry[Boiterman, Arthur]

Boastful Bill2007W15401PoetryClark, Charles Badger

[Boho]2006V14411Poetry[Stewart, Julian]

[Damming the...]2007W08617PoetryGuiterman, Arthur


[Epitaph]2006V14414Poetry[Liberty, Margot]

Fifty-Fifty Split2006V13412PoetryAllen, Trey

Free Wind2007W01403PoetryClark, Charles Badger

From Town2007W01401PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Morning On the Desert2006V05406PoetryBrooks, Jerry


[Pearl of Them All]2006V14405PoetryOglivie, Will

Rosie s Eagle2000P05013
Beeson, J. W.

2006V14402Poetry[Beeson, J.W.]

Saddlin Up Time2006V07906Poetry[Allen, J.B.]

Saddling Up Time2007W15416PoetryWilkinson, Andy

Shadow of the Lord2007W15406PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs2000P05014
[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Sorting Pairs2006V14408Poetry[Ellen, Trey]

Sully s Bucket2006V13411PoetryGibbons, Dick

2007W08610PoetryGibbons, Dick

[The Bundled Stuff]2007W09806PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Free Wind2006V05411PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Land of Beyond2006V07904PoetryService, Robert

The Last Ride Together2006V13413PoetryBrowning, Robert

The Long Road West2007W01404PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

The Lost Flannins2007W09802PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Men Who Would Not Fit In2006V13409PoetryService, Robert

The Old Prospector2006V05416PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Walking Man2007W01402PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

[unknown]2007W05402PoetryRamsey, Buck

2007W15203PoetryWilkinson, Andy

04PoetryBeason, J.W.

09PoetryWilkinson, Andy

Vulgar Lines From a Distinguished Surgeon2006V13410PoetryGoiteman, Arthur

When They Finish Shipping Cattle in the Fall2006V07905PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

2007W09811PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Brooks, JimSagebrush & Tumbleweed2002R14304SongJim Brooks

Sand2002R14306SongJim Brooks

Will James Cowboy, A2002R14305SongJim Brooks
Brooks, Jim and his Ranch HandsBack In the Saddle Again2005U00806MusicAutry, Gene

Born to Be A Cowboy2005U00807Music


Prettiest Cowgirl2005U00811Music

[Sage Brush in Heaven]2005U00814Music


Western As Western Can Be2005U00808Music
Brose, David[Joke: How can you tell when a cowboy s lyin ...]1992H01113Poetry
Brown, Bob

At Sunset1986B04212PoetryBrown, Bob

California Winter1986B04213PoetryBrown, Bob

Gettin Throwed [[When You re Throwed ?] [Not Recorded]]1989E05022PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Laska [Lasca]1989E05015Poetry[Desprez, Frank]

Mexican Irrigator1986B04211PoetryBrown, Bob


My Dogs1986B03014PoetryBrown, Bob

1987C03905PoetryBrown, Bob

1989E05014PoetryBrown, Bob

Poco Hoe1986B03012PoetryBrown, Bob

Saga of Poco Joe1991G05202PoetryBrown, Bob

The Boss s Lament1987C06403PoetryBrown, Bob

The Healer1987C03921PoetryBrown, Bob

The Long Eared Bull1989E01815PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Saga of Poco Joe1987C03906PoetryBrown, Bob

Wilcox in Summer1986B03013PoetryBrown, Bob

Wilcox Ranch in Summer1987C06404PoetryBrown, Bob

1989E01814PoetryBrown, Bob

1991G05201PoetryBrown, Bob
Brown, BudCow Camp Campfire1986B01005MusicBrown, Bud

Old Pedro1986B03122Poetry

The Cowboy s Shirt Tail1986B01011Music

The Moonshine Steer1986B03018PoetryGardner, Gail

Thoughts on Turning 701986B03017PoetryBrown, Bud
Brown, DawnCalvary Man2006V14903PoetryBrown, Dawn

Dogwood2005U13315PoetryBrown, Dawn [mother]

Dude Wrangler2006V14902PoetryGardner, Gail

Little Cowboy2005U13302PoetryBrown, Dawn

Red Rocket2005U13301PoetryBrown, Dawn

Rough Around the Edges2006V14901PoetryBrown, Dawn
Brown, Ed
1999O07812PoetryBrown, Ed

2000P06906PoetryBrown, Ed

A Bronc Ridin Poem1990F07912PoetrySmith, Ed

A Grizzly Tale2000P06905PoetryBrown, Ed

A Grizzly Tale (A Below Zero hero)1995K07210Poetry

A Grizzly Tale, or Below Zero Hero2000P04305[Poetry]Brown, Ed

A Grizzly Tale, or the Below Zero Hero1993I08716PoetryBrown, Ed


[Along the Old San Joaquin]1993I06708PoetryBrown, Ed

As if I ve got my history straight.... 1993I01014PoetryBrown, Ed

At every roping I ve been to... 1993I01013PoetryBrown, Ed


Bar1999O04902PoetryBrown, Ed

Below Zero Hell1998N07403Poetry

Bronc Rides1995K01604Poetry

Brown, Ed

Buzzy1988D08410PoetryBrown, Ed

Cow Dog1997M00212Poetry

Cow Dogs1988D02901Poetry


Cow Head1988D08404PoetryBrown, Ed

Cow s Head1989E06605Poetry

Brown, Ed [plus 20 others]

Cowboy Music1993I01005PoetryBrown, Ed

Cowboys Boys1995K09111Poetry

Cowboys Saddles1989E07013PoetryBrown, Ed

Cows Heads2000P10912PoetryBrown, Ed


Brown, Ed



Fog1991G04211PoetryBrown, Ed

Fog Along the Old San Joaquin2000P07004PoetryBrown, Ed

[Fog on the San Joaquin?]2000P06904PoetryBrown, Ed

Gerts1991G02916PoetryBrown, Ed

Good Fences1997M03106
Brown, Ed

2000P10908PoetryBrown, Ed

Grizzly Tale2000P07005PoetryBrown, Ed

Grizzly Tale, or Below Zero Hero1997M00204Poetry

I got this neighbor named Kenny Wood.... 1993I06707PoetryBrown, Ed

I have this friend in Mayburn, his name is Kenny Wood.... 1993I08717PoetryBrown, Ed

I m Just Teaching School Not Dead2000P07003PoetryBrown, Ed

I m Teaching School Not Dead2000P06903PoetryBrown, Ed

I m Teaching School Not Dead!1995K07211Poetry

I m Teaching School, Not Dead1993I06705PoetryBrown, Ed


I m Teaching School, Not Dead!2000P07906[Poetry]Brown, Ed

I ve been places where it s cold... 1993I08720PoetryBrown, Ed

Imports1989E00403PoetryBrown, Ed


2000P07905[Poetry]Brown, Ed

In the Eye of the Beholder1995K09112Poetry


2000P06907PoetryBrown, Ed

It seems to me confusing.. 1993I08718PoetryBrown, Ed

It s All In How You Look At It1989E00405PoetryBrown, Ed

1991G02903PoetryBrown, Ed



1999O07811PoetryBrown, Ed

1999O11211PoetryBrown, Ed

"Letter written to Hal Cannon 1987C010005Poetry

Levi s1999O04903PoetryBrown, Ed

1999O11212PoetryBrown, Ed

Brown, Ed

2000P04317[Poetry]Brown, Ed

2000P10913PoetryBrown, Ed


1988D01114PoetryBrown, Ed


Me and Jess1997M06801Poetry


1999O07809PoetryBrown, Ed

2000P06901PoetryBrown, Ed

Me and My Banker1989E00402PoetryBrown, Ed


Men s Lib1990F07919PoetryBrown, Ed


1999O11208PoetryBrown, Ed

More Shorter1988D02915Poetry




[More Shorter]1999O11209PoetryBrown, Ed

Nicotine Patch1997M06806Poetry

[Pat - Neighbor ?]1997M04104Poetry



1990F07913PoetrySmith, Ed

1999O07810PoetryBrown, Ed

Pocket Record Book2000P04301[Poetry]Brown, Ed

[Quanah Old Time Rodeo]2000P04313[Poetry]Brown, Ed

Quiama [sp?]1987C012003Poetry


Ranchettes1991G04201PoetryBrown, Ed

Red Meat1987C012005Poetry

1988D01116PoetryBrown, Ed

1989E00404PoetryBrown, Ed


Research Done in Bars2000P04309[Poetry]Brown, Ed

Right Outfit1989E07015PoetryBrown, Ed

Rooster s Revenge2000P10904Poetry[Schild], Bob

Rotten Valley Fog1989E00401PoetryBrown, Ed

Running Mustangs [?]2000P07001PoetryBrown, Ed




2000P06902PoetryBrown, Ed

2000P07002PoetryBrown, Ed

Some cow dogs have pedigrees.... 1993I08719PoetryBrown, Ed

The Below Zero Hero1993I01009PoetryBrown, Ed

The Fastest Thing on Legs1991G04202PoetryBrown, Ed


The Great [New Mexico] Steer Wreck1995K04402Poetry

The Great New Mexico Steer Wreck1988D08416PoetryBrown, Ed


The Grizzly Tale or Below Zero Hero1999O11213PoetryBrown, Ed

The Nicotine Patch1999O11210PoetryBrown, Ed

The Olden Days1988D08403PoetryBrown, Ed

The Rooster s Revenge1999O11214PoetryBrown, Ed

The Thematic Fanatic1991G02909PoetryBrown, Ed

1991G04203PoetryBrown, Ed

This Neighbor of Mine / Drowning Cats1998N16116PoetryBrown, Ed

[Three selections ] / Bar / Levi s ?]1999O04901PoetryBrown, Ed

Tie or Dally1989E07012PoetryBrown, Ed

Unusual Brandin 1989E07014PoetryBrown, Ed

When it comes to roping... 1993I06706PoetryBrown, Ed
Brown, GaryBear s Last Ride [?]1994J10413PoetryBrown, Gary

Prayer1999O10809MusicBrown, Gary

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?1994J10412PoetryBrown, Gary
Brown, HeatherThe Legend of the White Feather2005U13553Poetry
Brown, LanceBill Bailey1993I01203Music

Frankie and Johnny1993I01205Music

I Ride An Old Paint1993I01207Music

[stories of Will Rogers]1993I01202
[Rogers, Will]

04[Storytelling][Rogers, Will]



The Old Chisholm Trail1993I01201Music

Brown, Marjorie
2007W10701PoetryBrown, Marjorie
Brown, Matt
Brown, MeganHorses1998N15537PoetryBrown, Megan
Brown, NateBow Leg King1996L03902Poetry

Bowlegs (?)1997M08415
Brown, Nate

Eaters of the Sheep1996L03903Poetry

Faster Horses1996L03901Poetry

[Faster Horses, Younger Women]1997M07104MusicBrown, Nate

Knock Kneed Cowboy1997M07103MusicBrown, Nate

Meeteesee Trail1997M07102MusicBrown, Nate

The Bronc Wrangler? D-2 Horse Wrangler?1995K04101Music[O Malley, D. J. ?]

The Devil Winds1995K06009Poetry

The Knock-Kneed Cowboy1995K04106Music

The Meeteetsee Trail1997M08414
Brown, Nate

The Wapati [Elk]1995K06010Poetry

Working Cattle Ranch1997M07101MusicBrown, Nate
Brown, NicoleCowboy Bob2005U13558Poetry
Brown, RiataNevada2008X00306MusicBrown, Riata

Northern Nevada Blues2008X00310MusicBrown, Riata

Prayer, The2008X00307MusicBrown, Riata

Words Whispered Softly2008X00308MusicBrown, Riata

You Are My Strength2008X00309MusicBrown, Riata
Brown, RileyMy Old Stetson1990F01431PoetryBarton, Owen
Brown, RonHow d I Get Here1987C05216PoetryBrown, Ron

How d I Get Here?1987C02217PoetryBrown, Ron

Punch1987C02218PoetryBrown, Ron

1987C05217PoetryBrown, Ron
Brown, RozChristmas Song (The restroom door says Gentleman )1989E02421Music

Cowboy and a Lady [The Cowboy and the Lady]1989E02420Music

Cowouncher s Waltz [Cowpuncher s Waltz]1989E02422Music

Cowpuncher s Waltz1988D02409Music

Goodnight Loving Trail1991G02403Music

Goodnight-Lovin Trail [Goodnight Loving Trail, The]1988D02410MusicPhillips, U. Utah

Little Joe the Wrangler1993I05511Music

Oklahoma Hills1993I05513MusicGuthrie, Woody

Old Blue1988D02407Music

Old Delores1988D02406Music



Stern Old Bachelor1988D02408Music

The Gift1993I05512MusicTyson, Ian

[The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen]1989E05711Music

[The Stern Old Bachelor]1989E05710Music

When The Work s All Done This Fall1990F02609Music?[O Malley, D J]

1991G02401Music[O Malley, D. J.]
Brown, Roz
Hayden, Tom
Cactus Bob
Prairie Flower
[fiddle tune performance with limberjack]1989E05712Music
Brown, Roz & Dick Weissman, John Neilsen, Tom Hayden[Tune for dancing dolls] [Tune to accompany limberjack] [Eight Potatoes]1989E02423Music
Brown, Roz; Chris LeDoux; Howard ParkerCowpuncher s Waltz1986B05130Music
Brown, SamA Worthless Old Cow1987C02513PoetryBrown, Sam

1988D03914PoetryBrown, Sam

[Cowboy in Hell] [Wages of Sin]1987C04301Poetry

Dear Larry King1988D06202Poetry

Headin for Hell1988D04312PoetryBrown, Sam

Nylon Twisted Mind1987C04302Poetry

The Southwestern Drifter1987C02512PoetryBrown, Sam

The Testimony of Buster Regard1988D04307PoetryBrown, Sam

The Unpardonable Act1987C02511PoetryBrown, Sam

The Wages of Sin1988D03904PoetryBrown, Sam

When the Cork Gets Throwed Away1988D06206Poetry
Brown, SterlingOysters2001Q11925PoetryBlack, Baxter
Brown, WendyIndian Summer2002R13402PoetryWendy Brown

Mountain Majesty2002R13401PoetryWendy Brown
Brown, WillyBaxter1987C02801PoetryBrown, Willy

Baxter, or I ve Heard It All1987C05205PoetryBrown, Willy

Expectin to See an Early Mornin Show...1987C05204PoetryBrown, Willy

Grandmother Earth1987C02802PoetryBrown, Willy

The Desert1987C05203PoetryBrown, Willy
Broyles, CodyRopin 2002R09211PoetryCody Broyles

We Been Through A Lot Together2002R09206PoetryCody Broyles
Brugan, MikeButch2002R13701PoetryMike Brugan
Brumfield, KirbyA Tribute to a Horse1998N12413PoetryBrumfield, Kirby [grandfather]

Old Montana1998N08201Poetry

Roughing It1998N12414PoetryTwain, Mark
Brummels, J.V.Bed Time Story2004T12604PoetryBrummels, J.V.

Bedtime Story2004T12704MusicBrummels, J.V.

Fine Arts2004T08206PoetryBrummels, J.V.

2004T12601PoetryBrummels, J.V.

2004T12701MusicBrummels, J.V.

Golden2004T12602PoetryBrummels, J.V.

2004T12702MusicBrummels, J.V.

Grass Widow2004T12703MusicBrummels, J.V.

Grass Widows2004T12603PoetryBrummels, J.V.

Long Shadows2004T08208PoetryBrummels, J.V.

Rock and Roll2004T08207PoetryBrummels, J.V.

Slant of Light2004T12605PoetryBrummels, J.V.

2004T12705MusicBrummels, J.V.

Thursday Night Special2004T08209PoetryBrummels, J.V.
Brummels, JimBedtime Story2003S00613PoetryBrummels, Jim

Cowboy Love2003S00612PoetryBrummels, Jim

Fine Arts2003S00608PoetryBrummels, Jim

Irons of Fire2003S00611PoetryBrummels, Jim

Long Shadows2003S00609PoetryBrummels, Jim

Slant of Light2003S00610PoetryBrummels, Jim
Brummett, Curt[girl whose eyes crossed]1994J05209Story

Joke about crossing optic and rear-end nerves1996L01704[Joke]Brummett, Curt

[jokes on women, marriage; story about cleaning out sewer line]1994J05201Story

[Magazine Story / Blowup Doll]1996L03713Poetry

[story about catching a cow; joke about wife]1994J01310StoryBrummett, Curt

[story: dogs and cats and tourists]1994J05205Story

Story: Grandson roping the hog1996L01701[Story]Brummett, Curt

Bruno, Al
Ferrill, Dave
Faded Love2007W12108Music

Modern Day Cowboy2007W12111Music

Take Me Out To the Ball Game2007W12109Music

Wildwood Flower2007W12110MusicCarter, A.P.
Bruno, Al
Ferrill, Dave
Frazier, Kenny
Gimble, Dick
Romero, Jules
Bryan, MikeA Horse of a Different Color1992H05111PoetryBryan, Mike

Butch2003S12408PoetryBryan, Mike


Rodeo Dance1992H01907Poetry

Rodeo Dance, The2002R13712PoetryMike Bryan

The Black Bear1992H05112PoetryBryan, Mike
Bryant, HomerLedg of Big Lue Mts [?]1987C003016Poetry

Pioneers Home in Prescott1987C003017Poetry

Rooser and the Bronc [sic]1987C05804PoetryBryant, Homer

Trib to Rex Williamson [Tribute]1987C05814Poetry
Buchanan, VickiElko Town1986B05211PoetryBuchanan, Vicki

The Trucker and the Buckaroo1986B05210PoetryBuchanan, Vicki
Buchanan, Vicki (Tully)The Trucker and the Buckaroo1986B03011PoetryBuchanan, Vicki (Tully)
Buckallen, J.R.Day In A Cowboy s Life, A2002R13859Poetry
Buethe, Cactus ChrisBehind in My Work1996L05908Poetry

Clarence Pugh1996L02106Poetry

Elko Dream Ride, The1996L05613Poetry

Pistol Pete1996L05612Poetry

Real Cowboy [about Baxter Black]1996L05917Poetry

What Is It To Be a Rancher1996L02105Poetry
Buethe, ChrisBull Ride1995K09303Poetry

Clarence Pugh1995K06003Poetry

Cowboy Cadillac1995K09309Poetry

Cowboy Shirt [Dirt?]1995K09312Poetry

The Cowboy and the Lady1995K06002Poetry
Buffalo Bill Cowboy BandBuffalo Bill s Equestrian March2004T02403MusicChambers, William Paris

Buffalo Bill s Farewell March and Two-Step2004T02411MusicSweeney, William

2004T04102MusicSweeney, William

Fancy Dance2004T02408Music

[Gallant Zouaves]2004T02409MusicKing, Karl

Gallant Zuoffs2004T04106MusicKing, Karl

Gilmore s Triumphal March2004T02402MusicBrooke, Thomas Preston

Gilmore s Triumphant March2004T04103Music[King, Karl]

Marche Russe2004T02404Music[Ganne, Louis]

Marche Russe (Russian March)2004T04104Music

Mongolian National Anthem2004T04107Music

Passing Of The Redman2004T04101MusicKing, Karl

Star Spangled Banner 18772004T02401Music[Beyer, Edward]
[Key, Francis Scott]

Star Spangled Banner 18832004T04108MusicKey, Francis Scott

Tenting Tonight on the Old Campground2004T02410Music[arr. by Walter Kittredge]

The Passing of the Red Man2004T02407MusicKing, Karl

The Two Bills March and Two-Step2004T02405MusicSweeney, William

Wyoming Days2004T02406MusicKing, Karl

2004T04105MusicKing, Karl
Buffam, LesMontana Lullaby1995K06210Poetry
Buffham, Les
1994J10407PoetryBuffham, Les

A Cowboy Calling?1995K02002Poetry

? about an old horse1995K02003Poetry


Fire1994J02222PoetryBuffham, Les

Indians in An English Class1995K09401Poetry

The Belle of the Cowboy s Ball1994J10408PoetryBuffham, Les

The Old Indian?1995K02001Poetry

Uncle Henry1994J02221PoetryBuffham, Les

You Got to Hear the Story1995K09403Poetry
Buist, DebbiBein Country Comes from Within1994J10901PoetryBuist, Debbi

Choppin Christmas Sloppin 1994J10902Poetry

Cinco1992H08423PoetryBuist, Debbi

Riding with Daddy1992H08414PoetryBuist, Debbi
[Bunch, Linda]Angels Among Us2005U03606Film/Video[Bunch, Linda]
Bunderson, GinetteA Matter of Choice1991G02209PoetryBreedlove, Mildred

Alton s Idea of Success1991G02211Poetry[Bunderson, Perry]

Fat Jack and Old Bill1991G05405PoetryBunderson, Perry

Seth and Ray1991G02212Poetry[Bunderson, Perry]

The Curse1991G05404PoetryBunderson, Perry

Through the Eyes of a Cow1991G02210Poetry[Bunderson, Perry]

You Be the Judge1991G05421PoetryBunderson, Perry
Bunderson, PerryA Fat Black Jack and Slim Cowpoke1990F05710PoetryBunderson, Perry

Autobiography of an Emory County Farmer1990F05720PoetryBunderson, Perry

Candy Trail1991G02102PoetryBunderson, Perry

Cowboy s Sacred Topic1990F05413PoetryBunderson, Perry

Getting Old1991G02104PoetryBunderson, Perry

Gravity1990F05414PoetryBunderson, Perry

Growing Up1991G02103PoetryBunderson, Perry

I Just Renamed It (You ll See Why)1990F05721PoetryBunderson, Perry

Me an Wayne Grimmell1991G05314PoetryBunderson, Perry

Outin s Idea of Success [?]1990F05415PoetryBunderson, Perry

The Helper1990F05416Poetry

Time to Pay the Fiddler1990F05711PoetryBunderson, Perry

Time to Pay the Figiter [sic] Time to Pay the Fiddler[?]1991G02105PoetryBunderson, Perry
Bundy, ClarenceOld Broken Horn (Why Sheepherders Grow Up to Be Cowboys)1986B03517PoetryNelson, Smith

The Cowboy s Dream1986B03508PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Bundy, KatieGrandpaw s Old2002R13866Poetry
Bunkhouse OrchestraBack To the Range1999O00714Music

Beaumont Rag2000P08614[Music][Traditional]

Comanche Trail2000P03506Music

Don t Let Your Deal Go Down1999O00710Music

In the Pines2000P08612[Music][Traditional]

Jolly Young Cowboy2000P08611[Music]

La Pecosita / Roulette Kate1999O00713MusicPowder River Jack

Maid of Argenta2000P08613[Music]Driftwood, Jimmie

My Love is a Rider2000P03507Music

My Love Is A Rider / Bucking Bronco1999O00711MusicStarr, Belle

My Wyoming Home2000P03509Music

Night Time In Nevada1999O00709Music

Pig Ankle Rag2000P03508Music

[ Red Whiskey ? ]2000P08610[Music]

Streak o Fat, Streak o Lean2000P08615[Music][Traditional]

Streak of Lean / Streak of Fat1999O00715Music

The Bunkhouse Orchestra2000P03511MusicClark, Charles Badger

The Red Whiskey1999O00708Music

Utah Carol [Utah Carl] [Utah Carroll]1999O00712Music

Windy Bill2000P03510Music
Burandt, VernCowboys Didn t Come from Monkeys1991G02107PoetryBurandt, Vern

Hats and Boots1991G02108PoetryBurandt, Vern

Poetic Introduction1991G02106PoetryBurandt, Vern

The Elk Hunt1992H08501PoetryBurandt, Vern
Burghard, Ron[Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie]2007W04001Music

[Ed, You re Alive Again [Ed Fitzgerald]2007W04004MusicBurghard, Ron

[Mountain Over Yonder]2007W04003MusicBurghard, Ron

[Navajo Rug]2007W04002MusicTyson, Ian
Russell, Tom
Burke, Tina

A [Lady s] Perspective1989E03302Poetry

A Ladies Perspective [A Lady s Perspective]1988D02707Poetry

A Lady s Perspective1988D07811PoetryBurke, Tina

And a Lady1988D00904PoetryBurke, Tina

Born on a Cold November Wind1991G07803PoetryBurke, Tina

Do You Think I m a Cowboy Yet [?]1988D02716Poetry

Elko or Bust1989E08102PoetryBurke, Tina

1991G07804PoetryBurke, Tina

Hey, Old Ewe1987C05202PoetryKortes, Halsey

His Face to the Wind1989E03304Poetry

I know I ve promised... 1987C04726PoetryBurke, Tina

I told you I would stand [by] you...1989E03301Poetry

[It s Not the Show, It s the Road]1989E01201PoetryBurke, Tina

Keeping Fit in Cow Creek1987C05201PoetryBurke, Tina

Mother Nature ? A Blizzard1988D02706Poetry

[My Colliseum Cowboy]1989E01203PoetryBurke, Tina

One Good Dog1988D02705Poetry

The Dream Died Hard1991G07802PoetryBurke, Tina

The Empty Seat1989E08103PoetryBurke, Tina

The Love of My Life1988D00903PoetryBurke, Tina

[The Luck of the Draw]1989E01202PoetryBurke, Tina

The Wink1987C04725PoetryBurke, Tina


1988D07810PoetryBurke, Tina


There s an elite select group of people... 1987C04727PoetryBurke, Tina

Winter On the Little Snake1988D07809PoetryBurke, Tina

[With His Face to the Wind]1989E01216PoetryBurke, Tina

With You1988D00905PoetryBurke, Tina
Burkhardt, Lona[Going Home]1989E03501PoetryBurkhardt, Lona
Burkhart, LonaA Cowman s Love of the Land1988D03811PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

A Prayer1988D07611PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

A Prayer from the Mountain Country1989E01014PoetryBurkhart, Lona

An Old Broken Down Cowboy1987C02105PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

Cowboy s Eulogy1989E01004PoetryBurkhart, Lona

Ed s Farewell1987C02206PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

My Favorite Song1989E01608PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

My Pardner1988D00509Poetry

No Regrets1988D00508Poetry

Oh God how I miss that old home ranch tonight...1988D03810PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

Packing in the High Sierras1988D07605PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

Pardner1989E01614PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

[?] [Poem to staff and Elko Gathering]1989E08106PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

Song of the Wild Geese1988D00510Poetry

The Arizona Prayer1987C02205PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

The Cowboy s Prayer Burkhardt Style1987C02204PoetryBurkhardt, Lona

The Oregon Trail Burkhardt Style1987C02106PoetryBurkhardt, Lona
Burmfield, KirbyA Girl Called Robyn [Robin ?]1998N08212Poetry
Burnham, Don

A Kid With A Rip in His Pants2007W12912MusicBurnham, Don

A Oneway Ticket Back Home2007W12911MusicBurnham, Don

[about Emmett Miller]1993I09014MusicBernham, Don

Leave My Little Jeep Alone1999O09212MusicMcKenna, Ron

Lone Prairie1992H05508MusicRobison, Carson

Ode To A Dog s Life2007W12914MusicBurnham, Don

See the Dead Heads1992H05507Music

The Days of 49 [Forty-Nine]1993I09013Music

The Ex Factor1999O05708
Burnham, Don

The Range of the Buffalo / Ballad of ? River1999O05707MusicBurnham, Don

Trail of the Buffalo1992H05505Music
Burnham, Don
Roberts, Randy
Cowboy s Prayer2004T06415MusicClark, Charles Badger

Shaking like a leaf on a tree... 2004T06413MusicBruner, Cliff

The Driving Lesson2004T06414MusicBurnham, Don
Burnham, Don
Sites, Ernie
In the Shadow of the Valley1999O09211Music
Burns, CherynA Spur and a Stone1992H06202PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Daybreak at the Coffee Pot1992H03403PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Empty Parking Lot [?]1991G02109PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Feedin in the Snow1992H03413PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Phone Conversation1991G02110PoetryBurns, Cheryn

The Cowboy and the Country Club1991G02111PoetryBurns, Cheryn

The Cowgirl and the Country Club1992H03405PoetryBurns, Cheryn

The Old Gate1992H03404PoetryBurns, Cheryn

The Simple Truth1992H06207PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Threee Words and a Spur1992H03406PoetryBurns, Cheryn

Trails1992H06206PoetryBurns, Cheryn
Burns, MikeCowboy Mike2002R13841Poetry


Nobody s Darlin 2000P08816[Music]

Red River Valley2000P08818[Music]
Burns, Zachary
2007W12614PoetryBurns, Zachary
Burns 1st Grade Class, Mrs.Brown House/Brown Town2002R13822Poetry
Burson FamilyA Life More Than This2005U09607MusicBurson,[ Father]

A Shocum s Farewell2003S07209Music

A Woman s Life2009Y04205Music

Another Day on the Range2003S07208Music

Another Trip2005U09602Music

Ashokan Farewell2009Y04206Music

Dancing with Daddy2005U09609MusicBurson, Brittany


Education Blues2005U09603MusicBurson, Ross

[Gospel tune Till the answer comes, keep praying...]2009Y04207Music

Hallelujah I m Ready2009Y04715Music

I m Ready2005U09605Music

Jacob s Dream[?]2009Y04203Music

Life More Than This2009Y04204Music

Living Prayer2009Y04208Music

Old Cowboy Song, The / Waltz2009Y04713Music




Summer s Gone By2005U09608Music


Untitled2005U09604MusicBurson, Brittany

When the Grass is Still Deep2003S07210MusicBurson
Burson Family, TheA Life More Than This2005U11511Music

A Woman s Life2003S10807MusicWilkinson, Andy

A Woman s Life is Lonely2005U11508Music

Another Day on the Bay2003S03306Music

Cowboy s Life2003S03302Music

Dancing with Dad2005U11510Music

Dancing with Daddy2003S03307Music

2003S10806MusicBurson, Brittany

Rain Song [Spring Rain]2003S10804MusicBurson, Dale

Red Haired Boy2003S03301Music


Shoakin Farewell2003S03304Music

Sugarfoot Rag2003S03305Music

The Education Blues2005U11509Music

Woman s Life2003S03303Music
Burson, BrittanyWild Rippling Waters2002R05803Songtrad.
Burson, Brittany and RossBuffalo Gals2001Q11902Song

Meemaw s Front Yard2001Q11901SongBurson, Brittany and Ross
Burson, Brittany, Ross, & Dale?2002R09501SongBuck Ramsey

Cowboy Angel2002R09502SongDale Burson

(Grandpa)2002R09503SongDale Burson

Meemaw s Front Yard2001Q06005Song

Old Chisolm Trail2001Q06006Song

Pick Waltz (?)2001Q06009Song


Shenandoah Valley Breakdown2002R09504Songtrad.

Wild Rippling Waters2001Q06008SongTraditional
Burson, BrittneyWild Rippling Waters2001Q11619Song
Burson, DaleCode Of The West2001Q06001SongBurson, Dale

Cowboy Angel2001Q06003SongBurson, Dale

Pap s Song2001Q06004SongBurson, Dale

Spring Rain Song2001Q06002SongBurson, Dale
Burson, Dale
Burson, Brittany
Jerusalem Ridge2003S08714Music[Monroe, Bill]

[Oak Pik Waltz]2003S08706Music

Red Haired Boy2003S08717Music

Shenandoah Valley Breakdown2003S08710Music

[Sugar Foot Rag]2003S08702Music
Burson, Dale
Burson, Brittany
Daugherty, Junior
Jones, Elbow
Reeves, Crystal
Wilkie, Dav
Hertz, Joe
Soldier s Joy2003S08720Music
Burson, Dale
Burson, Brittany
Daugherty, Junior
Jones, Elbow
Reeves, Crystal
Wilkie, David
Hertz, Joe
Orange Blossom Special2003S08718Music
Burson, Dale, Ross, & BrittanyBimbo Song, The2002R13802Poetry

Box Elder2002R13835Poetry

Code of the West Hasn t Changed, The2001Q11617SongBurson, Dale


Daniel Prayed2002R13804Poetrytrad.

Home On the Range2002R13836Poetry


John Henry2002R13803Poetrytrad.

Ma s Hideout2002R13834Poetry

Moonlight On the Water2002R14102Song

Moonlight On Water2002R05805Song

Nightengale s Song2002R14103Song

Ol Joe Clark2002R05804Songtrad.


Old Chisholm Trail, The2001Q11618Song

Riding Down the Canyon2002R14105Song


Shenandoah Valley Breakdown2002R05802Songtrad.


Shogun s Farewell, The2002R05801Song
Burton, DorisA Cat Tale1986B04105PoetryBurton, Doris

Brown Broom1986B04107PoetryBurton, Doris

One of a Time [sic]1986B04106PoetryBurton, Doris
Burton, GailA Cowboy s Christmas Prayer2006V05102PoetryBurton, Gail

A Lady s Poem2006V08113PoetryBurton, Gail

Cowboy s First Kiss2006V14112MusicBurton, Gail

Dixon Brothers Boots2006V05104PoetryBurton, Gail

Federal Aid2006V08110PoetryBurton, Gail

Guardian Angel2006V14110MusicBurton, Gail

Hindlick Manuveur [The Lady Choked On Something]2006V05105PoetryBurton, Gail

I Want to Be A Cowboy2006V14111MusicBurton, Gail

Lonesome Jack the pastor2006V14109MusicBurton, Gail

Randy Jones and Booger Red [No Matter Where the Chips May Fall]2006V05101PoetryBurton, Gail

The Adventures of Randy Jones and Booger Red (Part 2)2006V05115PoetryBurton, Gail

The Outhouse2006V05103PoetryBurton, Gail

Who Wants To Go To Heaven?2006V08112PoetryBurton, Gail

Willy s Story2006V08111PoetryBurton, Gail
Bush, Marty

A Cowboy s Trademark1993I05530MusicAutry, Gene
Bush, T. L.And the Bar Keep Said1989E03201PoetryBush, T. L.

Applesauce1989E00608PoetryBush, T. L.

I m a Cowboy1989E00605PoetryBush, T. L.

Judge Horses Not Women1989E00607PoetryBush, T. L.

Just Doin Our Job1989E00604PoetryBush, T. L.

Life Ain t Just a Magazine1989E00609PoetryBush, T. L.

New Year s Gatherin 1989E00616PoetryBush, T. L.

Ode to a Cowboy1989E00606PoetryBush, T. L.

(Trapped in the Past with Nowhere to Go)1989E00610PoetryBush, T. L.

You d Better [Look] Twice1989E03202PoetryBush, T. L.
Bush, T. L. He Never Stood a Chance1989E03211PoetryBush, T. L.

Ode to a Cowboy1989E03216PoetryBush, T. L.
Bush, T.L.[A Cowboy Gets His Wish]1989E01207PoetryBush, T.L.

[A Cowboy s Christmas Nightmare]1989E01217PoetryBush, T.L.

[I Reckon]1989E01205PoetryBush, T.L.

[ I was all grown up, almost thirteen.... ]1989E01206PoetryBush, T.L.
Butler, LarryCowboy Astrology1991G05109PoetryButler, Larry

Drinking Coffee the Cowboy Way1991G01905PoetryButler, Larry

George Washngton [?]1991G09002PoetryButler, Larry

Ranch Economics1991G09001PoetryButler, Larry

The Cowboy Who Couldn t Sing1991G01903PoetryButler, Larry

The Special Night1991G05110PoetryButler, Larry

Travelers and Pioneers1991G01904PoetryButler, Larry

1991G09003PoetryButler, Larry
Buyer, Laurie Wagner




A Good Woman1996L01901PoetryBuyer, Laurie [Wagner]

A Kiss2004T05205PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Any Way You Look At It2003S04604PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

At that time of day... 2004T07512PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

[ At that uncertain time, when the light... 2004T07410PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner


Bellows Release2004T05204PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Between Storms1996L09101Poetry

Box R Revisited1995K07605Poetry

Brandy2003S07304PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Butcher Paper2002R12006PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Chiseled In Stone2002R12001PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

CHristmas Dawn1998N15212Poetry

Coming Home2003S07302PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

[Dream of Colorado]2004T07405PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Edging Toward Winter2002R12007PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

[excerpt from long poem about killing a deer]1996L04907Poetry

Exquisite Pleasure1998N15209PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

for as long as most of us can remember... 2004T07503PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

For Blue2002R06510PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

2002R06610PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

[Gazelle?] Written on the Way to Guffy1995K05215Poetry

Glass Eyed Paint in the Rain2003S07301PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

[Glass-eyed Paint in the Rain]2004T07403PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Grandmother s Bowl (?)2002R12004PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Grass Shadows Cast On Snow2003S04614PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Green-Eyed Paint in the Rain1996L04906Poetry

Haiku for Sam Hartzell [Hartsell?]1996L03510Poetry


Horse Brandy2002R06511PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

2002R06611PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Horseback Through Snow2002R06509PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

2002R06609PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

[ I wish I could say... ]2004T07507PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

Idea of Death, The1996L08709Poetry

In the Company of Rivers2004T08801ProseBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Incident On A River Bank2002R12005PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Kiss Me2004T07408PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Kissing A Stranger in a Glass Elevator2004T05202PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Kneading Bread1996L09102Poetry

Lasca2004T05207PoetryDesprez, Frank
[adapted by Laurie Wagner Buyer]

Leaning Into the Wind1998N10301Poetry

Little Live Things2002R12003PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Longing for Lace1996L04908Poetry

Loving You Is Killing Me2004T05201PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Madge1995K01505PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

(Maia?) (Mya?) The World Never Turned for Lovers1995K01506PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Mud Stick Fever1995K01514PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Names of Horses2004T13310PoetryHall, Donald

No Fences: The past, it was the bricks... 2004T07501PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

On Loving a Woman1996L09103Poetry

On the Upper [Michaels?]1996L01916PoetryBuyer, Laurie [Wagner]

One Kiss2004T05206PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Range Storm2003S04605PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Refugio s Hair2004T13312PoetryRios, Alberto

Romancing the River2002R06512PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

2002R06612PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Ropes2003S04602PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner


Scratchin Brandy1996L09104Poetry

Scratching Brandy2003S07202PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Seeking Kind1996L03502Poetry

Sego Lily1995K07604Poetry

Selling Guns2004T08802ProseBuyer, Laurie Wagner

[Sextina from on the Bridge?]1995K05205Poetry

Shod Hooves2003S07305PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Side Canyons2002R12008PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

So Many Horses2004T13311PoetryJohnston, Tony

Sometimes You Have To Die A Thousand Deaths [To Die One Thousand Deaths]1998N15211Poetry

Song of Snow Shoes1995K01504PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Spring Haiku from the Ranch1995K05216Poetry

Star of the Stable2002R06513PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Star Of the Stables2002R06613PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Taste of Honey1996L01902PoetryBuyer, Laurie [Wagner]

Teaching the Trees1998N15210Poetry

That Morning, [Arizona?]1995K05204Poetry

The Art of Arousal2004T05203PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

The Calf Elk1995K07606Poetry

The Horses2003S07203PoetryMuir, Edwin

2004T13308PoetryMuir, Edwin

The Journey2003S04601PoetryOliver, Mary

The Last Good Days of Summer1996L01903PoetryBuyer, Laurie [Wagner]

The Past, it was the bricks.... 2004T07401PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

There Were No Women2002R05001PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Two Horses2004T13309PoetryMurwin, W.S.

Under the Eclipse1996L08707Poetry

Unmarked Trail1996L08708Poetry

Until I Run Out Of Thread2002R12002PoetryLaurie Wagner Buyer

Where Is The Place2003S04606PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Wild Flowers2003S04603PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner

Wild Geese2003S04607PoetryOliver, Mary

Wooing the Wanton Mare2003S07303PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Buyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.
[Dream of Colorado]2004T07406MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[Glass Eyed Paint in the Rain]2006V01201MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[I Dug the Postholes and Buck Strung the Wire]2006V01202MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

I Want You More2004T07508MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

Kiss Me2004T07510MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[Pony.....]2006V01203MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[Red Tail Hawk]2006V01204MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[The Glass-Eyed Paint In the Rain]2004T07404MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.

[There is something....]2004T07505PoetryBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.
Buyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.
Martinez, Ernie
Chandler, Jon
[Laurina, I ve Got to see you one more time... 2004T07411MusicBuyer, Laurie Wagner
Jameson, W.C.
Buzzetti, KathyThe Great Deer Hunt1991G01401PoetryBuzzetti, Kathy
[Byak, Michelle]To My Surprise1998N15513Poetry[Byak, Michelle]
Byan, RobinSnuffy, Sody, and the Cowboy Code2001Q11916PoetryMcRae, Wally
Bybee, DanAn Old Western Cabin2007W15805PoetryBybee, Dan

Memories of a Cowboy s Life2007W15803PoetryBybee, Dan

Propane Tank Cowboys2007W15804PoetryBybee, Dan
Byrns, Kandace
Byron, AndyLindsey s Song2007W13009MusicByron, Andy

Lucky Me2007W13011MusicByron, Andy

White Picket Fence2007W13010MusicByron, Andy
BYU DancersHambone for Two1997M07206Poetry
[Cabot?]Dog Named Waldo2003S12851Poetry[Cabot?]
Cactus Bob
Prairie Flower
[fiddle tunes]1989E05513Music

[The Dodger Song]1989E05514Music

The Train that Carried Jimmy Rodgers1989E05512Music
Cactus Bob & Prairie FlowerButtons and Bows1989E02401Music[Hope, Bob]
Cactus Bob and Prairie Flower[Hard Times]1989E09321Music

Ol Bill Jones1989E02328Music

[Old Johnny Booker]1989E09320Music

[Palomino Pal of Mine]1989E09319Music

The Dodger [The Dodger Song]1989E02329Music
[Cadder, Don]
1993I09003Music[Cadder, Don]

The Cowboy Song1993I09001Music[Cadder, Don]

[Vaquero song] [The Old Time Texas Cowboy]1993I09002Music[Cadder, Don]
Cadman, KathleenMiracle, The1996L09630Poetry
Cahill, J. C.Lookin Back1995K05803Poetry

Windy Bob1995K05804Poetry
Cajun Bob
Cajun Bob

[Scarlet and Purple ?]1999O05308
Cajun Bob
Calahan, Kip[about New Mexico]2006V08404Music

Buckaroo Man2006V083
02MusicCalahan, Kip

Echoes of the Trail2006V083
01MusicCalahan, Kip

Lonely Windmill2006V11902MusicCalahan, Kip
Moore, Richard
Hollenbeck, Yvonne

[song in Spanish]2006V083
03MusicCalahan, Kip

Things A Cowboy Knows2006V11904MusicCalahan, Kip
Richardson, Pat

What Cowboy Means2006V11901MusicCalahan, Kip

[Where the Wild Wind Blows]2006V11405MusicMoore, Ken

[You Can t Make Someone A Cowboy]2006V11402Music
Calahan, Kip
Knox, Ross
Lead the Way2006V11903MusicAnderson, Karen
Calahan, Kip
Pony Express
Buckaroo Man2006V08402Music

Watch the Ponies Run2006V08403Music
Calahan, Kip
Pony Express
Riders In the Sky
Echoes of the Trail2006V08401Music
Calahan, Kip and Pony ExpressBuckaroo Man2006V03713MusicCalahan, Kip

Echoes of the Trail2006V03710MusicCalahan, Kip

Taking Pictures With My Heart2006V03712MusicCalahan, Kip

Watched the Ponies Run2006V03711MusicCalahan, Kip
Calder, Dixie[?]Cancion Mextecas1995K10108Music

Green Green Grass of Home1995K10109Music

Heading By Moonlight [Herding?]1995K10110Music
Cameron, JimThe Sober1993I039b18PoetryCameron, Jim
Cameron, Jim [Rod]The Sober1993I07102PoetryCameron, Jim [Rod]
Cameron, PeteA Gros Ventre Ramble1990F03310PoetryCameron, Pete

Beer Can Bob1989E03204PoetryCameron, Pete

Bonderant Cowboy1988D08119PoetryBlanthorn, Carol [?]

