Rubbish from An Old Attic

Written by Will Ayer of Putney, VT and Fitchburg, MA, ca. 1935.

All up for Hull’s Victory, We’re ready, Let’s go.
Step lively. For know ye, Bill’s music ain’t slow.
Give right hand to partner, balance four in a line,
Turn your opposite twice — hurry up — be on time,
Again right to partner, and balance all four,
Swing your partner in centre, you’ve done that before.
Down the centre and back — and don’t kick anyone’s shin —
Now right and left four — and again you begin.

From Head down to Foot you’ll pursue this mad race,
For the Contra demands you must set a fast pace.
You’re feet are a-hustle, your cheeks are a-glow
And your eyes are a-sparkle, like sunlight on snow.
Money Musk— Fishers Hornpipe— Devil’s Dream— Chorus Jig—
I could name many more that once went over big.
But all these have vanished like the glories of Rome,
When I hear this danged Jazz I just want to go home.