Cowboy Poetry1989E08104PoetryCameron, Pete

Curley1990F06806PoetryCameron, Pete

Draft Horses [Draught Horses?]1990F03315Poetry

Draft Horses [recording incomplete]1989E07601PoetryCameron, Pete

Elko and On1988D08118PoetryCameron, Pete

1989E03212PoetryCameron, Pete

Gum Chewing Girl Cud Chewing Cow1989E03221PoetryCameron, Pete

I Went to Kentucky1988D08108PoetryCameron, Pete

1989E03203PoetryCameron, Pete

In Defense of Dudes1990F01312PoetryCameron, Pete

In Tribute to the Hardman Place1990F03311PoetryCameron, Pete

Ode to a Mountain Ranch1989E07602PoetryCameron, Pete

1990F01313PoetryCameron, Pete

The Cow1989E03220Poetry Nash, Ogden

Walkin the Ditch1989E07611PoetryCameron, Pete

Walking the Ditch1990F01311PoetryCameron, Pete
[Cameron]I Have a Little Coyote2005U13509Poetry[Cameron]
Campbell, BobArbuckle Coffee2006V12113MusicCampbell, Bob

[Arbuckle Coffee]2006V03509Music

[Big Cowboy Moon]2006V03110PoetryCampbell, Bob

Don t Be a Stranger2006V12115Music

[Farewell Compadre]2006V03111PoetryCampbell, Bob

Going Dancing2006V12111MusicCampbell, Bob

[Going Dancing]2006V03109PoetryCampbell, Bob

Goodbye Old Paint, I m Leaving Cheyenne2006V12116Music

Old Berunda Cafe2006V07107Music

[Pearl s Loss]2006V12114MusicCampbell, Bob

[Roll On Cowboy]2006V03508Music

Shootin the Breeze2006V07108Music

Shooting the Breeze2006V07203MusicCampbell, Bob

The Cremation of Sam McGee2006V07106MusicService, Robert

2006V07201MusicService, Robert
[Campbell, Bob]

The Old Rhonda Cafe2006V07202Music

[The Texan Movie Show]2006V03510Music

Trail Driving Song2006V12112MusicCampbell, Bob
Campbell, GaryKindred Dead2003S05209PoetryCampbell, Gary

Montana Backroads1998N08709MusicGriffith, Nancy

Testament2003S05208PoetryCampbell, Gary

The Old Double Diamond1998N08708MusicMcMahan, Gary
Campbell, Gary [McMahan, Gary ?]The Old Double Diamond1999O09316MusicMcMahan, Gary
Campbell, JohnDawn of May1998N03004

[Paddy ?]

Money s Not Everything1998N03006

Mother of Mine1998N17812Music

Stories of His Childhood1998N03003

The Ugly Women1998N12003
Campbell, John

Wee Lassie That Never Said No1998N17805Music
[Campbell, John]My Old School1998N04506Poetry[Campbell, John]


Tale of Two Schools1998N04505PoetryHix, W.B.
[Hicks, W.B.]
Campbell, JustinThe Outlaw1997M07503Poetry
Campbell, MakinseyI Like Horses2001Q11967PoetryCampbell, Makinsey
Campos, JeremiahThe Vulture1994J10824Poetry
Cannon, A. B.Now That You ve Left, I m Right1992H05612MusicCannon, A. B.
Cannon, Hal[about researching Kiskaddon and Katherine Field]2007W11805Story

Cowboys wear old leather chaps... [limerick]1985A02427Poetry

From Sagebrush to Steppe2006V13601SlideshowCannon, Hal

[In Search of the Gaucho]2006V11101PowerPoint




[opening remarks]1993I00201[Remarks]

1993I00501[Remarks]Cannon, Hal

Senor Vega1997M11607Music

[The Future of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering]1989E07401Discussion


Trouble Up the Nine Mile2000P04001[Music]

Welcoming Remarks1989E00101[Remarks]Cannon, Hal

Welcoming Remarks and Introduction1985A00101

Cannon, Hal
Davis, Stephanie
Newman, Fred
[opening statement based on Prairie Home Companion]2007W05003
Davis, Stephanie
Cannon, Hal
Mitchell, Waddie
Bronco Twister1997M11608Music
Cannon, JoeBroken Heart2002R09409Song

Canadian Railroad, The2002R09410SongGordon Lightfoot
Cannon, LisaDesert Kingdom1992H05608MusicCannon, Lisa

Owed to the Fields [Ode to the Fields]1992H05607MusicCannon, Lisa
Cannon, VanceThe Duke, the Bull of Halleauka [?]2000P08203[Poetry]Cannon, Vance
Cardwell, JamesFirst Oar2000P12008

National Treasure2000P12009

Cardwell, Jim
2007W06305PoetryCardwell, Jim

06MusicCardwell, Jim

07MusicCardwell, Jim

13MusicCardwell, Jim

An Open Grave2001Q05909Poetry

An Ordinary A-Del Day2007W15807PoetryCardwell, Jim

Chat With My Rooster, A2001Q08907PoetryCaldwell, Jim

Chris Secret2006V05813PoetryCardwell, Jim

Clementine2004T10106PoetryCardwell, Jim

2007W15806PoetryCardwell, Jim

Dick Plummer2004T14402PoetryCardwell, Jim

Ferrara s Diary2001Q05910PoetryCardwell, Jim

Ferrari s Diary2002R13502PoetryJim Cardwell

Four Horse Trailer Man2003S12602MusicCardwell, Jim

2004T14406PoetryCardwell, Jim

[Four Horse Trailer Man]2007W03705Music

[four songs?] [ Those promises to pull your weight... ]2007W03704MusicCardwell, Jim

Four-Horse Trailer Man2002R09708SongJim Cardwell

Iowa 18422006V05803PoetryCardwell, Jim

Iowa, 18402004T05708PoetryCardwell, Jim

Itching Denied the Benefit of Scratching2003S12601PoetryCardwell, Jim

Leadfoot2001Q08902PoetryCaldwell, Jim

2002R13501PoetryJim Cardwell

Level Foot2001Q08908Poetry

Prelude to...2007W10803PoetryCardwell, Jim

Saddle Pal2003S05301PoetryCardwell, Jim


Snake s Trail Or: How I Lost That Rattle2002R05114PoetryJim Cardwell

Sombrero2001Q08903PoetryCaldwell, Jim

2004T14410PoetryCardwell, Jim

[Son of California]2006V05804MusicCardwell, Jim

2007W03707MusicCardwell, Jim

Thrasher2001Q05614PoetryCardwell, Jim

2002R09104PoetryJim Cardwell

2003S08509PoetryCardman, Jim

[unknown]2007W10802PoetryCardwell, Jim

Waiting For You2002R09707SongJim Cardwell

[Waiting For You]2007W03706MusicCardwell, Jim
Carlyle, R. T.Make Believe Cowboy, The1996L10810Poetry
Carnagey, Marvin

Long Handles1990F05217PoetryCarnagey, Marvin
Carnes, GeorgeCowboy Life For Me1997M05003

Cowboy Poetry1997M05001

Cowboy s Hat1997M05006

Howdy Partner1997M05002

Old Jim1997M05004

Worried About Who1997M05005

Carol, KristenAge2005U13502Poetry[Ballam, John]
Carol, MarkCowboy Joe2003S12822PoetryCarol, Mark

Why Horses and Mustangs Aren t Alike2005U13501PoetryCarol, Mark
Carpel, BethThe Man From Snowy River1985A02810PoetryPatterson, Banjo
Carpenter, DebBilly Boy2001Q09508SongCarpenter, Deb

Catfish Song, The1996L11509Music

Cats Kept A Bitin [Fightin ?] All Night1996L02402Music

Come, Take My Hand1996L02403Music

Comfort2001Q11105PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Contrary to Harry s Prediction2001Q11004PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Contrary to Harry s Predictions2001Q11103SongCarpenter, Deb

Faith2001Q11010SongCarpenter, Deb

2001Q11109PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Heart s Compass--Comfort2001Q05301PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Heart s Compass--Faith2001Q05302PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Her Story1996L11103Music

2001Q09507SongCarpenter, Deb

I Miss You Already1996L02606Music

It is Well My Soul2001Q13302SongTraditional

Lookin for a Love1996L02401Music

Seeds of Faith2001Q11108SongCarpenter, Deb

Seeds of Faith, The2001Q13303Song

Sing Me to Sleep2001Q09509SongCarpenter, Deb

2001Q13305SongCarpenter, Deb

Thunder Joe1996L02605Music

Try to Get By2001Q09506SongCarpenter, Deb

2001Q11011SongCarpenter, Deb

2001Q11111SongCarpenter, Deb

Two Dogs2001Q05303PoetryCarpenter, Deb

Welcome to the Lone Star Hotel1996L11104Music

Who Are They Burying Now?2001Q11008SongCarpenter, Deb

2001Q11104SongCarpenter, Deb


(Wife does not make Harry breakfast)2001Q13301SongCarpenter, Deb
Carpenter, Deb & Lyn DeNaeyerHeart s Compass, The2001Q11001SongCarpenter, Deb
Carpenter, Frank
1991G06910PoetryCarpenter, Frank


1992H08213PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Cowboy Poetry1991G02918PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Cross Breeding1991G06904Poetry

Crossin the Kaney [Crossin the Caney?]1990F04201PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Crossing the Caney1989E04910PoetryCarpenter, Frank

1991G02910PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Department Store Cowboy1992H02611PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Gender1990F08306PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Grampa s Hands1992H02603PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Hard Sell1990F08307PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Last Request1992H02612PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Lazy C 31990F04202PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Passing Down1992H02605PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Quiet Confidence1992H02604PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Remember Your Common Sense1990F04210PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Shrub Poke1990F08316PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Stage Fright1991G02917PoetryCarpenter, Frank

Swarm1990F08315PoetryCarpenter, Frank

The Boss1992H02613PoetryCarpenter, Frank

The Bovine Analyst1992H08208PoetryCarpenter, Frank

The Saddle s Lament1992H08207PoetryCarpenter, Frank

The Tale of Tailholt Tom1990F08305PoetryCarpenter, Frank
Carpenter, JamieCounting the Miles2001Q11009Song

Dancing Shoes2001Q11006PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn
Carpenter, KatieCowgirl Kate1997M07532Poetry
Carr, AustinOutlaws2003S12830PoetryCarr, Austin
Carr, JohnBad Bull, No Bull1991G02220PoetryCarr, John

Pseudo Cowboy1991G02201PoetryCarr, John

Pushy Cat1991G02202PoetryCarr, John
Carroll, JimFerrari s Dairy2005U13011PoetryCarroll, Jim

Four Horse Trailer Man2005U13014PoetryCarroll, Jim

Outside Agitator2005U13010PoetryCarroll, Jim

Prelude to a Draught2005U13008PoetryCarroll, Jim
Carson, Doug[brother in Service - Korean War]1996L05229[Story?]

[cows born with two heads]1996L05228[Story?]

[getting your first horses - going to school]1996L05227[Story?]

[horses in Idaho and Oregon]1996L05231[Story?]

[Morgan horses?]1996L05230[Story?]
Carson, Jeff[?]2004T14613PoetryCarson, Jeff

Buckaroo2002R13413PoetryJeff Carson

Buckskin Mule2001Q12907PoetryCarson, Jeff

Bull, The2001Q09201PoetryCarson, Jeff

15PoetryCarson, Jeff

Buster2001Q12906PoetryCarson, Jeff

Cowboy Code2002R13415PoetryJeff Carson

Creation Called A Horse (?)2002R13414PoetryJeff Carson

Gettin Hitched2002R13412PoetryJeff Carson

Old Age2001Q09202PoetryCarson, Jeff

2002R09110PoetryJeff Carson

The Catalog2003S08608PoetryCarson, Jeff

The Cowboy Code2003S12612PoetryCarson, Jeff

[The Fredrick s of Hollywood Catalog]2004T14610PoetryCarson, Jeff

The Prospector2003S08607PoetryCarson, Jeff

Tumbleweeds2002R09109PoetryJeff Carson

Well, listen up boys, I ll tell you about a dream... 2003S12611PoetryCarson, Jeff
Carson, Jeff
Wood, C.R.
McKendrick, Scott
Cowboy Hell2004T14607PoetryCarson, Jeff
Carter, Craig & Phil Bob Borman & Washtub JerryNight Rider s Lament1991G06107Music

The Flag Song1991G06108Music
Carter, Craig; Bob Borman; Jerry WiantCattle Call1991G02416Music

Desert Skies1991G02414Music

Purple Eyes1991G02415Music

The Flag Song1991G02417Music
Carter, H. C.Old Friends (Christmas Story)1992H01914Poetry
Carter, ValAll In One2006V05904PoetryCarter, Val

Bear Behind2006V05903PoetryCarter, Val

Canine Come Apart2006V05905PoetryCarter, Val
Cartlidge, JustinCowboy2002R13839Poetry
Carwell, Jim[unknown2007W10809PoetryCarwell, Jim
Casey, T. J.

A Dollar a Day1988D02101PoetryCasey, T. J.

A Late Tribute to Elko1988D02117PoetryCasey, T. J.

Big Mistake1989E05001PoetryCasey, T. J.

Helping Hand1988D05212Poetry

She Made a Cowpoke of Me1988D02109PoetryCasey, T. J. & J. Justus

Sore Headed Lesson1989E05002PoetryCasey, T. J.
Casey, T. J. Cattle Call1988D02310MusicWhitman, Slim et al

Cowboy s Paradise1988D02311MusicCasey, T. J.

Night Rider s Lament1988D02312Music

Saddle Trail1988D02309MusicRobbins, Marty
Casteel, JoA Visit to the Doc1988D04415PoetryCasteel, Jo

Breakin Em In1987C03510PoetryCasteel, Jo

Check Beneath His Hat1990F01109PoetryCasteel, Jo

Fashion Frenzy1987C03511PoetryCasteel, Jo

1988D01214PoetryCasteel, Jo

God s Funny Creatures1988D04407PoetryCasteel, Jo

1991G03608PoetryCasteel, Jo

Gonna Give Up the Snuff1987C03512PoetryCasteel, Jo

Growin Pains1988D02807Poetry

Growing Pains1991G00411PoetryCasteel, Jo

Have you ever had... 1991G03604PoetryCasteel, Jo

He Ain t Never Made One1987C03515PoetryCasteel, Jo

1988D01215PoetryCasteel, Jo

1990F08205PoetryCasteel, Jo

He Needs It All1985A02614PoetryCasteel, Jo

He s My Brother1991G00410PoetryCasteel, Jo

I Can Talk to You1988D02808Poetry

If He Had His Druthers1985A02609PoetryCasteel, Jo

Is He Tough or Is He Isn t1990F01107PoetryCasteel, Jo

It s Been a Long Day1990F08208PoetryCasteel, Jo

1991G00409PoetryCasteel, Jo

Mama s Hands1988D01216PoetryCasteel, Jo

1990F08203PoetryCasteel, Jo

Me, You, Old Buck and Blue1990F07905PoetryCasteel, Jo

Mr. Clean1988D02812Poetry

My Dad an I1987C03518PoetryCasteel, Jo

My Little Piggies1988D02809Poetry

No Future1991G07510PoetryCasteel, Jo

Ranching s Like a Mule1987C03509PoetryCasteel, Jo

Ridin for the Brand1991G07508PoetryCasteel, Jo

Showed with Gifts [Showered with Gifts ?]1987C03514PoetryCasteel, Jo

Showered With Gifts1988D01213PoetryCasteel, Jo

Sign Language1990F01104PoetryCasteel, Jo

1991G03606PoetryCasteel, Jo

Sodbusters1985A02613PoetryCasteel, Jo

Somethin Bout a Gate I Hate1987C03517PoetryCasteel, Jo

Sorry Old Friend1988D02810Poetry

1990F07916PoetryCasteel, Jo

Spooked1985A02612PoetryCasteel, Jo

The Cowboy s Redeeming Qualities1991G03603PoetryCasteel, Jo

The Dirty Towel1990F08204PoetryCasteel, Jo

The End of the Trail1985A02610PoetryCasteel, Jo

The Lady Feed Salesman1990F01106PoetryCasteel, Jo

1991G03605PoetryCasteel, Jo

The Saddle Maker1991G03607PoetryCasteel, Jo

The Wild Rose1987C03513PoetryCasteel, Jo


1990F01105PoetryCasteel, Jo

Thoughts on the Moustache1988D02813Poetry

Thoughts on the Mustache1990F01108PoetryCasteel, Jo

Was a Sorry Sight1987C03516PoetryCasteel, Jo

We Ain t Crazy1985A02615PoetryCasteel, Jo

What a Sorry Sight1988D04416PoetryCasteel, Jo

Why d She Come In Here Lookin Like That?1990F08207PoetryCasteel, Jo

Will You Be My Valentine1990F08206PoetryCasteel, Jo

Woman s Lib1985A02611PoetryCasteel, Jo

Women s Lib1988D01212PoetryCasteel, Jo

1990F07906PoetryCasteel, Jo
Casteel, Tommi JoComing Home Song1991G07509PoetryCasteel, Jo

I Can Talk To You1991G01408PoetryCasteel, Jo

My Mom and I1991G07507PoetryCasteel, Tommi Jo

[Slow Going?]1991G00412PoetryCasteel, Jo
Castellanoz, Eva & Ramiro Ramirez[dog hunting coons]1994J09205Story

[shearing Angora goats]1994J09204Story
Castle. LarryGates and Latches1990F02215PoetryCastle. Larry

Strong Stock1990F02214PoetryCastle. Larry
Caswell, BruceMail Order Bride1991G05019PoetryCaswell, Bruce

Music Box1991G05312PoetryCaswell, Bruce

The Encounter1991G05311PoetryCaswell, Bruce

The Hanging1991G05011PoetryCaswell, Bruce
Cates, DonTwo Horses1999O10807MusicCates, Don
Cavanaugh, GeorgeConfidence1990F09502PoetryCavanaugh, George

The Lost Cowboy1990F05223PoetryCavanaugh, George

The Stray Dog1990F09501PoetryCavanaugh, George
Cavanaugh, George L.Ranch Sale1990F05110PoetryCavanaugh, George L.
Cavaness, HaileyTough2002R13812Poetry
Cavaness, HaleyMy Horse2004T14919PoetryCavaness, Haley
Centers, JasonBet at the Bar1991G09219PoetryMitchell, Waddie

Cowboy and His Dog1991G09409PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy at College1991G09212PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs1991G09416PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Vanishing Breed1991G09410PoetryBlack, Baxter
Chadwick, DaveCowboy and the Banker1987C02013PoetryChadwick, Dave

Faded Memories1987C02012PoetryChadwick, Dave

Fencing1987C02011PoetryChadwick, Dave

Grandfather s Sale1987C02015PoetryChadwick, Dave

Interest1987C02014PoetryChadwick, Dave
Chadwick, DavidReminiscing1987C02215PoetryChadwick, David

The Quiet Stillness1987C02216PoetryChadwick, David
Chambers, CraigBad Brahma Bull1991G02405Music

Badger Clark1991G05214PoetryChambers, Craig

Blue Bonnet Lady1991G02404Music

I Never Have Got Really Excited1991G05207Poetry

Say Goodbye to the Cowboy1991G02406Music
Chambers, Craig & Billy Jo Foster & Bobby Boatright & Tommy AlsupFaded Love1991G06204Music

Little Betty Brown / Smith s Reel / Liberty1991G06201Music

Silver Lake Blues1991G06203Music

Westphalia Waltz1991G06202Music
Chamblin, Tim
[Chamblin, Collette]


Champlin, TimCat Call1996L05606Poetry

Green Pasture Walls, The1996L05605Poetry


[Situation ?]1997M09411
Champlin, Tim
Champneys, CobyBear Hunters Bold1992H08403PoetryBarker, S. Omar
Champneys, GordonIndian Maiden1988D08107Poetry

It Might Have Been You and It Might Have Been Me1992H08507PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Champneys, LacyDilly Dally Roper1992H08404PoetryBowerman, Jon
Chandler, JonBug Guts on the Windshield2009Y04903Music

He Was No Hero2004T07517MusicChandler, Jon


I m Going Home2004T07518MusicChandler, Jon

Ride a Black Horse2009Y04907Music

Running Water2009Y04905Music


[Title not cited]2009Y04902Music
Chandler, Jon
Hause, Butch
Martinez, Ernie
Geronimo s Men [Unjustified Self-Esteem]2004T07516MusicChandler, Jon

He Was No Hero2004T06303MusicChandler, Jon

Out West of Laramie2004T06302MusicChandler, Jon

The Spanish Peaks2004T07515MusicChandler, Jon

Through the Gap2004T06301MusicChandler, Jon

2004T07514MusicChandler, Jon
Chandler, Jon
Martinez, Ernie
[?]2004T15410MusicChandler, Jon

[Texas]2004T15412MusicChandler, Jon

William Parton2004T15411MusicChandler, Jon
Chandler, Jon
Martinez, Ernie
[Hause, Butch]
Geronimo s Men2004T07414MusicChandler, John

The Spanish Peaks2004T07413MusicChandler, John

[Through the Gap]2004T07412MusicChandler, John

Unjustified [Jesse James]2004T07415MusicChandler, John
Chandler, Jon; Ernie MartinezSpanish Peaks2009Y04901Music
Chandler, RanaldIf1991G00602PoetryKipling, Rudyard

Kipplings If [If]1990F04803Poetry[Kipling, Rudyard]

Lost Leader1990F04802Poetry Brownings

Women of the West1991G00601PoetryEvans, George Essex
[Chant, Patty]Down By the River1993I02603Music[Chant, Patty]

Hold Me Close Against the Wind1993I02604Music[Chant, Patty]

Wyoming Country1993I02602Music[Chant, Patty]

You Can t Ask For Much More Than That1993I02605Music[Chant, Patty]
Chappell, Jack[story about Gene Perkins]1985A02809StoryChappell, Jack

True Story1988D04907PoetryChappell, Jack

You Gotta Raise Your Eyebrows1988D04915PoetryChappell, Jack
Chappell, RonMoonshine Man1991G07912Poetry

1991G08115PoetryChappell, Ron

Mountain Men1991G04216PoetryChappell, Ron

One Morning Shoeing Horses1991G07908PoetryTaylor, Henry

1991G08109PoetryTaylor, Henry

Rainbow Writers [Rainbow Riders]1991G07910Poetry

Red Feather1991G04217PoetryChappell, Ron

Shoshone Jim1991G04210PoetryChappell, Ron

The Deer Proof Pack1991G07909Poetry

The Rainbow Riders1991G08111PoetryChappell, Ron

There Ain t No Trail1991G04209PoetryChappell, Ron

1991G07907PoetryChappell, Ron

1991G08104PoetryChappell, Ron

Tradition and Individual Talent1991G08110PoetryTaylor, Henry

Winter Camp1991G07911Poetry
Charles, PeteLiving History2003S13206MusicCharles, Pete

Rodeo, It s A Matter of Style2003S13207MusicCharles, Pete
Charter, Laurie

Cowboy s Lullaby1992H02307Music

Wagoner s Lad1992H02306Music
Charter, LyleHe d Do the Same for Me1992H02010PoetrySmith, Richard
Charters, Samuel MarcumCowboys Night Out2002R13314PoetrySamuel Carters

Sound Advice2002R13315PoetrySamuel Carters
Chaulk, SueFall On the Cow Outfit1999O12701PoetryChaulk, Sue

Heifers1999O12702PoetryChaulk, Sue

Jimmy and Liz1999O08801PoetryChaulk, Sue

Mattinee1998N10416PoetryChaulk, Sue

Returning the Favor1998N10417PoetryChaulk, Sue

1999O12703PoetryChaulk, Sue

The Past is a Foreign Country1999O08802PoetryChaulk, Sue

The Ranch1998N10415PoetryChaulk, Sue
Checkers, JeremyJimmy Beans2005U13561Poetry
Checkers, Mindy[?]2005U13560Poetry
Cheney, Bimbo
2000P00405PoetryCheney, Bimbo

2000P07612[Poetry][Barker, S. Omar?]

2007W15608PoetryCheney, Bimbo

09PoetryCheney, Bimbo

13PoetryCheney, Bimbo

April s Fool2005U03219PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Broncs2000P07603[Poetry]Cheney, Bimbo

2007W09504PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Broncs]2007W05307PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Classic Poetry Easter Eggs]2006V00215PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Deer Hunt2005U03215PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Deer Hunting2001Q10813PoetryCheney, Bimbo

2007W09512PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Deer Hunting [Firewood]2004T00107PoetryCheney, Bimbo


Driftin 2000P07604[Poetry]Cheney, Bimbo

2005U00123PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Eldon Walker2004T00105PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Eldon Walker s Autobiography]2006V00211PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Foolish Question2000P02005PoetryHumphrey, Babe

[Go Drifting]2006V00202PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Hookey [Playing Hookey from School]2004T00104PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Jesse s Story] [Ross Story]2005U03213PoetryCheney, Bimbo


[Pickin Chickens] There was a young man named Willy Stone.... 2005U00101PoetryCheney, Bimbo [Dean, Jimmy]

[Picking Chickens]2007W09508PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Quakie Braille1998N16607PoetryCheney, Bimbo

2000P00402PoetryCheney, Bimbo

2004T00106PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Quakie Braille]2006V00207PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[? Revenge]2007W05306Poetry[Christensen, Bob]

Rocking Chair Cowboy2000P02002Poetry

Rooster s Revenge2000P00401Poetry[Schild, Bob]

2007W09515PoetryChristensen, Bob

[Story: You Got a Funny Look]2000P02001Story

Swimming Lesson2000P02004PoetryCheney, Bimbo

2005U00102PoetryCheney, Bimbo


2000P07602[Poetry]Cheney, Bimbo

2005U00124PoetryCheney, Bimbo

The Guy from Town1998N16616PoetryCheney, Bimbo

The Rooster s Revenge1998N16615Poetry[Keeney, Phil ?]

2005U03217Poetry[Cheney, Bimbo]

The Swimming Lesson2005U03216PoetryCheney, Bimbo

(Untitled new poem)2001Q10814PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[untitled]2000P00403PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Why2005U03214PoetryMcCall, Rusty

[Why] Roses are red, horses are glue... 2005U00103PoetryCheney, Bimbo

Willie Stone2000P00404PoetryCheney, Bimbo

[Willie Stone]2005U03218Poetry[Stone, Willie]
Cheney, JessieCowboy s Day, The1995K09922Poem
Cheney, TomCowboy1994J10702PoetryCheney, Tom

Flity Flyin 1994J10703PoetryCheney, Tom
Cheney, Walt "Bimbo Changes?1986B04608PoetryCheney, Walt "Bimbo

[Eldon Walker]1986B04607PoetryCheney, Walt "Bimbo
Cheney, Walt Bimbo A Partin of the Waters1994J04001PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

April s Fool1991G01704PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

1991G03219PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

1991G08116PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

1994J08801PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Deer Hunt, The2002R00901PoetryWalt Cheney

Denver1991G03208PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Double Harness1991G03207PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Eldon Walker2002R00902PoetryWalt Cheney

John Dag [John Day?]1991G08105PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Just a Common Cowboy1991G08112PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Little Bit1994J08809PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Quakie Braille2002R00904PoetryWalt Cheney

Swimmin Lesson, Not, The2002R00905PoetryWalt Cheney

Thanks1991G01709PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

The Swimming Lesson1994J08802PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo

Willie Stone2002R00903PoetryWalt Cheney

Wool1994J04002PoetryCheney, Walt Bimbo
Cheney, Walter Bimbo April s Fool1995K01804PoetryCheney, Walter Bimbo

Eldon Walker1995K01803PoetryCheney, Walter Bimbo

Friendly Hand, The1987C011002Poetry

Western Land, The1987C011001Poetry
Chevalier, JoanHowl Out At the Range2007W02209PoetryChevalier, Joan
Chon, Richard; Elana Fremerman, Junior DaughertyDraggin the Bow2001Q09401Song


Maiden s Prayer2001Q09403SongWills, Bob

Miss Molly2001Q09404Song
Christensen, BobA Cowboy In Paradise1988D07803PoetryChristensen, Bob

A Fowl Affair1994J01902PoetryChristensen, Bob

Bachelor Gal1987C03319PoetryChristensen, Bob

Buy n Benders Calves [Buyin Bender s Calves]1988D02606Poetry

Buying Bender s Calves1990F01207PoetryChristensen, Bob

Cowboy in Paradise1987C04603PoetryChristensen, Bob


Cowboy Nobody Liked1994J04702PoetryChristensen, Bob

Cowboy s Prayer1990F01217PoetryClark, Charles Badger

[Cowman Lament]1994J09701PoetryChristensen, Bob

Did you bury Billy Pain... [?]1987C04604PoetryChristensen, Bob

For half my life I ve traveled...1988D03710PoetryChristensen, Bob

Jack Potter s Courtin 1991G06613PoetryBarker, S. Omar

[Jim Bob]2009Y06101Poetry

Long Dry Winter1987C01713PoetryChristensen, Bob

Movin Out [Movin In]1989E04003PoetryChristensen, Bob

Mustang Ranch1994J04701PoetryChristensen, Bob

Old Jupiter1988D03709PoetryChristensen, Bob

1994J01903PoetryChristensen, Bob

Old Jupiter s Medicine1987C03308PoetryChristensen, Bob

Ole Jupiter [Ol Jupiter ?]1989E04017PoetryChristensen, Bob

Partners1987C01715PoetryChristensen, Bob

Pumpkin Patch1994J04710PoetryChristensen, Bob

Rancher s Revenge1988D03711PoetryChristensen, Bob

1989E04013PoetryChristensen, Bob

1994J01901PoetryChristensen, Bob

Ranchers Revenge1986B04201PoetryChristensen, Bob

1987C03309PoetryChristensen, Bob

Salesman Relief1991G06616PoetryChristensen, Bob

Salesman s Relief1989E04005PoetryChristensen, Bob

Send the Boy to College1987C01714PoetryChristensen, Bob

Square Dance1988D02603Poetry

1989E04004PoetryChristensen, Bob

[The Bachelor Gal]1986B04202PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Challenge1990F08710PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Cure1991G03715PoetryChristensen, Bob

[The Extension]1994J09702PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Farm Sale1991G03710PoetryChristensen, Bob

1991G06615PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Favor1990F08709PoetryChristensen, Bob

1994J01913PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Foxhunt1988D02605Poetry

The Helpmate1988D02604Poetry

The Lonely [Grass]?1991G03709PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Museum1987C03320PoetryChristensen, Bob

[The Present]1994J09703PoetryChristensen, Bob

The Witch1991G06614PoetryChristensen, Bob

Took Me To a Square Dance1988D07802PoetryChristensen, Bob

Tree of Utah1986B04203PoetryChristensen, Bob

Untitled / The Stockmans Prayer1990F01206PoetryChristensen, Bob
Christensen, CharlesD Bar 2 Wrangler1991G02203PoetryO Malley, D. J.

Memo on Mules1991G02204PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Now Mrs. Kress I got... about 10-cent can of paint...1988D08111Poetry

Proud to be Called 5 & 10 Cent Stores1988D04908PoetryChristensen, Charles

Shoein a Mule1991G02221PoetryChristensen, Charles
Christensen, Chuck[about Mr. Cress Product]1989E05317PoetryChristensen, Chuck

Boomer Johnson1990F09520PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Dutch Oven, The1995K09606PoemKiskaddon, Bruce

Hook Em Cow1990F05508PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce


Judge a Fellow By His Gate [Judge a Fellow By His Gait ?]1989E05303PoetryChristensen, Chuck

Just Inside the ? [ I m holdbacked and hard-mouthed.... ] [Feeling Broncy Today]1989E05304PoetryChristensen, Chuck

Mr. Kress (Toilet Seat)1989E???01Poetry

Ol Major [?]1991G04910Poetry

Old Cowboy, The1995K09612PoemClark, Charles Badger

Shoeing a Mule1990F02219Poetry

Sixty Day Runaway1995K05609Poetry

[ Store Bought Shorts ?]1990F09519PoetryGerber, Lloyd

[The Gate ?]1990F09521PoetryChristensen, Chuck

The Old Cowman1991G09308PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Way a Cowpuncher Rode1990F05509PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

We was way down south on a ... 1995K05610Poetry
Christensen, Curtis

A Cowboy s Trial1991G05116Poetry

Cowboy s [Trial?]1991G09112PoetryChristensen, Curtis

Do It Well1995K09525Poem

One Cowboy s Trial1995K09524Poem

Parson William1991G09103PoetryChristensen, Curtis

Telephone Call1994J10701PoetryChristensen, Curtis

Telephone Call, The1995K09523Poem

The Gas Can1994J10722PoetryBell, Burt
Christensen, KarenDoctoring1991G05117Poetry

Listen to Mom1991G09106PoetryChristensen, Karen

Old Crazy1991G09114PoetryChristensen, Karen

The Bug1991G05118Poetry
Christensen, RustyBachelor Blues2005U00309MusicChristensen, Rusty

[Bachelor Blues]2005U08105PoetryChristensen, Rusty

[Bum]2005U00308MusicChristensen, Rusty

Clancy of the Overflow2005U00301PoetryPatterson, Banjo

In the Droving Days2005U11807PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Man From Iron Bark [Going to Berber]2005U00303PoetryPatterson, Banjo

[Prisoner of War] Mate Ship2005U00307PoetryChristensen, Rusty

Smart Pills2005U08108Poetry

The Bush Christening2005U11804PoetryChristensen, Rusty

The Overflow2005U11801PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Wait Here - Second Class2005U00302Poetry[Lawson, Henry]

Wait Here Second Class2005U08111PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Waltzing Matilda2005U08102Poetry[Miller, Bobby]
Christenson, BobClock Upon the Wall, The [Sonora Por Favor Senor]2009Y06113Poetry

Ole Bender [?]2009Y06105Poetry

They Took me to a Square Dance2009Y06109Poetry
Christenson, ChuckRaised a Little Dough1991G09315Poetry
Christopher, Ron[Angeline] [Cantina song]2004T15114MusicChristopher, Ron

The Last Singing Cowboy Has Died2004T15115PoetryChristopher, Ron

[Who Was That Masked Man?]2004T15113MusicChristopher, Ron
Chrysler, BarbieA Cowgirl s Prayer1996L10711Poetry

Special Breed, A1996L02011Poetry

Tale of a Tail, The1996L10710Poetry

The Cowboy s Friend1992H05011PoetryChrysler, Barbie

The Kid Horse1992H05013PoetryChrysler, Barbie

The Midwife1996L02001Poetry

The Storebought Teeth1992H05012PoetryChrysler, Barbie

Your Own Kind1996L02012Poetry
Church, AndrewRanch Cats1998N15546PoetryChurch, Andrew
Church, Ciindy; John Tull; Nathan TinkhamCoyote Yipping at the Moon1997M00514Music
Church, CindyBlue Canadian Rockies1997M073b03Music

Blue Guitar1997M073b01Music

Hazel s First Ride1997M00516MusicTyson, Sylvia

1997M111b04MusicTyson, Sylvia

Lost His Heart1997M111b03Music

Love on the Range1997M111b02Music

Ride Cowboy Ride1997M073b02MusicRobbins, Marty
Church, Cindy
[Tinkham, Ed ?]
Allison Lives By the Big Bend1997M111a06Music

As I lay in my room I hear a coyote yip at the moon.... 1997M111a03Music

Hazel s First Ride1997M111a05MusicTyson, Sylvia

Love On the Range1997M111a02Music

Mi Amore Corazon1997M111a04Music

Ride Cowboy Ride1997M111a07MusicRobbins, Marty
Church, Cindy
Church, Nathan
Church, John
Allison Lives by the Big Bend1997M05812

Amigo s Guitar1997M05814

Hazel s First Ride1997M05813

Love On the Range1997M05811

Ride, Cowboy, Ride1997M05815
Robbins, Marty
Church, Cindy
Tinkham, Nathan
Blue Canadian Rockies1997M073a03Music

[Hold Me Close / The Moon Is So Low]1997M073a01Music

Ride Cowboy Ride1997M073a02MusicRobbins, Marty
Church, Cindy & [?] Tirkham[?]Border Fair [Border Affair] [Spanish Is a Loving Tongue]1990F06205Music

Curley Bob1990F06204Music

Old Fashioned Love1990F06203Music
Church, JamesThe Chisholm Trail1998N15547PoetryChurch, James
Church, PeterA Different Frame of Mind2004T08304FilmChurch, Peter

Have A Superior Day: A Portrait of a Woman2004T08303FilmChurch, Peter

Just a Typical Day2005U03602Film/VideoChurch, Peter

The Bone Yard2005U03603Film/VideoChurch, Peter
Church, SusanThe Ins and Outs of Ranching2004T08301FilmChurch, Susan
[Church, Susan]Rescue 1012005U03604Film/Video[Church, Susan]
Clark, AlanMy Son s Pony1998N08206Poetry

The Stallion1998N08209Poetry

Writing Cowboy Poems1998N08216Poetry
Clark, Allen[Home On the Milk In the Pail]1997M01602Poetry

This Cabin s Yours1997M01601Poetry
Clark, NicholasSunrise2005U13535Poetry
Clark, Patty & Paul HermanSmoke Creek Song1988D09014MusicClark, Patty

The Hunter and the Cow1988D09015Music[Lehrer, Tom ?]
Clark, RickAnnie Laurie / ...don t know why I can t sleep... [?]2000P08515
Clark, Charles Badger

Bad Half Hour1999O12717PoetryClark, Charles Badger


Marksman, The2001Q09313PoetryRichardson, Pat

Men Who Ride No More, The2001Q09312PoetryNelson, Joel

Running Horses1999O12716PoetryBlack, Baxter

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs1998N17107

Untitled [The Pearl of Them All]1998N17108
[Oglivie, Will ?]

...vacant stares of men who rode before... 2000P08514
Nelson, Joel
Clark, RuthieLa Cajun Cowboy1992H04612PoetryClark, Ruthie
Clark, Shelly & Kelly [?]Across the Alley from the Alamo1990F06206Music

Blue Skies1990F06207Music

Wind in the Willows1990F06208Music
Cleaver, CraigGranddad s Summer School1997M05109Poetry

Wild Cow1997M05110Poetry
Cleveland, VanceGet To Bed2002R13818Poetry
Clyde, AsiaYou Can See1997M07514Poetry
Coates, PeteDarcy Farrell2004T10705MusicCoats, Pete

From Marianne2004T10704MusicCoats, Pete

Strawberry Roan2004T10703MusicFletcher, Curly
Cobb, Don Roundy Alligator Boat1989E04611Poetry

Hence, the Cowboy Boot1989E04610Poetry
Cobb, JudyEpitaph2004T06002Poetry[Cobb, Donna]

The Cowgirl Way2004T06001PoetryCobb, Judy
Coburn, CraigCode of Ethics [Philadelphia Lawyer ?]2000P11813Poetry

Graduation Day2000P08504
Coburn, Craig

To Each His Own2000P08503
Coburn, Craig
Cocklin, CodyOlder Western Days2003S12804PoetryCocklin, Cody
[Cody][ A Curse to... ]2005U13512Poetry[Jerry]
Coe, TyrusIf I Were a Cowboy1996L09621Poetry
Coker, LisaHorse, The1995K09907Poem
Cole, JulieCampfire Coffee2001Q09205PoetryCole, Julie

2001Q12812PoetryCole, Julie

She s been called a country girl... 2001Q09206PoetryCole, Julie

Stayin On2001Q12811PoetryCole, Julie

Tip Your Hat2001Q09207PoetryCole, Julie
Cole, Tonia & Stacy GroverI Ride An Old Paint1995K10216Music

Max and Dawny [Dunny?]1995K10217Music
Cole, TonraPack Trip1992H09410Music
Coleman, EricaCowgirl2002R13855Poetry
Coleman, VictoriaCowboy Named Earl2002R13853Poetry
Collard, JessWonderful Star, A2001Q11932PoetryCollard, Jess
Collard, R. C.Dissertation1996L10806Poetry
Collett, JohnMiller Creek1998N08506PoetryCollett, Janice

Niggin and Dick1998N08508PoetryCollett, Janice

Winter Closing1998N08507PoetryCollett, Janice
Collett, Matthew and DanGhost Riders in the Sky1995K10116Music

Thunder on the Mountain1995K10117Music
Collett, NathanSagebrush1995K02009Poetry


Collingsworth, E.T. As long as there are cowboys... 2001Q05404PoetryEastlake, William

Ballad of A Brave Cowboy2001Q05403PoetryAbbey, Edward

Border Affair, A2001Q05401PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Border Town Gabbacho (sp?) Fantasy, A2001Q08206PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Buried Memories2001Q12701PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Doctor s Visit, The2001Q08203PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

from Leaves of Grass This is what you should do... 2001Q05405PoetryWhitman, Walt

Gallup Rendezvous2001Q08208PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Government Issue2001Q08209PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Hillspot, The2001Q12703PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Hycumos Reeso (?)2001Q08207PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

In The Shallows Of The Ford2001Q05402PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Man to Man2001Q12704PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Navaho Rodeo Soundbites2001Q12702PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Packer, The2001Q08212PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Requiem2001Q12705PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Roses Are Red, But Ain t Necessarily So2001Q08213PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.
Collins, [Wade]Let s Call the Vet1988D02121PoetryHutchinson, Wendell
Collins, Bea JunePink s Call1998N12508
Collins, Bea June
Collins, JacksonCowboys1998N15533Poetry
Collins, Oliver WendellTo the Idaho Pioneers1985A01806PoetryCollins, Oliver Wendell
Collins, V. June
1992H04704PoetryCollins, V. June

Beating the Heat1994J10710PoetryCollins, V. June

Branding Time1994J10711PoetryCollins, V. June

Chow Time1991G01918PoetryCollins, V. June

Cultivating He Goes1991G01919PoetryCollins, V. June

Currie1992H04703PoetryCollins, V. June

Hayrack Chores1990F05211PoetryCollins, V. June

Ode to Tracks1991G09702PoetryCollins, V. June

Pink s Day1991G09701PoetryCollins, V. June

Psychadellic Vision [Psychadelic Vision]1990F05212PoetryCollins, V. June

Severn s Dog Rough1992H04710PoetryCollins, V. June

You Telling Us1990F05213PoetryBrown, Rose
Collins, WadeBein on Full Feed1990F05423PoetryCollins, Wade

Camp Cook1988D02113PoetryCollins, Wade

[For My Sweet Mother-In-Law ?]1988D05103Poetry

Horse Trader Named Buck1990F05425Poetry

Hunting Elk, Cowboy Style1988D05101Poetry

Lost Boss [?]1990F05424PoetryCollins, Wade

My Loan at PCA1988D05102Poetry

Old Horsetrader1988D02104PoetryCollins, Wade
Collinsworth, E. T.A Tale of Two Women2003S08110PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Border Romance2003S04609PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Cutting Sign2003S11812PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Dino, Corree and Orange Juice [Diné, Coffee and Orange Juice]2003S11810PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

French Quarter Queen [French Quarter Christmas]2003S11815PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

I Can Tell By Your Outfit2003S04612PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

In the Shallows of the Ford2003S11816PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Ixchel2003S11813PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Jackrabbit; It s So Hot2009Y02210Story

Mineral Creek2003S11811PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Morning Mass2003S04615PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Preface from Leaves of Grass 2003S11817PoetryWhitman, Walt

Saturday Night2003S11814PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Slack Time at the Helibase2003S08111PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Springtime for the Homesteader2003S11807PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

The Dressage Lesson2003S04611PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

The Drought2003S11809PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

The Dusty Stallion [The Dusty Saddle]2003S11808PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

The Fresh Horse2003S04610PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

[The South Reincarnate]2003S08113PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Travelogue [Vignette of Stories Below Born [Bourne?] Mountain; Coffee & Orange Juice; Absolution Lunchbreak]2009Y02203Story

Two of a Kind2003S08112PoetryCollingsworth, E.T.

Vaquero Night2009Y02207Poetry
Comfort, Jerry
1990F09510PoetryComfort, Jerry

A Tough Old Cowboy1994J05803PoetryComfort, Jerry

Apache Tears1988D02013PoetryComfort, Jerry

Chute #11988D02014PoetryComfort, Jerry

Cowboy and His Horse1991G02012PoetryComfort, Jerry

Fancy Dan1989E01811PoetryComfort, Jerry

Honeydew List1990F09509PoetryComfort, Jerry

It Ain t Easy1990F09508PoetryComfort, Jerry

My Friend1989E01810PoetryComfort, Jerry

The Big Old Barn [?]1991G02011PoetryComfort, Jerry

The Drugstore Cowboy1990F05409PoetryComfort, Jerry

The Old Outhouse1988D02012PoetryComfort, Jerry

1989E01809PoetryComfort, Jerry


1991G02013PoetryComfort, Jerry
Conklin, CodyWestland Wildhorse2002R13808Poetry
Conley, Chad
Conley, GeorgeneCowboy Joe s Decision1988D05113Poetry


Little Sod Shanty1988D05114Poetry
Conley, JoetteBraham Bull Calf1998N08512PoetryConley, Joette

Rocky Mountain Oyster1998N08513PoetryConley, Joette
Connally, AlidaThe Outhouse and the Bee1994J05807PoetryConnally, Alida
Connelly, ChristaThe Bucking Bull1998N15509PoetryConnelly, Christa
Conner, MoodyLittle Joe the Wrangler2003S08408Poetry

Strawberry Roan2003S08407Poetry
Cook, KenBest Advice on Sex Education2007W07203PoetryCook, Ken

Dad Will Rope Today2007W15101PoetryCook, Ken

Exercise2007W05612PoetryCook, Ken

[Gone Are the Days]2007W15105PoetryCook, Ken

Grandpa s Spurs2007W07204PoetryCook, Ken

[Loaded Pair of Boots]2007W05608PoetryCook, Ken

Out In the Ranch [Kill This Cow]2007W05604PoetryCook, Ken

Ride for the Fiddler2007W07201PoetryCook, Ken

The Odds Look About Even2007W07202PoetryCook, Ken

[unknown]2007W15109PoetryCook, Ken

What the Neighbor Has2007W05610PoetryCook, Ken
Coombs, JudyComing of Age1991G01906PoetryCoombs, Judy

The Buckaroo and the Tractor1991G01908PoetryCoombs, Judy

When Good Tries Go Awry1991G01907PoetryCoombs, Judy
Cooper, Alton Cajun Bob Buckskin & Blue2002R09207PoetryAlton Cooper

To Rope Pegasus2002R09212PoetryAlton Cooper
Cooper, B. Alton
1992H09015PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Deep Sea Rodeo1994J06106PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Homage to Bob1992H05110PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Louisiana Friday Night1992H09013PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Moon and Mars1994J06105PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Paddy and Beale1994J02214PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Slickers and Buckaroos1992H05109PoetryCooper, B. Alton

Squaw Rock1994J02213PoetryCooper, B. Alton

(Untitled) (The Native Rose?)1992H09014PoetryCooper, B. Alton
Cooper, B. Alton Cajun Bob Passion2001Q13009Poetry

Renegade Chickens2001Q09108PoetryCooper, B. Cajun Bob Alton

Words That ?2001Q13008Poetry
Cooper, B. Elton (Cajun Bob)Aryan Clan1997M05204Poetry

Sand Wheel to Paris1997M05203Poetry
Cooper, BartonSweetness of the Forest1998N17212
Cooper, Barton

Used Together1998N17213
Cooper, Barton

Where the Red Bud Grows1998N17211
Cooper, Barton
Cooper, Cajun BobRogue Rouge Canine Lupus1995K09521Poem

Tis In the First Garden They Set and Ate1995K09522Poem
[Cooper], Alton Cajun Bob She Played the Coast of France1995K05517Poetry
[Cooper], Cajun BobJust an Old Bull, or Judge Ye Not1995K05507Poetry

Copass, JakeAnts in Your Bed1990F05614PoetryCopass, Jake

1991G01910PoetryCopass, Jake

Ants in Your Pants1991G05013Poetry

Feeling Fine Now1991G01911PoetryCopass, Jake

1991G05021PoetryCopass, Jake

Stranger in Town1990F02209PoetryCopass, Jake

The New Dude Hand1990F02210PoetryCopass, Jake

1991G01909PoetryCopass, Jake


Wild Horse Race1990F05615PoetryCopass, Jake
Copeland, JohnFinal Death2002R05208PoetryJohn Copeland

Old West, The2002R05210PoetryJohn Copeland

Progress2002R05209PoetryJohn Copeland
Corb Lund & the Hurtin AlbertansBible on the Dash2015EE03117Music

Cabin Fever / September2015EE03108Music

Does the Wind Still Blow in New Mexico / On the Road to Las Cruces2015EE03110MusicIan Tyson

Don t Cross Her If You Don t Want a Hole in Your Heart / I Can t Say I Love You2015EE03112Music

Everything Is Better With Some Cows Around2015EE03109Music

Got Stuck in the Mud / The Ford Got Stuck2015EE03118Music

I m Gonna Shine Up My Boots2015EE03107Music

My Little Foothills Heaven in That Northern Rocky Range / My little private heaven2015EE03114Music

No Roads Here / There Are No Roads2015EE03111Music

Priceless pistol shoots unsuspecting owner / Priceless antique pistol startles owner2015EE03113Music

The S Lazy H2015EE03116Music

Wrote My New Song On a Five Dollar Bill / $5 Bill2015EE03115Music
Corbett, Glen[A Short Horse] [?]1988D02119PoetryCorbett, Glen

The Blizzard of 491988D02107PoetryCorbett, Glen

The Cowboy s Heaven1988D02302Music

The Indian1988D02111PoetryCorbett, Glen

The Rocky Trail from Town [From Town]1988D02303MusicClark, Charles Badger

Tyin Knots in the Devil s Tail [Sierra Peaks]1988D02301Music[Gardner, Gail]
Corbin, Barry[Nickel]1997M01503

Corbridge, LarryGood News Bad News2000P08505
[Corbridge, Larry]

Lawyer s Lament2000P11816Poetry[Corbridge, Larry]

Potato Soup2000P08506
[Corbridge, Larry]

What s in a Name2000P11817Poetry[Corbridge, Larry]
[Corey][The Old Boot]2005U13557Poetry
[Cornell, Lorlaya]
2007W12634Poetry[Cornell, Lorlaya]
Cornell, PatriciaI Am A Cowgirl2005U13551Poetry
Corrigan, Ellie
1990F09403PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

1991G09608PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

1992H07612PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

1994J10011PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

A Three-Point Wreck1992H02507Poetry


Cowgirl Mother s Prayer1988D01909PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Dave Said1988D01907PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

[Flat Outs?] [Flatulence?]1992H02509Poetry

Friisbee Cat1991G09008PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

He Didn t Come Down the Chimney1989E04701PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Heroes1989E08312PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Home Remedies1988D01923PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Injun1988D01908PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Jesse Tarwater1994J10001PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Ma s Biscuits1989E04702PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Misconception1989E04703PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

1989E08311PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Night Mare1991G09007PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Satan s Stallion1992H07606PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Slim1989E04713PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

1992H07604PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Takin Up the Slack1992H07605PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

Taking Up the Slack1991G09006PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Absent Minded Professor1990F09404PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Cattle Slick1991G09601PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Cowgirl s Mother s Prayer1992H07613PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Frisbee Cat1994J10002PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Lord s Prayer / Smile1992H07614PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Midnight Marauder1991G09602PoetryCorrigan, Ellie

The Nightmare1990F09405PoetryCorrigan, Ellie
Corrigan, Ethella [Ethie]

About Dick [Dick Spencer]1989E04714PoetryCorrigan, Ethella

All In a Day s Work1989E04704PoetryCorrigan, Ethella

1989E08318PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Black Tea1988D01913PoetryCorrigan, Ethella [Ethie]

Gas a Great Mover1991G09603PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Kid White or the Saddle Bag Parson1989E04705PoetryCorrigan, Ethella

Kid White, the Saddlebag Parson1989E08317PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Preservin Fever1991G09609PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Stan1994J10012PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Take a Horse1991G09604PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

The Dotted Quarter1990F09713PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

The Home Place1988D01915PoetryCorrigan, Ethella [Ethie]

The Laugh in Church1988D01914PoetryCorrigan, Ethella [Ethie]

Thou Shalt Not1990F09712PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Uncle Bill Remembered1994J10003PoetryCorrigan, Ethie

Waltzin Bronco1989E04706PoetryCorrigan, Ethella
Cossitt, Helen
1992H05116PoetryCossitt, Helen

A Tale of a Tail1992H04819PoetryCossitt, Helen

An Old Timer s Prayer1992H04820PoetryCossitt, Helen

Grandpop s Top Hand1992H04804PoetryCossitt, Helen

Satan Still Runs Wild1992H04803PoetryCossitt, Helen

The Last Visit1992H05115PoetryCossitt, Helen
Cottonwood Smoke [Bobbie McIntyre & Meghan Merker]Give Me Back My Boots and Saddle1996L06412Music

Night Riders Lament1996L06413MusicBurton, Tim
Coupin, B. Alton Cajun Bob Krackel Le Blanc1999O09009PoetryCoupin, B. Alton Cajun Bob

Prisoner in Her Own Land1999O09008PoetryCoupin, B. Alton Cajun Bob
Court, Bob
1994J02117PoetryCourt, Bob

Coffin in the Corner1994J02108PoetryCourt, Bob

Hung By Mistake1994J06001PoetryCourt, Bob

Levi Slade1994J10510PoetryCourt, Bob

Preacher Bob1994J06008PoetryCourt, Bob

Rhyming Buck1994J02103PoetryCourt, Bob

[Son Of a Bitch Stew]1994J02112PoetryCourt, Bob

Stuff in the Trunk1994J02118PoetryCourt, Bob

The Right Medicine1994J10511PoetryCourt, Bob

Will You Carry Me Up the Stairs1994J10516PoetryCourt, Bob
Court, BrianBrazos [Rivers of Texas, The?]1987C006028Music

Don t Fence Me In1987C05530Music


Ghost Riders in the Sky1987C006029Music


Liza Jane1987C006030Music

Montana [?]1987C05528MusicCourt, Brian

Spanish Is the Loving Tongue [A Border Affair]1987C05529MusicClark, Charles Badger

[ To the rolling hills of Montana, to the waving fields of grain.... ]1989E02222Music
Cow Patsys, The[? Made A Cowgirl Out of Me]1993I05401Music
Cow Patsys, The
[Louise, Jill]
Little Old Cowgirl1993I05403Music

Lonesome Cattle Call1993I05404Music

The Cowgirl s Song1993I05405Music
Cow Patsys, The
[Louise, Jill]
[Kathy McCann]
Yippie Yi Ti Yo1993I05406Music
Cowboy BobOld Wurlwind [Old Whirlwind?]1990F02603Poetry

The Texas Trail [Old Whirlwind?]1990F02604Poetry
Cowboy Celtic1806 Baron of Brakli vs. Fargason2003S05902Music

Annie Laurie1997M073b18Music



[Annie Lori ?]1997M05507Music

Annie Lorie [Annie Laurie]1999O13201Music

Ballad of Nate Champion / Black Nag2006V12712Music

Ballad of Nate Champion / The Black Rag2003S11110Music

Ballad of Nate Champion; Black Nag2009Y01013Music

Barney Swanson from the Coast1999O05804MusicChisholm, Donny

[Black and Tan]2006V06601MusicZarzyski, Paul

Black Upon Tan / Jackie Coleman s Reel2003S06415MusicZarzyski, Paul
[Wilkie, David]

2003S11113MusicZarzyski, Paul
Wilkie, David

2006V12707MusicWilkie, David
Zarzyski, Paul

Bonnie Barbara Ellen2003S05905Music

Border Affair1998N10106MusicClark, Charles Badger


[Buccaneer Buckaroo]2006V06604MusicWilkie, David

Buckaneer Buckaroo2004T15102MusicCowboy Celtic

Bucking Bronco [My Love is a Rider]1999
O02415MusicStar, Belle

Buffalo Gal / Old Chisholm Trail2003S08808Music

[Buffalo Gals ?]1999O05801Music

Buffalo Gals / Chisholm Trail / Blacksmith1997M11202Music

Buffalo Gals / Chisholm Trail / Blacksmith s Reel2003S11109Music

Buffalo Gals / Old Chisholm Trail / Blacksmith s Reel1999O13202MusicTraditional

Buffalo Skinners1997M11205Music

[Come Along]2004T15101MusicWilkie, David

Cowboy Jig, The2009Y01019Music

Cowboy Lament [The Cowboy s Lament]1997M11214MusicO Hara, Cain

Custer1997M11211MusicOwen, Gary

Custer Died A Runnin1997M073b17Music

Custer Died A Running1999
O02413MusicKeogh, Miles

Custer Died A-Runnin / Gary Owen / Medicine Tail2003S08810MusicWilkie, David

Custer Died A-Running / Medicine Tale2003S11009Music

Dance By the Light of the Moon1999


Dark As a Dungeon2003S11010MusicTravis, Merle

2006V02604MusicTravis, Merle

2006V13103MusicTravis, Merle

Drover Road to Amalree, The2009Y01016Music

Farewell to Cauyauke1999O05802MusicMcLean, Myrtle

Farewell to Indiana2004T15103MusicCowboy Celtic

2006V02605MusicMitchell, Andy

2006V13102MusicMitchell, Andy


Farewell to Newfoundland / Mason s Apron / Catharsis2003S08812Music

Flying Cloud2003S08811Music

I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring / Maid Behind the Bar1999O13205Music

[Jackie Colton s Rag] [Jackie Coleman s Reel?]2006V06602Music

Johnny MacArthur s Watlz2006V12711Music

La Vie en Rose2003S11112MusicPiaf, Edith

Lorena / Yellow Rose of Texas / In The Field of the Yellow Haired Lad2003S06417MusicWilkie, David

Lorena / Yellow Rose of Texas / In the Field of the Yellow-haired Lad2006V02606Music

Malarney Catharsis2006V13105Music


Marnie Swanson At the Grail Coast / The Banshee1999
O02416MusicChism, Duncan


Oh Susannah2006V13101Music

Rich and Rare2006V12710Music

Rocky Road to Dublin2009Y01015Music

Salomenga, The2009Y01020Music

[Scotland Story]2006V06603Music


[Stonemason City]2006V06606Music

Streets of Laredo1997M073b16Music

The Ballad of Nate Champion1999

The Ballad of Nate Champion / Black Nag2006V02603Music

The Ballad of Nate Champion / The Black Nag2003S06413MusicWilkie, David

[The Ballad of] Nate Champion2003S05908Music

The Blacksmith Reel1999

The Bucking Bronco1999O13203Music

The County Down1999

The Cowboy and the Lady2006V12709Music

The Cowboy of Johnny Armstrong2003S06414MusicWilkie, David

The Drover Road to Amulree2003S11011Music

The Dying Cowboy1997M05505Music

The Farewell to Newfoundland / Mason s Apron / Catharsis2003S11012Music

The Guinness Carresses the Heart As You Sip It2009Y01012MusicZarzyski, Paul

The Old Chisholm Trail1999

The Water Is Wide2006V13104Music

The Wild Rippling Water2003S06412Music


The Wild Rippling Waters2006V02602Music

The Wind in the Wire2006V12708Music

Trail to Mexico / In the Tap Room / Banshee1997M11217Music

Water Is Wide2003S08809Music

Wild Rippling Water2009Y01017Music

Willie McIntosh2003S05911Music

[Wishful Walk]2006V06605MusicJordan, David

Won t You Come Out Tonight?1998N06903Music
Cowboy Celtic
Murphey, Michael Martin
Summer Ranges1997M11220MusicCoulter, Phil
Cowboy Celtic
Zwicker, Keri Lynn
Lone Shanakyle2003S06416Music
Cowboy Celtic (Lynn, Carrie)She s Like a Swallow1999O13204MusicTraditional
Cowboy DougCowgirl Safety1998N08313Poetry
Cowdaddies, TheBring It on Down to My House1995K06105Music

Four or Five Times1995K06103Music

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette1995K06106Music

South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)1995K06104Music

That s How the West Was Swung1995K06102MusicMorrell, Tom
Cox, Allen35 Feet of Hard and Fast Nylon1988D01920PoetryCox, Allen
Cox, JimWhat Sort of Cowboy1996L10803Poetry
Cozad, JustinMy Friend1991G09113PoetryCozad, Justin

The Lesson1991G09105PoetryCozad, Justin
Craft, RayFirst Horse1989E04514PoetryCraft, Ray
Craig, VincentChizzi2002R01815SongVincent Craig

Chizzi Part II2002R01816SongVincent Craig

Down by the river where my Grandpa was born... 2002R06801PoetryVincent Craig

[flute piece]1996L00717Music

Honoring the Code Talkers2002R07213PoetryVincent Craig

2002R07313PoetryVincent Craig

Indian Heroes2002R07203PoetryVincent Craig

2002R07303PoetryVincent Craig

Little Bit Cowboy2002R06802PoetryVincent Craig

Navajo Crow-Talker, The2002R01818SongVincent Craig

She Said2002R01817SongVincent Craig

[Story of 2 cowboys; Indians and Anglo progress]1996L00701[Story]
Cramer, GlenDoggerel1988D04717Poetry

Times Being Changed1988D04718Poetry
Cramer, HankMy Sweet Wyoming Home2006V07117Music

The Other Side of the Hill2006V07115Music

The Strawberry Roan2006V07116Music
Cramer, Hank & Steve GutheCowboy s Hard Times2000P12419MusicStaines, Bill

[Four Rode By]2000P12420MusicTyson, Ian

Other Side of the Hill2000P12421MusicPyle, Chuck

Red River Rising2000P12418Music
Cramer, IdabelA Cowboy Without a Hat1988D01910PoetryCramer, Idabel

Fashion Tacks1988D04715Poetry

Range Tragedy1988D01911PoetryCramer, Idabel

The Cowhand1988D04714Poetry

The Diamond Hook Today1988D01912PoetryCramer, Idabel
Crane, FredA Year Fer Yer Gear1986B01215PoetryCrane, Fred

A Year for Yer Gear1987C01712PoetryCrane, Fred

Line Shack Xmas [Line Shack Christmas]1987C01711PoetryCrane, Fred
Crawford, IanThe Cowboy Legend1987C06319Poetry
Crawford, LarryNosey1988D???05PoetryCrawford, Larry

The Plan1988D???04PoetryCrawford, Larry
Creek, Marian[Autobiographical Poem]1992H01810Poetry

[Horse Poem]1992H01811Poetry
Criddle, VanCoyboy s Wife [City Girl]2006V10501PoetryCrittle, Van

Moved to Town2006V10503PoetryCrittle, Van

Sixteen Horses2006V10502PoetryCrittle, Van
Cristy, RafaelCharlie Russell s Yarns1998N18701StoryRussell, Charlie
Cristy, Raphael[Charlie Brunter]2006V07504PoetryRussell, Charlie

Charlie Russell s Yarns2006V03901
Russell, Charlie

2006V12301PoetryRussell, Charlie

Charlie Russell s Yarns - Buffalo Story2006V07501PoetryRussell, Charlie

Christmas at Line Camp1988D02021Poetry[Russell, Charlie]

Hold and Sheathe [Thy Blade]1988D02022Poetry[Russell, Charlie]

Shorty s2006V07503PoetryRussell, Charlie

To All Old Timers1988D02023Poetry[Russell, Charlie]

To Jim Gabriel1988D02019Poetry[Russell, Charlie]

Tracks Spell War or Meat [?] [Nature Taught Her Child?]1988D02020Poetry[Russell, Charlie]

Winter 86-862006V07502PoetryRussell, Charlie
Criswell, Donald Don Alibis1987C05117PoetryCriswell, Don

Bareback Rider s Lament1988D08109PoetryCriswell, Don

Bareback Riders Lament1987C05119PoetryCriswell, Don

Having Another Birthday1987C05120PoetryCriswell, Don

Pete s Photo1987C05118PoetryCriswell, Don

Sizzle Jeans1989E08814Poetry

Sizzled Jeans1988D08013Poetry

The Old Man1989E08803PoetryCriswell, Don

Tommy [Tunja s?] Cow1989E08402PoetryCriswell, Don

Toots1989E05206PoetryCriswell, Don
Croft, Buck I ll romp and stomp until midnight... [The Witch?]1985A02410Poetry

Skid Row Cowboy1985A01916MusicCroft, Buck


The Rodeo Trail1985A01915Poetry

Well, he looked at the cowboy kind of mournfully.... 1985A01914PoetryCroft, Buck
Cron, SarahFeline the Cow2005U13506Poetry
Crotz, JasonBull Ride1989E088x12PoetryCrotz, Jason
Crowell, DonA Horse Husband s Lament2000P12109

Cowboy and the Seagull2000P08314

Pert Near Perkins2000P12108

Rancher s Reward2000P08313
Caswell, Bruce

What is Reincarnation2000P08315
McRae, Wallace
Crowell, Donald Don [?]2003S05407PoetryMitchell, Waddie


Bad to Worse2003S08315PoetryCrowell, Donald

Horse Husband s Lament2003S08317PoetryCrowell, Donald

My Brother2003S08316Poetry

Rancher s Reward2003S05404PoetryCrowell, Donald

The Cowboy and the Seagull2003S05406PoetryCrowell, Donald

The Old Prospector2003S05405PoetryCrowell, Donald
Crozier, J. T.General s Star1987C061b12PoetryCrozier, J. T.

Halter Broke1987C01510PoetryCrozier, J. T.

Hero of 781987C04003PoetryCrozier, J. T.

Old Dan s Asleep1987C01502PoetryCrozier, J. T.

Pair of Boots1987C061b11PoetryCrozier, J. T.

The Kid Who Rode Double Ought1987C04016PoetryCrozier, J. T.
Crumb, RebeccaCows2003S12826PoetryCrumb, Rebecca
Crutcher, Sherry[Daisy - colt]1996L05237[Story?]

[husband and wife story - training her horse]1996L05238[Story?]

[learning lessons - horses]1996L05239[Story?]

[little boy - RC [?] to be hot]1996L05240[Story?]

[riding first horse - father hard on them - how they learned]1996L05236[Story?]
Cruz, Don Beto & Jesus Garcia[another caballo corrido]2008X01003Music

El Morro de Cumpas2008X01002Music

Sonora Camda2008X01001Music
[Crystal]Each Day is Special2005U13562Poetry[Crystal]
Cuch, Lynn[a guy who was upholsterer wanted to be cowboy]1996L05216[Poetry?]

Hornet s Nest1996L05215[Poetry?]

[Jack Moore - story about]1996L05217[Story?]

Riding Neighbors Horses1996L05214[Poetry?]

Roping Neighbors Cows1996L05213[Poetry?]
Cuch, Waddie[chasing? cattle in different seasons??]1996L05212[Story]

[story about green colts]1996L05211[Story]
Cummings, KristenSunset1996L09603Poetry
Cunningham, Lyle"I had a little buckskin wasn t worth two cents to keep... 1987C006058Music

"I was sanappin out [???]... 1987C006061Music

Old Timer1987C006013Poetry

"Once I knew a guitar picker... 1987C006059Music

"There once was a wild pony... 1987C006060Music

Whispering Sands1987C006014Music?

Zebra Dun1987C006015Music?
Cunningham, Lyle Wild Horse Playin Dominos and Shootin Dice1987C03109Music

The Last Letter1987C03110Music

Tying a Knot in the Devil s Tail [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail]1987C03108Music[Gardner. Gail]

Windy Bill1987C03107Music
Curtis, BillieI Went On a Camping Trip1990F01405PoetryCurtis, Billie
Curtis, DanIn Search of the Three-X Beaver2003S05212PoetryCurtis, Dan

2003S08411PoetryCurtis, Dan
Curtis, Dan O.Be Still2003S12311PoetryCurtis, Dan O.

Fathers and Sons2003S12313PoetryCurtis, Dan O.

Get a Grip2003S12312PoetryCurtis, Dan O.
Curtis, JohnCleaning Chickens1990F02018PoetryCurtis, John

Full Circle1990F09506PoetryCurtis, John

Mistaken Identity1990F09507PoetryCurtis, John

She Tried to Warn Me (But I Wouldn t Listen)1990F02016PoetryCurtis, John

Splat1990F09505PoetryCurtis, John

What s Cookin 1990F02017PoetryCurtis, John
Curtis, John H.A Good Answer to a Bad Question1990F05108PoetryCurtis, John H.

Lip Balm1990F05107PoetryCurtis, John H.

Never Alone1990F05109PoetryCurtis, John H.
Curtis, NancyCow Moms1998N10303Poetry
Cushman, John[?]2004T14818PoetryCushman, John

[April Chinook] [Old Gold]2004T05706Poetry[Stevenson, Elenor]

Bob Dog2002R13410PoetryJohn Cushman

Cattle Ranching In the Pugot Sound2002R05107PoetryJohn Cushman

2002R13409PoetryJohn Cushman

December 2000-20012002R09015PoetryJohn Cushman

Dundee1999O05409PoetryCushman, John

2002R13411PoetryJohn Cushman

2004T14810PoetryCushman, John

Fence Builders2004T14817PoetryCushman, John

Free Trade1999O05407
Cushman, John

Meaning Of Is, The2001Q09010PoetryCushman, John

Now That Johnny s Joined the Corps2002R05105PoetryJohn Cushman

Old Coyote Wind2004T05707Poetry[Stevenson, Elenor]

Pasture Spring2002R09013PoetryRobert Frost

Phone Call Home2004T05705PoetryCushman, John

Poem for Son, Part II2002R05106PoetryJohn Cushman

The Five Minute Phone Call Home2004T14812PoetryCushman, John

The Wild Ones2004T14811PoetryCushman, John

Wild Ones, The2002R09014PoetryJohn Cushman

Cushman, John

Wyoming is My Sidekick2001Q09011PoetryCushman, John

Wyoming is my sidekick... 2002R05108PoetryJohn Cushman
Cushman, JonBob Dog2003S12503PoetryCushman, Jon

Cattle Ranching in Puget Sound2000P12004

Cry the Home Ranch2000P05216
Cushman, Jon

[Dog s Bob Dog ] [?]2000P04902PoetryCushman, Jon

Dundee Dog2003S12505PoetryCushman, Jon

Fence Builders2003S05201PoetryCushman, Jon

[Johnny Boy] How am I going to get the hay fed out... 2003S08508PoetryCushman, Jon

Meaning Of Is, The2001Q09307PoetryCushman, Jon

Mi Madre2000P08213[Poetry]Cushman, Jon

Mom s Blackberry Pie2001Q05804PoetryCushman, Jon

My Mom s Blackberry Pie2000P05222[Poetry]Cushman, Jon

2003S08506PoetryCushman, Jon

My Mom s Blackbery Pie 2000P04912PoetryCushman, Jon

NAFTA, or Last of My Cows1998N08520PoetryCushman, Jon

Romeo2003S05202PoetryCushman, Jon

[Sequel to the last poem...]2000P11815Poetry[Cushman, Jon]

[Spring] Before the sunrise bird songs ring... 2003S08505PoetryCushman, Jon

[Thanksgiving] [?]2000P04901PoetryCushman, Jon

The Conservation Easement2003S05203PoetryCushman, Jon

The Last of My Cows 2000P11814Poetry[Cushman, Jon]

The Wild Ones2000P05214
Cushman, Jon


2003S12504PoetryCushman, Jon

[To My Ranch Woman in Wyoming]2003S08507PoetryCushman, Jon

Cushman, Jon

2000P08214[Poetry]Cushman, Jon

2001Q09306PoetryCushman, Jon
Cusimano, Chuck17 Cooks2000P03603PoetryCusimano, Chuck

Blind Date2000P05903
Cusimano, Chuck

2000P10114MusicCusimano, Chuck

Downhill2000P03602MusicCusimano, Chuck


No More Rivers2000P08910[Music]

Rodeo Rolling Stone2000P08913[Music]

Team Ropin 2000P05912
Cusimano, Chuck

Thank God We Were Cowboys2000P03604MusicCusimano, Chuck

The Great Bull Ride2000P08911[Music]

The Lord and the Good Cowboy2000P10116MusicCusimano, Chuck

We Were Cowboys 2000P05908

Wrangler Rick2000P10113PoetryCusimano, Chuck

Cusimano, Chuck

2000P10115PoetryCusimano, Chuck
D W GroetheCoffee Song2015EE03006Music

I Eat Meat [ Oprah Song ]2015EE03002Music

P S T the 3rd2015EE03022Poetry

The Bunny Poem2015EE03010Poetry

The Funeral / Methane2015EE03014Poetry

When True Love Runs Thin2015EE03018Music
Dahl, EnochThe Vulture1986B05306Poetry
Dahl, MarianneAlkali Ike s Zipper1986B03019PoetryKiskaddon,Bruce
Dahl, OliviaMary s Lamb1986B05305Poetry
Dahl, TaborThe Cows1986B05307PoetryDahl, Tabor

The Purple Cow1986B05308Poetry
Daley, Doris[?]2006V04522PoetryDaley, Doris

A Hundred Years from Now2000P07406
Daley, Doris

A Letter to Mr. Russell2006V04519PoetryDaley, Doris

A Mighty Shout [A Mite Short, or a Fiery Fight]2009Y06110Poetry

American Cowboy, The [Great American Cowboy]2009Y06114Poetry

Answering Machine2003S11001PoetryDaley, Doris

Bless the Hands2003S04802PoetryDaley, Doris

Bones2003S04803PoetryDaley, Doris

Bungie Jumping1999O05011PoetryDaley, Doris


Cowboy Benediction2003S11104PoetryDaley, Doris

[Cowboy love poem about Andy Hedges2003S07613PoetryDaley, Doris

Cowboy Poets in this Session2007W10514PoetryDaley, Doris

Cowboy Song2003S04815PoetryDaley, Doris

Cowboy s Benediction2003S11908PoetryDaley, Doris

Dancing With the Stars2009Y06106Poetry

Dear Sweetheart1999O07501PoetryDaley, Doris

2000P11614PoetryDaley, Doris

2006V09615PoetryDaley, Doris

[Description of Jake She Loves...]2003S07603PoetryDaley, Doris

Doris the Mule [The West Can Have the Rest of Me]2006V09604PoetryDaley, Doris

End Times2007W10511PoetryDaley, Doris

French Fries1999O12006PoetryDaley, Doris

Friends Forgive2000P07407
Daley, Doris

Great American Cowboy2003S11002PoetryDaley, Doris

Happy Trails2007W03412PoetryDaley, Doris

Happy Trails ?1999O10605PoetryDaley, Doris

Here From My Window2003S11906PoetryDaley, Doris

Heroes2007W03411PoetryDaley, Doris

How I Learned To Count2007W03410PoetryDaley, Doris

I Go Out Walkin After Midnight2000P07408
Daley, Doris

I remember the year we hired Pierre...2000P11613PoetryDaley, Doris

[In Flanders...]2007W08609Poetry[McCray, John]
McRae, John

It Happened to Him One Day At A Bridge1999O10701PoetryDaley, Doris

Jake1999O07502PoetryDaley, Doris

Jumper Cables / Queen Bee / Old Mother Hubbard2006V09611PoetryDaley, Doris

K96 Country and Western Radio2003S07604PoetryDaley, Doris

Letter From a Cowboy / MD s Best Snow Plow2003S07601PoetryDaley, Doris

Love Is Blind2003S06709PoetryDaley, Doris

Meet Jake2000P04109PoetryDaley, Doris

2006V09612PoetryDaley, Doris

Mr. Hockstein s Hired Man2003S07602PoetryDaley, Doris

My Rainbow1999O10604Poetry

Name That Tune1999O12008PoetryDaley, Doris

[Needing Man]2007W10507PoetryDaley, Doris

Neighbors Hands1999O05012PoetryDaley, Doris

Old Age1999O10702PoetryDaley, Doris

2000P04110PoetryDaley, Doris

2003S06707PoetryDaley, Doris

One Hundred Years from Now2003S11003PoetryDaley, Doris

Out Where the Wind Sweeps the Prairies1999O10703PoetryDaley, Doris

Pierre1999O05010PoetryDaley, Doris

2003S11101PoetryDaley, Doris

Pierre [French Canadian poem]2000P04108Poetry

Pierre French Fries2006V04511PoetryDaley, Doris

[poem about Rod Nelson]2006V09618PoetryDaley, Doris

[poem about Stetson Mangum]2006V09617PoetryDaley, Doris

Poem to Husband2003S11914PoetryDaley, Doris

Rainbows1999O07504PoetryDaley, Doris

2003S11103PoetryDaley, Doris

Ranch Hands1999O12007PoetryDaley, Doris

Rock and Roll1999O12005PoetryDaley, Doris

Saturday Night2003S04801PoetryDaley, Doris

Shania Has A Perfume2007W03408PoetryDaley, Doris

[Shania Has a Perfume]2009Y06102Poetry

[Stand Up Wind From Me]2006V04505PoetryDaley, Doris

The 1:30 Cowboy Crew2000P04111PoetryDaley, Doris

The Answering Machine2003S06708PoetryDaley, Doris

2003S11102PoetryDaley, Doris

The Answering Machine Comes to Haystack Farm2006V04515PoetryDaley, Doris

The Answering Machine Comes to the Ranch2007W03409PoetryDaley, Doris

The Bull Will Charge Later1999O07509PoetryDaley, Doris

The Great American Cowboy2003S11905PoetryDaley, Doris

The Horse2003S11907Poetry[Daley, Doris]

The Millionaire2003S04804PoetryDaley, Doris

The Potato2006V09603PoetryDaley, Doris

The Talkin Frog [The Talking Frog]1999O10603Poetry

The Thunder God2006V04518PoetryDaley, Doris

There s a Special Pair of Hands2000P11615PoetryDaley, Doris

They Keep Stealing On in the Night2003S10907PoetrySeval, Rhoda

They re wild and wooly and ride...2000P11616PoetryDaley, Doris

This Song is For You1999O10704PoetryDaley, Doris

Three Cowboy Sit [Three Cowboys Sit]1999O07508PoetryDaley, Doris

Three Cowboys on a Split Rail Fence2007W10501PoetryDaley, Doris

Three cowboys sit on a split rail fence...2000P11612PoetryDaley, Doris

Three Cowboys Sitting On a Fence2006V09601PoetryDaley, Doris

Tom1999O07503PoetryDaley, Doris

[Wedding Poem]2006V04510PoetryDaley, Doris

[Where Are They Now?] [Trivial Pursuit]2006V09602PoetryDaley, Doris

With No Two Chords Agreein 2000P07405
Daley, Doris
Dallas, Devin
2007W12624PoetryDallas, Devin
Dalton, JayA Love Knot In My Lariat1997M07005


Auctioneer Song2009Y05001Music

Auctioneer, The2008X00311Music

Back In the Saddle Again1998N15501MusicAutry, Gene

[Brute, The?] [Cowboy in the Continental Suite]2009Y05003Music

Cattle Call1997M07006
Arnold, Eddie



Claton Delaney 2009Y05006MusicHall. Tom T.

Hello Walls2008X00317Music

I Like Beer1999O09102MusicHall, Tom T.

Love Knot in My Lariat1999O13501
Montana Slim

[married a woman that sounded like Jerry Reid...]2008X00314Music

Night Time in Nevada2008X00313Music

Nighttime in Nevada1998N08706Music[Domich, Will ?]

No Use for Women1999O09101Music

Old Red2008X00312Music

Roly Poly2008X00318Music

Tennessee Waltz2008X00315Music

2009Y05004MusicKing, Pee Wee

Tiger By the Tail2009Y05005MusicOwens, Buck


Who s Going To Feed Those Hogs?1997M09401

Who s Gonna Feed Them Hogs?1998N08705MusicHall, Tom T.

1999O09104MusicHall, Tom T.

Wrangler Joe1999O09103Music
Dalton, Jay
Patterson, Bobby
Wheels1998N18008MusicAtkins, Chet
[Dalton?], NellThe Curse of the Cow, or How the West Was Lost1989E08811Poetry[Dalton?], Nell
Dance Delight(clogging dancers)2002R13814Song
Danielson, NicoleBill and Smoky1990F01428PoetryDanielson, Nicole
Dargell, SteveOregon or Bust2005U08705PoetryBunting, Bill

Riding for the Brand2005U08706PoetryDargell, Steve

The Blind Lady2005U08710PoetryBunting, Bill
Daseco, Taylor
2007W12621PoetryHawkins, Jim
Daugherty, JuniorBlack & White Rag2001Q03301SongDaugherty, Junior

Black & White Rage2001Q13504Song

Black and White Rag1999O11008Music


Black and White Rag / Draggin the Bow2003S03509Music


Crap Shooter s Rag2003S03505MusicDaughtery, Junior

2003S03605MusicDaughtery, Junior

Faded Love / Forgotten Prayer [Faded Love / Maiden s Prayer]1999O11504MusicWills, Bob

Faded Love / Maiden s Prayer1999O11006MusicWills, Bob

1999O11407MusicWills, Bob

Faded Love / Maiden s Prayer / Faded Prayer2003S03506MusicWills, Bob

Faded Love/Maiden s Prayer2001Q03314SongWills, Bob

Faded Love/Prairie Medley2001Q13505SongWills, Bob

Faded Prayer / Faded Love / Maiden s Prayer2003S03606MusicWills, Bob

Festival Waltz2001Q03305SongDaugherty, Junior

Gardenia Waltz2001Q03311SongDaugherty, Junior

Guard-Eating Waltz, The (?)2001Q13507SongKimball, Johnny

Junior s2001Q13503SongDaugherty, Junior

Leather Bridge 1999O11011Music

Lime Rock2003S03507Music

2003S03607MusicDaughtery, Junior

Limerock2001Q03308SongDaugherty, Junior

Maple Leaf Reel2001Q13502SongDaugherty, Junior

New Mexico Waltz2003S03508MusicUnger, Jay

2003S03608MusicDaughtery, Junior

Rose of Abermore [Rose of Avondale ?]1999O11503Music

Rose of Avonmore1999O11014Music

Sally Goodin1999O11003Music

Sally Goodin 2001Q13506SongRobertson, Eck

Sally Goodman [Sally Goodin]1999O11505Music

Tom & Jerry2001Q03317SongDaugherty, Junior
Daugherty, Junior
Daley, Maynard
Baby Love / Faded Love1999O05808MusicWills, Bob

Black and White Rag1999O05809Music

Junior s Waltz1999O05810MusicDaughtery, Junior

Washington Texas Swing1999O05811Music
Daugherty, Junior
Danley, Maynard
Black and White Rag1999O11405Music

Rose of Avonvale1999O11406Music
Daugherty, Junior
Jones, Elbow
Black and White Rag / Draggin the Bow2003S08713Music

Bleeding Heart2003S08709Music

Maple Leaf Reel2003S08716Music

New Mexico Waltz2003S08705MusicUnger, Jay

Tom and Jerry2003S08701Music
Daugherty, Junior
Jones, Elbow
Griffin, Chris
Griffin, Regina
Cox, Beth
Black and White Rag / Draggin the Bow2003S13016Music

Faded Love2003S08907MusicWills, Bob

Faded Prayer2003S13019MusicWills, Bob

I ve Got A New Road Under My Wheels2003S13013MusicWills, Bob

Keys In the Mailbox, Come On In2003S08902Music

Pick Me Up on Your Way Down2003S13017Music

Rubber Dolly2003S08901MusicWills, Bob

Sally Goodin2003S08904Music

San Antonio Rose2003S08903Music

St. Anne s Reel2003S08906Music

Star Spangled Banner2003S13014MusicKey, Francis Scott

The Crap Shooter s Rag2003S13012Music

The Rose of Avonmore2003S13015Music

Tom and Jerry2003S13018Music

You re Something Special2003S08905MusicStrait, George
Daugherty, Junior
McMaster, Buddy
Beaton, Joey
St. Anne s Reel1999O11424Music

The Rose of Avonvale1999O11425MusicSkinner, J. Scott
Daugherty, Junior , Elana Fremerman, Richard ChonBeaumont Jig2001Q09408Song

Faded Love2001Q09409SongWills, Bob

Mad Cow Boogie2001Q09406Song

My Confession2001Q09405Song

Sally Goodin 2001Q09407Song

Silver Bells2001Q09410Song

Take Me Back to Tulsa2001Q09411SongWills, Bob
Daugherty, Junior & Elvin JonesBlack & White Rag2001Q06301SongDaugherty, Junior

Faded Love2001Q06305SongWills, Bob

Festival Waltz2001Q06302SongDaugherty, Junior

Milk Cow Blues2001Q06303SongWills, Bob

Tom & Jerry2001Q06304SongDaugherty, Junior
Davey Gravy & the BiscuitsFifty Years Ago2002R05707SongIan Tyson

Skyballed Paint2002R05708Song

When the Bloom is On the Sage2002R05706Song
David Wilke and Cowboy CelticBallad of Nate Champion / Black Nag1998N10120Music

[introduction] Ceilidth1998N10101Music

Trail to Mexico / The Banshee / In the Taproom1998N10111Music
David Wilkie and Cowboy CelticBuffalo Gals1999
Davis Stephanie & Rich O BrienSalt River Valley1996L02303MusicWalker, Cindy

That Lone Star Swing1996L02302Music

Yellow Moon1996L02301Music
Davis, AlvinCowboy Religion1990F09708PoetryDavis, Alvin

Temporary Reincarnation1990F09709PoetryFlake, Rolf
Davis, AndreaLooking for Romance (The Cowgirl s Lament)2003S08409PoetryDavis, Andrea

Those Cowgirl Hearts2003S08410PoetryStrong, Jeralynn
Davis, AnnI Had a Pony1994J10818Poetry

Stars1992H08805PoetryDavis, Ann
Davis, BethWet Ride, The1996L09619Poetry

With a [?] in Her Heart1994J10811Poetry
Davis, GeneHigh Sierra Roundup1988D08101PoetryDavis, Gene

Rough Night In Another Town1988D08112PoetryDavis, Gene
Davis, K.D.Poultry s the Way to Go1998N08312Poetry
Davis, KevinA Cowboy Is What I ll Be2003S03501MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S03601MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S08801MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S13211MusicDavis, Kevin

Grandma s Eyes2003S03503MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S03603MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S08803MusicDavis, Kevin

[guitar improv - untitled]2003S05703MusicDavis, Kevin
Green, Luke

Roundup in the Spring2003S13210MusicDavis, Kevin

This Cowboy s Heart2003S03504MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S05704MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S08804MusicDavis, Kevin

Until The End of Time2003S03604MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S05701MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S13213MusicDavis, Kevin

Whe He Calls Out Your Name2003S08802MusicDavis, Kevin

When He Calls Out Your Name2003S03502MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S03602MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S05702MusicDavis, Kevin

2003S13212MusicDavis, Kevin
Davis, KeylieOld Buck1998N15520PoetryDavis, Keylie
Davis, MandyNever Fight at Night1990F01427PoetryDavis, Mandy
Davis, RandallMama1994J10504PoetryDavis, Randall

Me1994J10503PoetryDavis, Randall

The Round Pen1994J06108PoetryDavis, Randall

The Twister1994J06107PoetryDavis, Randall

[Tradition?]1994J10514PoetryDavis, Randall
Davis, RyanBare Back Horse1994J06109PoetryDavis, Ryan

Bron s Lover1994J06110PoetryDavis, Ryan

The Dink in the Bronc String1994J10501PoetryDavis, Ryan

The Land of Enchantment1994J10502PoetryDavis, Ryan

The Nineteenth of May1994J10513PoetryDavis, Ryan
Davis, Stephanie A farmer growing pot...2005U12050PoetryDavis, Stephanie

A Tale of Mary Randall1997M110b15Music

A trucker just south of Pierre....2005U12049PoetryDavis, Stephanie

About Winter2002R14110SongStephanie Davis

[Bailing Twine]2007W04908MusicDavis, Stephanie

Blue Norther1999O06721MusicDavis, Stephanie

Christmas at Speckled Inn2007W12708MusicDavis, Stephanie

Cold Wind Blow1999O12010MusicDavis, Stephanie

Crocus In the Snow2001Q04710SongDavis, Stephanie

27SongDavis, Stephanie

2001Q06111SongDavis, Stephanie

2001Q09705SongDavis, Stephanie

2002R05614SongStephanie Davis

2002R14107SongStephanie Davis

Dating in the Nineties [Dating in the 90s]1997M11515Music

Diamond O1996L11402Music

[Dying Breed ?]1997M11516Music

Dyslexic trucker named Larry2005U12051PoetryDavis, Stephanie

Elko Gathering2002R14106SongStephanie Davis

Feel the Cold Wind Blow1999O05905MusicDavis, Stephanie

2001Q06114SongDavis, Stephanie

Fiddle Music1997M11513Music

Fiddle Music - Old Brown ?1997M11514Music

Flowers of Mexico2002R09415Song

For a Wedding and a Funeral1999
O02406MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Four short limericks]1997M110a04PoetryDavis, Stephanie

Give a Little Bit Back1997M09508Music



O02403MusicDavis, Stephanie

1999O12009MusicDavis, Stephanie

haiku - Aunt Hilda s Fruit Cake2005U12010PoetryDavis, Stephanie

haiku - Mud Season Mantra2005U12009PoetryDavis, Stephanie

haiku - Pure Beaver Stetson2005U12011PoetryDavis, Stephanie

Harvest Time2005U06606MusicDavis, Stephanie

I can t sleep tonight, I feel the cold wind blow.... 1999
O02402MusicDavis, Stephanie

I Feel the Cold Wind Blow1999O06718MusicDavis, Stephanie

Icy Blue Norther1999O12011MusicDavis, Stephanie

Icy Blue Northern2001Q04730PoetryDavis, Stephanie

Ikie2007W12702MusicDavis, Stephanie

Irish melody - fiddle1997M11410Music

[Just A Cup of Coffee]1997M110a05MusicDavis, Stephanie

limerick - Pahrump2005U12012PoetryDavis, Stephanie

[limerick about Elko]2005U12030PoetryDavis, Stephanie

[limerick about Paul Zarzyski]2005U12029PoetryDavis, Stephanie

[limerick about Wally McRae]2005U12002PoetryDavis, Stephanie

04PoetryDavis, Stephanie

[limerick: He Knows all the words to El Paso]2005U12031PoetryDavis, Stephanie

O02404MusicDavis, Stephanie

[limericks ?]1997M110b03PoetryDavis, Stephanie


Lone Star Swing1997M09506Music

1999O06717MusicDavis, Stephanie

2002R07212SongStephanie Davis

2002R07312SongStephanie Davis

Lone Star Swing [?]1997M110a03Music

Lone Start Swing1999O05906MusicDavis, Stephanie

Lonestar Swing2002R09414SongStephanie Davis

Long Branch2002R14109SongStephanie Davis

[Lullaby for her dog]2007W04918MusicDavis, Stephanie

Maria s Offering1997M110a18Music

Medley: Baler Flats / Up On the Highland / Brown Dog1997M110a10Music

Montana, Home Sweet Home2001Q06110SongDavis, Stephanie

Nightengale Song1999O06719MusicDavis, Stephanie

Nightingale Song1997M09507Music

[One Small Bird]1999O05907MusicDavis, Stephanie

Prairie2002R14111SongStephanie Davis

Prairie Lullaby1999
O02405MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Prairie Lullaby ?]1997M110a11MusicDavis, Stephanie

Prairie Lullabye2001Q09702SongDavis, Stephanie

Says a gent to a clerk in a mall... [limerick about inflatable doll]2005U12037PoetryDavis, Stephanie

Shadows Creep Across the Hills1997M11414Music


Some Things Cost Too Much2001Q04712SongDavis, Stephanie

29SongDavis, Stephanie

2001Q06113SongDavis, Stephanie

2001Q09708SongDavis, Stephanie

2002R05615SongStephanie Davis

Somethin Bout Montana2002R05612SongStephanie Davis

2002R07211SongStephanie Davis

2002R07311SongStephanie Davis

Something Bout Montana2001Q04709SongDavis, Stephanie

26SongDavis, Stephanie

Something About Montana2002R09417SongStephanie Davis

Sooner Or Later2002R14112SongStephanie Davis

Spotted Ass2001Q04711PoetryDavis, Stephanie

28PoetryDavis, Stephanie

2001Q06112PoetryDavis, Stephanie

2002R05613SongStephanie Davis

2002R14114SongStephanie Davis

Thanks for the Ride1997M11517Music

The Blue Norther1999
O02407MusicDavis, Stephanie

[The Ones the Walues Pulled Down ?]1997M09513Music

The Ones the Wolves Pulled Down1999O06720MusicDavis, Stephanie

The Prairie Lullaby1997M09511Music

The Spotted Ass2005U06607MusicDavis, Stephanie

Times A Wasting / Thread the Needle1997M09509Music

Trucker2002R14113SongStephanie Davis

Turning Toward the Light2007W12705MusicDavis, Stephanie

[unknown]2007W10609MusicDavis, Stephanie

Up On the High Line / Old Brown Dog1996L11401Music

Welcome to Elko, Nevada.... 2005U12052PoetryDavis, Stephanie

What to Like About Montana2007W10608MusicDavis, Stephanie

What Would Wally Do? Series (Part 1)2005U12039PoetryDavis, Stephanie

What Would Wally Do? Series (part 2)2005U12041PoetryDavis, Stephanie


Wind / Blue Norther1999O05908MusicDavis, Stephanie



2002R07206SongStephanie Davis

2002R07306SongStephanie Davis

2002R09416SongStephanie Davis

[Wolves]2007W10617MusicDavis, Stephanie

Yellow Moon1997M110a19Music

Yellow Moon (?)1997M09512Music

Zipper Stuck2002R14108SongStephanie Davis
Davis, Stephanie
Cannon, Hal
Hitting The Trail Tonight1997M110b10MusicKiskaddon, Bruce
[Cannon, Hal]

[medley - fiddle tunes]1997M110b09Music
Davis, Stephanie
Groethe, D.W.
McRae, Wallace
Ohrlin, Glenn
Zarzyski, Paul
Newman, Fred
Cowboy Trivia Pyramid2007W05024
Davis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
McRae, Wallace
Newman, Fred
[more radio ads]2007W04919
Davis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
McRae, Wallace
Ohrlin, Glenn
Newman, Fred
Zarzyski, Paul

Davis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
Mitchell, Waddie
Amazing Grace1997M11413Music


Davis, Stephanie
Newman, Fred
[Dancing wild holistic cow massage commercial]2007W05008
Davis, Stephanie

[Dead of Winter2007W04901
Davis, Stephanie
Newman, Fred
Davis, Stephanie
Newman, Fred
[McRae, Wallace]
[Carl s Cowdog Cattle outfit]2007W05023
Davis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
Newman, Fred
Zarzyski, Paul
McRae, Wallace
Rob and Steel Realty2007W04906MusicDavis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
O Brien, Rich
Salt River Valley1997M00704MusicWalker, Cindy
Davis, Stephanie
Ranch Hand Band
Baling Twine2007W13114MusicDavis, Stephanie

Goodnight Little Cow Pup2007W13113MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Montana]2007W13112MusicDavis, Stephanie

[National Society for] Baling Twine2007W05011MusicDavis, Stephanie

Talking Harvest Time Blues2007W13110MusicDavis, Stephanie

The Spotted Ass2007W13111MusicDavis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie
The Ranch Hand Band
Good Night Little Cow Pup2007W05022MusicDavis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie [and band]Beneath the Snow2005U13610MusicDavis, Stephanie

Bronco Buster s Ball2005U02821MusicDavis, Stephanie

Brown Dog2005U02820MusicDavis, Stephanie

Cold Wind Blow2005U13608MusicDavis, Stephanie

Crocus In the Snow2005U02718MusicDavis, Stephanie

2005U02814MusicDavis, Stephanie

Get Along Little Dogies2005U02815Music

Give a Little Bit Back2005U13607MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Home Grown Tomatoes]2005U02716MusicDavis, Stephanie

Idaho2005U02715Music[Basie, Count]

2005U13616MusicDavis, Stephanie

Ike s Story2005U02816MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Ikey]2005U13613MusicDavis, Stephanie

Just a Cup of Coffee2005U13615MusicDavis, Stephanie

Lonestar Swing [Texas]2005U02812MusicDavis, Stephanie

Looks Like Lonesome2005U13617MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Montana]2005U02714MusicDavis, Stephanie

Old Brown Dog2005U13621MusicDavis, Stephanie

Prairie Lullaby2005U02717MusicDavis, Stephanie

2005U02818MusicDavis, Stephanie

The Diamond O2005U02713MusicDavis, Stephanie

The Lonestar Swing2005U13614MusicDavis, Stephanie

There s a Springtime Feeling in my Heart [Crocus in the Snow]2005U13606MusicDavis, Stephanie

[There s Something About Montana]2005U02813MusicDavis, Stephanie

Thread the Needle2005U13611MusicDavis, Stephanie

Time s A-Wasting2005U13612MusicDavis, Stephanie

Turning to the Light2005U02819MusicDavis, Stephanie

2005U13618MusicDavis, Stephanie

[Turning to the Light]2005U02719MusicDavis, Stephanie

Wagon Wheels2005U02817Music

2005U13620MusicDavis, Stephanie

Wolves2005U13619MusicDavis, Stephanie

Yellow Moon2005U13609MusicDavis, Stephanie
Davis, Stephanie [and band]
Cannon, Hal
Mitchell, Waddie
Roberts, Dan
Hitting the Trail Tonight2005U02720MusicKiskaddon, Bruce
Davis, Stephanie & Don EdwardsGive a Little Bit Back1995K07405Music

Prairie Lullaby1995K07407Music


Davis, Stephanie; Don Burnham, Gene GimbleSilver Bells2001Q06115Song
[Davis, Stephanie]Prairie Lullaby2006V13604Music[Davis, Stephanie]
Davis, TexCool Water1989E02204MusicNolan, Bob

Seven Miles to Mary Ann [ There s a blizzard coming on.... ]1989E02205Music

Tumbling Tumbleweeds1989E02203MusicNolan, Bob

[ We had an old cow, wouldn t give no milk.... ]1989E02202Poetry
Dawes, MickeyHip Hop Buckaroo1998N08301Poetry

Smack in the Saddle Again1998N08305Poetry
Dawson, C. F.Outfitters Take a Hundred Plus Ten Dollar Test1987C02913PoetryDawson, C. F.

Trail Rider s Dream1987C02914PoetryDawson, C. F.
Dawson, C. F. Monk Burros Live to Bray1986B01908PoetryDawson, C. F. Monk

Love in the Barn1986B01909PoetryDawson, C. F. Monk

Trophy s Prayer1986B01907PoetryDawson, C. F. Monk
Dayton, SharonBadgers Are Biters2004T14820PoetryDayton, Sharon

Bears2004T14821PoetryDayton, Sharon

Jesus Was A Country Boy2004T14819PoetryDayton, Sharon
de Galard, Guy
2007W07002PoetryLaurent, Estelle

04PoetryLaurent, Henri

06PoetryLaurent, Henri

08PoetryLaurent, Henri

10PoetryLaurent, Estelle

12Poetry[Laurent, Henri]
Dean, DebbieBein Cowboy Comes From Within1996L06004PoetryDean, Debbie

Being Country Comes From Within1996L10304Poetry


Could It Ever Have Been1996L10303Poetry

Middle One, The1996L06012PoetryDean, Debbie

Saddle er Up Mom1996L10412Poetry

The Middle One1998N17323
Dean, Debbie

The Year 20081998N17324
Dean, Debbie [father of]
Dean, GrahamClancy s Going to Queensland2000P05107PoetryPaterson, Banjo

Home Brew2000P05108PoetryDean, Graham
Dean, Louise K.A Country Lady2000P11122PoetryDean, Louise

A Country Mum2000P010B13PoetryThorne, Sandy

2000P11120PoetryThorne, Sandy

Campfire2000P010B14PoetryMorris, Claude

2000P11123PoetryMorris, Claude

Coming Home2000P010B12PoetryDean, Louise & Graham

2000P06811PoetryDean, Louise & Graham

Gold Against the Gray2000P11119PoetryWill, Veronica

Just a Dance2000P03403PoetryDean, Louise

2000P11121PoetryDean, Louise

Lost2000P06810PoetryPaterson, Banjo

Rain at Last2000P010B11PoetryAlderton, Margaret

The Breakers Trail2000P03402PoetryWeal, Veronica

[The Pearl of Them All]2000P010B10PoetryOgilvie, Will

2000P06809PoetryOgilvie, Will

Welcome2000P010B09PoetryDean, Graham
Dean, RosalynKnight in the Shining Straw Hat, The1996L10408Poetry

Year Was 2008, The1996L10409Poetry
Deborah Madison
Pat O Toole
Sheryl Russell
From the Ranch to the Table: Creatively Connecting the Dots2007W05201Panel Discussion
Deferrari, Armando
Lozano, Pablo

[video clip on rawhide braiding]2006V06301Discussion

Delisle, JackieBlue Pictures1998N15506Poetry
Deloney, JimThe Last Gate1990F05516PoetryDeloney, Jim

The Sign1990F05517PoetryDeloney, Jim
Delony, JimA Gift1990F09820PoetryDelony, Jim

Must We Sit Idly By1991G09310PoetryDelony, Jim

Southwest Cuisine1990F09821PoetryDelony, Jim

The Last Gate1990F09822PoetryDelony, Jim

1991G09301PoetryDelony, Jim

The Legacy of the Old Fiddle1991G04901PoetryDelony, Jim

This Friendship of Ours1990F09833PoetryDelony, Jim
Demorest, Bob[Soft Voiced Hummer]1985A03808PoetryDemorest, Bob

Winter Trapping1985A03807PoetryDemorest, Bob
DeNaeyer, LynA Guide for the Bride1992H04416Poetry

Better Shop Around1992H04403Poetry

Breakin Even1992H07608PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

1994J08512PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Built for Speed1992H04404Poetry

1994J04511PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Crissy s Last Ride1994J01906PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Down Wind from the Smoke1994J08503PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Echoes1994J08504PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

For a Displaced Cowboy1994J04504PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Quittin Time1994J01915PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Rancher s Revenge1994J08005PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Salt of the Earth1994J08011PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Benediction1992H07616PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Choice1992H07607PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Kid Pony1994J01907PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Last Word1994J08004PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Reflection1994J04512PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

The Salt of the Earth1992H04410Poetry

The Tribute1992H07615PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Things the Heart Remembers1994J04505PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn

Tradin In Tomorrow1992H04411Poetry

Walk Against the Wind1992H07609PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn
DeNaeyer, Lyn & Bruce MessersmithGal That Never Looked Back, The2001Q11110PoetryDeNaeyer, Lyn
[DeNaeyer, Lyn]

What It Takes to Make a Cowboy1992H07504Poetry

You Will Never Be Alone1992H07510Poetry[DeNaeyer, Lyn]
Dennis, Bob



Adrenalin Junkies1997M04410

An Evening s Work1989E01104Poetry

Bar Room1989E01310Poetry

Blizzard1997M01204PoetryWood, Bill



Cow Boss1989E01309Poetry


Cowboss [Cow Boss]1990F04412PoetryDennis, Bob

Dan1997M03408PoetryDennis, Bob

Feeding Some Cows1997M04404

Home Garden1989E01308Poetry

Home Guard Cowboy1997M01205Poetry

I ve been told I should stop chewing snoose...1990F04407PoetryDennis, Bob

January Thaw1989E07604PoetryDennis, Bob

John T1989E01307Poetry

King of the World1997M03407PoetryAvery, Keith

Night Sport1989E07603PoetryDennis, Bob

Occupation Advice to Sons1997M04425

Progress1990F08911PoetryDennis, Bob

Rain1989E07612PoetryDennis, Bob

1990F08905PoetryDennis, Bob



Snoose1997M03406PoetryDennis, Bob

Spring and Scours1990F08904PoetryDennis, Bob

Spring Fencing1990F04304PoetryDennis, Bob

The Chore1990F04316PoetryDennis, Bob

What s a Cowboy1989E01315Poetry

Work Horses and Tractors1990F04303PoetryDennis, Bob

Workhorses and Tractors1989E01316Poetry
Dennis, ZebBorn To Be An Outlaw1997M01604Poetry

Cowboy Blessing1997M08718

Fine Art of Horse Cussing1997M08706

Gotta Phone Call From a Friend at 11:30 at Night1997M05115Poetry

Making of the Hand1997M01603Poetry

Some Folks Call It The Science of the Ferrier, or Fine Art of Horse Cussin [Horse Cussing]1997M05114Poetry

The Lace Handkerchief1997M08712

Dennis,BobGood Help Is Hard to Find1989E02602PoetryDennis,Bob

Me, Dennis [Mister Dennis]1989E02601PoetryDennis,Bob

The Chore1989E02603PoetryDennis,Bob
Densmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam
Four Seasons2004T07608Music
Densmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam
[camel song]2004T00722MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

[four seasons folk song]2004T00714Music

[Greyish-color Horse]2004T00718Music

Home on the Range2004T00724Music



In Praise of the Mountains2004T07610Music

[mouth harp duet]2004T00721MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

Praise Song for Altai Mountains2004T12025Music

[praise song for Altee Mountain of Mongolia]2004T00723MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

[praise song for capitol of Mongolia]2004T00716Music

[praise song for Elko]2004T00719MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

Praise Song for the Altai Mountains2004T11923Music

[Praise Song for the Mongolian Capitol City]2004T12015Music

[praise song for the mountains]2004T00710MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

[River song]2004T00720MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

The Four Seasons2004T11922Music


[The Hoofbeats of Ten Thousand Horses]2004T00715MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam

The Mountain2004T00717Music

The River Nagal2004T00711Music

The Two Sweethearts2004T00712Music

Why I Like Butte2004T12014PoetryZarzyski, Paul

Yellow-Brown Horse2004T00713MusicDensmaa, Tseye Tsend. Ayush
Tserendorj, Tserendorj
Tserendorj, Soyol. Erdene
Badamsuren, Bayaraa Bayarsaikan
Tseden, Darinyam
Densmore, DaveAct Like a Man2006V13715PoetryDensmore, Dave

[At Last]2006V01224PoetryDensmore, Dave

[Coming On To Spring]2006V01221PoetryDensmore, Dave

Hands2006V13712PoetryDensmore, Dave

[Remembrance]2006V01225PoetryDensmore, Dave

Skeeter s Song2006V13716PoetryDensmore, Dave

[The Ride]2006V06511PoetryDensmore, Dave

The Tourist2006V13713PoetryDensmore, Dave

[Visitation]2006V01223PoetryDensmore, Dave

[Wind]2006V01222PoetryDensmore, Dave

Words2006V13714PoetryDensmore, Dave
Densmore, DavidComeuppance2006V05208PoetryDensmore, David

Loser2006V05211PoetryDensmore, David

Quitter2006V05210PoetryDensmore, David

Spirit Raven2006V05209PoetryDensmore, David

Torn2006V05207PoetryDensmore, David
Depray, PattyFlower Fed Buffalo1997M05217Poetry

I m The Girl the Frog Refused to Kiss1997M05219Poetry

Deseret String BandChisholm Trail, The1996L11009Music[Traditional]

Cowboy s Wild Song to His Herd, The1996L11007MusicCarter Family

[fiddle and banjo]1985A02401Music

[fiddle, concertina, guitar]1985A02402Music

Gal I Left Behind Me, The1996L11008Music[Traditional]

Little Doney [Doney Gal]1996L11006Music[Traditional]

The Mormon Cowboy1985A02403Music

Turkey in the Straw1996L11010MusicClark, Charles Badger

[two fiddles, guitar, spoons?]1985A02404Music
Deshon, BrentCowboy Shooting2003S08602PoetryDeshon, Brent

Horse Sense2003S08210PoetryDeshon, Brent

Joel and Quaid2003S12603PoetryDeShon, Brent

Retirement2003S12604PoetryDeShon, Brent

Self-Employment (Retirement Part 2)2003S12605PoetryDeShon, Brent

The Cayose They Call Pete2003S08209PoetryDeshon, Brent

The Horseshoer s Guarantee [Bruce Trilogy]2003S12413PoetryDeshon, Brent

The Ninety-seventh Head2003S08601PoetryDeshon, Brent

The One That Got Away [Bruce Trilogy]2003S12414PoetryDeshon, Brent

The Rebuttal to the Unemployed (Retirement Part 3)2003S12606PoetryDeShon, Brent
Deshon, BrettBeing Lazy2004T10012PoetryDeshon, Brett

H.A.2004T10001PoetryDeshon, Brett

The Exterminator2004T10008PoetryDeshon, Brett
Detmer, MelNighttime In Nevada1997M05206Music

The Gal I Left Behind1997M05205Music
DeVinaspre, Matthew
1992H09303MusicBrooks, Garth

Ridin High1992H09304Music
DeYoe, TylerCowboy Joe2002R13856Poetry

Dial, JohnProgress1999O12802PoetryDial, John

Revelation1999O12905PoetryDial, John

The Mount1999O12906PoetryDial, John
Dick, Graham

Alwinton Show1999O09111Music

And the Cows Mean Cows1999O07312MusicDick, Graham

bellingham Shore1999O11703Music

Eyes of a Collie Pup1999O07311PoetryDick, Graham

Footprints in the Snow1999O09110Music

Hills of Wannie1999O11711Poetry

The Simon Side Walker1999O09109MusicCarlyle, Duncan
Dickenson, DuaneCowboy s Meditation1989E06406Music

Texas Cowboy1989E06405Music
Dickenson, EffieBuffalo2004T14931PoetryDickenson, Effie
Dickinson, DuaneAfter the Roundup1999O06705MusicO Malley, D.J.

[After the Roundup]2005U05308PoetryO Malley, D.J.

Bees Are In the Hive1998N18211

Big Rock Candy Mountain2005U11905Poetry

Bill Was a Texas Lad [Windy Bill]2000P06702Music[Farley] [?]

Bronco Rider1991G02313Music[Traditional]

Bucking Bronc [?]2000P12401

Bucking Bronco1999O05604Music

Bucking Bronko [Broncho] [Bronco]1995K10202MusicStarr, Belle

Cowboy Jack1999O09116Music

Cowboy s Meditation1993I05509Music




D2 Horse Wrangler1999O13214MusicD J O Malley

2000P06701MusicO Malley, D. J.

2005U05309PoetryO Malley, D.J.

Doney Gal1990F02622Music[Traditional]

Dreary Black Hills1999O05603Music

[Dreary Black Hills, The]1987C006027Music

Following the Cow Trail2005U05310Poetry

Get Along Little Dogies2005U05312Poetry

Girl I Left Behind1990F10604Music

Goodbye Old Paint1999O05601Music



[High Tone Dance]2005U05311PoetryAdams, James Barton

High Toned Dance2000P12402

I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring1999O06707Music



I d Like to Be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring...1995K06218Music

I ve Got No Use for the Women1987C006026Music

John Garner s Trail Herd1993I02609Music

Lee s Fairy [Lee s Ferry]1990F07202Music

Lee s Ferry1990F02706Music

Little Joe the Wrangler1990F02624Music[Thorp, N. Howard Jack ]


Little Red Patch In the Seat of My Trousers1999O13215Music

Long Long Texas Trail1990F07201MusicDickinson, Duane

Long, Long Texas Trail1999O09118MusicDickinson, Duane

My Harding County Home Out West1993I05510Music

Pitch, You Old Piebald, Pitch1998N08809Music

Playing Bull2005U05313PoetryCarpenter, Ed

Powder River / Let Her Buck1999O06703MusicLee, Powder River Jack

Ramblin Cowboy1990F10603Music

Roll On Little Doggies2000P05501Music

Springtime In the Rockies1999O13213Music


Strawberry Roan1987C006025Music

1990F02704MusicFletcher, Curley

1995K10203MusicFletcher, Curley

1999O05602MusicFletcher, Curley

Streets of Laredo2000P05504Music

Texas Trail1990F10605Music

The Cowboy s Soliloquy1988D02412MusicO Malley, D. J.

The D-2 Horse Wrangler (The Tenderfoot)1988D02411MusicO Malley, D. J.

The Dreary Black Hills1988D00611Music[Traditional]


The Dust Eating Cowboys1999O09119MusicGordon, Davis Randall

The Flyin U Twister [The Flying U Twister]1998N08810MusicFletcher, Curly

The Long Texas Trail1990F02705Music

The Long, Long Texas Trail1988D08919Music

The Outlaw Strawberry Roan2000P05503Music

The Railroad Corral1988D00604Music[Traditional]

The Strawberry Roan1993I02608Music

The Tenderfoot1991G02308Music[O Malley, D. J. ?]

The Texas Cowboy1988D08918Music[Traditional]

Two Little Girls in Blue1999O13212Music

Tying Knots in Devil s Tail [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail]1990F02623MusicGardner, Gail

Tying Knots In the Devil s Tail1999O09117MusicGardner, Gail

Utah Carl [Utah Carroll]1988D08917Music[Traditional]

When the Bees Are in the Hive1995K06219Music


When the Work s All Done This Fall1993I05508MusicO Malley, D.J.

Whoopi Ti Yi Yo1990F02621Music[Traditional]

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo1993I02606Music

Whoopie Yi Ti Yo1999O13210MusicTraditional

Windy Bill 2005U11903Poetry

Wyoming Home2005U11904Poetry
Dickinson, Duane
Bluff, Dick
D2 Horse Wrangler2005U09014MusicO Malley, D.J.

I ve Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring2005U09013Music[Sprague, Carl]

Springtime in the Rockies2005U09015Music

The Black Hills2005U09016Music[Dreary]

When the Bees Are In the Hive2005U09012Music
Dickinson, Duane
Dilloff, Dobro Dick
Blackburn, Sean
Lyons, Bill
My Old Wyoming Home1993I09921Music

The Tenderfoot1993I09922MusicO Malley, D.J.
Dickinson, Duane
Dilloff, Dobro Dick
Blackburn, Sean
Lyons, Bill
Masterson, Liz
I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring [recording incomplete]1993I09923Music
[Dickinson, Duane ?]I d Like to Be in Texas (for the Roundup in the Spring)1987C05537Music[Traditional]

Little Joe the Wrangler1987C05536Music[Thorp, N. Howard Jack ]

When the Works All Done This Fall1987C05535Music
Dickinson, Duane & Dobro DickThe Tenderfoot1995K06217Music
Dickinson, Duane; Dobro DickHigh Toned Dance1991G02503Music

Round Up in the Spring [I d Like to Be in Texas (for the Roundup in the Spring)1991G02504Music

The Old Texas Cowboy1991G02502Music
Dicknson, DuaneCowboy s Meditation1987C03141Music

My Little Chopo1987C03143Music

Punchin the Dough1987C03142Music

Texas Cowboy1987C03140Music
Diehl, Karlissa?2002R13860Poetry
Dixon, DixieHickory Wind1999O13403Music[Parsons, Gram ?]

Ragtime Cowboy Joe1999O13404Music
Dixon, RonThe Buckaroo1990F05317PoetryDixon, Ron

The Cowboys Ate Sheep1990F05316PoetryDixon, Ron

This is Really Livin 1990F05315PoetryDixon, Ron
Dixon, Ronnie
2007W10704PoetryDixon, Ronnie

05PoetryDixon, Ronnie

06PoetryDixon, Ronnie

Buckaroo2007W15808PoetryDixon, Ronnie

Final Mustang Run1991G09403PoetryDixon, Ronnie

Foolish [Night] Ride1989E08313PoetryDixon, Ronnie

Mustang Run1988D08106PoetryDixon, Ronnie

1989E08314PoetryDixon, Ronnie

[poem about cowboys eating sheep]1991G09401PoetryDixon, Ronnie

[poem about the buckaroo]1991G09402PoetryDixon, Ronnie

The Cowboys Ate Sheep1988D08117PoetryDixon, Ronnie
Dodge, KatieBaby Colt2005U13546Poetry

Cat2004T14935PoetryDodge, Katie
Dodge, LynnOut West2002R13845Poetry

The Escape2005U13545Poetry
[Doe, Joe] [Anon.]Elko ?1990F02619

Dofflemeyer, JohnBenediction2002R10813PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

2002R10913PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Black Mornings2000P07401Poetry[McLaury, Buster ?]

Cows-R-Us2002R11901PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Dear Congressman2002R11905PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Dear Congressman 2000P03606PoetryDofflemeyer, John

Elderwood Coyote2002R11902PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Elegy For Long Rhymers2002R11904PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Feeding the Squirrels2002R11903PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Filling the Shade2002R07504PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

For Men Only2000P03607PoetryDofflemeyer, John

Fourth of July2002R10811PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Last Supper2000P07403Poetry[McLaury, Buster ?]

Me & Kenny2002R07502PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

One April2000P03605PoetryDofflemeyer, John

Poems We Never Remember Exactly, The2002R10812PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

2002R11917PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Reincarnation Revisited2000P07402Poetry[McLaury, Buster ?]

Stolen Hands2002R10912PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Summer Hibernation2002R10810PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

2002R10911PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Third Ear2002R10809PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

2002R10910PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

To Have a Man2000P07404Poetry[McLaury, Buster ?]
Dofflemyer, John
1999O08102PoetryDofflemyer, John


A Little Too Close to Town1989E07605PoetryDofflemyer, John

After Dark2015EE00914PoetryJohn Dofflemyer


Amusin 1991G04117PoetryDofflemyer, John

April Bullfrogs2007W14504PoetryDofflemyer, John

April Sunday2005U12505PoetryDofflemyer, John

Ascension1998N16120PoetryDofflemyer, John

At My Hand2004T05316PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12715PoetryDofflemyer, John

At Thirteen2003S03911PoetryDofflemyer, John

Barometric Pressure1999O08511PoetryDofflemyer, John

1999O11909PoetryDofflemyer, John

Bay2009Y01005PoetryDofflemyer, John

[Before Leaving for Kawi] [Before Leaving for Kauai]2005U12504PoetryDofflemyer, John

Black Mornings2006V14407PoetryDofflemyer, John


Black Mornings (New)2007W14501PoetryDofflemyer, John

[Bless the Bullfrogs] [Allen Ginsberg - mention of?]2007W05315PoetryDofflemyer, John
Ginsberg, Allen

Bring Home a Bull Riding T-Shirt for Theresa from the Airport1994J03705PoetryDofflemyer, John

Can Chasing Lady1989E03213PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cattails1996L01417PoetryDofflemyer, John

Chagoopa Plateau1993I06711PoetryDofflemyer, John

Champange1993I06717PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cow Shrink1990F01505PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cowboy Capitulation2004T05309PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12613PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U04005PoetryDofflemyer, John

2006V14413PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cowboy Politics1992H00506PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cowboy Rhymers1989E01612PoetryDofflemyer, John

Cowboy Talk2015EE00911PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Crooked Line [Crooked Line, The]1992H00505PoetryDofflemyer, John

Dear Congressman1999O036b13PoetryDofflemyer, John

1999O08101PoetryDofflemyer, John

2006V14404PoetryDofflemyer, John

Death of a Favorite Horse1997M00602Poetry

Dogs and Coyotes2003S11802PoetryDofflemyer, John

Dreamer1989E01604PoetryDofflemyer, John

Drought of 771989E00406PoetryDofflemyer, John

1990F01506PoetryDofflemyer, John

Eatin Beef1989E07613PoetryDofflemyer, John

Elderwood Coyote1993I06709PoetryDofflemyer, John

Enough2009Y01006PoetryDofflemyer, John

Faith In Common2003S03902PoetryDofflemyer, John

Farewell to Sycamores1998N16123PoetryDofflemyer, John

Fast Freight Blues1996L09111Poetry

February First Light2003S07909PoetryDofflemyer, John

Feeding the Squirrels1996L01410PoetryDofflemyer, John

Feral Sows2004T05304PoetryDofflemyer, John

Fishy [Fishing]1996L01411PoetryDofflemyer, John

[from The Gathering by Wendell Berry]2015EE00924PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

From Your Editors1998N10709PoetryDofflemyer, John

[Glen Dewely] [Glenn Dooley]2005U12508PoetryDofflemyer, John

[Goat herds and Pan]2007W14503PoetryDofflemyer, John

Goin to Town1989E03205PoetryDofflemyer, John

Grass2015EE00908PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Haiku: Elko s Big Hat Show1998N16124PoetryDofflemyer, John

Hands1990F01513PoetryDofflemyer, John

Hay for Horses2007W08618PoetrySnyder, Gary

Herds1990F04409PoetryDofflemyer, John

Here Comes the Rain2004T08803ProseDofflemyer, John

Horses2007W08611PoetryBerry, Wendell

Ides of March 20132015EE00902PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

Imagining Angels2003S11803PoetryDofflemyer, John

In a Color [?] [A Hard Rock Driller]1990F04403PoetryDofflemyer, John

In a Fog2015EE00915PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

In Your Dreams1999O11908PoetryDofflemyer, John

Island2004T12610PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12713PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U04010PoetryDofflemyer, John

Job For You2003S07910PoetryDofflemyer, John

Just a Matter of Time1999O036b14PoetryDofflemyer, John

1999O11907PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U12510PoetryDofflemyer, John

Kind2003S11805PoetryDofflemyer, John

Las Vegas1989E03206PoetryDofflemyer, John

Last Gate2004T05305PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12614PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12716PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U04006PoetryDofflemyer, John

2006V14410PoetryDofflemyer, John

Like a Bird2003S11801PoetryDofflemyer, John

Like Water2004T05301PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12615PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12710PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U12509PoetryDofflemyer, John

Love Can Be2003S07907PoetryDofflemyer, John

Love Me Love My Dog1998N16121PoetryDofflemyer, John

Mid Day Music2003S07908PoetryDofflemyer, John

Mid-Day Music2004T05306PoetryDofflemyer, John

Morning Pause2009Y01001PoetryDofflemyer, John

My Thanksgiving1992H02615PoetryDofflemyer, John


New World Order1993I06712PoetryDofflemyer, John

1996L01413PoetryDofflemyer, John

Nice to Have a Man Around1996L09110Poetry

No Black and White Western1999O08104PoetryDofflemyer, John

Notes For A Rhymer1999O08103PoetryDofflemyer, John

Now That We Are Old2005U04008PoetryDofflemyer, John

Oak Desk [In 1991]1992H00504PoetryDofflemyer, John

Obstacles2003S07911PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T05308PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12712PoetryDofflemyer, John

2007W14507PoetryDofflemyer, John

2009Y01002PoetryDofflemyer, John

October Operetta2004T05307PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12611PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12714PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U12507PoetryDofflemyer, John

[of Flight]2007W14502PoetryDofflemyer, John

Old Bull, Young Bull1994J05402PoetryDofflemyer, John

Old California1992H02606PoetryDofflemyer, John

Old Speck2004T05303PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12612PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12711PoetryDofflemyer, John

2005U04007PoetryDofflemyer, John

2007W14508PoetryDofflemyer, John

On An Island [We Are an Island] [Island]2004T05302PoetryDofflemyer, John

[On the....]2007W05314PoetryDofflemyer, John

One April2008X02305Poetry

One Moment Please2003S03901PoetryDofflemyer, John

2003S07912PoetryDofflemyer, John

2004T12202PoetryDofflemyer, John

2006V14401PoetryDofflemyer, John

2007W10510PoetryDofflemyer, John

2007W14509PoetryDofflemyer, John

2009Y01004PoetryDofflemyer, John

Passing the Buck1996L01412PoetryDofflemyer, John

Peripheral Vision2003S11804PoetryDofflemyer, John

Plain Old Barn2007W05316PoetryDofflemyer, John

Plateau [Chagoopa Plateau]1994J03701PoetryDofflemyer, John

Registered Names1989E00409PoetryDofflemyer, John

Relearning How to Swim1996L09108Poetry

Remnants (in Five Parts)1999O08509PoetryDofflemyer, John

Rodeo Poet1991G04105PoetryDofflemyer, John

RSVP2004T08804ProseDofflemyer, John

September 11, 20062007W14505PoetryDofflemyer, John

Serving Death [Surviving Death]2005U04011PoetryDofflemyer, John

Sierra Girl [Sierra Lake Girl]1994J03709PoetryDofflemyer, John

Singing1989E00407PoetryDofflemyer, John

Somewhere Down the Line1989E00408PoetryDofflemyer, John

Song of the Cowboy1992H02607PoetryDofflemyer, John

Statistics1993I06710PoetryDofflemyer, John

Still In the Mountains2005U12506PoetryDofflemyer, John

Still Wandering Somewhere In the Mountains2003S07906PoetryDofflemyer, John

Stovewell2003S07905PoetryDofflemyer, John

Summer Dawns2003S11806PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Aliens1997M03906PoetryBukowski, Charles

07PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Grain1994J05403PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Job1989E07606PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Living Goddess2004T08805ProseDofflemyer, John

2005U04009PoetryDofflemyer, John

[The Old....]2007W05313PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Professor1992H00503PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Source1991G04111PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Spirits1992H02608PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Spring1989E03217PoetryDofflemyer, John

The Squeal1992H02614PoetryDofflemyer, John

Tomboy True2007W10506PoetryDofflemyer, John

Totem1999O036b15PoetryDofflemyer, John

Twenty-six Winners [26 Winners]1998N16122PoetryDofflemyer, John

Twenty-sixth Winter2003S07211PoetryDofflemyer, John

[unknown]2007W10505PoetryDofflemyer, John

2007W14506PoetryDofflemyer, John

Vernal Equinox2009Y01003PoetryDofflemyer, John

Wampum.com [Wampum Dot Com]1999O08510PoetryDofflemyer, John

We Were Young1994J05401PoetryDofflemyer, John

Weeds and Grass2015EE00921PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

White Horse [Whitehorse Gun]2015EE00918PoetryJohn Dofflemyer

With the Bell Point Cows and Calves1996L09109Poetry

You Should Know2015EE00905PoetryGary Snyder

You Wanna Be1989E01605PoetryDofflemyer, John
Dofflemyer, John
Dofflemyer, Robbin
Dry Crik Journal blog2007W12201PresentationDofflemyer, John
Dofflemyer, Robbin
[Dofflemyer, John][Into the Circle of Light]1996L04404Poetry

[Settling the San Joaquin]1996L04403Poetry

[Trilogy for Seth]1996L04405Poetry
Dominquez, FrankBronc Stomper, The2001Q10803SongMerrick, Fritz
Don Walser & the Pure Texas BandCowpoke1999O04316Music[Bridge, Alton ?]

Down at the Cantina1999O04314MusicWalser, Don

John Deere Tractor Song1999O04318Music

Texas Top Hand1999O04315MusicWalser, Don
Benson, Ray

The Devil s Great Grandson1999O04319Music

Truck Driving Man1999O04317Music
Don Walser & the Pure Texas Band
McLaury, Buster
Allen, J.B.
McWhorter, Larry


Don Walser and the Pure Texas BandAll Around Cowboy1999O04422MusicRobbins, Marty

Big Balls In Cow Town1999O04421MusicWills, Bob

Cowboy Ramsey1999O04418MusicWalser, Don

I ll Hold You In My Heart Until I Can Hold You In My Arms1999O04420MusicArnold, Eddie

Mexican Gal1999O04417MusicWalser, Don

Rolling Stone From Texas1999O04423MusicWalser, Don

Time Changes Everything1999O04419MusicWills, Bob

When They Finish Shipping Cattle In the Fall1999O04424MusicKiskaddon, Bruce
Donelle, GeorgiaThe Big Event1990F09612PoetryDonelle, Georgia
Doramus, Bill
1990F04309PoetryDoramus, Bill

52 Years1990F04310PoetryDoramus, Bill

1990F07802PoetryDoramus, Bill

9 Years Old1990F07813PoetryDoramus, Bill

Bill, or The Colt1985A00606PoetryDoramus, Bill

Brager [Bragger ?] [The Braggart ?]1987C01601aPoetryDoramus, Bill

Days of Old1990F07801PoetryDoramus, Bill

Did You Have a Nice Day1987C05310PoetryDoramus, Bill


Did You Have a Nice Day?1985A02106PoetryDoramus, Bill

Dream an Old Dream1987C05311PoetryDoramus, Bill

Ground Wears Away1990F07803PoetryDoramus, Bill

Nine Years Old1988D04905PoetryDoramus, Bill

Silver, Rawhide, Tassles of Hair1989E04613Poetry

Simple Man Who Works the Land1987C05312PoetryDoramus, Bill

The Bull and Banker1987C01601bPoetryDoramus, Bill

The Ground Wears Away1987C01616PoetryDoramus, Bill

1988D04913PoetryDoramus, Bill

The Loss of a Friend1985A00607PoetryDoramus, Bill

Working For Board1985A02107PoetryDoramus, Bill
Doramus, ShariHey Kids1987C05313PoetryDoramus, Bill

Nine Years Old1987C05314PoetryDoramus, Bill

Why1987C01602PoetryDoramus, Shari
Doran, JohnAmazing Grace [played on the bagpipes]1999O12511Poetry

Are You A Real Cowboy?1997M04915

1999O07903PoetryDoran, John

Banks of Sicily1999O11701MusicHenderson, Hamish

Bill Boyd and the Bear1999O04608PoetryDoran, John

Circle2002R05408PoetryJohn Doryan

Circle, The2001Q12505PoetryDoran, John

Cowboy Piper1999O11702MusicDoran, John

2001Q08606PoetryDoran, John


Cry Of The Home Ranch2001Q05501PoetryDoran, John

Eldeen Ropes the Deer2000P05217PoetryDoran, John

Envirocorrectness [Enviro Correctness]1999O08009PoetryDoran, John

Fence Lines2002R05404PoetryJohn Doryan

Giants1999O11710PoetryDoran, John

Growin Up2001Q05507PoetryDoran, John

I was sittin back the other night with a whisky... 2001Q05504PoetryDoran, John

I ve Never Fallen Off My Horse2003S05310PoetryDoran, John


It s OK [It s Okay]1999O07913PoetryDoran, John

Leading in a String2000P08411
Doran, John

Meg1999O07908PoetryDoran, John

2001Q12508PoetryDoran, John

Muses On A Cold Winter s Night2001Q12506PoetryDoran, John

One More Day1999O12510PoetryDoran, John


2001Q05510PoetryDoran, John

2002R05411PoetryJohn Doryan

Perspective On Luck, A2001Q08609PoetryDoran, John

Ridges2000P05218PoetryDoran, John

Scotland the Brave1999O11716Poetry

The Bear Skin1998N08213Poetry

The Circle1999O12503PoetryDoran, John


The City s Cowboy1999O08004PoetryDoran, John

The Cowboy Packer and the Computer Boys1999O08003PoetryDoran, John

The Cowboy Piper1998N08202Poetry

The Packer s Life1999O12507PoetryDoran, John

Tim s Nap1999O04605PoetryDoran, John

Wild Heart1999O07918PoetryDoran, John

2001Q05513PoetryDoran, John

Wild Horse2003S05311PoetryDoran, John

Zambo s Dance1997M04916

1999O04602PoetryDoran, John

2001Q08603PoetryDoran, John

2002R05401PoetryJohn Doryan

Zombie Dance2009Y04811Poetry
Doran. JohnModern Cowboy s Traveling Conundrum2009Y04801Poetry
Dornfield, Ruthie
Sauber, Pat
Cattle In the Cane2004T10406Music

Done Gone2004T10404Music

Old Madeira Waltz2004T10405Music
Douglas, Robert[?]2006V09801PoetryMitchell, Waddie

Bronco Twister s Prayer2006V09806PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

For Woody2006V09802PoetryMcQueary, Rod

Forgotten2006V05503PoetryDouglas, Robert

2006V09803PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

2006V13401PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[Help Me, Lord]2006V13402PoetryMitchell, Waddie

Horse Sense2006V05510Poetry[Crawford, Grip]

2006V09807PoetryCrawford, Gibb

The Walking Man2006V09805PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

2006V13405PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Walking Man2006V05504PoetryDouglas, Robert

Where the Ponies Come to Drink2006V09804PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

2006V13404PoetryKnibbs, Henry Herbert

Woody2006V13403PoetryMcQueary, Rod
Dover, ConnieBrother Green2007W12808Music

Down in the Valley; Laramie Jail2009Y06006Music

Hard Times Come Again No More2009Y06004MusicFoster, Stephen

[Last...] [Last Night By the River]2007W04711MusicDover, Connie

[The Winter...] [A Winter Count]2007W04712PoetryDover, Connie

Through Briar and Bush2007W14012Music
Downey, LewisThe Lube of Life1991G09016PoetryDowney, Lewis
Downs, ShelbyCowgirl, The2002R13850Poetry
Downs, SteveGrandma Took the Train1997M10906MusicDowns, Dteve

I Wish I Was A Cowboy Again1997M10907MusicDowns, Dteve

The Rollickin Boys Around Tandragee1998N08813Music
Draper, TedPurt Near Perkins2003S08605PoetryBarker, S. Omar

That Old Horse2003S08604PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw

The Horse2003S08603PoetryBlack, Baxter
Draper, Ted
Draper, Nancy
Strawberry2003S08606PoetryBerry, Laverne Straw
Drayton, KennySierry Petes [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail]1991G09202PoetryGardner, Gail
Drayton,KennyStrawberry Roan1991G09213PoetryFletcher, Curley
Driscoll, FayeAlbum of My Heart1998N12502
Driscoll, Faye

Driscoll, Faye
Driscoll, Faye Babe [poem about her grandchildren]1998N17003PoetryBrisco, Babe
Drivdahl, JohnGod Bless the Hippie on Pennsylvania Avenue1989E05202PoetryDrivdahl, John

Nubbins Made at Home1989E05201PoetryDrivdahl, John
Drown, Chady [?]Life Is a Fulfilling [sic]1990F05616PoetryDrown, Chady
Dueto Durango[corrido] [El Hijo...]1993I03609Music

[corrido] [Juan....]1993I03608Music

[corrido] La Tomo de Zacatecas1993I03607Music

[El Corrido del Cuartro Lobo Gatiadro] [The Zebra Dun Colt]1993I00806Music

El Pa Pietro] The Black Bird1993I00807Music

The Taking of Zacatecas1993I00805Music
Duferrena, CarolynDrought in November2004T05311PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Early Turnout to a Dry Spring2004T05312PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Hay Crew Luncheon2004T05310PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Heart of Town2004T05315PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Making Snow Banks2004T05313PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Starting Colts (Series of Haikus02004T05317PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn

Wanted to Trade2004T05314PoetryDuferrena, Carolyn
[Duff, Jett]
2007W12632PoetryDuff, Jack
Duff, Johanna
2007W12633PoetryDuff, Johanna
Duff, Teresa
Duffurena, Carolyn[Deep West Online Journal]2007W12206PresentationDuffurena, Carolyn
Dufurrena, BobJaws1992H04712PoetryDufurrena, Bob

The Courtship1992H04906PoetryDufurrena, Bob

The Preservation of the Species1992H04708PoetryDufurrena, Bob
Dufurrena, CarolynA Frog [Husbands Significant Other]2006V05313PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

All The Promise of a new Season2004T04706PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Between Brandings2002R03803PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

Chicken Dreams2003S04908PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Chickens2006V12605PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Daty and the Chicken Yard2006V05309PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Drought In November2002R07905PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

Ecosystem Management2002R07906PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

Eighteen to Go2004T04705ProseDufurrena, Carolyn

Emparo Means Helper2002R11806PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

Family Branding2009Y02104Poetry

[First Summer Luncheons]2004T13601PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Frank, The Blacksmith2003S07913PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Ghost of April, 19782002R05002PoetryCarolyn Duferrena

Haikus: Starting Colts / December 19 / December 31 / January 1 / January 9 / January 102003S07213PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Hay Crew Luncheon2009Y02114Poetry

It was the first crop and I was feeding the lunch crew... [story of returning to NV]2004T04704ProseDufurrena, Carolyn

2004T04804ProseDufurrena, Carolyn

Katie in the Chicken Yard2009Y02106Poetry

Katie of the Chicken Yard2006V12606PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Kitchen Windowsill2009Y02105Poetry

[Legacy]2004T13602PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Leonard Creek School2002R03801PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

Making Snowbanks2004T08307FilmDufurrena, Carolyn

Old Cowdog s Winter2009Y02107Poetry

Roller Takes a Swim2003S04901PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Separating Sheep2002R07904PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

2006V12604PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

September Leppy2003S07212PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Sheep Parts to Satellites2003S07915PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Sometimes on the Right Kind of Morning2004T08306FilmDufurrena, Carolyn

Starting Colts - (Series of haikus)2004T04707PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Starting Colts (Series of Haikus)2004T04805PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Survival Lesson: A Tree Frog In Winter2002R03804PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

2002R11810PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

2003S04904PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Wanted to Trade2002R03802PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

2002R11802PoetryCarolyn Dufurrena

2003S07914PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

2004T04806PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

Why the Christmas Roast Was Done Just Right2006V05304PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn

2006V12607PoetryDufurrena, Carolyn
Dufurrena, Linda[Deep West Online Journal]2007W12202PresentationDufurrena, Linda
Dufurrena, Linda
Dufurrena, Carolyn
Fifty Miles from Home2005U03601Film/VideoDufurrena, Linda
Dufurrena, Carolyn
Duncan, HeatherFears Give In1999O08716PoetryDuncan, Heather

The Best Times1999O08717PoetryDuncan, Heather
Dunce, ShelbyPride of a Cowboy2005U13521PoetryDunce, Paul
Dunn, Carmel(a curse, Volvo driver)2002R07804Poetry

(About a drought)2002R00316PoetryMichael Darby

All you rodeo riders out there... 2002R03808Poetry

Backing Trailer2002R12205PoetryCal Wilson

Broken Promise, A2002R03805PoetryFlo Hart

Clancy of the Overflow2003S08109PoetryPatterson, Banjo

Dipso Dan Has Lunch2002R01802PoetryJim Haynes

Down Boy2002R01804PoetryCole Wilson

Drover s Cook, The2002R01801PoetryKormack, A.

Eye of the Beholder2003S04507PoetryWilson, Cole

Granny & the Snake2002R03806PoetryMichael Gilgory

Grave Situation2003S00206PoetryMorris, Claude

Green House Frog, A2002R00315PoetryBully Miller

He ought to be home... 2002R03807PoetryBanjo Patterson

Holy Dan2002R00313Poetry

[Homelessness]2003S08108PoetryDunn, Carmel

Mothers, Daughters, Wives2002R12204PoetryJudy Small

2003S00208PoetrySmall, Judy

O Malley s Love2002R00312PoetryCharlie Marshall

Pearl of Them All, The2002R00314PoetryWill Ogilvie

Rain2003S04509PoetryDunn, Carmel

Scotts of the River Riva, The2002R07803PoetryHenry Lawson

Shattered Dreams2002R07805PoetryCarmel Dunn

2003S00207PoetryDunn, Carmel

Skinny Dipping2002R07806Poetry

Taking His Chance2002R01803PoetryHenry Lawson

Ten Miles To Go2002R12206PoetryBill Glassen

The Gold Against the Grey2003S04508PoetryWheel, Veronica

The Inheritance2003S00209PoetryMiller, Bobby

The Slip Rail and the Spur2003S00205PoetryLawson, Henry

The temperature was soaring.... 2003S08107PoetryHarden, Murry

(three men looking at the same scenery)2002R07802Poetry

Touch of the Master s Hand, The2002R07801PoetryMyra Welch

Vera2002R00317PoetryCarmel Randall
Dunn, TomIt Don t Make Sense, Does It?2002R05109PoetryCarson Robinson

The Temperance Hotel 2002R05110PoetryCarl Wilson
Dupe, Brady
Lewis, Bryant

2007W12605MusicDupe, Brady
Lewis, Bryant
Dupe, Taylor
2007W12608PoetryDupe, Taylor [her grandmother]
Dusard, JaySkeeter Hughes1999O07609PoetryDusard, Jay

Southwestern Suite [Hiatus / Buckaroo Haiku ?]1999O07607PoetryDusard, Jay

Spring 19651999O07608PoetryDusard, Jay

Untitled Honest Hillary I did not have sex with that woman Miss Lewinsky 1999O07618PoetryDusard, Jay
DustinA Cowboy Kid1998N15531PoetryDustin

I Have a Deer1998N15525PoetryDustin
Dustin, ChandraHerding Sheep2002R13872Poetry
[Dustin]Where In the Heck is Spring?2005U13556Poetry
Duvaneck, Mathew

The Last Waltz1995K05810Poetry
Dwyer, CarolBeanie Babies Everywhere1999O05504PoetryDwyer, Carol

Make Believe Cowboy1999O08913PoetryDwyer, Carol

Mysteries Gone West1999O05506PoetryDwyer, Carol

Old Zeke and the Bull Who Couldn t Be Rode1999O05508

Playing In a Fiddling Band1999O05507
Dwyer, Carol

Rancher s Prayer1999O08912PoetryDwyer, Carol

Snow1999O08911PoetryDwyer, Carol

The Stagecoach Ride1999O05509PoetryDwyer, Carol

Word Painting1999O05505PoetryDwyer, Carol
Dyre, CarolCarlin Carl s Capers1997M05009

Coal Miner1997M05010

Cow Chip Pitching Contest1998N17308
Dyre, Carol

Cowboy Poetry Roots1998N17305
Dyre, Carol

Cowboy Prayer1998N17306
Dyre, Carol

Horse Is A Horse1997M05007

Songs of the Plains1997M05011

That Infernal Gadget1998N17307
Dyre, Carol

Western Winter1997M05008

Eagle, Daniel and Christina HerrSong of You1990F10401Music
Early, JuliaBilly Boy Blue1990F09608PoetryEarly, Julia
Eaton, CainBest Time of Day1999O04009

2000P04202[Poetry]Blankenship, Jack

Best Time of the Day2000P07202[Poetry]Blankenship, Jack

Boastful Bill1999O07701PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Eaton, Cain

1999O07703PoetryEaton, Cain

2000P07203[Poetry]Eaton, Cain

2000P10011PoetryEaton, Cain

Cowboy at College 2000P04204PoetryA., Gadin,

Cowboy College2000P10006PoetryEaton, Cain

From Town2000P04203PoetryClark, Charles Badger

2000P10007PoetryClark, Charles Badger

I Shot Jim Dance This Morning1991G01403Poetry

Lasca1999O07702PoetryDePres, Frank

Legend of Boaster Bill [...Boastful Bill]2000P04208PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Eaton, Cain

Riding Jay2000P10005PoetryEaton, Cain

Take Care of Your Friends1999O04012PoetryBlack, Baxter

When Buck Connors Was There for the Cross2000P07201[Poetry]Kiskaddon, Bruce
Eaton, Cain ThomasFriends1991G07518PoetryBlack, Baxter

Ridin 1991G07516PoetryClark, Charles Badger
Eaton, ThomasBill Had a Horse1988D04916PoetrySeaman, Arthur
Eaton, Tom
1993I03203PoetryKratz, Buford

Big Wicked Bill1991G07519Poetry

Boastful Bill1993I03708Poetry

1993I06815PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Boastful Bill [The Legend of Boastful Bill]1991G07517PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Cowboy s Prayer1991G05424PoetryClark, Charles Badger

John Had a Pony, or Old Bill1991G05416PoetrySeamans, Arthur

Kratz s Answer to a Montana Poem1987C007013Poetry

Lasca1993I06810PoetryDesprez, Frank

"Laska by Frank De Bries [Lasca (by Frank Desprez)]1987C007008PoetryDesprez, Frank

[Legend of Boastful Bill, The]1987C007007Poetry[Fletcher, Curley]

Now, there s some that like the cities... 1993I03707Poetry

Ridin 1987C007014PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Riding Jay From Iowa-y1993I03208PoetrySiemens, Arthur

Riding Jay from Ioway1988D01423Poetry[Seamans, Arthur]

Temptation1991G05417PoetryLogan, Mike

The Bison Skull1987C02303Poetry[Seamans, Arthur]

The Cowboy s Prayer1987C02304PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1993I03710PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Ebert, Elizabeth

A Gourmet s Seasons1994J04514PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


An Ordinary Morning1997M04703

2000P04302[Poetry]Ebert, Elizabeth

2001Q07905PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Baler Twine1997M07703Poetry

Baling Twine1995K03101PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Cake and the First Calf Heifers1994J04513PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Car, The2001Q12112PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Collar s Hill [?]1992H03601PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Coller s Hill1995K08101Poetry

Cowboy2001Q04907PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Cowboy Courtin Time2001Q07406PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Cowboy Courting Time1998N07503Poetry

2000P04310[Poetry]Ebert, Elizabeth

Cowboy s Courtin Time1997M01209Poetry


Four Letter Words1998N07513PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Four-Letter Words1995K03111Poetry

Free Land1992H04014PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


Grand River Tales1992H07805Poetry

He Talked About Montana2001Q07902PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Heavenly Music2001Q07401PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

I Used to Love Cowboys1995K01501PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

It Takes Real Love2001Q07911PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

It Takes Real Love ?1997M04709

John s Poem - The Saga of a Rancher s Son1996L08702Poetry


Long Joe Taylor Baines1994J04902PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Moving the Bulls1992H04003PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

2001Q04904PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

No One Ever Wrote Me a Love Poem2000P06209
Ebert, Elizabeth

Ode to Tofu1995K08102Poetry

2000P11107PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Old Blue & The Pickup Cowgirl1994J04506PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Old Blue and the Pick-up Cowboy [Old Blue and the Pickup Cowboy]1998N16410PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Old Blue and the Pickup Cowboy1996L08705Poetry

Old Blue and the Pickup Cowgirl2000P06205
Ebert, Elizabeth

Old John2000P11104PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Packing the Van1992H04010PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Prairie Princess2001Q12102PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Questions For A Ranch Wife1998N10405PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Rabbit Hunting1997M07711Poetry

2001Q07403PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Real Cowboys Do Brush2000P06206
Ebert, Elizabeth

2001Q07402PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

[Real Cowboys Do Bush]1997M01206Poetry

Retirement1998N10406PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Rich Man s Lady2001Q12104PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Romance of the Range / Ranch1995K01503PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Saga of a Rancher s Son [or] John s Poem2000P04306[Poetry]Ebert, Elizabeth

She Loved Her Horses2000P06208
Ebert, Elizabeth

2001Q07405PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Some Women Get Roses1991G03902PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Soup s On1998N16413PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

2001Q07908PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Store Candy1991G03901PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Swamper from Trail s End Bog1991G03601PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Talked About Montana1998N07509PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Tea Set2001Q12101PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Tears Are for Kids and Women1995K03102PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


The Ballad of the Pasture Gate1994J09809PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Cemetery1992H07806Poetry

1994J04516PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

1998N10408PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

2000P04314[Poetry]Ebert, Elizabeth

2000P11105PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

[The Cemetery]1991G03602PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The China Tea Set1994J04903PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Hunter1992H03602PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Last Great Rabbit Hunt1998N16403PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Ebert, Elizabeth

The Saga of a Rancher s Son1998N10407PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Saga of the Rancher s Son1994J04507PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


2000P11106PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Story of Cyclone Creek1994J04901PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Story of the Last Great Rabbit Hunt1992H04004PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Tea Set1995K01502PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


Things In Common2001Q04901PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

True Grit1994J09802PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Veterarian s Assistant1997M01207Poetry

Veterinarian s Assistant2000P11103PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

2001Q07404PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

We re having problems with words...1996L08704Poetry

What Should We Call That1997M07719Poetry

When I Married Grandpa1995K03103PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone1997M07715Poetry

Why I Married Grandpa1998N07502Poetry

2000P11102PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

2001Q12103PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

You Make Me So Darn Mad1995K01513PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

You Make Me So Darned Mad2000P11101PoetryEbert, Elizabeth
[Ebert, Elizabeth]Like Brown Mouse1997M03207Poetry

No One Ever Wrote Me A Love Poem1997M03213Poetry

The Cemetery1997M03211Poetry

The Gate1997M03212Poetry


Well, Hell1997M03208Poetry

Why I Married Grandpa1997M03210Poetry

You Make Me So Darn Mad1997M03209Poetry
Ed Peekeekoot[drum and small poem]2015EE03017Music

Hunting Song2015EE03005Music



[Native flute]2015EE03013Music

Orange Blossom Special2015EE03009Music
Edens, FranAnt Not [Ant Knot ?]1998N17318
Edens, Fran

Barnyard Glamour1998N08519PoetryEdens, Fran

Horseshoein Man1991G09303PoetryEdens, Fran

It s All I ve Got1995K02108Poetry

It s cold and snow... [?] [Doney Gal?]2000P08507
[Edens, Fran]

Jesus On a Cow Pony1998N17317
Edens, Fran

Loyalty Lies With a Dog1991G09312PoetryEdens, Fran

Loyalty Lies With the Dogs1991G02216PoetryEdens, Fran

Nothing Benign2000P08508
[Edens, Fran]

Outdoor Plumbing 1998N08518PoetryEdens, Fran

Tending Time1995K02107Poetry

The DFW1991G02215PoetryEdens, Fran
Edsall, RoyGod Had a Hand in Mine1996L10708Poetry

Little Brown Mouse, The1996L10713Poetry
Educated Fellers, The [Ted Herold, Bill Siems]Chisholm Trai1991G10019Music

The Zebra Dun1991G10020Music
Edwards, ArianaIf I Were a Cowgirl2003S12807PoetryEdwards, Ariana
Edwards, Don
1989E00502MusicSpencer, Tim




15MusicClark, Charles Badger



A Bad Day1988D06204Poetry

A Cowboy Song1988D05403Music

[All About Horses, Cattle, and Men]2006V06819MusicHitchman, Don

Ancient Longhorn2005U09305MusicEdwards, Don

Angels Can Do No More2001Q07416SongWilkinson, Andy

Annie Laurie/Bad Half Hour2001Q07410SongClark, Charles Badger

Anything Left I Can Say?2001Q07412SongEdwards, Don

Barbara Allen2004T10908Music

2005U05303Music[Kinkaid, Bradley]

[Barbara Allen]2006V06713Music

Best Part of Living Is Loving You, The2009Y06206Music

Blackjack David2009Y06212Music

Blue Heaven2001Q09814Song

2002R06617SongJen Austin

(Blues Tune)1992H09212Music

Boastful Bill [The Ballad of Boastful Bill]1988D02204MusicClark, Charles Badger

1988D09005MusicClark, Charles Badger

Born in south Texas where the San Antone river flows... 2001Q09812Song

Born in south Texas where the sun... 2001Q06409Song

Born No Later Than I Was2002R05512SongPatrick Clark

[Bridle Hanging On the Wall ?]1999O07319Music[Robinson, Carson J. ?]

Bronc Peeler s Blues1989E06410Music

Buddies in the Saddle2006V08510MusicCarter, Maybelle

2006V12712MusicCarter, Maybelle

Can t Keep Still2005U09303MusicEdwards, Don

Cattle Call1990F00116MusicOwens, Tex


2003S12908MusicOwens, Tex

Cattle Call [Out Under the Western Sky]2005U02107MusicOwens, Tex

Chant of the Night Songs1987C008007Music

Chapo [Chopo]2004T06510Music[Thorpe, Jack]

Chappo2002R06518SongJack Thorpe

Charlie Russell1989E03008MusicO Brien, Rich

Chopo1999O07317MusicThorp, Jack

Chopo My Pony2002R05513SongJack Thorpe

Christmas of the West1997M12105Music

Colorado Trail1987C05527Music

Cow Town Blues2000P05306Music

Cow Trail Blues2001Q13618SongEdwards, Don

Cowboy Blues1995K07613Music

[Cowboy Blues]1994J08516Music

Cowboy Critique2003S09006MusicHedgpeth, Don

Cowboy Left the Country, The2002R07108Song

Cowboy On the Western Range2006V03803Music

Cowboy Song2002R06515SongRay Robinson

[Cowboy Song]2006V11404MusicRobinson, Roy

Cowboy that I knew in south Texas... 2001Q09811Song

Cowboy s Dream, A2009Y02312Music

Cowboy s Life is a Dreary Life, A2001Q13607Song

Cowboy s Life is a Dreary Life, The2001Q09805Song

Cowboy s Song1997M09913Music

Cowboy s Work is Never Done, A2001Q06410Song

Cowboy s work is never done... 2001Q09813Song

Cowhand s Last Ride2001Q13610SongEdwards, Don


2000P06922MusicJones, Stan [& Rex Allen]

2000P07020Music[Allen, from Rex]

Cowtown Blues2003S11014MusicEdwards, Don

Cowtown Blues [?]1991G05920Music

Coyote2001Q13613SongEdwards, Don

Coyote Song1995K06119Music

Coyotes1997M11808MusicMcDill, Bob

2003S09008MusicEdwards, Don

2005U08908MusicEdwards, Don
[McDill, Bob]

[Coyotes]2005U02106MusicEdwards, Don

Crying For Daylight2001Q13614SongEdwards, Don

2004T06516MusicEdwards, Don

Crying For Daylight to Come2004T10917Music

Crying For Daylights2002R06615Song

Cutting Horse [Out In the West]2003S04011MusicReed, Ray

Cyclone Blues1995K07612Music

2001Q06411SongEdwards, Don


Diamond Joe1991G05908Music





[Diamond Joe]1993I00213Music

[discusses After the Roundup]2006V08505MusicO Malley, DJ

[discusses beginning of yodeling]2006V08513Music

[discusses guitars]2006V08520MusicEdwards, Don

Do Re Mi1998N14804MusicGuthrie, Woody

2001Q13616SongGuthrie, Woody

Don t know why I feel... 1989E00305MusicClark, Charles Badger

[Doney Gal]2006V06811Music


Drifting West of San Antone1988D02210Music

[Drifting, Shifting Texas Sand]1993I05402Music

Dusty Skies2001Q13617SongWalker, Cindy

2002R06616SongCindy Walker

Dusty sky. I can t see nothing... 2001Q06412Song

[El Paso]2006V08507MusicRobbins, Marty

Evening Sun2006V03801MusicEdwards, Don

Fools On Good Horses 2003S04012Music

[Fools On Good Horses ? / Crying for Daylight to Come ?]1999O07321Music

Fools on Good Horses [Cryin for Daylight]2000P10414MusicEdwards, Don

Freedom Song1997M12113MusicWilkinson, Andy

Ghost Riders In the Sky2005U05306Music

Ghost Train2001Q13620SongEdwards, Don

2003S11015MusicEdwards, Don

God Must Be a Cowboy at Heart1987C05531Music

God Must Been a Cowboy at Heart1987C008014Music

[Goin Back to Texas ?] [Goin Back to My Good Old Texas Home ?]1987C05551Music[Robison, Carson ?]

Going Back to Texas2002R14205SongCarson Robinson

[Going Out West Before Long]2007W02606MusicEdwards, Don

Gone out west... 2001Q09802Song

Gone to Texas2001Q13604SongEdwards, Don


Good Enough Excuse As Any2001Q09810Song

Goodbye Ol Paint2002R06618Songtrad.

Goodbye Old Paint2003S11017Music


Goodbye to Montana1997M12109Music


Gypsy Davey1997M09911Music

[Gypsy Davey] / [Gypsy Laddie] / [Child Ballad 200]2003S12905Music

Gypsy Davy1998N14806MusicGuthrie, Woody

Hard Time Blues2001Q13619SongEdwards, Don

[Hard Time...] [Hard Time Blues]2007W02610Music[Guthrie, Woody]

Hard time s in the country... 2001Q09816Song

He was just a Texas cowboy... 2001Q06407Song

[Hear the Stretching of the Wire]2006V06714Music

Here s Looking At You2003S11117MusicNelson, Joel

2005U09304MusicNelson, Joel

How the Yodel Was Born2000P07021MusicJarvis / Greene


I became a rambler... 2001Q06403Song

I had a gal and oh what a pal... 2001Q09807Song

I made up my mind to quit... 2001Q09809Song

I Never Liked Louis L Amour2004T10919MusicHedgpeth, Don

I remember when I made you cry... 1993I00903MusicWhitley, Ray

I Rode Across the Valley.... 2005U10608Music

I started out from Texas... 2001Q09817Song

I think I ll take me back again to see my old hometown... 1993I05412MusicNolan, Bob

I want to die in the desert... 2005U05302MusicFletcher, Curly

I went out to Tom Sherman s tavern... 2001Q06406Song

I d Like to Be in Texas (For the Round Up in the Spring)1988D02201Music

I d Like to Be in Texas (for the Roundup in the Spring)1987C05501Music

I d Like to Be in Texas For the Roundup In the Spring1999O11401Music







[I d Like to Be In Texas]2006V06710MusicAdams, Andy

I m a poor lonesome cowboy... 2001Q06401Song

I m A Ramblin Cowboy [I Am A Rambling Cowboy]1997M11804Music

I m Going Back to Texas1997M09910Music

I m going out west before long... 2001Q06402Song

I m Just a Cowpoke1992H02910Music

I m Just a Poor Lonesome Cowboy [Tom Sherman s Barroom? The Dying Cowboy?]1994J08501Music[Traditional]

I m Travelin Light1995K06118Music

Jack of Diamonds1999O07320Music




Johnny was a Cherokee cowboy... 2005U10607MusicWilkinson, Andy

Ki Yi Yippee Yi Yea; Western Plains2009Y02310Poetry

Last of the Troubadors2004T06514MusicNelson, Joel

Listen to the Coyotes Howl2004T15014Music

[Lolita]1993I06907Music[Pokopt, Captain Roger]

Lonesome Texas Blues2005U09301MusicEdwards, Don

Long Road West1991G05909Music


[Long Road West]2006V06810MusicKnibbs, Henry Herbert


Maggie Walker / I ve Always Been A Rambler1999O07105Music

Mal Ganya [Malaguena]1988D09034Music

Man Walks Among Us1992H09216MusicRobbins, Marty

Master Call [The Master s Call]1987C008008Music

Master s Call2003S11018Music

Master s Call [The Master s Call]1990F02703MusicRobbins, Marty

Masters Call1988D09032Music


Mexican Guitar, A2001Q07407SongEdwards, Don

Minstrel of the Range1994J00807PoetryFletcher, Curley

2003S11013MusicEdwards, Don

Minstrel on the Range2003S11114MusicEdwards, Don

My Blue Heaven2001Q13611Song

2002R14206SongGene Austin


2004T06518MusicAustin, Jean

2004T15015Music[Austin, Gene]

2005U05305MusicRodgers, Jimmy
[Austin, Gene]

My Favorite Horse / Cheapen My Pride / [Little Chappo]2003S04010MusicThorpe, Jack

My Master s Call1993I00313Music[Robbins, Marty]

[My Master s Call] [The Master s Call?]1989E09508MusicRobbins, Marty

My Old Home Town2000P12207Music[Allen, Rex ?]

Navajo Trail2006V03804Music

Night Rider s Song [Lament ?] / Stampede / The Night the Savior Called My Name1998N15107Music[Burton, Mike ?]
Robbins, Marty
Edwards, Don

Nighttime In Nevada1997M06615Poetry

Nobody s Home on the Range Anymore2000P12209Music

Old Cowpoke1988D09031Music

Old Faithful1997M12103Music

Old West Song [The Old Days are Gone ?]2000P10413MusicEdwards, Don

Once You Get to Heaven2002R07105SongDon Edwards

Once You Get to Heaven You Can t Be Still [The Habit]1989E06409Music

Out in west Texas... 2001Q06404Song

[Out On The Lonely Prairie]1993I00904Music

Out on the West Texas Plains.... 2005U05307Music

Out On The Western Plains2003S11116MusicEdwards, Don

Pardon Me Stranger, You re From Texas [Are You from Texas]1987C05547MusicRogers, Roy / Cindy Walker

Pecos Stream2002R06516Song

Phantom of the Rail2001Q07408SongEdwards, Don

2002R07107SongPhillips, Utah

Phantom of the Rail [?]2000P12208Music

Phantom of the Rail [Ghost Train]2005U08909MusicBabcock, Joe

[Phantom of the Rail]2004T15013Music

Phantom Of the Rails2002R14208Song

Phantom on the Rail1997M12116Music

Phantom Trooper1997M11817MusicKiskaddon, Bruce

[Phantom] of the Rail1995K07614Music

Poor Lonesome Cowboy2001Q13602SongSandburg, Carl

Prairie Lullaby1998N15104Music

Prairie Lullabye1996L11202MusicDavis, Stephanie

Pushing Horns1992H09213MusicRobertson, Roy

[ Pushing horns aren t easy... ]1989E09510Music

[Ragged But Right]2006V06815Music

Ramblin Cowboy2001Q13603SongEdwards, Don


Ramblin Man2001Q09803Song

[Ramblin ]2006V06711Music

Rancher s Song2001Q13615SongEdwards, Don

Range Riders Moan(?) Poor Lonesome Cowboy 2001Q09801SongSandburg, Carl

Reno Blues1997M11713PoetryGuthrie, Woody

1998N14805MusicGuthrie, Woody

2002R07106SongWoodie Guthrie

Ride the Double D ?1998N15101Music

Ridin the Chuck Line1987C05518Music[Fletcher, Curley]

Riding and singing by himself... 2005U10606Music

[Riding for the Brand]2006V06712MusicNelson, Joel

[Roll On Buddy] [Roll On Boys, Roll On]2005U09302MusicEdwards, Don

Root Hog or Die2003S11016MusicEdwards, Don

Round Up in the Spring2000P05307Music

Round Up in the Spring [I d Like to Be in Texas for the Round Up in the Spring]2009Y06203Music

Rye Whiskey2001Q09806SongRitter, Tex

2001Q13608SongRitter, Tex

Saddle Bum2003S12904MusicRobbins, Marty

Saddle Bum [title uncertain]2000P07017MusicFletcher, Curley

Saddle Tramp1994J00808PoetryFletcher, Curley


2000P06919MusicFletcher, Curley

2005U05301MusicRobbins, Marty

Sadie Brown1996L11201Music

Sam Bass2006V08522Music

[Sam Bass]2006V11401Music

Scum Saddle Bag2001Q13601SongEdwards, Don

She Taught Me How to Yodel2002R06517SongWill Carter


Sierra Peaks [Sierry Petes] [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail]1990F07211MusicGardner, Gail

Slumbering Shadows [Navajo Trail]2007W02608Music

Song re: Amos Skaggs [Still singin Strawberry Roan and Little Joe...]1990F00101Music[Staggs, Amos] [Roy Romendson?]

[Southwest Cowboy Blues]2006V12713MusicEdwards, Don

[Spanish Is the Loving Tongue / In the old West, in the old Days... / I feel a gentle rapture spilling through this heart of mine... [Mi Amore, Lolita]]1992H03301MusicClark, Charles Badger

[Spanish Is the Loving Tongue / In the old West, in the old Days... ]1992H03201MusicClark, Charles Badger

Strawberry Roan2004T10904MusicFletcher, Curly


Strawberry Roan / Little Joe the Wrangler2005U02105Music

Streets of Laredo1991G05921Music


Streets of Laredo/Tom Shuman s Barroom2001Q09808Song

Sweet Bye and Bye2006V12714Music

[Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle]2005U02103Music

Texas In the Springtime2002R06614Song

Texas Plains [When I Was a Cowboy ?]1988D06301Music

[Texas Plains] Old Cowhand From the Rio Grande1998N13117Music

Texas Round Up in the Spring [I d Like to Be in Texas (for the Roundup in the Spring)]1990F02701Music[Traditional]

That s How the Yodel Was Born1995K06120Music


2000P06923MusicJarvis / Greene

The Bad Half Hour1999O11410MusicClark, Charles Badger

The Campfire Has Gone Out1992H02911Music[Knibbs, Henry Herbert?]

1993I06906MusicEdwards, Don


The campfire has gone out... 2004T10911Music

The Colorado Trail1993I00905Music

[The Colorado Trail]2006V06813Music

The Cowboy Love Song1998N08610MusicGardner, Gail

The Cowboy Song1997M11715MusicRobinson, Roy

The Cowboy Song [Adios Amos Stager?]1988D02207Music[Robinson, Roy ?]

[The Coyote Song]2006V06814MusicMcDill, Bob

The Freedom Song1997M11705MusicWilkinson, Andy

1997M11805MusicWilkinson, Andy

1998N15105MusicWilkinson, Andy

[The Freedom Song / Johnny]2006V06812MusicWilkinson, Andy

The Ghost Train1998N15103Music

The Greenhorn2004T10906MusicCritchlow, Slim

The Gypsy Davy [Child Ballad No. 200]2000P06921Music[Traditional]

The Gypsy Laddie [Gypsy Davy]2005U10605Music[Francis]

The Habit2003S03312Music

2004T06502Music[Brilly, Burton]

2004T10902MusicEdwards, Don

The Long Road West1998N08607MusicKnibbs, Henry Herbert

The Master s Call1987C05503Music[Robbins, Marty]


2000P07019Music[Robbins, from Marty]

2004T06508MusicRobbins, Marty

[The Night My Savior Called My Name]2006V06719Music

[The Night Rider s Lament ?]
1998N13115Music[Burton, Mike]

The Night the Savior Called My Name2005U02108Music

The Old Cow Man2000P06601Music

2003S11119MusicEdwards, Don

2004T06504MusicClark, Charles Badger

The Old Cowboy2003S09005MusicEdwards, Don

The Old Cowman1998N08608MusicClark, Charles Badger

2000P07018MusicClark, Charles Badger

The old dustbowl took its toll... 2001Q09815Song

[The Phantom of the Rain] Hear That Lonesome Whistle Calling2005U02104Music[Rodger, Jimmy]

The Rancher Is the Man That Feeds Us All2000P10412Music

The Rancher s Song2003S11118MusicEdwards, Don

The Saddle Tramp1990F06802MusicFletcher, Curley

1998N08609Music[Fletcher, Curley ?]

The Solitary Cowboy1990F06809MusicEdwards, Don

The Unfortunate Rake
[The Bard of Gammar]

There s A Star Spangled Banner2002R14209Song

There s some that call me saddle bum... [Saddle Bum]1988D05402Music[Fletcher, Curley ?]

There s some that like the city grass... 1989E00306MusicClark, Charles Badger

Tom Sherman s Barroom2001Q13609Song

Travelin Light1997M11216MusicHampton, R.W.

[Travelin Light]1989E09509MusicHampton, R.W.

Traveling Light1992H09211Music

1997M05409Music[Hampton, R.W.]

1998N13116MusicHampton, R.W.

Travellin Light1996L11203MusicHampton, R. W.

Travelling Man1990F02716Music

Trouble and Strife2006V03805Music

Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail1998N15106MusicGardner, Gail

[unknown] [Gone to Texas]2007W02607MusicEdwards, Don

[unknown] [Root Hog or Die]2007W02605MusicEdwards, Don

Up before They Rise / It s A Rocky Road Near Home1997M09915Music

Waiting For A Train2001Q13606SongRodgers, Jimmy

Wandering Cowboy1998N13114Music


2006V03802Music[Rodgers, Jimmy]

Wandering Cowboy Yodel2005U08907Music

Wandering Troubadour1997M12101Music

Way out west in Texas... 2001Q09804Song

We was camped up on the Cimaron... 2001Q06405SongHenry, John

We re the children of the open and we hate the haunts of man...1988D05406MusicClark, Charles Badger

[Welcome] [Welcome Wherever I Go]2007W02609Music

Well, a wandering cowboy... 2001Q06408Song

Well, listen while I sing you a song... 2001Q06413Song

Well, pardon me stranger... [Are You From Texas]1989E00510Music

West Texas Blues1997M05408Music

2001Q13605SongEdwards, Don

When the Cactus Are in Bloom [When the Cactus Is In Bloom]1987C05502Music

When The Work s All Done This Fall1998N14701MusicO Malley, D.J.

2003S12906MusicO Malley, D.J.

[When the Work s All Done This Fall]2006V08506Music

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo [Get Along Little Dogies]2006V08502Music[Bender, Bill]

Will James1998N14702Music

2004T06512MusicTyson, Ian

Wolf Carter [yodel]2006V08516Music

[yodel]2004T10913Music[Carter, Wolf]


Yodellers Cry [Yodeler s Cry]1988D06307Music


You ll Never Ride West From That Old Round Corral Again2004T10915MusicEdwards, Don
Zarzyski, Paul

You re the Only Star in My Blue Heaven2000P07022Music[Autrey, from Gene]

Yuppies in the Sky1991G05910Music


Zebra Dun1997M12108Music

Zebra Dunn / Educated Fellow1999O07318Music
Edwards, Don
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Cattle Call2004T03108MusicOwens, Tex

Edwards, Don
American Buckaroo Orchestra
Cannon, Hal
Murphey, Michael Martin
Mitchell, Waddie
Sons of the San Joaquin
Happy Trails2004T03118MusicEvans, Dale

Home On the Range2004T03116Music
Edwards, Don
Gillette Brothers, The
Buddies In the Saddle2005U10610Music[Carter, Maybelle]

Dusty Skies... 2005U10611MusicWalker, Cindy

Get Along Little Dogies2005U10614Music

Goodbye Old Paint, I m Leaving Cheyenne2005U10613Music

The Elko Walkaround2005U10612MusicEdwards, Don
Gillette Brothers, The

[Your Sweetheart Waits On You]2005U10609Music
Edwards, Don
McKuen, John
[Roland, Gary]
Traveling Light1993I00216MusicHampton, R.W.

1993I00315MusicHampton, R.W.
Edwards, Don
Mitchell, Waddie
Chant of the Night Song1998N15108Music
Edwards, Don
Murphey, Michael Martin
Streets of Laredo1997M12111Music
Edwards, Don
O Brien, Rich
Going Back to Texas1997M11711MusicRobinson, Carson

I d Like To Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring1997M06611Poetry

Lolita1997M11816MusicEdwards, Don
Pocock, Roger

Nighttime In Nevada1997M11814Music

Once You Get to Heaven1997M09908Music

Strawberry Roan and Little Joe1997M06613Poetry

The Night Herder s Lament1997M09909MusicBurton, Mike

Traveling Light1997M06612PoetryHampton, R.W.
Edwards, Don
Ohrlin, Glenn
[Outlaw Bill] [discusses Jimmy Rodgers songs]2006V08509Music
Edwards, Don
Rieman, Randy
[ God, Make Me Worthy of my Friends.... ]2006V06715MusicEdwards, Don
Rieman, Randy

[Goodbye Old Paint]2006V06716MusicCarlyle, Cliff

2006V06816MusicCarlyle, Cliff

[T for Texas, T for Tennessee]2006V06717MusicRodgers, Jimmie

[When A Cowboy Gets the Blues]2006V06817MusicEdwards, Don
Edwards, Don [w Cowboy Celtic]
McGregor, Bruce
Bad Half Hour1998N10116
Clark, Charles Badger
Edwards, Don & Gary Rohler[?]Watch the Sun Go Down [Ridin Down the Canyon]1990F00115MusicBurnette, Smiley
Edwards, Don & Peter RowanGypsy Davy1995K06122Music

Night Rider s Lament1995K06121Music
Edwards, Don & Rich O BrienBlue Bonnet Lane1996L02304MusicWalker, Cindy

Going Back to My Texas Home1996L02306Music

Going Back to Texas2000P05308Music

I think I ll go back again to my old hometown... 1996L01004Music

I Want To Die In the Desert1996L02305Music

I d Like to Be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring1996L01002Music

Say Goodbye to Montana2000P12210Music

You can always tell a Texan but you can t tell him much... 1996L01003MusicHampton, R. W.
Edwards, Don & Sourdough SlimSummer s Eve, A2002R14210Song
Edwards, Don & Tom HaydenBorder Affair [Spanish Is the Lovin Tongue]1988D09033Music
Edwards, Don & Waddie MitchellAmazing Grace/Bronco Jim2002R07111SongTraditional; Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell

Ridin 2001Q07413SongClark, Charles Badger

Sammy Died Young2002R07110SongDon Edwards, Waddie Mitchell

Say Goodbye to Montana2001Q07414Song

Tennessee Waltz (DE) The Saddle (WM)1990F00117Poetry / Music

When We re Ridin 2002R07109SongClark, Charles Badger
Edwards, Don et alStrawberry Roan1990F06810MusicFletcher, Curley
Edwards, Don, Gary McMahan, Ranger Doug GreenMy Rose of Old Pawnee1987C05548MusicRose, Fred
Edwards, Don; Michael Martin MurpheyStreets of Laredo2009Y02316Music
Edwards, Don; Waddie MitchellWhen You re Ridin 2009Y06209Music / PoetryCharles Badger Clark
Edwards, Don; Waddie Mitchell; Michael Martin MurpheyAmazing Grace; Bronc Twister; Amazing Grace2009Y02317Music / Poetry
Edwards, MalenMy Dream2001Q11942PoetryEdwards, Malen
Edwards, SaraMy Horse1997M07508Poetry

Salty Dog2001Q11944Poetry

Strawberry the Horse2001Q11943PoetryEdwards, Sara
Egan, Mrs. TedAndy s Gone with [the] Cattle1990F00406MusicLawson, Henry
Egan, TedA Snowy Mountain Stockman1990F07204MusicEgan, Ted

Bush Woman1994J03509PoetryEgan, Ted

Captain Starlight1994J03507PoetryEgan, Ted

Greasy Biggins [Greasy Big uns ?]1990F07203MusicEgan, Ted

Matt Savage the Boss Drover1990F00401Poetry

Ride on Little Cowboy1994J03508PoetryEgan, Ted
Eilts, LeoAnnie s Rabbit1989E01914Poetry

I m Just a Good Old Boy1989E01915Music
Eisen, JacobHorses1996L09639Poetry
Eisman, GarretCowboy Slim2003S12848PoetryEisman, Garret
Eisman, HaleyBrother2003S12845PoetryEisman, Haley
[Hollenbeck, Yvonne]
Elder, BillWild Horses1986B05212PoetryElder, Joe
Eldridge, NatashaCowboy Bar2001Q11946PoetryEldridge, Lori
[Elias]Like a Flower2005U13533Poetry
Eliason, EricThe Cowboy Salesman1995K05802Poetry

The Winner1995K05801Poetry
Elkins, Emily
2007W12609PoetryElkins, Emily

10PoetryElkins, Emily
Elko Dance Delight Cloggers[fiddle music]2006V12706Dance

Ida Red2006V12702Dance

[older girls]2006V12711Dance
Elkorn, ?Roper, The2001Q11947PoetryElkorn, ?
Elley, Richard
[Elloyan, Richard ?]
Elley, Richard
[Elloyan, Richard ?]
Elliott, Rambin JackBuffalo Skinners1998N08911MusicGuthrie, Woody

Don t Think Twice It s Alright2007W13905MusicDylan, Bob

Sky Bob / Sons of the Western Soil2007W13902MusicElliott, Rambin Jack

South Coast1998N08912MusicRoss, Lillian Boss

Stewball2007W13904MusicLedbetter, Huddie

[stories]2007W13901StoryElliott, Rambin Jack

The Philadelphia Lawyer1998N08910MusicGuthrie, Woody

Try Me One More Time2007W13903Music[Tubbs, Ernest]
Elliott, Ramblin JackBuffalo Skinners1997M00703Music[Guthrie, Woody]

1998N04912MusicGuthrie, Woody

1998N14807MusicGuthrie, Woody

Diamond Joe1998N04909Music

Good Morning Captain1998N04910Music

Mule Skinner Blues1997M05705

Old Shep1997M05707

Riding Down the Canyon1998N04911MusicAutry, Gene

The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd1997M05706

The Rangers Command1998N14809MusicGuthrie, Woody

Tom Joad1998N14808MusicGuthrie, Woody
Elliott, Ramblin Jack
1998N13213MusicGuthrie, Woody

Alcapulco Song / Lay Down Doggies2003S13114MusicElliott, Ramblin Jack

Bones Hooks [story]2003S06507Music[Ramsey, Buck]

Buffalo Skinner2003S05809Music

Buffalo Skinners1986B05122Music[Traditional]



2003S06506MusicGuthrie, Woody

2007W07513MusicGuthrie, Woody

Call Me A Dog When I m Gone2003S06607MusicPaley, Tom

Diamond Joe1987C03173Music





Don t Think Twice It s Alright2003S05812MusicDylan, Bob

Don t Think Twice, It s Alright2003S06509MusicDylan, Bob

2003S13115MusicDylan, Bob

[Don t Think Twice, It s Alright]2007W03905MusicDylan, Bob

Freight Train Blues1998N13214MusicAcuff, Roy

[Georgia Train Song] [Engine 143]2007W03904Music[Carter Family] [Carter, A.P.]

Get Along Little Doggies2003S13112Music

If I Were a Carpenter2000P08609[Music]Hardin, Tim

2003S06508MusicHardin, Tim

Lay Down, Little Dogies1993I039b30Music

Little Doggies Lay Down [Night Herding Song]1988D00607Music[Traditional]

Me and Billy the Kid2000P08607[Music]Ely, Joe

2000P09808[Music]Ely, Joe

Muleskinner Blues2000P09807[Music][Guthrie, Woody][?]

Night Herding Song1986B05121Music[Traditional]


Old Shep2003S05810Music

Old Shep Dog [Old Shep]1988D00613Music[Foley, Red ?]

Old Time Cowboys / Trail of Buffalo2003S13113Music

Ranger s Command2000P055601MusicGuthrie, Woody

2003S06605MusicGuthrie, Woody

Rangers Command1989E02213Music[Guthrie, Woody]

Rock Island Line1998N13215Music[Ledbetter, Huddie Ledbelly



San Francisco Bay Blues2003S06505Music

Sky Bald Paint2007W07509MusicFletcher, Ted

Sough Coast1998N13216Music[Ross, Lillian]

[sound check]1993I039a07Music

[sound check] [Bunch Up, Little Doggies]1993I039a05Music

[sound check] Diamond Joe1993I039a06Music

[sound check] The South Coast1993I039a08MusicRoss, Lillian

South Coast1987C03176MusicEskin, Sam

2000P08608[Music]Ross, Lily the Boss [?]


2007W07512MusicRoss, Lillian

Stewball2007W07815MusicLedbetter, Huddie

The Ranger s Command2003S13116MusicGuthrie, Woody

The South Coast1993I039b31MusicRoss, Lillian

2003S06608MusicElliott, Ramblin Jack

The South Coast [South Coast]1988D09006Music

The Talking Sailor2007W07511MusicGuthrie, Woody

Tie a Knot in the Devil s Tape [sic] [Tyin Knots in the Devil s Tail]1989E02215Music[Gardner, Gail]

Tying A Knot In The Devil s Tail2003S05811MusicGardner, Gail

Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail1987C03175Music[Gardner, Gail]

2007W07812PoetryGardner, Gail



[unknown] [Do-Re-Mi]2007W03906MusicGuthrie, Woody

[unknown] [Old Shep]2007W03903MusicElliott, Ramblin Jack

You Ain t Got That Do-Re-Mi2007W07510MusicGuthrie, Woody
Ellis, Fred
1992H04805PoetryEllis, Fred

A Cowboy and a Horse How I Got My Start1992H04808PoetryEllis, Fred

Bumbling1992H04807PoetryEllis, Fred

Classified Ads1992H05201PoetryEllis, Fred

Dear Lord, You Allowed Me My Dream to Be a Cowboy1992H04822PoetryEllis, Fred

Dear Mr. Auctioneer1992H04821PoetryEllis, Fred

Dear Neighbor Pete1992H05204PoetryEllis, Fred

Faded Dreams1992H05202PoetryEllis, Fred

My First Horse1992H05203PoetryEllis, Fred

Old E-71992H04806PoetryEllis, Fred

Saddled Memories1992H05205PoetryEllis, Fred
Ellis, RichardDirection of Life1995K05518Poetry

Fixin French1995K05509Poetry

What s Under the Hat1995K05510Poetry
Elloyan, RichardAddicted to the Dust2010Z00204Music

Alkali Rose2001Q01914SongElloyan, Richard

2001Q09502SongElloyan, Richard

2002R09706SongRichard Elloyan

2003S13105MusicElloyan, Richard

Annie McGowan2003S13106MusicElloyan, Richard

Aspen Trees in the Fall, The (about Harrison Pass)2010Z00219Poetry

Aspen Trees, The2001Q01917SongElloyan, Richard

Back In Heaven2007W00308MusicElloyan, Richard

Bad Day at Black Rock1999O05516PoetryElloyan, Richard

Between the Bullets2007W00310MusicElloyan, Richard

Big Nevada Skies1999O13402MusicElloyan, Richard

Big Nevada Sky1999O09205MusicElloyan, Richard


2001Q01907SongElloyan, Richard

2001Q13207SongElloyan, Richard

2003S06406MusicElloyan, Richard

Carolina2001Q13204SongElloyan, Richard

Cowboy Babies2007W00309MusicElloyan, Richard

Cowboy Holiday2001Q09501SongElloyan, Richard

Dancer, The2001Q13201SongElloyan, Richard

Escape, The2001Q01919SongElloyan, Richard

2001Q06203SongElloyan, Richard

2001Q13210SongElloyan, Richard

Eureka Saturday Night2003S05710MusicElloyan, Richard

Eureka Saturday Night Waltz2010Z00201Music

Fenceline [Fence Line]1999O09204

Flash Flood2001Q06201SongElloyan, Richard

Fremont s Cannon2010Z00218Poetry

From the Ground Up2010Z00216Poetry

Golden Aspen Trees [Aspen Tree]1998N18007MusicElloyan, Richard

Good Day To Be A Cowboy2002R09704SongRichard Elloyan

Great Basin Waltz2003S05712MusicElloyan, Richard

2003S06402MusicElloyan, Richard

Great Basin Waltz, The2010Z00202Music

Great Nevada Sky2001Q06202SongElloyan, Richard

Hangman s Tone [Tune]2007W00307MusicElloyan, Richard

I m Addicted to the Dust2007W00305MusicElloyan, Richard

Letter to Ramona2002R09705SongRichard Elloyan

2003S10506MusicElloyan, Richard

Elloyan, Richard

2001Q09504SongElloyan, Richard

2003S05711MusicElloyan, Richard

No Roses1998N17101
Elloyan, Richard

2001Q01903SongElloyan, Richard

Ordinary Cowboy1998N18006MusicElloyan, Richard

Elloyan, Richard

2001Q06205SongElloyan, Richard

2003S10505MusicElloyan, Richard

Paved Over2003S06405MusicElloyan, Richard

Payday Angel2000P05515
Elloyan, Richard

2003S06401MusicElloyan, Richard

Red Tape1999O13401MusicElloyan, Richard

Revelations1999O08901PoetryElloyan, Richard

Rhythm Of The Seasons2001Q06204SongElloyan, Richard

Rock Wall2000P04906PoetryElloyan, Richard

Series, The2001Q13103PoetryElloyan, Richard

Slim Stew1999O12805PoetryElloyan, Richard

Slim s Stew1998N17102
Elloyan, Richard

Someplace Left to Go2000P08720[Music][Elloyan, Richard]

That Kind of Lonely2001Q09503SongElloyan, Richard

The Aspen Tree2007W00312MusicElloyan, Richard

The Coffee Shop2000P08107[Poetry]Elloyan, Richard

The Coyotes Love My Cats2003S06403MusicElloyan, Richard

2003S13108MusicElloyan, Richard

The Escape2000P05516
Elloyan, Richard

The Great Basin Waltz2007W00306MusicElloyan, Richard

The Long Neck Museum1998N17113
Elloyan, Richard

The Long Road2003S06404MusicElloyan, Richard

The Range2003S10504MusicElloyan, Richard

The Virtual Cowboy1999O05518PoetryElloyan, Richard

The Wager 2000P08513
[Elloyan, Richard]

The Weaver2003S13107MusicElloyan, Richard

2007W00311MusicElloyan, Richard

There s a new breed... [?]2000P08512
[Elloyan, Richard]

This Range2001Q09505SongElloyan, Richard

Twister2003S05713MusicElloyan, Richard

Virtual Cowboy2001Q01911SongElloyan, Richard

Weaver, The (Washoe Woman)2010Z00217Poetry

When Cowboys Come to Town1999O05517PoetryElloyan, Richard

2000P08108[Poetry]Elloyan, Richard

When the Blacktop is In Bloom2010Z00203Music

[Worst Meal ... Slim s Stew]2000P04914PoetryElloyan, Richard
Ellsworth, PhilHorse Apples1989E01804PoetryEllsworth, Phil

The Chute1989E09101PoetryEllsworth, Phil

The Pet Horse1989E09102PoetryEllsworth, Phil

The Yaller Slicker [The Yellow Slicker]1989E01803PoetryEllsworth, Phil
Elser, OralBra, The1995K09609Poem[Hirschi, Bill]

I d like to tell you about the highlight of my life... 1995K05617Poetry

Last Cowboy Poem, The1995K09602Poem

My new neighbor from California... 1995K05605Poetry


The Illness1994J10605Poetry

The Real Cowboy Hat1994J10606Poetry

They called me on the telephone... 1995K05606Poetry
Embree, Bruce30 Feet1994J11006Poetry


Cokes for a Dime1994J06005PoetryEmbree, Bruce



Johnny Hear1994J10611Poetry

No Time1994J02217PoetryEmbree, Bruce


Outside1994J02215PoetryEmbree, Bruce


Real Happy1994J06012PoetryEmbree, Bruce

Thirty Feet1994J02216PoetryEmbree, Bruce
[Emila, Denise ??]Cowboy Girl1997M05402Music

Don t Fence Me In1997M05401Music
Engel, FredAll You Can Eat for a Buck Ninety Nine1996L10502Poetry

I Am a Cowboy1996L10503Poetry

New Terms1996L10501Poetry
Engels, FrankHis Partners Due1988D08012Poetry

Old Times1988D08011Poetry
English, LeahWho Is the Boss1990F01426PoetryEnglish, Leah
Erickson, BobHedged In Meadows [Hodgin Meadows] [Jeff Prosser]1989E04711PoetryErickson, Bob

Lisa1989E04710PoetryErickson, Bob

My Cowboy s Poem1989E04716PoetryErickson, Bob

The Experts1989E04712PoetryErickson, Bob
Erickson, Bobby & Tony IlardiThe Sourdough s Story1989E08708Poetry
Erickson, DonnaCookie Maker s Revenge1987C02007PoetryErickson, Donna

Hey You Old Bear1987C02006PoetryErickson, Donna

I Remember Maggie1987C02005PoetryErickson, Donna

If I Have Just One Day1987C02503PoetryErickson, Donna

In the shadow of the saddle...1987C02502Poetry

Mornin s1987C02501PoetryErickson, Donna

The Cookie Maker s Revenge1987C02521PoetryErickson, Donna

The Twister1987C02522PoetryHowe, Leslie

Western Woman1987C02004PoetryErickson, Donna
Erickson, JohnAlas and Black1997M09902Music

[Daddy Packed His Suitcase Because Momma Was a Mean Old Bag]1997M07004


I m Locked In A Jailhouse1997M09901Music

I m Rich1997M07003

My Heart1997M07002

The Case of the Midnight1997M09903Music

We Don t Give A Hoot1997M09904Music
Erickson, John
Tevis, Trev
Alas and Alack1998N00102Music

Daddy Packed His Suitcase1998N00108Music


I m Rich1998N00105Music

Locked in the Jailhouse / Buzzards On the Roof1998N00103Music

My Heart Grows Wild For You1998N00104Music

Thank You Lord for Making Gals1998N00107Music

The Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper1998N00106Music
Evan, NerysPast Caring1994J05506PoetryLawson, Henry
Evans, Della
1991G02205PoetryEvans, Della

A Bull Ride from the Other Side of the Arena1990F02212PoetryEvans, Della

A Cook s Dilemma1994J06124PoetryEvans, Della

[? Genie] [Jeannie?]1995K05512Poetry

Love in the Palm of Your Hand1995K05519Poetry

Mr. Woodruff and Old Boss1995K05511Poetry

Remembering1989E01812PoetryEvans, Della

The Big Mincemeat Pie Hunt1991G02206PoetryEvans, Della

The Chestnut Horse & Joe1991G05310Poetry

The Ultimate Espresso1994J06123PoetryEvans, Della

Tuff1989E04510PoetryEvans, Della

[Untitled]1989E04511PoetryEvans, Della

While the Cat s Away1989E01813PoetryEvans, Della

Winter Tales1990F02211PoetryEvans, Della

Women Saves the Day [sic]1991G02222PoetryEvans, Della
Evans, Doug[about his horse]1996L06218Poetry

Country Singers1996L10306Poetry

Getting Hung Up on a Horse1996L05806Poetry

Honeymoon, The1996L06210PoetryEvans, Doug


Peppy Stallion1996L10305Poetry

[saved by a can of beans]1996L05807Poetry

Stampede, The1996L06209PoetryCoburn, Wallace David
Evans, NerysKitty Buchanan1994J05511PoetryEgan, Ted

My Man s a Drover1994J05502MusicEgan, Ted
Eve, SherrillFine Companion2007W07902MusicLee, Cheryl

Guilty2007W07903MusicLee, Cheryl

I m Just A Cowgirl2007W07901MusicEve, Sherrill
Everywhere West[A] Cowboy s Work s Never Done1992H05616MusicMartinez, R.

Back in the Saddle1992H05619MusicAutry, Gene; R. Martinez

Blue Shadows on the Trail1992H05620Music

Last Ride Home1992H05618MusicMartinez, R.

Underneath the Western Skies1992H05617MusicMartinez, R.
Everywhere West
[Stephenson, Joe & Donna]
[Isaacs, Bud & Geri]
The Texas Plains1993I05608Music
Everywhere West
Martinez, Rick
A Cowboy s Work Is Never Done [Doney Gal]1993I039b16Music[Traditional]

Everywhere West1993I039b13MusicStephenson, Joe

Maybe Someday He ll Ride Back to Me1993I039b15MusicStephenson, Joe

The Holy Ghost Rider1993I039b17Music

The Last Ride Home1993I039b14MusicStephenson, Joe
[Everywhere West]
Stephenson, Donna and Joe
Ghost Riders In the Sky1993I05610Music

My Country, My Home1993I05611Music

Orange Blossom Special1993I05612Music

[recording incomplete] Me and My Donny Gal1993I05609MusicRamsey, Buck
Evridge, BlanchA Million Years Ago2000P12001Music
Ewing, JohnBuggerette1987C019013Poetry

13PoetryEwing, John

Day My Vacation Started, The1987C011009Poetry

Day My Vacation Started, The, or Wishful Thinking1987C019006Poetry

Excess Baggage at Branding1987C019005Poetry

05PoetryEwing, John

Pioneers, The1987C011008Poetry

The Day My Vacation Started (Wishful Thinking)1987C01906PoetryEwing, John
Fair, TrudyA Cowboy s Sweetheart1993I05410MusicMontana, Patsy

A Way In the West: Women On the American Frontier2007W08201PlayWilkinson, Andy

2007W13201PlayWilkinson, Andy

Along the Santa Fe Trail1993I05408Music

I ve Just Got To Be A Cowboy1993I05407Music

Over Nevada1993I05409MusicSpencer, Tim

Wide, Rolling Plains1993I05411MusicWalker, Cindy
Fairborn, Kevin
Speeders, Scheri
[Speeders, Antoone]
[Ghost Riders in the Sky]1989E09416Music

[I Ride an Old Paint]1989E09417Music

[My Dear Old Arizona Home]1989E09418Music[Montana, Patsy]

[The Night Herding Song]1989E09419Music
Fairbourn, Kevin & Antoon SpetersBlue Praiirie1988D09029Music

Buffalo Gals1988D09030Music

Way Out There1988D09028Music
Fall River BoysAnnie Laurie1998N15603Poetry

Antler Poem / Moose Trapping1998N15602Poetry

Crowding Fences1998N16209PoetryFall River Boys

[Manure in Heaven ?]1998N16207Poetry

Riding Down the Canyon1998N16208Poetry

Up On the Mountain / Chime Bells1998N15601Music
Fall River Boys
Seally, Mark
Midge, Jeff
A Long Night s Ride1998N07710MusicMidge, Jeff

Coyotes1998N07711MusicMcDill, Bob

Crowding Fencer1998N07713Music

Friends1998N07709MusicSeally, Mark

[Night Rider s Lament ?]1998N07712Music[Burton, Mike]
Fallon, Dan[?]1990F05603PoetryFallon, Dan
Falls River GuysHigh Country Calling Me1998N11407MusicWagner, R.

The Letter Home1998N11408MusicSeeley

Tumbling Tumbleweeds1998N11409Music
Fanning, Ernie

Across the burning sand came a camel caravan.... [joke poem about Timbuktu]1985A02417Poetry

Alone1990F04006PoetryFanning, Ernie

1998N12214PoetryFanning, Ernie

[another joke about guy with harelip]1985A02419Poetry

Buckskin s Camp1986B01413Poetry

El Gordo1988D03503Poetry

Gardner Sheehan1986B01402PoetryFanning, Ernie

Hard Rock Bill1987C04417PoetryFanning, Ernie

Jim Bent1986B00302Poetry


John Bent1994J10101Poetry

[joke about guy with harelip]1985A02418Poetry

Jumper Cables1989E06518Poetry

Louse Town Bay1987C04416PoetryLund, Wayne

1989E03413PoetryLund, Wayne

Mabel and Sam1998N15814Poetry

Me and Melvin Jones1986B01403PoetryEklund, Lew

My Favorite Horses1989E03411Poetry

My Lady Luck1988D01504Poetry[Service, Robert ?]

One More Year1987C04424Poetry

One Red Rose1987C04415Poetry

1990F04007PoetryFanning, Ernie

Over the Hill1988D03502Poetry

1990F01101PoetryFanning, Ernie

1994J04003PoetryFanning, Ernie

1998N12216PoetryFanning, Ernie

Placin the Blame1994J04005PoetryFanning, Ernie

Sheepherder s Lament1994J00802PoetryFletcher, Curley

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs1987C05912PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

1994J10102Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]


1998N15811Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Smokey Bill and Curly Tom McWeather1998N07613Poetry

The Bucket1998N07610MusicFanning, Ernie

1998N12213PoetryFanning, Ernie

The Cowboy s Life1986B00308Poetry[Gardner, Gail]

The Dehorned Saddle1987C05913Poetry

The Flyin Outlaw1994J00809PoetryFletcher, Curley

The one armed man changed some...1989E03410PoetryFletcher, Curley ?

The Piano at Red s1989E00302PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Quandry1989E03412Poetry

The Real Cowboy s Life - Gail Gardner1988D00304Poetry

To Gardner Sheehan [recited at death of Gardner Sheehan]1986B01401PoetryFanning, Ernie

Twenty Percent Off1994J04004PoetryFanning, Ernie

Twenty Percent Off - Senior Citizen1998N12217PoetryFanning, Ernie

Verse Man s Plea1988D01509PoetryFanning, Ernie


Well I m a sin loving cowboy... 1985A02407PoetryBowman, Cliff

Well, you can sneer at the bum in the gutter... 1985A02408PoetryBowman, Cliff

When the Wagon Rolls Next Spring1988D03501Poetry

Where Did the Valley Go1986B01417PoetryFanning, Ernie

Whose Old Cow1988D05003Poetry

Yavapai Pete1994J00801PoetryFletcher, Curley

Yellow Stuff1989E00303PoetryClark, Charles Badger
Fanning, Ernie
[Ilardi, Tony]
Annie Lorie1998N02310PoetryClark, Charles Badger

In the Real Land of the Free1998N02308Poetry

Why Don t You Tell That1998N02306Poetry
Fanning, Ernie
Ilardi, Tony
You Never Tell That1998N07611PoetryFanning, Ernie
Ilardi, Tony
Fanning, Ernie & Tony IlardiThe Bad Half Hour1990F04008Poetry / MusicClark, Charles Badger
Faulkner, JustinCowboy2001Q11965PoetryFaulkner, Justin
Feelin , George [sp?]Red Flannins [The Lost Flannins]1989E05313PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Fender, T.J.Nasty Bess and Twister1998N08501PoetryFender, T.J.

Pale Lady Mine1998N08502PoetryFender, T.J.
Fenton, JoeyWrite For Food1998N15504PoetryFenton, Joey
Ferguson, CoeneSlim Pickens [Slim Pickings?]1998N08504PoetryFerguson, Coene

Wild Western Rodeo1998N08505PoetryFerguson, Coene
Ferguson, EugeneDoing the Things You Know1986B05213PoetryFerguson, Eugene

I Would Be a Cowboy1986B00704PoetryFerguson, Eugene

Song of the Cowboy1986B00707PoetryFerguson, Eugene

Split Rein Man1986B00706PoetryFerguson, Eugene

The Cow Game1986B00705PoetryFerguson, Eugene
Ferguson, Gene
1988D08406PoetryFerguson, Gene

12PoetryFerguson, Gene

17PoetryFerguson, Gene


Ferguson, Gene

Black Bart1998N17321
Ferguson, Gene

Bronc Rider & Son1988D01416PoetryFerguson, Gene

Changing Time [?] [Changing Tires ?]1988D01411PoetryFerguson, Gene

Cowboy s My Name1998N17221

Fate of Old Strawberry1998N17208

How Eddie [Raimer?] Got Killed1988D03901PoetryFerguson, Gene

How Eddy Got Killed [How Eddie Got Killed] [?]1990F02009PoetryFerguson, Gene

How It Was In Elko 40 Years Ago1990F02008PoetryFerguson, Gene

I Was Born to Be a Cowboy1990F05714PoetryFerguson, Gene

I Would Be a Cowboy1990F05712PoetryFerguson, Gene

In Memory of Sandy1988D01421PoetryFerguson, Gene

Lament of a Cowboy1988D03913PoetryFerguson, Gene

Last Train Robbery1998N17320
Ferguson, Gene

Lavander Cowboy1998N17322

Split Rein Man1988D03907PoetryFerguson, Gene

1990F05713PoetryFerguson, Gene

[story about a guard duck ?]1998N17210
Ferguson, Gene

Three Old Bulls1998N17319
Ferguson, Gene

Wild Western Rodeo1988D03906PoetryFerguson, Gene

1990F05722PoetryFerguson, Gene

Yellow, or The Day Casey Split His Pants1988D01401PoetryFerguson, Gene

Yellow, or The Day Casey Split His Pants [sic]1988D01406PoetryFerguson, Gene
[Ferguson, Gene]Cowboy Blood1990F08906Poetry[Ferguson, Gene]

Grampa Goes to Town1990F08910Poetry[Ferguson, Gene]

Transfusion of Winnemucca Slim1990F08907Poetry[Ferguson, Gene]
Ferguson, Page
2007W12615PoetryFerguson, Page
Ferguson, WestonThe Sea Poem1998N15511PoetryFerguson, Weston
Fiel, LannyBonaparte s Retreat1993I08802Music

Cruel Willie1993I08801Music
Fiel, Lanny
[Hayden, Tom]
[Cajun fiddle tune]1993I08816Music

Pull Up the Wagon1993I08815MusicCollins, Earl
Fields, EdBespectacled [Gus] and the Wild Hog1989E09011PoetryFields, Ed

For Fifty Dollars I ll Shoe Em Myself1992H04817PoetryFields, Ed

For Sure1992H04816PoetryFields, Ed

God Made the Cowboy s World1989E09013PoetryFields, Ed

Modern Rancher1989E09020PoetryFields, Ed

Old Ben Gray1989E05212PoetryFields, Ed

Partners1989E09012PoetryFields, Ed

The Cowboy s First Cat Ride [Bulldozer]1992H04825PoetryFields, Ed

The Last Ride1989E05211PoetryFields, Ed

The Spandex Buckaroo1992H04815PoetryFields, Ed
Figgins, ChrisBullfighter, The1996L06204Poetry

[bunkhouse story about fishing]1996L06221Poetry

Dyin Breed1996L06203Poetry

Maybe Tomorrow1996L06202Poetry
Findlay, CarolJack Was Just a Lonely Cowboy1991G09912Music

There s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere1991G09913Music
Findlay, Carol & Linda MerrillIt Is No Secret1992H09507Music

Twilight (My Old Pal of Yesterday)1992H09506Music

Whispering Pine1992H09508Music

You Know the Reason1992H09509Music
Fine, BethThere Ain t No Regular Ranchmen1995K05906Poetry
Finlayson, MerrillLayin Back an Lookin Up1994J10712PoetryFinlayson, Merrill

The Twisted Tale1994J10713PoetryFinlayson, Merrill
Fiscus, Marilyn [?]Country-Lovin Girl1990F05206PoetryFiscus, Marilyn [?]

The Blue Dog1990F05207PoetryFiscus, Marilyn [?]
Fish Out of WaterAshokan Farewell1995K10214Music

Golden Slippers / Boots & Stockings1995K10213Music

Liberty / Needlecase1995K10212Music
Fish, SamanthaThe Cowboy s Pocketwatch1998N15514PoetryFish, Samantha
Fisher, Evan [Dusty Bottoms]Trail1998N15516PoetryFisher, Evan [Dusty Bottoms]
Fisher, Juni[Irish song]2009Y04804Music

Jack Sing2009Y04809Music

Red Velvet Slippers2009Y04814Music
Fitzgerald, ConYou Bought What1991G05004PoetrySmith, Jesse
Fitzgerald, MarionAmong Other Things [Among Udder Things]1990F00403Poetry[Fitzgerald, Marion]

He said I was excited bull... [Paddy O Brien s Bull]1990F02910Poetry
Fitzwater, Amy
1988D07918PoetryFitzwater, Amy

[A short paragraph she wrote about life]1989E08611PoetryFitzwater, Amy

About Life1989E088x11PoetryFitzwater, Amy
Flake, Rolf1987 C.P.G. Gathering1987C003001Poetry

A friend of mine told me this story... 1998N16812PoetryFlake, Rolf

Bull s Back in Bull Pasture1996L05206Poetry

Bull s Summer1998N07508PoetryFlake, Rolf

Bummer of a Summer1987C003002Poetry

Cloud Watcher

Glass Eye

I Dang Near Died1987C05807Poetry

I Went to See My Barber1996L05205Poetry

Northern Arizona Fall1996L01906PoetryFlake, Rolf

Northern Arizona Spring / Wind1996L01904PoetryFlake, Rolf

Northern Arizona Summer1996L01905PoetryFlake, Rolf

Northern Arizona Winter1996L01907PoetryFlake, Rolf

Old Bill1996L05203Poetry

Once there lived this old Holstein... 1998N16811PoetryFlake, Rolf

Proud to Advertise1996L08212Poetry

Reach Out and Touch Someone1987C05808Poetry

Temp. Reincarnation1987C003004Poetry

Temporary Reincarnation1987C05817Poetry


1998N16813PoetryFlake, Rolf

That Dog1996L08213Poetry

The Bulls

The Medicine Man

The Newcomer1998N16810PoetryFlake, Rolf

To Old Cowboys Died [sic]1996L05204Poetry

Truth in Advertising1987C003003Poetry

Went To See A Banker For A Loan1998N07512PoetryFlake, Rolf

Yellow Fluid [about a horse with diabetes]
Flake, Rolf M.A Bummer of a Summer1986B01209PoetryFlake, Rolf M.

Bull Only1986B03110PoetryFlake, Rolf M.

Horse Sense1986B01208PoetryFlake, Rolf M.

Manuel1986B03108PoetryFlake, Rolf M.

The Eyes Have It1986B03109PoetryFlake, Rolf M.

Truth in Advertising1986B01210PoetryFlake, Rolf M.
Fleming, Glenn[Chinese Laundry Man]1998N08208Poetry

Fleming, Glenn M.Ranching As I See It1996L02008Poetry

Sweet Little Linden1996L02007Poetry
Fleming, MichaelBelow the Kenny Rim2004T12305Music[Buffum, Les]

Cowboy Swing2004T12303MusicFleming, Michael

Line Riders Waltz, The2002R09716SongMichael Flemming

Raise A Glass to the Drovers... 2004T12302MusicFleming, Michael

Traveling Again2004T12304MusicFleming, Michael
Fleming, MikeBelow the Cady Rim1996L06410Music

Measure of a Man, The1996L06411Music
Flick, Leon
1993I08701PoetryFlick, Leon


2007W15606PoetryFlick, Leon

07PoetryFlick, Leon

12PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

A Little Buckaroo Meets Santa1993I08711PoetryFlick, Leon

A Million Kinds of Cowboys1991G01308PoetryFlick, Leon

And the Wind Begins to Blow1995K08501Poetry

Anderson Team, The2001Q07705PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07805PoetryFlick, Leon

At Daylight He s Been Up for Hours1990F01713PoetryFlick, Leon

Bally1994J01904PoetryFlick, Leon

Bar Keep s Trap1995K04501Poetry

Bar Keep s Trap [Barkeep]1994J03603PoetryFlick, Leon

Biannual Anderson Cattle Company Team Weanin 2001Q04318PoetryFlick, Leon

Big Trophy Buckle1998N07602PoetryFlick, Leon

[Brewing One]2007W10304PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Bucking Horse2007W07216PoetryFlick, Leon

Bull Slippers1991G08620PoetryFlick, Leon

1998N07603PoetryFlick, Leon


2007W13602PoetryFlick, Leon

Bull Slips1989E02010PoetryFlick, Leon

Calving Is Upon Us / Trapped with a Heifer2010Z00208Poetry

Campfire2007W03404PoetryFlick, Leon

Christmas Day 891995K01608Poetry

Christmas Dinner2001Q12005PoetryFlick, Leon

2007W03402PoetryFlick, Leon

Cowboy, The2001Q12003PoetryFlick, Leon



Cows That Faint2007W07218PoetryFlick, Leon

Coyote Fox Hunt1992H07808Poetry

2007W13601PoetryFlick, Leon

Coyote Fox Hunt, The2001Q07704PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07804PoetryFlick, Leon

Days1990F07402PoetryFlick, Leon

1991G08101PoetryFlick, Leon

Days Between That Cowboys Like the Best, The2010Z00207Poetry

Days of Brush and Saddle, The The Buckaroo2010Z00206Poetry

Driver s License Store1994J04703PoetryFlick, Leon

Fiddles2001Q12004PoetryFlick, Leon

For Hart Mountain [Hartz Mountain?]1995K08502Poetry

For Heart Mountain1993I039b35PoetryFlick, Leon

Go and Just Buckaroo1991G08113PoetryFlick, Leon

1994J10104PoetryFlick, Leon

Half An Inch of Thaw2001Q04307PoetryFlick, Leon

Herding At Night2007W07217PoetryFlick, Leon

Home For A Buckaroo2001Q04301PoetryFlick, Leon

How Camp Got Running Water1989E02011PoetryFlick, Leon

1990F03914PoetryFlick, Leon

1994J04705PoetryFlick, Leon


How Winter Camp Got Water2007W05603PoetryFlick, Leon

I Had a Friend, His Eye Was Kind1990F01708PoetryFlick, Leon

I went into the PGG to get me a sack of feed... 1993I06606PoetryFlick, Leon

It was early in November... 1993I08706PoetryFlick, Leon

It s One of Them Bright April Mornings1990F01701PoetryFlick, Leon

[joke]1993I08721PoetryFlick, Leon

Jude and Satan2007W03401PoetryFlick, Leon

Jumper Cables2007W03405PoetryFlick, Leon

Just Buckaroo (?)2001Q04313PoetryFlick, Leon

Just Call Him Cowboy1994J01914PoetryFlick, Leon

Leg Hole Trap, The2001Q072 02PoetryFlick, Leon

Letter to God from Edna2010Z00205Poetry

Like a Shining [Shrine]2010Z00210Poetry

Like a shining shrine that sun come up over that sage... 1993I03801PoetryFlick, Leon

Line Dancing1994J04704PoetryFlick, Leon


2001Q072 04PoetryFlick, Leon

Listen to the Sun Go Down1990F07412PoetryFlick, Leon

Little Buckaroo Meets Santa1990F03904PoetryFlick, Leon


Ma & Pa Went Out Dancing2001Q072 03PoetryFlick, Leon

Mongo1991G08617PoetryFlick, Leon

1994J01905PoetryFlick, Leon


My First Taste of Liquor1998N15014Poetry

2001Q072 01PoetryFlick, Leon

My Place1991G01302PoetryFlick, Leon

1993I03802PoetryFlick, Leon

1994J03602PoetryFlick, Leon

One Old Sister2010Z00212Poetry

Payin Your Dues1991G08102PoetryFlick, Leon

[poem about first drink]1993I08727PoetryFlick, Leon

Purt Near Perkins2007W10301Poetry[Gardner, Gail]

Red s Hot, Blue s Not2007W03406PoetryFlick, Leon

Satan and Jude1989E08307PoetryFlick, Leon


Saten and Jude [Satan and Jude?]1990F01702PoetryFlick, Leon

Saton and Jude [Satan and Jude]1991G08605PoetryFlick, Leon

Shiny Sign2001Q12001PoetryFlick, Leon

Silver Sea of Sage1991G08106PoetryFlick, Leon

Sis gave me slippers for Christmas... 1993I06605PoetryFlick, Leon

Spring of 881994J03607PoetryFlick, Leon


Sunrise in the Outhouse2007W05607PoetryFlick, Leon

Sunrise on the Outhouse1992H07809Poetry


Team, The2001Q07702PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07802PoetryFlick, Leon


Tearing Hair and Holding Air1990F07401PoetryFlick, Leon

1998N07601PoetryFlick, Leon

The Cowboy1993I08728PoetryFlick, Leon

1994J10103PoetryFlick, Leon

The Coyote Foxhunt1993I06607PoetryFlick, Leon

The Message1994J10105PoetryFlick, Leon


The Slippers1994J04711PoetryFlick, Leon

The Spring of 881991G08107PoetryFlick, Leon

The Team1991G08606PoetryFlick, Leon

2007W03407PoetryFlick, Leon

The Wind Is Howling2007W03403PoetryFlick, Leon

There s some of those... cowqirls left...1990F03903PoetryFlick, Leon

They say it was the barbed wire... 1993I03813Poetry

Thy Heifer2001Q12002PoetryFlick, Leon

Tom Anderson T Coyote (Fox) Hunt2010Z00213Poetry

Tommy the Viking2007W07215PoetryFlick, Leon

Uncle Leo s Instant Dog1995K04510Poetry

Uncle Leo s Instant Dogs1989E08308PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07706PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07806PoetryFlick, Leon

2007W13611PoetryFlick, Leon


[unknown] [There s Nothing Sweet As Neighbors]2007W05611PoetryFlick, Leon

Watch the Campfire Dance2001Q07701PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07801PoetryFlick, Leon

Wet Tobaccer1990F03902PoetryFlick, Leon

Wind Blows, The2001Q07703PoetryFlick, Leon

2001Q07803PoetryFlick, Leon

Wind Was Howling Howling2010Z00214Poetry

Wisdom Knots2007W10302Poetry
Flint, JackArmchair Cowboy1992H02006PoetryFlint, Jack

Cascade John s Claim to Fame1992H05113PoetryFlint, Jack

End of a Poem?1992H02009PoetryBlack, Baxter

Heaven s Buckaroos1992H02008PoetryFlint, Jack

One Shot Kill1992H05114PoetryFlint, Jack

The Mule, the Fool and I1992H02007PoetryFlint, Jack
Flower, RosalynA Knight In a Shiny Straw Hat1997M07533Poetry
Floyd, Doug
Jones, Jill and the Lonestar Chorale
Martin, Mary2007W12516Music

[unknown]2007W12514MusicPyle, Chuck
[Powell, Chuck]

We Were Cowboys2007W12515MusicCusimano, Chuck
Flying J WranglersCall Me Me a Wonder [sic]1991G09806Music

Cowboy s Sweetheart [I Want to Be a Cowboy s Sweetheart]1991G03005MusicMontana, Patsy

Don t Fence Me In1991G09805Music

Night Riders Lament1991G09804Music

Some Day Soon1991G03004MusicTyson, Ian
Flynn, Dennis
2000P03707PoetryFlynn, Dennis

2000P10001PoetryFlynn, Dennis

02PoetryFlynn, Dennis

03PoetryFlynn, Dennis

A Time to Decide2000P07213[Poetry]Kiskaddon, Bruce

Boomer Johnson2000P07212[Poetry]Knibbs, Henry Herbert

Creak of the Leather2000P07211[Poetry]Kiskaddon, Bruce

Heaven on Earth2000P10010PoetryFlynn, Dennis

Life s Choices2000P03709PoetryFlynn, Dennis

Life s Lessons2000P03706PoetryFlynn, Dennis

2000P10004PoetryFlynn, Dennis

Round Up in the Spring2000P07210[Poetry]

The Golden Rule2000P03708PoetryFlynn, Dennis
Folsum, RobBlue Mountain1995K10114Music

Goodnight Loving Trail1995K10115MusicPhillips, Utah
Forest, NicoleMy Father1990F09212PoetryForest, Nicole
Foster, Chris and SarahMy Pal1996L09611PoetryHunter, John
Foster, NathanWolves Hunt at Night2001Q11931PoetryFoster, Nathan
Foster, SerenityThe Pioneer1990F09216PoetryGooderman, Arthur
Fournier, RandyI ll Go Get the Tool Box1987C006040Poetry

I ll Love You til I Cross the Great Divide1987C006039Poetry

In the Old Days1987C006041Poetry
Foust, AmandaAway2005U13534Poetry
Fouts, BillyBilly Ben Hur1988D02906Poetry

Bronc Riding Blues1987C04701PoetryFouts, Billy

Drop your cocks and grab your socks... 1985A02431PoetryFouts, Billy

Evening Camp1988D02913Poetry

Follow That Old Cattle Call1987C04509PoetryFouts, Billy

Friend1986B00818PoetryFouts, Billy



Rainy Day Rhymes1986B00808PoetryFouts, Billy

Recollections1985A02101PoetryFouts, Billy

Sigh Repeats [The Sierry Petes] [Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail]1988D06809Poetry[Gardner, Gail]

Sound Familiar1986B03804PoetryFouts, Billy

Teamin 1986B03806PoetryFouts, Billy

[That Horse Named Clyde...]1987C04702PoetryFouts, Billy

The Long Rope Principle1988D08409PoetryFouts, Billy

The Man in the Saddle1988D08414PoetryFouts, Billy

The Passing of the Past1986B03805PoetryFouts, Billy

The Wreck1988D08402PoetryFouts, Billy

This Cowboy Life1986B00810PoetryFouts, Billy

Trackin 1986B00817PoetryFouts, Billy

Twas the night before Christmas.... 1985A02434PoetryFouts, Billy

Up Within the Highlands1986B00809PoetryFouts, Billy

Windy Bill1987C04507Poetry[Traditional]

Fox, NormaBetter Bail Off2002R13505PoetryNorma Fox

Cowboy s Dodge Truck2002R13503PoetryNorma Fox

Cowdog Pup2002R08901PoetryNorma Fox

Grandmother Reading Bumper Stickers2002R08902PoetryNorma Fox

Grandpa s Bumper Sticker2002R13504PoetryNorma Fox

Mountain Music2002R08911PoetryNorma Fox
Fraiser, L.L.Cowboy Quintessence1999O05410
Fraiser, L.L.
Frasier, ChrisPlum Creek1996L05715PoetryFrasier, Chris
Frazier, Kenny
Gimble, Dick
Cannon Ball2007W12105Music

Polka Dots and Moon Beams2007W12104Music


Frederick, NicoleGwen1990F01404PoetryFrederick, Janet
Freeman, [Berak?]
Freeman, AsherThe Coyote1992H08407PoetryMcRae, Wallace
Freeman, BobBarn Storming1991G08915PoetryFreeman, Bob

Heck of a Fix1989E08508PoetryFreeman, Bob

1991G08916PoetryFreeman, Bob
Freeman, DennisSee, I was staggering down the road at midnight... 1985A02409PoetryCorso, Gregory
Freese, TrindaCowgirls2002R13807Poetry
Freise, TrindaMarkings of A True Cowboy2003S12815PoetryFreise, Trinda
[Frontier s Men ?]Ragtime Cowboy Joe1998N13005Music
Fuhriman, TerryThe Worst Kind of Brake1992H08610PoetryFuhriman, Terry
Fulmer, Robinson Tex The Cowboy and the Cow1997M07515Poetry
Fulton, Gary and the Garter SnakesBorn to Be A Cowboy2005U09009MusicHampton, R.W.

Buying a Bra2005U09007Music[Hershey, Bill]

Don t Fence Me In2005U09006MusicPorter, Cole

I ll Be Hanged2005U09004Music

Purt Near Perkins2005U09005PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Riding and Commuting2005U09008MusicClark, Charles Badger
Gaines, Dennis
Gaines, Dennis

A Different Point of View1991G01016PoetryGaines, Dennis

A Life Well Lived2007W15201PoetryGaines, Dennis

A Saddle and a Dream1991G01009Poetry

Alone1992H03508PoetryGaines, Dennis

Angels Could Do No More1991G08402PoetryGaines, Dennis

Bear Hunt2007W10402PoetryGaines, Dennis

Been There, Done That2007W05706PoetryGaines, Dennis

Bovine Palpitation2007W09201PoetryGaines, Dennis

Calf Wrestling Champion1991G01002PoetryGaines, Dennis

Centaur s Better Half1992H03512PoetryGaines, Dennis

Champion Wrestler2007W10401PoetryGaines, Dennis

[Clara Martin]2007W09202PoetryGaines, Dennis

Cowboy Carousel1990F01703PoetryGaines, Dennis

Dem Buckin Bronco Blues1990F01714PoetryGaines, Dennis

[I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup in the Spring2007W15202MusicCopeland, Carl
Williams, Jack

Old and Honored1992H03507PoetryGaines, Dennis

Sentar s Better Half [Centaur s Better Half?]1990F01709PoetryGaines, Dennis

The Bronco Twister s Prayer1992H01314PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Hired Man on Horseback1992H01310PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

The Man from Snowy River1992H01309Poetry[Paterson, Banjo]

The Story of Parson Braddock1991G08411PoetryGaines, Dennis

This Cow Was a Mother1992H08206PoetryGaines, Dennis

Time Eat Your Heart Out2007W05705PoetryGaines, Dennis

Ty Murray Eart Your Heart Out1992H08212PoetryGaines, Dennis

[unknown]2007W15207Poetry[Kadden, Don]
Gaisford, TylerThe Answering Machine1989E05019PoetryGaisford, Tyler

The End Is the Beginning1989E05010PoetryGaisford, Tyler

The King of the Cowboys1989E05011PoetryGaisford, Tyler
Galloghy, MikeBull Ride1990F02011PoetryGalloghy, Mike

Happy Hour1990F02010PoetryGalloghy, Mike
Galloghy, Mike [?]Chile Peppers1990F05210PoetryGalloghy, Mike [?]

Crowded1990F05209PoetryGalloghy, Mike [?]

Rodeo1990F05208PoetryGalloghy, Mike [?]
Gallogly, MikeChili Peppers1991G01912PoetryGallogly, Mike

Cowboy Rap1991G09108PoetryGallogly, Mike

Cowboy Rapp [sic]1991G01914PoetryGallogly, Mike

My Boys1991G01913PoetryGallogly, Mike

The Bull Ride1991G09116PoetryGallogly, Mike
Gammill[?], AlexSagebrush1995K09921Poem
[Ganguet?], Ashley
Garate, Pat44 In November2002R13511PoetryFields, Ken

After The Rodeo2002R13513PoetryPat Garate

Cowboy Loves Jesus Too, The1996L10809Poetry

Cowboy Loves Jesus, The2002R13512PoetryPat Garate

Distant Memories1990F05612Poetry[Garrett, Pat?]

February Dawn2000P12012

Forty-Four in November2000P12013

I ve Got It All1997M08704

Jim s Mom and the Cow1990F05611Poetry[Garrett, Pat?]

My Love1997M08710

Old Van1990F05613Poetry[Garrett, Pat?]

On the Road Again1999O12916PoetryGarate, Pat

The Cowboy Loves Jesus Too1997M08716

The Time the Vandals Came1999O12915PoetryGarate, Pat

These Old Boots1996L10808Poetry

Tribute To A Cowboy (Ken Fields)2002R13510PoetryPat Garate
Garcia, BrianTears In My Eyes1997M10913Music

The Silent Senorita1997M10912Music
Gardener, KenOne Evening in the Meadow2003S12704PoetryGardener, Ken

The Cowboy and the Fist2003S12705PoetryGardener, Ken
Gardner, AmyI ll Never Be a Cowboy1986B05303PoetryWalther, Jack
Gardner, Charley[Hippies in Calgary]1986B05302PoetryLeDoux, Chris

Mustang Fever1986B05301PoetryGardner, Cliff
Gardner, CharlieReal Cowboy and a Would-Be1987C04423Poetry

[Gardner, Gail][Greeting from Gail Gardner]1988D00303Spoken[Gardner, Gail]
Gardner, GeneCoyote Song1998N18005Music[Edwards, Don ?]

Irish Love Song [William Belote?]1998N18004Music
Gardner, KenBucked Off and Hurt Bad2004T10102PoetryGardner, Ken

2005U08709PoetryGardner, Ken

Grandma s Chicken Chiropractor2007W15801PoetryGardner, Ken

John Shaw s Last Drink2005U08703Poetry[Banks, Abe]

Sleeping In the Bunkhouse2004T10101PoetryGardner, Ken

2006V12801PoetryGardner, Ken

Story of Lottie Joel2005U08704PoetryGardner, Ken

Stuff2007W15802PoetryGardner, Ken

The Cowboy Way2006V12802PoetryGardner, Ken

The Night that AC Doosey Bit the Bear2004T10111PoetryGardner, Ken

[Wet Setter]2007W15812Poetry
Gardner, KennethDual Controlled Electric1996L02102Poetry
Gardner, KevinBernard (The Mule)1991G09412Poetry

Old Pug1991G09411PoetryGardner, Kevin

[song by James Taylor]1991G09418Music[Taylor, James]
Garrate, PatBright Nevada Blue1998N17219PoetryGarrate, Pat

Cowgirl s Headache Recipie1998N17218

Man s Basic Needs1998N17220

The Cowboy Foot Race1989E02006PoetryGarrate, Pat

The Cowboy s Companion1989E02005PoetryGarrate, Pat

The Rangeland Christmas1989E02007PoetryGarrate, Pat
Garretson, CyCowboy2002R13825Poetry
Gary, ClydeTwo Cowboys at the Superbowl1998N17009
Gary, Clyde
Gary, DillonThe Crook1998N15544PoetryGary, Dillon
Gatchell, Terry



Buy Me a [Hackeyjack?]1991G09906Music

Money Can t Buy This Old Guitar1991G09907Music

My Logger Lover1991G09908Music
Gattshall, Wayne Just a song at twilight.... [My Nevada song]1985A03812PoetryGattshall, Wayne

The Clown1985A03811PoetryGattshall, Wayne

The Strawberry Roan1985A03410PoetryFletcher, Curley
Gavin, TheaGrowing Giant Pumpkins2005U08817PoetryGavin, Thea

High Sierra Horse Drive Melodrama2005U08806PoetryGavin, Thea

Settle My Heart2005U08803PoetryGavin, Thea

The Ballad of My Boyfriend s Truck2005U08804PoetryGavin, Thea

Your Tattoo2005U08805PoetryGavin, Thea
Gehring, SteveCowboy Buckaroo1995K02106Poetry

Dedication to Elko1995K02105Poetry

One Man s Ceiling1995K02010Poetry

Role Models1995K02011Poetry
Geisler, ValOne Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse1986B01002Music[Steagall, Red]
Geissler, ValAn Outlaw to Ride1985A00602PoetryGeissler, Val

1986B04010PoetryGeissler, Val

Cattle Call1986B01008Music

Horses and Wars1985A01803Music

I was hanging around town in a house of ill fame... 1985A02405Music[Fletcher, Curley]

The Cremation of Sam McGee1986B04005PoetryService, Robert
Gerber, LloydA Matter of Taste1989E03711Poetry

April Fool [April Fool s Day Surprise]1989E06305Poetry

At the Auction1989E04115PoetryGerber, Lloyd

[Cattle Fever]1989E03702Poetry

Double Trouble1989E04102PoetryGerber, Lloyd

I Ain t No Dude1989E06306Poetry

[ In a cabin on the mountain, on our summer range so nice.... ]1989E04209PoetryGerber, Lloyd

Macho1989E01609PoetryGerber, Lloyd

Pack Rat1989E04109PoetryGerber, Lloyd

Real and Fake [How to Test a Cowboy]1989E06314PoetryGerber, Lloyd

Smoky1989E01610PoetryGerber, Lloyd

[ The auctioneer made sputtered words that made no sense at all.... ]1989E04214PoetryGerber, Lloyd

The Chicken [Ride?]1989E03701Poetry

These Cats1989E04101PoetryGerber, Lloyd

This Is Heaven?1988D08516Poetry

[Those Cats]1989E04201PoetryGerber, Lloyd

Wild Horses1989E01615PoetryGerber, Lloyd

[ You see, I was raised in Wellington... ]1989E04202PoetryGerber, Lloyd
Germain, DonAn Old Man s Plaything1996L05915Poetry


Bend In The Road, The2002R13602PoetryTess Messenger

Bronco Twister s Prayer2001Q05601PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Another Word for Tough1996L05905Poetry

Cowboy s Dream, The2002R09002PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Five Minutes at a Time1996L02201Poetry

Gathering, The1996L02204Poetry

2001Q05602PoetryGermain, Don

He Don t Look So Good1996L10414Poetry

Jake and the Fat Man1995K09701Poem

Loska2001Q09112PoetryGermain, Don

Mist of the Overland Rose, The2002R05306PoetryKen Quercast (?)

Nightmare, A2002R09001PoetryGail Burton

On Your High Horse1996L02202Poetry

She s Up To Her Ears1996L02203Poetry

Snowville1995K09702PoemNelson, Wayne

1996L10504PoetryNelson, Wayne

Time For Stayin , Time For Leavin 2002R13601PoetryBaxter Black
Germain, Don & Stephanie DavisBronco Twister s Prayer [w/ Amazing Grace]1996L05801Poetry / MusicKiskaddon, Bruce
Gibbons, Hank[Death?] of Big Jake Hass1987C061b07PoetryGibbons, Hank
Gibford, Dick

A Cowboy s Toast1989E03911PoetryGibford, Dick

A Prayer For a Cowboy1988D07608PoetryGibford, Dick

[A Tune of Time]2004T13306PoetryFletcher, Curly

By the Painted Gate2009Y05803PoetryGibford, Dick

Cowboy Dream2005U11808PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Desert Sands2005U06505PoetryGibford, Dick

Face On the Barroom Floor2004T13307Poetry

Harp and flute and violin throbbing through the night.... 2004T07210PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

Heart of the Horse1991G04308PoetryGibford, Dick

High Chin Bob1991G08214PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Hippy1994J08806PoetryGibford, Dick

Hippy [Hippie?]1991G01710PoetryGibford, Dick

Hired Man on Horseback1988D02908Poetry[Rhodes, Eugene Manlove]

1994J04411Poetry[Rhodes, Eugene Manlove]

Horses [?]1991G04313PoetryFischer, Jim

I Never Knew Curley1990F06803PoetryGibford, Dick

Lone Cowboy1988D07601PoetryGibford, Dick

1989E03910PoetryGibford, Dick

1991G01705PoetryGibford, Dick

1994J10209PoetryGibford, Dick

Man From Snowy River1994J08805Poetry[Paterson, Banjo]

Old Cowman, The2009Y05801PoetryGibford, Dick

Old Western Town [An Old Western Town]1990F06902PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Rainy Day in the Bunkhouse1991G04102PoetryGibford, Dick

Singing to the Herd2005U06504PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

Sittin in the Bunkhouse1991G04307PoetryGibford, Dick


Sitting In the Bunkhouse2004T12101PoetryGibford, Dick

Sound of Spurs, The2009Y05804Poetry

Spring Cleaning in Winter1990F06907PoetryGibford, Dick

Strange Encounters1994J10202PoetryGibford, Dick

Tender Is the Night2009Y05802PoetryGibford, Dick

The Buckaroo Remains2009Y063A16PoetryGibford, Dick

The Cowboy s Toast1985A01214PoetryGibford, Dick

The Cremation of Sam McGee2004T13305PoetryService, Robert

The Heart of the Horse1991G04108PoetryGibford, Dick

The Hired Man on Horseback1985A00306PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

1991G08206PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

The Lady in the Long Black Dress2009Y063A08PoetryGibford, Dick

The Last Buckaroo1985A01213PoetryGibford, Dick

1990F03701PoetryGibford, Dick


2004T04407PoetryGibford, Dick

The Last Californian [The Last Californio ?]1988D02910Poetry

The Lone Cowboy1990F03712PoetryGibford, Dick

1990F06901PoetryGibford, Dick


2005U06404PoetryGibford, Dick

The Lone Cowboys2004T04408PoetryGibford, Dick

The Man From Snowy River2004T12102PoetryPatterson, Banjo

2005U11802PoetryPatterson, Banjo

The Old Cow Man2004T07211PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Old Cowman1985A01215PoetryGibford, Dick

1991G04114PoetryGibford, Dick

The Old Walker Saddle1990F03702PoetryGibford, Dick

The Oldtimer s Lament1994J10201PoetryGibford, Dick

The Picnic1988D02904Poetry

The Slow Chase2004T07208PoetryGibford, Dick

The Timeless Truth2005U06405PoetryGibford, Dick

[Theme of Time]2005U11805PoetryFletcher, Curly

Tome of Time1991G08201PoetryGibford, Dick

We Remain Buckaroos2004T07209PoetryGibford, Dick

When They Finish Shippin Cattle in the Fall1989E06906PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Gibford, JimThe Hired Man on Horseback2005U03703PoetryRhodes, Eugene Manlove

The Old Western Town2005U03706PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Gibson, Larry
Reddington, Landon
Ghost Riders In the Sky2007W12916Music

[Remember Boys If X Comes After You]2007W12915MusicGibson, Larry
Gibson, Mike[poem published in January Western Horseman]1997M08406
Gibson, Mike

The Computer (?)1997M08405
Gibson, Mike
Gibson, RobertBob the Noble Steed2003S12709PoetryGibson, Robert
Gibson, RossGrandpa s 45 [Grandpa s Forty-five]1997M01611Poetry

The King s Taster1997M05209Poetry

The Story1997M01610Poetry


Too Close to the Truth1997M05210Poetry
Gibson, TomAmericans2002R05412PoetryTom Gibson

2002R08912PoetryTom Gibson

Angel In Desguise2003S08406PoetryGibson, Tom

Angel In Disguise2003S05510PoetryGibson, Tom

Auction2002R05409PoetryTom Gibson

Gettin Married2002R05405PoetryTom Gibson

Grandpa s Spurs2002R05402PoetryTom Gibson

2002R08903PoetryTom Gibson

2003S12711PoetryGibson, Tom

Hand, The2002R13309PoetryTom Gibson

Procrastination2002R05406PoetryTom Gibson

2002R13308PoetryTom Gibson

2003S05512PoetryGibson, Tom

The Water Closet2003S05509PoetryGibson, Tom

Water Closet2003S08405Poetry

2003S12710PoetryGibson, Tom
Gibson, Trent[?]2000P12103

[Ben?] Took Out [a] Receipt [?]2000P08308[Poetry]Gibson, Trent

Borrow Money2000P08307[Poetry]Gibson, Trent

Boston Globe2001Q13102PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy & the Doctor, The2001Q12902PoetryGibson, Trent

Dog and Rabbit2000P12011

[excerpts from Old Fish Hawk]1999O12917Poetry[Old Fish Hawk]

Fetal Eye View2001Q12901PoetryGibson, Trent

I Needed a Bull [That] Was Blind2000P08209[Poetry]Black, Baxter

My Wife Does the Book[s2000P08210[Poetry]Black, Baxter

Ranching for a Living2000P08309[Poetry]Gibson, Trent

Vegetarian Nightmare2001Q13101PoetryBlack, Baxter

Where the Cow Comes From2002R05303PoetryBaxter Black

Wilder World2002R05304PoetryTrent Gibson
Gideon, GregHeard It in a Love Song1990F10210Music

Take Me Back1990F02731Music


The Old Blue Light1990F02732Music
Gidron, GregDixieland Delight1991G10017Music

She s Still in Love1991G10018Music
Gifford, Jan SwanJust Dreamin 1986B02608PoetryGifford, Jan Swan

1986B03308PoetryGifford, Jan Swan

Santa and the Sorrow1986B03309PoetryGifford, Jan Swan

Those Old Eyes1986B02607PoetryGifford, Jan Swan
Gilbertson, Janice[?]2005U13115PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2007W06007PoetryGilbertson, Janice

08PoetryGilbertson, Janice

15PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2007W11101PoetryGilbertson, Janice

02PoetryGilbertson, Janice

03PoetryGilbertson, Janice

04PoetryGilbertson, Janice

05PoetryGilbertson, Janice

06PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Barnyard Hell2004T13603PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2005U13102PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Bless You For Taking the Ride2003S05303PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2003S08311PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2004T08504PoetryGilbertson, Janice

But I Knew That2005U13110PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Cowboy Fast Food2005U08818PoetryGilbertson, Janice

From Eagle s View Ridge2004T13606PoetryGilbertson, Janice

From Eagles View Ridge [3rd Part]2005U08812PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Giving In to Lonesome2006V10210PoetryGilbertson, Janice

[It s Memories I m Making]2006V10214PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Lessons2004T04603PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2005U08814PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Miss Understood2004T08503PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Myself, The Fool2003S05302PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Nighthawk s Dance2003S08309PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Nighttime s Promise2005U13119PoetryGilbertson, Janice

One Man Show2004T13605PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Shadow Girl2004T08513PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Showgirl2006V10213PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Spirit In the Line Shack2003S08310PoetryGilbertson, Janice

The One Man Show [2nd Part]2005U08811PoetryGilbertson, Janice

The Ranch Horse2003S05207PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2004T04602PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2005U13106PoetryGilbertson, Janice

The Tour2005U08813PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Tie up to that good corner post.... 2004T04601PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Too Good2004T13604PoetryGilbertson, Janice

2005U08810PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Well, look at us here all gathered together... 2004T08501PoetryGilbertson, Janice

Who Else?2004T08502PoetryGilbertson, Janice
Gilchrist, RoseA Cowgirl s Complaint1991G05307PoetryGilchrist, Rose

How to Love a Cowboy1991G05308PoetryGilchrist, Rose
Giles, JasmineRoping Those Cows2004T14948PoetryGiles, Jasmine
Gill, TonyA Rodeo Cowboy1998N15519PoetryGill, Tony
Gillette BrothersBrazos River Song2009Y06008Music

Buffalo Gals (variation)2009Y04313Music

Cowboy Jack2009Y06007Music

Diamond Joe1999O06709Music

High Tone Dance1999O06708Music

Little Black Bull2009Y06009Music

Little Old Board Shock [Little Old Board Shanty]1999O13505Music

Old Home, The2009Y04312Music

Prairie Lullaby1999O13504MusicRodgers, Jimmie

Shoals of Herring2009Y04309Music

[Singin Ki Yi Yippie Aye Yay]2009Y04310Music

[song about buffaloes]1999O11110Music

Sun gonna shine... 2009Y04314Music

[sweetheart waiting for Jack]1999O11111Music

That Casey Road (?)2009Y04311Music

That s the Way the Girls Are in Texas2009Y04315Music

The Gal I Left Behind Me1999O11109Music

The Little Black Bull Came Down the Mountain1999O11112MusicAbbott, Teddy Blue

The Old Corral1999O13503MusicAutry, Gene

The Way the Girls Are From Texas1999O06711Music

You Give Me Your Love and I ll Give you Mine1999O06710Music
Gillette Brothers, The[?]2005U05423Music

A Set of Hoofprints2005U10602MusicTaylor, Henry

Amaragh / Streets of Laredo2003S09002Music

Beautiful Dreamer2003S00212MusicFoster, Steven

2003S03208MusicFoster, Steven

2005U02112MusicFoster, Steven

Bell County Texas2003S03206Music

Black Cat, White Cat2005U05422Music

[bodhran and bones tune - instrumental]2003S10206Music

[bodhran tune] Ahem, Ahem, my mother has gone to church.... 2003S10205Music

Bogus Brown2003S09003MusicDavis, Jim

2005U05418MusicDavis, Jim

[bones and harmonica?]2005U06204Music

Catch That Train, Oh Rounder2005U02111MusicGillette, Guy

Diamond Joe2003S04102Music

Do You Remember Me?2003S04104MusicHopkins, Lightning

Follow the Long Horn Steer2005U06201MusicGillette Brothers, The

Girls from Texas2005U05420MusicSahm, Doug

Great Grandad2003S04101MusicMcCurdy, Ed

Great Granddad2005U02110Music[Crockett, David]

Harmonica and Bones2003S03212MusicTerry, Sonny
Burris, J.C.

2005U02115MusicTerry, Sonny

I never, never, never can t forget that day... [How Long, How Long]2003S10209MusicStokes, Frank

I m a rambler, I m a gambler.... 1999O05612Music

I m a Texas Cowboy1999O05611Music

I ve been sweating all day riding after those cattle.... [The Old Hitching Rail]2005U06203Music

[Irish tune]2003S10201Music

It was pleasant and delightful on a bright summer s morn.... [And The Larks They Sang Melodious]2003S10208Music

Larks Sang Melodians2003S03211Music

[Leaning of Liverpool / Leaning of Texas]1999O05613Music

Little Shack Called Home2005U08918MusicCarter, Wilf

Lonesome and Blue2005U08915MusicRodgers, Jimmy

Long Summer Day2003S00215MusicLomax, John


Long Summer s Day2003S03210Music

Marie s Wedding2003S03209Music

My love is a rider.... 2003S10203MusicStar, Belle; [arr. Jack Thorpe]

My Old Shack2003S03207Music

My Rifle, My Pony, and Me2003S00219MusicTiomkin, Dmitri

My Rifle, Pony, and Me2005U05419Music[Dimitri]

Old Corrall2005U08916Music

Pleasant and Delightful2003S00217MusicGillette Brothers, The


Pot Wrastler2005U05421MusicFletcher, Curly

Prairie Lullaby2005U08917Music

Railroad Man2005U06202Music

Ride Into Camp2005U02109MusicThorpe, Jack

Riding With Dayton2005U02113MusicGillette, Guy

Snow Drop2003S00216Music

South Australia2003S00214MusicGillette, Kip

Step we gayly, on we go.... [Irish a capella tune]2003S10207Music

The Bard of Armah2003S00213MusicGillette, Kip

The Bogus Brown2003S00218MusicGillette, Guy
Davis, Jim

The Gal I Left Behind2005U05416Music

The Larks They Sang Melodious2005U02114Music

The Leaving of Texas2005U10604MusicStabler, Ed

[The Leaving of Texas] [The Leaving of Liverpool]2003S10204MusicStabler, Ed

The Rambler Gambler2005U05417Music

The Roamer2003S00211MusicPittman, T.C.
Davis, Herman

The Shoals of Herring / North to Kansas2003S00210MusicGillette, Kip
McCall, Ewan

2005U10601Music[McCall, Hugin]

Then Thousand Cattle2003S04103MusicWister, Owen

Tribute to Sonny Terry and J.C. Burris2003S09004Music

[Tribute to Sonny Terry and J.C. Burris]2003S04105MusicGillette Brothers, The

[When the Wagon Was New]2003S10202Music[McGee, Sam]
Gillette Brothers, The
Edwards, Don
Buddies in the Saddle2005U02118Music[Carter, Maybelle]

Farewell Fair Ladies, I m Leaving Cheyenne2005U02119Music

Streets of Laredo2005U02117Music

The Chisholm Trail2005U02120Music

The River Brazos2005U02116Music
Gilman, June Brander
1994J00914PoetryGilman, June BranderGilman, June Brander

Barnyard Dancing[?]1991G00402PoetryGilman, June Brander

Believe It Or Not1991G04007PoetryGilman, June Brander

1994J09801PoetryGilman, June Brander

Cowgirls in the Thirties1994J05503PoetryGilman, June Brander

Cowgirls of the Thirties1987C014007Poetry

Dignity and What It s Worth1991G00401PoetryGilman, June Brander

How Sad It Is1987C04723PoetryGilman, June Brander

Jim Bailey1986B02408PoetryGilman, June Brander

Kids Stuff [Kid Stuff?]1987C014009Poetry

Memories1991G07402PoetryGilman, June Brander

Motherless Calf1994J05507PoetryGilman, June Brander

Now the calvin season s over... 1987C04724PoetryGilman, June Brander

Owl s House1994J00906PoetryGilman, June Brander

Solitude1986B02407PoetryGilman, June Brander

Summer Thunderstorms1994J05512PoetryGilman, June Brander

Thanks for the Memories1987C014008Poetry

The Autumn s Leaf of Rust1986B02412PoetryGilman, June Brander

The Mystery1991G04001PoetryGilman, June Brander

Those sisters of mine were cowgirls fine... 1987C04722PoetryGilman, June Brander

Unnerved1994J09808PoetryGilman, June Brander
Gimble, Gene fdl / Don Burnham, gtr
2000P010B19MusicWills, Bob

Driving Lesson2001Q06108SongBurnham, Don & Gene Gimble

Ex-Factor2001Q06109SongBurnham, Don & Gene Gimble

In the Shadow of the Valley2000P010B23Music[Burnham s bass player, Don]

2001Q06106SongBurnham, Don & Gene Gimble

Jesse Polka2000P010B22MusicBruner, Cliff

Maiden s Prayer2000P010B21MusicWills, Bob

Miss Molly2000P010B24MusicWills, Bob

One Way Ticket, The2001Q06107SongWilliams, Tex

Out West2000P010B20MusicWilliams, Tex

Twinkle Stars2001Q06105SongWills, Bob
Gimble, Johnny
Frazier, Kenny



Gimble, Johnny
Frazier, Kenny
[additional fiddlers]

Gimble, Johnny
Gimble, Dick

2007W13704MusicGimble, Johnny
Gimble, Johnny
Gimble, Dick
Gimble, Emily

2007W13705MusicWills, Bob
Gimble, Johnny
The Gimbles
Faded Love2007W02617Music

[Patty All Night Long] [All Night Long]2007W02611MusicGimble, Johnny

[unknown] [Fat Boy Rag]2007W02616Music

[unknown] [Miss Molly]2007W02613MusicWalker, Cindy

[unknown] [Stay A Little Longer]2007W02618Music

[unknown] [Sugar Moon]2007W02614MusicWalker, Cindy

[unknown] [Under the X in Texas]2007W02612MusicGimble, Johnny

[unknown] [You Don t Know Me]2007W02615MusicWalker, Cindy
Girardo, JenniferI m An Old Cowboy1998N15523Poetry
Gislason, Tammy[Cowgirl Riding Blue] [Shadows Creeping]2006V12704Music

[Cowgirl Riding Blues]2006V03406MusicGislason, Tammy

[Ghost Riders In the Sky]2006V03403Music

[Hoot Owl]2006V03404MusicGislason, Tammy

[I Want to Be A Cowgirl s Sweetheart]2006V03409Music

[I d Love to be A Cowgirl]2006V03408MusicGislason, Tammy

[If I Could Only Learn to Yodel]2006V12705Music

[Ridin A Horse]2006V03407PoetryGislason, Tammy

Tennessee Stud2006V12703Music

[Tennessee Stud]2006V03401Music

[The Cattle Call] [yodel]2006V03405Music

[The Night Rider]2006V03402Poetry
Gislason, Tammy DeeCall of Wild2006V07407MusicGislason, Tammy Dee

Cattle Call2006V07405Music

Ghost Riders In the Sky2006V07402Music

I Want to Be a Cowboy s Sweetheart2006V07406Music

I d Love to Be a Cowgirl2006V07409Music

Learn to Yodel2006V07410Music

Night Rider2006V07401Music

Ride a Horse2006V07408MusicGislason, Tammy Dee

Senorita Song2006V07404MusicGislason, Tammy Dee

Tennessee Stud2006V07403Music
Gitano Family









2007W167A101MusicGitano Family

02MusicGitano Family

03MusicGitano Family

04MusicGitano Family

05MusicGitano Family

06MusicGitano Family


[Bab Raje / Mama Rijo]2007W09207Music

[Don t Forget Me]2007W09204Music

Forest Primavera2007W12002Music

[I Go To The Camarge]2007W09206Music


[Maras Pas - Al Lango]2007W12003Music

My Way2007W00920MusicSinatra, Frank

[song about Elko?]2007W12007Music

[The Sisters - Rio]2007W12001Music

[unknown - encore]2007W09209Music












Gitano Family
Laurent, Estelle
Laurent, Patrick

Glass, JeffKnot Head Bay1995K06202Poetry

Western Pleasures1995K06201Poetry
Glaze, RickHer Eyes Got A Hold On Me2002R13715PoetryRick Glaze

Oscar2002R13710PoetryRick Glaze

Tennesse Bound2002R13719PoetryRick Glaze

Virtual Love2002R13711PoetryRick Glaze
Glazner, GaryCows and Boys1992H08918PoetryGlazner, Gary
Gleeson, Frank

1997M07906PoetryGleeson, Frank

07PoetryGleeson, Frank

2004T08104PoetryGleeson, Frank

2005U06601PoetryGleeson, Frank

Bras and Saddle Horns1998N07608PoetryGleeson, Frank


2004T08008PoetryGleeson, Frank

Bras and Saddlehorns2004T08110PoetryGleeson, Frank

Bud McKay1998N10109Poem

Bull Riding1997M00510Poetry


1998N15913PoetryGleeson, Frank

Chuckwagon2004T08005PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Cliff Claggett?]2004T05215PoetryGleeson, Frank

Closeness of Riders - comraderie1998N11203Poetry

Cow Sale1998N15908PoetryGleeson, Frank

Cowboy Picks A Wife1998N10104

Cowboy Wife2004T08002PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Cows went to neighbor s bull]2005U11102PoetryGleeson, Frank

Don t Let Me Die Without My Hat2004T08102PoetryGleeson, Frank

Elderly Lady2004T08003PoetryGleeson, Frank

Elko, Nevada, On Saturday Night2004T05214PoetryGleeson, Frank

Every Year at Pitcher Creek2004T13611PoetryGleeson, Frank

Everything Goes Wrong on the Ranch1998N11207Poetry

Fight With His Girl1998N11204Poetry

[First Love]2005U11104PoetryGleeson, Frank

Fixing His Horse With Whiskey1998N11205Poetry

Herd of Cows2005U11101PoetryGleeson, Frank

How Cowboy Poetry Came to Be2005U11105PoetryGleeson, Frank

how Cowboy Poetry Got Started1998N15910PoetryGleeson, Frank

How Cowboy Poetry Was Born1997M073b15Poetry

I Can Walk Across Texas With You [Waltz Across Texas?]1997M00513Music

I Fell In Love With My Old John Deere Tractor2004T08101PoetryGleeson, Frank

I fell in love with my old John Deere tractor... 2004T05208PoetryGleeson, Frank

I got a rusty pickup truck... 2004T08108PoetryGleeson, Frank

I know I seen an angel sleeping in a crip last night... 2004T08107PoetryGleeson, Frank

[I Never Packed a Grizzly]2004T08105PoetryGleeson, Frank

I Traded My Girlfriend for an Old Saddle Horse1998N10115

I was down at the sale early one spring... 2004T13609PoetryGleeson, Frank

[ I went downtown last night and went on a spree... ]2004T05213PoetryGleeson, Frank

I ll Celebrate at Home1997M00512Poetry

I ve got... 1997M073a21Poetry

[In A Small Prairie Town]2004T05211PoetryGleeson, Frank

Instructor at the Builriding School2004T13607PoetryGleeson, Frank

It was down at the sale... 1997M00817PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Lady got hung up with her bra strap on the saddle horn]1997M073a18Poetry

[Left ranch job]2005U11107PoetryGleeson, Frank

Making Love on the Farm2004T08009PoetryGleeson, Frank

McGregor - Slim1998N11201Poetry

Mum and the Bear1998N07606PoetryGleeson, Frank

My Old Saddle Horse, He Got Depressed On the Ranch2004T05217PoetryGleeson, Frank

Never Brag2004T13612PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now a bull is an animal you just can t predict... 1997M00803PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now a load come down from Hickson... 1997M00802PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now I went to the Williams Lake bull sale last year... 1997M00806PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now I ve got a wife she s as sweet as can be... 2004T13613PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now I ve got an old rusty pickup truck... 1997M00818PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now the lady come out to the ranch and we put her on a horse... 1997M00805PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now the other night I arrived home late... 1997M00804PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now, I went down to check on the cows... 2004T05210PoetryGleeson, Frank

Now, I ve got a wife as sweet as can be... 2004T05212PoetryGleeson, Frank

Ointment2004T08010PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Old Grey ?]1997M073b13Poetry

Old Jim2004T08004PoetryGleeson, Frank

One day I was riding all day on the range... 2004T13610PoetryGleeson, Frank

One evening I was sitting... 2004T13608PoetryGleeson, Frank

[One Old Buckskin]2004T08006PoetryGleeson, Frank

Packing the Grizzly1998N07607PoetryGleeson, Frank

Partners1997M07908PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Picking Bull]2005U06603PoetryGleeson, Frank

Porcupine Lake1997M07909PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Putting Bag Balm On His Girl]1998N11208Poetry

Rain In Cripple Creek1998N15907PoetryGleeson, Frank

Riding Bulls1998N15909PoetryGleeson, Frank

Rodeo1998N15911PoetryGleeson, Frank

Rodeo [?]1997M00509Poetry

[Rodeo Bull]2005U06604PoetryGleeson, Frank

Rodeo Office - Roping at the Rodeo1998N11202Poetry

Rusty Pickup1998N15912PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Saddle Pony]2005U06605PoetryGleeson, Frank

She came at me like a Model T... 2004T08111PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Sitting In the House at Night]2005U11106PoetryGleeson, Frank

Springtime In the Caribou1998N15906PoetryGleeson, Frank

Tax Man1997M00511Poetry

[Tax Man / Lack of Money / Selling Stuff Off]1998N11206Poetry

[The Cowboy Ride / Exhibition Ride ?]1997M073a20Poetry

The Dream1998N07604PoetryGleeson, Frank

[The Dream ?]1997M073b11Poetry

The Environment1998N07605PoetryGleeson, Frank

The Night My Saddle Pony Got Tight2004T08103PoetryGleeson, Frank

[The Orphan Calf ?]1997M073b14Poetry

The other night I had a nightmare... 2004T05216PoetryGleeson, Frank

2004T08106PoetryGleeson, Frank

[the Sick Horse]1997M073a19Poetry

Trying Making Love Down On the Farm2004T05209PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Uncle Ben]2004T08007PoetryGleeson, Frank

[We Traveled]2005U06602PoetryGleeson, Frank

Went Downtown2005U11103PoetryGleeson, Frank

[Why Does A Cowboy Pick A Bull?]1997M073a17Poetry

Williams Lake Bull Sale2004T08001PoetryGleeson, Frank

You don t have to get up in the morning.... 2004T08109PoetryGleeson, Frank
Glenn, Sharon

Alice and the Outlaw1999O08502PoetryGlenn, Sharon

Grave in the Bend of the Valley1999O11307Music

Letter Edge in Black1999O11310Music

Little Joe the Wrangler1999O05614MusicThorp, Jack

Red River Valley1999O11308Music

Ridin On the Army [Riding On the Army]1999O08501PoetryGlenn, Sharon

River1999O05101PoetryGlenn, Sharon [her mother]

[Roy Bean in all his Glory]1999O11311Music

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine1999O11309MusicAutry, Gene

The Gol Durn Wheel1999O05616Music

[The Gunsel Gan ?]1999O08503PoetryGlenn, Sharon

When the Work s All Done This Fall1999O05615MusicO Malley, D.J.
Glenn, Sharon & George ThomsenCabin, The2002R09506SongGeorge Thomsen

Golden River2002R09507Song

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight2002R05809Song

I ll Be All Smiles Tonight2002R05810SongA.P. Carter

If I Just Had A Home to Go Home To2002R05808SongBob Wills

In a vine covered shack in the mountains... 2002R14004Song

New Moon Over My Shoulder2002R05807SongJimmie Davis

Roy & Dale2002R09508SongGeorge Thomsen

The road is mighty dusty... 2002R14006Song

Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes2002R09505SongA.P. Carter


Walking the Dog2002R05806SongWebb Pierce
Glibertson, JaniceGiving In to Lonesome2006V05901PoetryGlibertson, Janice

The Right Way2006V05902PoetryGlibertson, Janice
Glomski, AdamCowboy, A1995K09913Poem
Glover, KevinBucking Bronco2003S12835PoetryGlover, Kevin
Goddard, Jim?2002R05207PoetryJim Goddard

[about Rocky Mountain Oysters[2007W15710PoetryGoddard, Jim

Hunky2007W06111PoetryGoddard, Jim

Percival2002R13605PoetryJim Goddard

[Rocky Mountain...]2007W10808PoetryGoddard, Jim

Ronnie and the Dude2007W10801PoetryGoddard, Jim

The Horseshoer s Dilemma2007W15711PoetryGoddard, Jim

[unknown]2007W06104PoetryGoddard, Jim

05PoetryGoddard, Jim

Godfrey, GailPrayer of Thanks, A2001Q08011PoetryGodfrey, Gail

(Tom took care of animals and was thrown.)2001Q08014PoetryGodfrey, Gail
Godfrey, MaxBraidin Rawhide Earrings1992H04616PoetryGodfrey, Max

He Ain t Comin This Year1990F05811PoetryGodfrey, Max

1991G06608PoetryGodfrey, Max

Jennie1991G06609PoetryGodfrey, Eric

Look at the Cowboy1990F05406PoetryGodfrey, Max

1991G04416PoetryGodfrey, Max

Meetin Orrin Kimber1992H08509PoetryGodfrey, Max

Paradoxical Theories1992H04617PoetryGodfrey, Max

That Ride1991G04412PoetryGodfrey, Max

The Barren Cow1990F05812PoetryGodfrey, Max

1991G06607PoetryGodfrey, Max

The Bovine s Hide1990F05405PoetryGodfrey, Max

The Naming Dispute1991G06605PoetryGodfrey, Max

The Profound Comment1991G04406PoetryAllen, J. B.

The Weekend Family Rancher1992H08508PoetryGodfrey, Max

With Grandpa Doug1990F05819PoetryGodfrey, Max

1991G06606PoetryGodfrey, Max
Godfrey, PeggyA Newcomer s Orientation2004T05502PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Ask Me / Recycling Poem - Of Squash and Men1998N11412
Godfrey, Peggy

[Basic Cousins for Greenhorns]2004T08701PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Blow and Bras2004T12505PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Calvin and Lambin 1994J05513PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Classified1994J08905PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Clay When Formed and Fired1998N16704

Don t Ask Me2004T05503PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Don t Fence Me In1998N11411
[Godfrey, Peggy]
[not Cole Porter ?]

Drag Rider s Lament1998N16702
Godfrey, Peggy

[Ewe Mow Lawn Service]2004T08705PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Fifteen Tons Because I Don t Want to Brag1998N07912PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Gonna2004T12504PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Hank Warner s Lucky Burro2004T08710PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Henry and the Stump1998N07908PoetryGladney, James

Her Cowboy2004T12506PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

[High In Mountain Range]2004T05501PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

One Of Those Years1998N11410
Godfrey, Peggy

Ranching Like Dancing1998N16701
Godfrey, Peggy

Real Wealth2004T12503PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Roland1994J05504PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Slick Chick1994J05509PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

Sometimes1994J08901PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

[story, Ewe Too]1998N16703

Swinging Gate1998N07903PoetryGodfrey, Peggy

The Changing of the Guard1998N11413
Godfrey, Peggy

The Heifer Shiffle1994J05508PoetryGodfrey, Peggy
Godfrey, Peggy Cook
2001Q07106PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

A totally irrational fear seizes me... 2002R04807PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Classified: Profile of a Non-functional Irritant2001Q07011PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Country Graph2001Q07009PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

2001Q07109PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Cowboy Shepard2001Q08004PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Everyone thought... 2001Q11305PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Ferment (?) Me, God2002R07408PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

(flock of sheep)2002R11401PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

(God as a woman)2001Q08003PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Hank Warner s Burro2001Q11309PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Heavy-Bellied Ewe, The2002R07409PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Heifer Shuffle, A2001Q07008PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

2001Q07108PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

I Need Help!2001Q11306PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Killin Bugs2001Q05011PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Living the Metaphor2002R07407PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Mother Ditch, The2001Q11308PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Mother Sounds2001Q07010PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

2001Q07110PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Muscle, love, and light... 2001Q07006PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

My Mama s Poem2001Q05002PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

New Neighbors2001Q05005PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Night Shift2001Q07007PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

2001Q07107PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

2002R11405PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Out In the Open2002R07808PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Parasites2001Q05008PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Perfect Wife, The2001Q11307PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Pert Near2002R11404PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Real Wealth2001Q07113PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Season2001Q07112PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

(sheep lawn care service)2002R11402PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

(story about donating a kidney to a friend)2002R07807PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

There Ain t No Trail2001Q08002PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Ticked-Off Heifer Disease2002R04801PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Tough Times For a Rock2001Q08005PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

Two Eagles, The2001Q07111PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

What Now?2002R11403PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

When life gently kisses... 2002R07410PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey

Wind Will Make No Promises, The2001Q08001PoetryGodfrey, Peggy Cook

You can tell when spring is here when the drag is by the gate... 2002R04804PoetryPeggy Cook Godfrey
Godfrey, TamiKitty Kitty1991G09216PoetryGodfrey, Max

With Grandpa Doug1991G09206PoetryGodfrey, Max
Goicoechea, Martin
2007W12309MusicGoicoechea, Martin

15MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goicoechea, Martin
Franzoia, Anita
[unknown]2007W12307MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

2007W07407MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

08MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

09MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

10MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

11MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

2007W13706MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

07MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

08MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

09MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

10MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

14MusicGoicoechea, Martin
Goni, Jesus

[Basque poetry]2007W07406Music
Golden, Dennis
2007W11107PoetryGolden, Dennis

08PoetryGolden, Dennis

09PoetryGolden, Dennis

16PoetryGolden, Dennis

Bear Roping2004T10109PoetryBarker, S. Omar

The Lost Flannels2004T10110PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Goni, Jesus
2007W12310MusicGoni, Jesus

[unknown]2007W12308MusicGoni, Jesus
Goni, Jesus
[Potagey, Jesolo]

2007W12314MusicGoni, Jesus
Gonzales, ChristyWhat Cowboys Do1998N15510PoetryGonzales, Christy
Gonzales, RudyArizona Artie1988D01917PoetryGonzales, Rudy

Our Choice1988D01918PoetryGonzales, Rudy

The Silver Bell1988D01916PoetryGonzales, Rudy
Goodloe, Sid
Tok, Barta
Quinlan, Vess
Sheehy, Dennis
Grass, Water, and Livestock Panel2004T08601Panel
Goodwin, JackieDo You Wanta Hear a Heart Break1991G09406PoetryGoodwin, Jackie

Saddam Hussein1991G09407Poetry[Garate, Pat]
Goodwin, Jess
1988D08518PoetryGoodwin, Jess

A Cowboy Buckaroo1989E01110Poetry

An Old Cowboy s Regrets1989E03703PoetryDavis, Alice

Down and Out Cattle Business1989E03715PoetryLarsen, Bill

Grandpa1987C01615PoetryGoodwin, Patricia [mother]


[The Drought]1989E03502PoetryGoodwin, Jess

The Greenhorn1987C01606PoetryGoodwin, Jess

1988D08517PoetryGoodwin, Jess

The Wife [of] a Bronc Rider1989E01105Poetry

[Wintertime Thoughts]1989E03503PoetryGoodwin, Jess
[Goodwin, Jess]Figure It Out For Yourself My Lad1989E03904Poetry

The Greenhorn1989E03903Poetry
Gordmer, GeneDevil from Sierry Peaks
[Tying Knots in the Devil s Tail ?]
[Gardner, Gail ?]

Lament for a Cowboy1998N13012

Gorman, Skip

05MusicGorman, Skip


A group of jolly cowboys on the Franklin ranch one night... 2004T15005Music

Blue Mountain2009Y06005Music

Bonaparte [Bonaparte s Retreat]2004T10403Music

Cross-Eyed Girl On the Hill2007W14013Music

Roll Along Dogies2005U11302MusicClark, Slim

Roll Along old dogies... 2004T15006MusicClark, Yodeling Slim

Rye Whiskey1995K03506Music[Traditional]

The Buffalo Hump2005U11303MusicGorman, Skip

The Cross-Eyed Gal Upon the Hill1995K03505Music

Tom Sherman s Barroom2009Y01010MusicTraditional

Utah Carroll2009Y01008MusicTraditional

When the Cactus Is in Bloom2009Y01007MusicRodgers, Jimmie
Gorman, Skip
Dover, Connie
Brazos River [The Brazos River]2007W04708Music

Down In the Valley2007W07807Music

Hard Times Come Again No More2007W03418Music

His Old Waddie Pals2007W03417Music

I d Like to Be In Texas For the Roundup In the Spring2007W03420Music


I m Going to the West2007W14014MusicDover, Connie

Night Herding Song2007W14015Music

[Night Herding Song]2007W03413Music

[St. James Infirmary]2007W03414Music

Streets of Laredo2007W03415Music

The Brazos River Song2007W12811Music

The Colorado Trail [The Colorado Trail]2007W04709Music

The Goodnight-Loving Trail2007W12807Music[Phillips, Utah]

The Streets of Laredo2007W07805Music

The Yellow Rose of Texas2007W07806Music

[The Yodeling Cowboy s Last Song]2007W03419Music

[unknown] [Pretty Pauline]2007W04710MusicLaRue, Walt

Utah Carroll2007W12810Music

Where Shall I Go? [Jack of Diamonds]2007W03416Music
Gorman, Skip
Sauber, Pat
Dally Welter s Waltz2004T10402Music

Sally Johnson2004T10401Music
Gorman, Skip & Connie Dover


A Bad Half Hour / Annie Laurie
BB01220MusicClark, Charles Badger

A Night Herding Song

Broad and Dusty

Bushes and Briars

I Once Was a Cowboy [Where Should I Go]
BB01222MusicBill Staines

She s a Dandy [That Cross Eyed Gal on the Hill]

Streets of Laredo

When the Cactus Is in Bloom
Gorman, Skip & Ron KaneUtah Carroll1995K04107Music
Gorman, Skip and his Waddie PalsAlong the Colorado Trail2004T04709Music

Buddies In the Saddle2004T10609Music[Carter, A.P.]

Buffalo Hump2004T04713MusicGorman, Skip

2004T11804MusicGorman, Skip

I d Like to Be in Texas For the Roundup In the Spring2004T06112Music

La Golondrina2004T04811Music

Maid of Argenta2004T04809MusicDriftwood, Jimmy

Midnight On the Water / Webber s Drift2004T10611Music[Thomasson, Benny]

My Old Waddie Pal2004T06111Music[Gorman, Skip]

My Wyoming Home2004T11803Music

Powder River2004T04708Music



Pretty Little Dogies2004T04808MusicCartwright Brothers, The

Snagtooth Sal2004T10608MusicCritchlow, Slim

Spanish Is the Loving Tongue2004T11802Music

Streak of Fat, Streak of Lean2004T04711Music

Streets of Laredo2004T06110Music

The Brazos River2004T04712Music

[The Brown Skin Girl Down the Road Somewhere]2004T04812MusicRobertson, Eck

The Cowboy s Soliloqy2004T10610Music[McCandless]

The Ridge Running Roan2004T10607MusicFletcher, Curly

The Yellow Rose of Texas2004T04710Music

Wyoming Home2004T04810MusicDixon Brothers, The
Gorman, Skip; Cowboy CelticStreets of Laredo2009Y01011MusicTraditional
Gorman, Skip; Hal CannonRailroading on the Great Divide2009Y01009MusicCarter Family
Govatos, BrianWild Chuckwagon1996L09636Poetry
Grabow, Patricia
2007W15901PoetryZachary, Baxter [her great-great-grandfather]

02PoetryZachary, Baxter [her great-great-grandfather]

03PoetryZachary, Baxter [her great-great-grandfather]

04PoetryZachary, Baxter [her great-great-grandfather]

17PoetryGrabow, Patricia
[Grace]The Story of Paul and Grace2005U13544Poetry
Graham, DanBeans, The2001Q05803PoetrySmith, Jesse
Graham, Len

Flowering Vale1998N03002

Locherin Shore1998N06911
McGinnis, Peter

Song of [Immigration ?]1998N03007

Soul A Run1998N17807Music

Sween Bann Water1998N17814MusicHolmes, Joe

Wheel of Fortune1998N06910

Graham, Len
Campbell, John
Love Won t You Marry Me1998N03001

Tailer 1998N06912

Graham, Len
Lynch, Patrick
Barley McGee1998N12006Music

The Duck1998N12007Music
Grambling, Verlyn?Cowboy and the Witch, The1995K09803PoemDickinson, Bob

Cowboy s [Home?]1995K09802Poem
[Gramling, Verlyn ?]See This Brand New Buckle1997M05103Poetry

The Cowboy s Horse1997M05104Poetry
[Grammerling?], VerlynA Cowboy s Home1995K05904Poetry

The Buckle1995K05905Poetry
Granillo, AshleyCowgirls2002R13867Poetry
Grant, John
Angle, Charles
Arms of My Love2004T06213Music

Country Line Road Cattle Drive2004T06212MusicGrant, John
Angle, CharlesnGrant, John
Angle, Charles

Going to the Rodeo Dance2004T06214MusicGrant, John

[Me and Old Shar]2004T06215MusicGrant, John

The Cowboy s Paradise2004T06211MusicGrant, John
Angle, Charles
Gray, ConnieLong Underwear1988D05206Poetry

That Ol Rooster1988D05207Poetry

The Invader1988D05205Poetry

The Silver Spurs1988D05011Poetry

Uncle Diz1988D05204Poetry
Gray, GatlinCowboys2001Q11906PoetryGray, Gatlin
Gray, R. Guild[Events of Cattlemen ?]1997M04907

Pony Express1997M04906

Grayden, KenCircle of Summer1999O05709
Stains, Bill

Cornstalk Pony1999O09210Music

Night Guard1999O09209MusicRogers, Stan

Windmill1999O05710MusicGrayden, Ken
Graydon, KenBear Tire1998N17310

Graydon, Ken

Bucky s Statue1998N04604Poetry

Camping: A Tire on the Back of the Jeep1998N04605Poetry

Feeding Buckie s Horse [Feeding Bucky s Horse]1999O12801PoetryGraydon, Ken

Kid On a Plug Riding Dragon1998N17309
Graydon, Ken

Marksman1998N04606PoetryGraydon, Ken

Graydon, Ken

[Quail Listers ?]1999O13313

Green, DougTexas1987C011015Music

Welcome to the West1987C011016Music
Green, GordonBurying Fred1988D04815Poetry

Last Wishes1988D04807Poetry

Little Cowboy1988D05107Poetry

Monday After Saturday Night1988D05109Poetry

Rodeo Cowboy1988D05108Poetry
Green, JimBranding Day1985A01503PoetryGreen, Jim

He made it back to the ranch in two full days.... 1985A03804Poetry[Green, Jim]

[Letter from Uncle]1985A03805PoetryGreen, Jim
Green, JoeGrandmother1996L02002Poetry

Looking Glass, The1996L02013[Music]
Green, Ranger DougBorrachita (A Little Drunk)1989E04407Music

Dust Devils1986B01118PoetryGreen, Ranger Doug

La Paloma1989E04409Music

Muchaca Linda1989E04415Music

Pajarillo Barranqueno1989E04413Music

Quatro Milpas1989E04403Music

Trail Dust1987C05552MusicParker, Andy

[?] [Usted]1989E04405Music

We Who Would Write of This [Clan?] [Camp?]1986B01117PoetryGreen, Ranger Doug
Green, RobertaBig Buck Heifers1991G05120Poetry

Bob and Rosie1989E03308Poetry

Cowboy Lives1990F09407PoetryGreen, Roberta

Cowboy Philosophers1992H05206PoetryGreen, Roberta


Girlie, the Mountain Men are About Gone1992H05208PoetryGreen, Roberta

[?] Jack1989E03706Poetry

Mail Order Bride1989E03306Poetry

1990F09406PoetryGreen, Roberta

Mountain Man1989E01112Poetry


My Dad1989E03705Poetry

1992H05207PoetryGreen, Roberta

My Exta Special Cowboy Friend1989E01102Poetry

Old Ballie [Old Bally ?]1988D01905PoetryGreen, Roberta

Old Bess1989E01107Poetry

[poem about ranch wife chores]1991G05119Poetry

The Mail Order Bride1988D01922PoetryGreen, Roberta

Waht s a Cowboy s Dream1988D01906PoetryGreen, Roberta
Green, Roy You wouldn t recollect that country in days gone by.... 1985A00309PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce
Greene, JustinGrandma s Cowboy2001Q11920PoetryGreene, Justin
Greene, Marilyn Powell[A Note from Santa Claus]1989E05507Music

[Batching] [Unrealistic Wishful Thinking]1989E05511MusicClark, Charles Badger

[Jews Harp] Ranger Brown got an awful scare... 1989E05509Music

Memo On Mules1989E05510MusicBarker, S. Omar

[Mouth Bow] I ll never marry an old man... 1989E05508Music
Greene, MarilynnA Christmas Note1989E05020Poetry

Cowboys Trademark1989E05013Poetry

The Old Kid s Horse1989E08405MusicSnow, Harold

Tribute to Non-Drinkers1989E05012Poetry
Greene, Marilynn PowellBear Behind1989E02218Music

Burma Shave1989E02219Music

Gypsy Davy1989E02428Music

Kids Horse1989E02216Music

1989E02430MusicSloan, Harold

[Old man tune] [Mouth bow / jews harp medley]1989E02429Music

[When Bob Got Throwed]1989E02217Music
Greener, AlishaMy Dad2002R13870Poetry
Greener, RichardMan In The Can, A2002R13868Poetry
Greener, SailaCowboy Boots2002R13871Poetry
Greenstreet, DustinCrazy Horse1990F01425Poetry

The Indian Catcher1990F01429Poetry
Greenwood, JoeBig High and Lonesome1990F05418PoetryBlack, Baxter

Cowboy Ingenuity1990F09605PoetryGreenwood, Joe

How Many Cows1990F09616PoetryHenderson, Nyle

Rain on the Plain1990F05417PoetryBarker, S. Omar

The Bargain1990F09604PoetryUrry, Bob
Greer, JasmineA Cow Named Sam2005U13508PoetryGreer, Jasmine
Grenfell, RayChime Bells1992H02308Music

Yodel Song1992H02309Music
Grey, ArielGiddy-up, Giddy-up Horsey2003S12840PoetryGrey, Ariel
Greydon, Ken
Greydon, Phee
Pacerero1998N13010MusicGreedan, Ken
Greydon, KimGeorgie and the Chilli Cook Off1998N17111

Griffith, Cowboy JackCowboy Jack2003S13202MusicGriffith, Cowboy Jack

Western Plains2003S13201Music
Griffith, JimKeynote Address1985A00201
Griffith, Jim

[Keynote Address]1993I00701[Address]

Old Cowboys Never Die...1986B00309Poetry[Gardner, Gail] [?]

[tribute to Gail Gardner]1985A02709
Gardner, Gail
Griffith, WaymanBehavin 1990F03114PoetryGriffith, Wayman

Curly Joe, Jim Bob, and Me1990F03110PoetryGriffith, Wayman

I Went Out West to Cowboy1990F03105PoetryGriffith, Wayman

Night Watch1990F03104PoetryGriffith, Wayman

Rataround the Trail1990F03109PoetryGriffith, Wayman

Riding Drag1990F03103PoetryGriffith, Wayman

Time1990F03106PoetryGriffith, Wayman
Griffith, WymanBuster1990F08310PoetryGriffith, Wyman

Headin for the Gathering1990F07806PoetryGriffith, Wyman

Longhorn1990F08309PoetryGriffith, Wyman

Medicine Man1990F08317PoetryGriffith, Wyman

Rattler Around the Trail1990F08308PoetryGriffith, Wyman

Saturday Night1990F07814PoetryGriffith, Wyman

The Old Ranch House1990F07805PoetryGriffith, Wyman

They Just Don t Make Cowboys...1990F07804PoetryGriffith, Wyman
Groethe, D. W.Coffee Song2009Y04610Music

Happy Birthday Song2009Y04605Music

Meat Song2009Y04606Music

The Bunny Poem2009Y04608Poetry

When True Love Runs Thin2009Y04609Music

Windy Blues2009Y04607Music
Groethe, D.W.A Greenhorn2003S07707PoetryGroethe, D.W.

A Little Thing About Creeping Jenny2003S13102MusicGroethe, D.W.

As A Hoof Hits the Ground [Riding Alone in the Night]2007W14103PoetryGroethe, D.W.

[Bunny Paint]2007W15106PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Carhartt Song2003S04504MusicGroethe, D.W.

Christmas Tale2007W14105PoetryGroethe, D.W.

[Courage] or [Thundering Herds]2007W10207MusicGroethe, D.W.

Cowboy Engineer2005U10704MusicGroethe, D.W.

Feed Truck Blues2007W09105PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Fifty A Day [A Cowboy s Day]2007W14101PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Get Along Little Dogies2005U05214Music

Give Him A Horse and a Saddle2007W14102MusicGroethe, D.W.

[Give Me a Horse Saddle]2005U11114MusicGroethe, D.W.

Hard, Wild, Free2003S04506MusicGroethe, D.W.

He Was Once a Hero2003S07702PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Heart Wild and Free2007W14108MusicGroethe, D.W.

I Eat Meat2005U05202MusicGroethe, D.W.

I Go Riding2003S03611MusicGroethe, D.W.

I Love Meat2007W13102MusicGroethe, D.W.

I Love Meat [I Eat Meat]2007W05609MusicGroethe, D.W.

I ll Go Riding2007W14104MusicGroethe, D.W.

[Lanigan]2007W13103PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Let Her Buck2003S07701PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Lost and Found2007W09116PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Love [You Or Me Is Getting Out Of Here]2007W05601PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Midnight Somewhere in August2003S03510PoetryGroethe, D.W.

My Father s Horses2007W14107PoetryGroethe, D.W.

My Heart s In Montana2007W10208MusicGroethe, D.W.

One For The Working Cowboy2003S03614MusicGroethe, D.W.

2007W09115MusicGroethe, D.W.

[One of the Working Cowboys]2003S03514MusicGroethe, D.W.

Pest Control2007W05605PoetryGroethe, D.W.

[poem about snuff]2007W13108PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Post2007W09110PoetryGroethe, D.W.

[Ride with granddaddy an horse]2005U11115PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Rodeo Sweetheart2003S03513MusicGroethe, D.W.

2003S07706PoetryGroethe, D.W.

2005U11116MusicGroethe, D.W.

2007W15102MusicGroethe, D.W.


Slipped Her the Tongue2007W05614PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Song of the Nighthawk [for Charlie Russell]2005U11117MusicGroethe, D.W.

Talking Windy Blues2007W13107MusicGroethe, D.W.

The Carhart s Song2005U05204MusicGroethe, D.W.

The Carhartt Song2007W09104MusicGroethe, D.W.

The Coffee Song2003S13104MusicGroethe, D.W.

2005U10701MusicGroethe, D.W.

2007W13104MusicGroethe, D.W.

The Fence2003S03512PoetryGroethe, D.W.

2003S03612PoetryGroethe, D.W.

The Little Things2003S13103MusicGroethe, D.W.

The One That Got Away2005U05201MusicGroethe, D.W.

2007W14106MusicGroethe, D.W.

The Thundering Herds2005U05205MusicGroethe, D.W.

There s A Silence2005U10703PoetryGroethe, D.W.

Thundering Herds2003S13101MusicGroethe, D.W.

[truck poem]2007W13106PoetryGroethe, D.W.

[unknown]2007W10212PoetryGroethe, D.W.

13PoetryGroethe, D.W.

2007W13105MusicGroethe, D.W.

2007W15110MusicGroethe, D.W.

Walkin Blues2007W09109MusicGroethe, D.W.

West River Moon2003S03511MusicGroethe, D.W.

2005U10705MusicGroethe, D.W.

Whatever It Takes2005U10702MusicGroethe, D.W.

When Hell Comes Knocking2003S04505PoetryGroethe, D.W.

When Love Runs Thin2003S03613MusicGroethe, D.W.

When Spring Breaks on the Prairie2003S03610PoetryGroethe, D.W.

When True Love Runs Thin2007W13109MusicGroethe, D.W.

When We Get Hitched2005U05203MusicGroethe, D.W.
GroupHome On the Range2002R07218Songtrad.

[group presentation by six kids]
Groves, Katie
2007W16106PoetryGroves, Katie

07PoetryGroves, Katie

08PoetryGroves, Katie

09PoetryGroves, Katie

20PoetryGroves, Katie
Grub Line RidersMule Dialogue1998N15604Poetry

The Last Rose of Summer1998N15605PoetryBrinear, Ron
Grue, Betty LynnA Bit-Janglin Walk1988D03317Poetry

A Cowgirl s Dream1988D03307Poetry

1989E07209PoetryGrue, Betty Lynn

A Measure of Virtue1988D03314Poetry

An Oldtimer Speaks1989E00915Poetry

Bottom [Line]1989E07216PoetryGrue, Betty Lynn

Christmas Ice1989E06616Poetry

Cow Limerick1988D00710PoetryGrue, Betty Lynne

Cowboying In a Winter Wonderland1989E00904Poetry

Frost on the Fork Handle1988D00709PoetryGrue, Betty Lynne

Heeling Calves at Brandin 1988D00701PoetryGrue, Betty Lynne

Hoofbeat Heartbeats1989E00906Poetry

Leotard Story1989E06608Poetry

Oil Treatment Story1989E06606Poetry

Silver Bits1988D03308Poetry

The Lonliest Sound of All [The Loneliest Sound of All]1988D03318Poetry

The Lost Cause1989E00905Poetry

The Milk Cow1988D03313Poetry

[The Night the Good Lady Sheepherder Met the Good Fairy Godmother]1988D00702PoetryGrue, Betty Lynne

Unsophisticated, or Lucky1989E06607Poetry

Why Cowboys Hate to Dance1989E07208PoetryGrue, Betty Lynn
Grue, Betty Lynn & Steve RoneDear John [The Creak of Saddle Leather]1989E07218PoetryGrue, Betty Lynn & Steve Rone
Grue, Betty LynneA Bird-Roping Buckaroo1987C013004Poetry

A Bit-Jingling Walk1987C013003Poetry

She s Not Getting On em Anymore1987C013009Poetry

Thanks Lord1987C013015Poetry

To Be a Lady1987C013010Poetry
Grupo Cimarron[?]2005U00312Music






Al Pie de Arpa [Right With My Harp Ready]2005U13903Music

Al Pie del Arpa (At the Foot of the Heart)2005U03403MusicGrupo Cimarron

Atarde decer en Arauca (Afternoon in Arauca)2005U03402MusicGrupo Cimarron

[Born in the Plain]2005U06308Music

[Cattle Song] 2005U06307Music


[Cimmaron ayando]2005U00321Music

[couples dance]2005U11216Music


[?][Die Where I Belong]2005U00315Music

El Llanero Siente y Llamenta2005U11213Music

El Macan2005U03401MusicGrupo Cimarron


El Macan 2005U13901Music

[El, Mi Corazon]2005U06301Music

[?] [features dancers]2005U13907Music

[?] [features instrumentalists]2005U13906Music

La Sombrero2005U00316Music

Mi Murio Mi Caballo2005U11212Music

Mi Sombrero2005U13905Music

Mi Sombrero (My Hat)2005U03405MusicGrupo Cimarron

[Mi Sombrero]2005U06306Music

[milking song]2005U06305Music

My Hat Mi Sombrero2005U11214Music

[?][Peo pep]2005U00320Music

[Se me murio mi caballo] [My Horse Died]2005U13902Music

Solo Empro2005U03406MusicGrupo Cimarron

[Soy LLanero]2005U06304Music




[Tres Damas]2005U06303Music

Un Llanero de Verdad (A True Plainsman)2005U03404MusicGrupo Cimarron

Un Llanero....2005U13904Music
Guild, JoeA Watch in An Old Buckaroo s Pocket1986B03001PoetryGuild, Joe

Dog Creek Canyon1986B03002PoetryGuild, Joe
Guild, JosephLige the Rawhide Braider1986B04303PoetryGuild, Joseph

The Perfect Outfit1986B04302PoetryGuild, Joseph
Guild, Renee [?]Daughters of Nevada1990F06312Music

In Nevada [Nightime in Nevada?]1990F06314Music

Moon Shadows on the Trail1990F10513Music

Nightime in Nevada1990F10512Music

Old Cowboys Don t Die1990F06313Music
Guild, Renee HamanDaughters of Nevada1986B05114MusicGuild, Renee Haman

Nightime in Nevada1986B05113MusicBurnett, Sunny [Smiley Burnette?]
Gunn, BillClancy At the Overflow1993I02510Poetry

He was born in the.... 1993I02507Poetry

He was the Red Creek overseer... 1993I02509Poetry

I have gathered these...1990F02911PoetryPaterson, Banjo

[Sequel to the above]1990F00405PoetryOgilvie, Will

The Hooves of the Horses1993I02506PoetryOglivie, Will

The Stockman1990F00404PoetryOgilvie, Will

There s a lonely grave where the bluegrass grows above... 1993I02508Poetry
Gunther, MelCasey1990F09705PoetryGunther, Mel

Hairy Mary1990F09704PoetryGunther, Mel
Gustafson, RibThere Was An Old Girl in Our Town2005U11304Music
Gustafson, Rib
Gustafson, Wylie
The Little Red Hen2005U05605Music

The Sierry Petes2005U05604MusicGardner, Gail
Gustafson, WylieA Good One2005U08910MusicGustafson, Wylie

Act Naturally1998N04018Music

Bad Brahma Bull1998N14908MusicFletcher, Curly

Cattle Call1998N13108Music


[Cattle Call]1993I02610Music

Devil Woman1998N04015Music

Going Back to Where I Come From1993I02612Music

Goodbye Old Paint, I m Leaving Cheyenne2005U05601Music

Hooves of the Horses2005U08911MusicOglivie, Will

Horses and Women2005U08912Music

Little Red Hen1998N14904Music

Love Sick Blues1998N04019Music[Rodgers, Jimmie ?]

Out Here2005U05603Music

Painted Pony [Total Yodel]1998N13105MusicGustafson, Wylie

Pinto Pal1998N04014Music

Room to Roam1998N13106Music


story about Shep, the Border Collie1998N14906Story

The Cattle Caller1998N04016Music

The Little Red Hen1993I02611Music

The Ugly Girl Blues1998N04017MusicGustafson, Wylie


The Yodeling Fool1993I02613MusicGustafson, Wylie


Ugly Girl Blues1998N14907MusicGustafson, Wylie

When You re Smiling2005U05606Music

Where the Mockingbirds Are Singing In the Lilac Bush1998N14903MusicGustafson, Wylie

Women and Horses2005U07111PoetryGustafson, Wylie

Yodeling Cowhand1999O13508MusicGustafson, Wylie

Yodeling Fool1998N04020MusicGustafson, Wylie

1998N13109MusicGustafson, Wylie
Gustafson, Wylie
[Warwick, Dick]
Gustafson, Wylie
Gustafson, Rib
Little Red Hen2005U08913Music

[Little Red Hen]2005U07112MusicGustafson, Rib
Gustafson, Wylie
Wilburn, Scott
Equus Caballos2005U07110MusicNelson, Joel
Gustafson, Wylie

[Equus Caballos]2005U05602MusicNelson, Joel

Goodbye Old Paint, I m Leaving Cheyenne 2005U07109Music
Gustafson, Wylie
Zarzyski, Paul
McRae, Wallace
Ohrlin, Glenn
Fleming, Michael
Haueter, Sally
So you wanna be a cowboy star?2005U12301Panel discussion
Gutierrez, Courtney
2007W12602MusicCarey, Mariah
[Guts, Lotta][Old Cow Hand...]1995K04508Poetry

The Dying Breed1995K04509Poetry

The Marked Trend1995K04513Poetry

Then and Now Running a Cow1995K04507Poetry
Guttierez[?], ShannonI Want to Be a Cowboy1995K09925Poem
Guyer, TimbreI Have a Horse Named Dancer1990F01410PoetryGuyer, Dan
Gwyndaf, EleriChoosing a Wife1998N16306Poetry

The Drover s Farewell1998N16305PoetryWebb, Harry
Gwyndaf, Eleri
Gwyndaf, Robin
[three songs in Welch]1998N16307Music
Gwyndaf, Robin

[riddles / traditions]1998N11104

Story - David / Rugby Player and others1998N02716Poetry
[Gwyndaf, Robin]series of jokes and stories1998N04504Poetry
[H., Morgan]Cowboy2005U13540Poetry
Haddock, KitCowboy Bill1991G09102MusicHaddock, Kit

Life s Balance1991G09111PoetryHaddock, Kit
Hadley, DrumAlma s Song / End of the Roundup1999O07622MusicHadley, Drum

Cow Trading by the Rio Grande1999O07208PoetryHadley, Drummond

1999O07620PoetryHadley, Drum

Fire, Teach Me1999O07210MusicHadley, Drummond

Going to Jail1999O07207PoetryHadley, Drummond

[Grand ?]1999O05102Poetry

Juan s Last Ride1999O07212PoetryHadley, Drummond

Just Another Arean Cutting Horse Competition1999O07211PoetryHadley, Drummond

Mexico Steer Buyer Billy Brown / Love in the Spring Time1999O07206PoetryHadley, Drummond

Mexico Steer Buyer, Bill Brown1999O07619PoetryHadley, Drum

Que Vaya Contigo1999O07621Music[Espinosa, Benino]

The Loss of Open Country1999O07209PoetryHadley, Drummond
Hadley, DrummondA Colt Forty-Five and A Chili Queen1985A02309Poetry[Hadley, Drummond]

Alma s Song, End of the Roundup1985A01805MusicHadley, Drummond

Cow Trading By the Rio Grande River1985A01505Poetry

Invocation2007W02201PoetryHadley, Drummond

Landscapes [Old Earth]2007W02211PoetryHadley, Drummond

[Prohibition and Cowboy Dances]2007W02206PoetryRamsey, Walter
Hadley, William
1994J10909PoetryHadley, William
Hagerty, Valerie F.[Elko Hos ?]1999O09017Poetry

Flaming Chaps1999O09015PoetryHagerty, Valerie F.

Weiner s Tale1999O09016PoetrySusan ?
Hahn, Larry V.
Haig, Janine
2001Q04305PoetryHaig, Janine

Aussie Love Poem2001Q04311PoetryHaig, Janine

Becky2001Q11705PoetryHaig, Janine

Black Hole, The2001Q11311PoetryHaig, Janine

Dear Becky2001Q04317PoetryHaig, Janine

2001Q11809PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T09008PoetryHaig, Janine

Direction2004T00705PoetryHaig, Janine

Doug went to town one day... 2001Q11807PoetryHaig, Janine

Douglas Went to Town2001Q11703PoetryHaig, Janine

G-Bung Polo Club2001Q12305PoetryPaterson, Banjo

Galah Attacks Cocky2004T00707PoetryHaig, Janine

Gallar Attacks Cockey2001Q12301PoetryHaig, Janine

Good Henry2001Q11312PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T09006PoetryHaig, Janine

I was filling out the cencus form... 2001Q11310PoetryHaig, Janine



Not Gone2004T00708PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T09007PoetryHaig, Janine

Of Course I Love You2004T00706PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T13707PoetryHaig, Janine

Public Speaking2004T13703PoetryHaig, Janine

Self Defense2001Q11313PoetryHaig, Janine

2001Q11704PoetryHaig, Janine

2001Q11808PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T00709PoetryHaig, Janine

2004T13710PoetryHaig, Janine

The Black Hole2004T13704PoetryHaig, Janine

What Is A Farmer?2004T05101PoetryHaig, Janine

When Douglas Went to Town2004T05102PoetryHaig, Janine
Haig, Jennifer[about goats, fence]2008X02106Poetry

Bush Spirit2003S08504PoetryHaig, Jennifer


Flies of Australia2003S08503PoetryHarding, Gary

Mrs. Joseph Brown2008X02107Poetry
Hailey, JennyCowboy Dancing2009Y04702Music

Cowpuncher Song, The2009Y04701Music
Hale, Mike
Miller, Sarah
The Bravest Cowboy1985A03403Music
Hall, BarbaraAbuse1987C011006Poetry

Another Whip1989E04607Poetry

Another Wreck1989E01911PoetryHall, Barbara



Cowboy No Hay [sic]1988D07407PoetryHall, Barbara

Cowboy No Way1988D06912Poetry

Doctor1987C01706PoetryHall, Barbara


Friends1987C01704PoetryHall, Barbara


Gates1994J10107PoetryHall, Barbara

My Foot on the Wind Side of My Horse1987C011003Poetry

No Other Life1988D03309Poetry


1988D07406PoetryHall, Barbara

Old Cowboy1987C01705PoetryHall, Barbara

Old Horse1987C011004Poetry


Ranch Life1994J05804PoetryBarbara Hall

Ranch Wife1988D03301Poetry


1988D07405PoetryHall, Barbara

1994J10106PoetryHall, Barbara

Rejection1989E01909PoetryHall, Barbara

What You See1988D03315Poetry


Wind Side of My Horse1987C04410Poetry


1989E01910PoetryHall, Barbara
Hall, Ike

Trail Dust to Paradise1995K00803PoetryHall, Ike
Hall, Kenny[?]2006V12110Music

[Buffalo Grass]2006V03503Music

Caballo Diablo2004T06209PoetryHall, Kenny


Cowboy Bill2004T15404MusicHall, Kenny


[Coyote Song]2006V03504Music

Coyotes2004T15406MusicEdwards, Don

2007W13014Music[Edwards, Don?]

Diana2005U09205MusicHall, Kenny

[Dude String]2006V03501Music

[MC Horses?]2005U14006Music[Tyson, Ian]

Me and the Eagle2004T15405MusicHall, Kenny

Navajo Rug2005U09206MusicTyson, Ian
Russell, Tom

[Spin the Pony]2006V03502Music

The Cowboy Song2004T06210Poetry

The Cowboy s Lament2005U14004Music

The Freedom Song2006V12108Music

The Legend of Claude Dallas2007W13013MusicTyson, Ian
Russell, Tom

The Old Cowman2007W07905MusicClark, Charles Badger


where Did They.... 2007W07904Music

Where the Ponies Come to Drink2004T06208PoetryHall, Kenny
[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Wild Black Stallion2006V12109Music

You Can t See Them from the Road2005U14005Music
Hall, MelanieDon t Play Practical Jokes2005U00306PoetryHall, Melanie

[Duncan]2005U00310PoetryHall, Melanie


Our Legend of the Min Min2005U12708PoetryHall, Melanie

The Ballad of Peddlin Pete2005U00311PoetryKearns, Bill

The Ballad of Reddling Pete2005U08103PoetryKearns, Bill

The English Rose2005U00305PoetryHall, Melanie

The Genie2005U12704Poetry[Bill]

The Naked Truth2005U12712PoetryHall, Melanie

The Visit2005U08106PoetryFayers, Frank

Tomorrow2005U12716PoetryHall, Melanie

Train Tomorrow [Morrow]2005U00304PoetryHall, Melanie
Hall, Narrvel[A Little...]2007W10811PoetryHall, Narrvel

Autobiography2007W10805PoetryHall, Narrvel

Dances With A Fat Gal2007W10807PoetryHall, Narrvel

January2007W10806PoetryHall, Narrvel

[unknown]2007W10812PoetryHall, Narrvel

[Why God...]2007W10816PoetryHall, Narrvel
Hall, NarvalThe Bull1998N17010
Hall, Narval
Hall, NarvelA Little Chamber Music 2000P08403
Hall, Narrvel


Little Chamber Music1999O12710Poetry

The Bull1999O13004PoetryHall, Narvel

The Good Life2000P11812Poetry

Why God Must Be a Horseman1999O12709Poetry

Hall, Narrvel
Hall, Seth
Hall, Teola[catchin hell stories]1996L05218[Story?]

Class [poem about buckaroos]1996L05222[Poetry?]

[stories - after junior rodeo]1996L05221[Story?]

[stories - used hydraulic oil]1996L05219[Story?]

[stories] [see sheet]1996L05220[Story?]
Hall, TomHorse Called Droop Ears1989E07114PoetryHall, Tom
Hamill, RandyChoice, The2001Q09304PoetryHamill, Randy

Meat: The Housewife s Friend1999O12711PoetryHamill, Randy

(story of three bulls)2001Q09305PoetryHamill, Randy

The Choice1999O12712PoetryHamill, Randy
Hamilton, Ham



A Poem for Robbie Robinson1995K05407Poetry


Man from Chicken Springs, A1995K09703Poem
Hammer, JohnnyFast Women, Horses and Wine2005U00813MusicHammer, Johnny
Hammond, CarlHer Majesty1986B01610PoetryHammond, Carl

The Gathering 19851986B01605PoetryHammond, Carl
Hampton, R WBend in the River2009Y063A09MusicHampton, R W

Born to Be a Cowboy

2009Y063A02MusicHampton, R W


Hanna Lee

My Maria [Valley of the Sangre deCristo]

Where the Short Grass Grows
Hampton, R. W.Across the Brazos Seco1988D02205Music

Adios Mi Corazon [A Border Affair] [Spanish Is the Lovin Tongue]1988D02202MusicClark, Charles Badger

Amazing Grace1996L03911[Music]

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie1994J00703Music

Danny Boy2009Y05011Music

[Don t?] Catch a Horse1996L00804Music

Donnie Catch a Horse for Me1996L08415Poetry

Driftin With the Wind2009Y05007Music

I Was Born to Be a Cowboy1996L08408Music

Lonesome Cowboy Song [Rodeo Man] [Rodeo Moon?]2009Y05009Music

Long Canyon Lament1996L00803Music


Peaceful easy Feelin 1996L00805MusicEagles, The

Ride Away1996L00802Music

Saddle Tramp1996L00801MusicRobbins, Marty




Shelley s Winter Love2009Y05008MusicHaggard, Merle

Shenadoa [Shenandoah]1988D02208Music


The cattle moved out in a long single file...1988D05404Music

True Love [Bend in the River]2009Y05010MusicRobbins, Marty

Waitin for a Train1996L11206MusicRodgers, Jimmie

Where the high wood river flows...1988D05405Music
Hampton, R. W. Where Has All the Pretty Music Gone1988D02211MusicHampton, R. W.
Hampton, R. W. & DeniseFour Strong Winds1995K03504Music[Tyson, Ian]



Wayward Wind1995K03503Music
Hampton, R. W. & Don EdwardsDevil Woman1996L11208MusicRobbins, Marty

Travellin Light1996L11209MusicHampton, R. W.
Hampton, R.W.
1997M02923MusicTyson, Ian


[a long way from Montana]1997M02924Music



Autumn Melodies1999O06105MusicHampton, R.W.

Autumn Melody1999O09505MusicHampton, R.W.

Back In the Saddle Again1999O06113Music

1999O09513MusicAutry, Gene

Ballad of Hazel O Neil1999O06108MusicHampton, Jeff

Ballad of Hazel O Neill1999O09508MusicHampton, Jeff

Ballad of the Alamo2002R10710SongR.W. Hampton

Bonnie2002R03418SongR.W. Hampton

Bonnie Gray1997M07802Music

Born to Be A Cowboy1999O06101MusicHampton, R.W.

16MusicHampton, R.W.

1999O09501MusicHampton, R.W.

16MusicHampton, R.W.

2001Q11123SongHampton, R.W.

2002R03421SongR.W. Hampton

Canadian River Waltz1999O06106MusicHampton, R.W.

1999O09506MusicHampton, R.W.

Carmela2005U10711MusicHampton, R.W.

Catch A Horse For Me (The One I Never Could Ride)2001Q13306Song

Cowboy at the Peace with the World1998N00220Music


Dannie Boy1993I06902Music

2005U10710MusicHampton, R.W.

[Demon Desert]1997M05406Music

Diana2004T04015MusicHampton, R.W.

2005U05702MusicHampton, R.W.

Dog-gone Cowboy2001Q11119SongHampton, R.W.

Donnie catch a horse for me... 2002R10709SongR.W. Hampton

Donny Catch a Horse1993I07206MusicHampton, R.W.

1993I07306MusicHampton, R.W.

Down in the Valley by the Rio Honda1998N18108Music

Dream Ridin 1993I07207MusicHampton, R.W.

1993I07307MusicHampton, R.W.

Driften Cowboy2001Q07507SongHampton, R.W.

Drifting Cowboy2001Q11018SongHampton, R.W.

2001Q11120SongHampton, R.W.

El Paso1998N00721MusicRobbins, Marty

Faded Love2001Q13307SongWills, Bob

Four strong winds that blow lonely.... 1993I039b34Music[Tyson, Ian]

Ghost Riders In the Sky1999O06110Music

1999O09510MusicJones, Stan

Girl With It All, The2002R03419SongIan Tyson

2002R03520SongIan Tyson

God Bless America, Again2002R03422SongR.W. Hampton

2002R03523SongR.W. Hampton

God Leads His Dear Children Alone1999O10805Music

Hanging Tree1998N18113Music

[Hanging Tree]1998N00720MusicHampton, R.W.

Horse Called Sancho1998N00203Music

How Great Thou Art1999O10810MusicHine, Stuart


I Don t Hurt Anymore1998N00719MusicSnow, Hank

I found beauty in this lonesome desolation... 2001Q13308Song

I Still Miss Someone1998N18110Music[Cash, Johnny ?]

1999O01903MusicHoward, Harlan

I Was Born to Be A Cowboy2004T04014MusicHampton, R.W.

I d Rather Have Jesus1999O10808MusicShea, George
Miller, Rhea

I m Free2005U05701MusicHampton, R.W.

I m Free to Do As I Please2005U06406MusicHampton, R.W.

2005U06506MusicHampton, R.W.

I m Making My Way Back Home to Lisa2001Q13310SongHampton, R.W.

In the Misty Moonlight1998N00724MusicWalker, Cindy

In the Shadow of the Ponderosa Pine2002R03519SongR.W. Hampton

[It s For the Freedom We Love That I Fight]2005U06409MusicHampton, R.W.

2005U06510MusicHampton, R.W.

Just An Old Song1997M07813Music

Just My Rifle, Pony and Me [Just My Rifle, My Pony and Me]1998N00717MusicHampton, R.W.

Life s Railway to Heaven1999O10801Music

Little One2002R03416SongR.W. Hampton

Lonesome Cowpoke1999O09511Music

Lullabye2001Q11124SongHampton, R.W.

Me and My Uncle1999O01902MusicPhillips, John

Men of the Alamo1998N00221Music

My Maria1993I07205MusicHampton, R.W.

1993I07305MusicHampton, R.W.

1998N00718MusicHampton, R.W.

Night Rider s Lament1999O06102Music


Nobody Knows But Me1997M02925Music

Of Texas, Springtime, and You1999O09509MusicHampton, R.W.

Oh My Maria2001Q07509SongHampton, R.W.

Old Cowboy1998N00205MusicTyson s Ian

Old Songs Take Me Back2001Q11021SongHampton, R.W.

2001Q11121SongHampton, R.W.

On the Chisholm Trail1998N18107Music

Precious Memories1999O06107Music


Ride Away2001Q13309Song

Ride Away (From The Searchers )2002R10713Song

[Ride Away]2005U10709MusicHampton, R.W.

Riding Home1993I07208MusicHampton, R.W.

1993I07308MusicHampton, R.W.

River s Bend1997M05405Music


Rock-a-bye Baby Out On the Prairie2001Q11022SongHampton, R.W.

[Saddle Horse and Catch Dance ?]1998N00204Music

Saddle Tramp1998N00201Music[Robbins, Marty ?]

Sancho1999O06115MusicHampton, R.W.

1999O09515MusicHampton, R.W.

2002R10711SongR.W. Hampton



Shelly s Winter Love2002R03417SongMerle Haggard

2002R03518SongMerle Haggard

2005U06509MusicHampton, R.W.

[Shelly s Winter Love]2005U06408MusicHampton, R.W.



Spanish Is the Loving Tongue1998N18112Music[Dylan, Bob ?]

[Steer Roping ?]1997M11210Music

Street of Laredo1993I06901Music

Streets of Laredo1997M11222Music

Sunset Trail1999O06114MusicHampton, R.W.

1999O09514MusicHampton, R.W.

Take You Home, Kathleen1998N10110Music

Tennessee Stud1998N18109Music

Texas In the Spring Time and You1999O06109Music

Texas is Gone2001Q07508SongHampton, R.W.

[The Last Troubador]2004T07813Music

The One I Never Could RIde1998N00723MusicHampton, R.W.

The Place Where I Worship is Wide Open Spaces1999O10802MusicFoster, Faye
Goodheart, Al
Tarr, Florence
Spicer, Larry

The River s Bend1997M02922Music

The Shadow of the Cross1999O10806MusicHampton, R.W.

The Streets of Laredo2005U06508Music

Till Our Trails Cross Again2001Q11127SongHampton, R.W.

Time For Leavin [Time for Leaving]1997M07812Music

Trail of Many Years2002R03517SongR.W. Hampton

Traveling Light1999O06112MusicHampton, R.W.

1999O09512MusicHampton, R.W.

Troubador2005U05703MusicHampton, R.W.

2005U06407MusicHampton, R.W.

2005U06507MusicHampton, R.W.

Until Our Trails Cross Again2005U10712MusicHampton, R.W.

Wayward Wind1997M11203Music


2001Q11122SongHampton, R.W.

2002R10708SongR.W. Hampton

2005U10707MusicHampton, R.W.

What Does She See2002R10712SongIan Tyson

What Does She See In That Old Cowboy ?1998N18111MusicTyson, Ian

[What Does She See In] That Old Cowboy2004T03915MusicTyson, Ian

What Does She See?2001Q11019SongTyson, Ian

Where Shall I Go1999O01901MusicHampton, R.W.

Whispering Pines1997M05407Music





2005U10708MusicHampton, R.W.

Who s Going to Live Out In the Country When All of Us Have Finally Moved to Town?2002R03522SongR.W. Hampton

Who s Gonna Live Out In the Country?1997M11218MusicHampton, R.W.

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo [Get Along Little Dogies]1999O06104Music


Whose Going To Live Out in the Country1998N00722MusicHampton, R.W.
Hampton, R.W.
(and friends)
Alberta Rose1997M009b10MusicHampton, R.W.

Cowboy s Bride1997M009b11MusicHampton, R.W.

Leavin 1997M009b12MusicHampton, R.W.
(and friend Donny)
Hampton, R.W.
[and friends]
Alberta Rose1997M00911MusicHampton, R.W.

Cowboy s Bride1997M00912MusicHampton, R.W.

Goodbye Old Paint1997M00913Music
Hampton, R.W.
Cowboy Celtic
Alberta Rose1997M11209MusicHampton, R.W.

[Bonnie Brae ?]1997M11212Music
Hampton, R.W.
Haynes, Jim
McRae, Wallace
Zarzyski, Paul
Don t Fence Me In1993I07224MusicPorter, Cole
Hampton, R.W.
Haynes, Jim
McRae, Wallace
Zarzyski, Paul
McCarty, Tara
Don t Fence Me In1993I07323Music
Hampton, R.W.
Kates, Don
Goodbye Old Paint1997M02928Music

Moral Time1997M02926MusicKates, Don

Promise True1997M02927Music

Who s Gonna Live Out In the Country1997M02929Music
Hampton, R.W.
Wilkie, David
I Wish I Was Free [Long Canyon Lament]1999O01904MusicHampton, R.W.

Senor Vega1999O01914MusicCannon, Hal

The Streets of Laredo1999O01910Music
Hamtpon, R WDon t Tell Me2009Y063A15MusicBeck, Mike
Hancock, Alice[?]2004T01207PoetryHancock, Sunny

A Cowboy s Brains2007W09803PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

A Good Woman Off On An Errand of Need2004T01206PoetryPetersen, Gwen

A Sourdough Story2007W10305PoetryService, Robert

Alone2007W09812PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Bear Tale2007W05801PoetryHancock, Alice

Bill the Snake Charmer2004T09121PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Blasphemous Bill2004T09111Poetry[Service, Robert]

[Fairy tale about cinderella]2004T09113PoetryHancock, Alice

It takes love to kiss a man who s lip is full of snuff... 2004T09112PoetryHancock, Alice

Judgement Day2007W09807PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

18PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

[Old Geezer Dames]2004T09109PoetryHollenbeck, Yvonne

Pack Rat2007W05802PoetryHancock, Alice

Pearls, Silk, and Lace2004T01212Poetry[Thompson, Charlotte]

Ranch Romance2004T01208PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

[Render Sella]2004T01216Poetry

Rosie s Eagle2007W08601PoetryBeeson, J.W.

[Sican]2004T13504PoetryHancock, Sunny

[Sir Gallahad]2004T01219Poetry

The Cemetery2004T09110PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Cyclone Creek2004T13505PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

The Horse Trader2007W10307PoetryParker, Howard

The Reverent Mister Cowboy2007W10306Poetry[Storman, Paul]

[The Swamper from Trail s End Bar]2004T01213PoetryEbert, Elizabeth

True Grit2004T13506PoetryEbert, Elizabeth


Voices of the Past2000P11007Poetry[Sterman?], Paul
Hancock, Sunny
1992H03408PoetryHancock, Sunny




A Cowboy s Heaven1988D07602Poetry[Barker, S. Omar]

A Bad Situation1986B04505PoetryHancock, Sunny

A Bear1989E07908Poetry

A cowboy and his trusty pal... 2002R04902PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce


An Environmental Poem1992H03407PoetryHancock, Sunny

An Old Western Town1986B00315PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

As Long As There s a Cowboy1990F06808PoetrySmith, Richard

Auntie Em1999O12103PoetryChristensen, Bob

Ballad of Salvation Bill1999O04201PoetryService, Robert

Ballad of Yukon Jake1999O04203PoetryService, Robert

Bear Ropin 2001Q12007PoetryHancock, Sunny

Bear Tale2002R12604PoetrySunny Hancock

[Bible Story]2000P05914
Hancock, Sunny

Bread Knife1999O04212PoetryService, Robert

Bread Knife, The2001Q08106PoetryService, Robert

Buckskin Joe1987C05906Poetry

Bunkhouse Serenade1986B04508PoetrySwenson, Robert E.

Cardiac Cowboys2001Q03905PoetryHancock, Sunny

2001Q04005PoetryHancock, Sunny

Casey s Billygoat1999O04202PoetryService, Robert

Catalogs1994J03909PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Change on the Range1992H07810Poetry

1998N02312PoetryHancock, Sunny

1999O12101PoetryHancock, Sunny

Cow Dogs1991G01301PoetryHancock, Sunny

1992H06908PoetryHancock, Sunny

1998N07504PoetryHancock, Sunny

2000P07301[Poetry]Hancock, Sunny

Cow Dogs Generally Speaking1995K01902PoetryHancock, Sunny

Cow Dogs Generally Speaking 1999O06804PoetryHancock, Sunny

Cowboy s Brains1986B04504PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Brains [?]1987C010023Poetry

Cowboy s Brains [Cowboy s Brand]1999O07705PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Dream1991G03504PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

1998N15914PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Dream Up In Heaven2003S06802PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Dream, The2000P11003PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Cowboy s Heaven1997M00916PoetryBarker, S. Omar

1997M009b15PoetryBarker, S. Omar

2003S10605PoetryBarker, S. Omar

Cowboys Brains1988D00513Poetry

Deer Hunter1988D00511Poetry

Doctor Doctor1995K01901PoetryHancock, Sunny

Doctor Doctor [?]1991G01307PoetryHancock, Sunny

Dog Rule [Doggrel]1999O11513Music

Doggrel, Plain and Simple1999O11412PoetryHancock, Sunny

Down and Out2001Q08017PoetryHay, Clarence D.

Free Verse1998N11404PoetryHancock, Sunny

From Town1997M00914PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1997M009b13PoetryClark, Charles Badger

2001Q04308PoetryClark, Charles Badger

God of the Open1988D07610PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1989E00310PoetryClark, Charles Badger

Gol-Darned Wheel, The1987C010009Poetry


He Found a Home1994J03908PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

High Chin Bob1987C05905PoetryClark, Charles Badger

High Steppin Kind2001Q12006PoetryHancock, Sunny

High Stepping Kind1998N02311PoetryHancock, Sunny

Home Range in the Fall1998N15916PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Horse Trade [The Horse Trader ?]1998N11405PoetryHancock, Sunny

Horse Trade, The2001Q04007PoetryHancock, Sunny

I Never Should Have Told Nobody That1995K07403Poetry

I m a rodeo cowboy, my name is Joe Gates...1988D05001Poetry

It was way off in the jungles... [Signifying Monkey]1985A02432Poetry

Larry McWhorter s Bull2000P07302[Poetry]Christensen, Bob



Ode to My Wife1995K07404Poetry

Ode to the Spotted Owl1999O12102PoetryHancock, Sunny

Old Bible Story2002R12603Poetry

On Foot1994J03907PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Out of the east come a famine...1988D05007Poetry

Owe It to the Spotted Owl [Ode to the Spotted Owl]1992H06907PoetryHancock, Sunny

Pack Rats1986B04507PoetryHancock, Sunny [?]

1992H03414PoetryHancock, Sunny

Packrats1995K01917PoetryHancock, Sunny

1998N07514PoetryHancock, Sunny

Packrats (?)2001Q04008PoetryHancock, Sunny

Red Flannels, The2002R04908PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

Red Flannins (?)2001Q04302Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Roping A Bear1998N07505PoetryHancock, Sunny

Rosie s Eagle2002R12610Poetry

2003S10604PoetryHancock, Sunny

Round Up Cook1992H07811PoetryFisher, Jim

Roundup Cook2001Q03904PoetryFisher, Jim

2001Q04006PoetryFisher, Jim

Roundup Cook [Roundup]1999O07706PoetryFisher, Jim

Salesman s Relief2000P07303[Poetry]Christensen, Bob

[Should of Not Told that to No One ?] [Jesse]1999O07704PoetryHancock, Sunny

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs1991G03512Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

2000P11006Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

Snuffy and Sadie1998N07510PoetryMcRae, Wallace

Team Ropers1989E07909PoetryBerry, Virgil

That Rocky Trail from Town1989E00307PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Ballad of Yukon Jake1986B04009PoetryService, Robert

The Bear Tale2000P05906
Hancock, Sunny

2003S05105PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Big Steer2003S05101PoetryChristenson, Bob

The Cowboy s Dream1994J07905PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Cowboy s Funeral1994J03910PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

The Cowboy s Heaven1986B00311PoetryBarker, S. Omar

The Cowboy s Prayer1990F06807PoetryFletcher, Curley

The Difference1988D00512Poetry

The High Steppin Kind1994J10108PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Horse Trader1999O06805PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Legend of Boastful Bill1987C05907PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1997M10901PoetryClark, Charles Badger

2003S06807PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Legend of Buffalo Bill [The Legend of Boastful Bill ?]1986B04004PoetryClark, Charles Badger

[The Lost Flannins]1987C002004Poetry

The Old Barn1998N11406PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Old, High Stepping Kind1999O11512MusicHancock, Sunny

The Rains1998N15915PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Rains [The Reins ?]1997M00915PoetryClark, Charles Badger

1997M009b14PoetryClark, Charles Badger

The Soiled Snowflake1995K04601Poetry

The Sycan Barn1999O11411PoetryHancock, Sunny

[The Sycan Barn]1998N02313PoetryHancock, Sunny

The Wagon Cook1994J07913Poetry

Trading Horses2002R04905PoetryHoward Parker

True Story (?)2001Q03903PoetryHancock, Sunny


(Velocipede) The Gol Darn Wheel1990F00509Poetry[Anonymous]

[Ventriloquist Story]2000P05910

When They Finish Shipping Cattle in the Fall [When They ve Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall]1990F00502Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

When You re Throwed1986B04506PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

1987C010010Poetry[Kiskaddon, Bruce]

When You re Thrown2003S10905PoetryKiskaddon, Bruce

You Never Tell That1987C002009Poetry
Hancock, Sunny
(Flick, Leon)

The Old High Stepping Kind1997M03413Poetry
Hancock, Sunny & Jesse Smith

Hancock, Sunny, Chris Isaacs, Jesse SmithWhen They ve Finished Shippin Cattle in the Fall2000P05916[Poetry]Kiskaddon, Bruce
Hancock, Sunny, Jesse Smith, Chris Isaacs(Theater Show/Comedy Routine, no titles)2002R06901Poetry
Hankins, Audrey
1991G07313PoetryHankins, Audrey

A Day Just for Me2000P06503[Poetry]Hankins, Audrey

A Roast and a Pot of Beans2000P11112PoetryHankins, Audrey

A Tribute to Jim2000P06501[Poetry]Hankins, Audrey

Ashes and Memories2000P11113PoetryHankins, Audrey

Buzzard and Noah1990F02205PoetryHankins, Audrey

1991G01806PoetryHankins, Audrey

2000P04703PoetryHankins, Audrey

Day Work 2000P04713PoetryHankins, Audrey

His Place or Mine1990F02206PoetryHankins, Audrey

2000P06505[Poetry]Hankins, Audrey

Ike2000P11109PoetryHankins, Audrey

In Our Blood2000P11114PoetryHankins, Audrey

Mixed Feelings1990F05427Poetry

1991G07306PoetryHankins, Audrey

Nitro and the Nog2000P04704PoetryHankins, Audrey

Outside Circle2000P06502[Poetry]Hankins, Audrey

[poem about Nitro, a pup]1994J05405PoetryHankins, Audrey

Ranch Kids1991G03705PoetryHankins, Audrey

2000P11115PoetryHankins, Jeannie

Ranch Life Good Life1990F02204PoetryHankins, Audrey

Ranch Life, Good Life1991G01807PoetryHankins, Audrey

Ranch Roots1991G03706PoetryHankins, Audrey

2000P11108PoetryHankins, Audrey

Relapse1994J05406PoetryHankins, Audrey