Loss of the Yosemite

While visiting at my wife's parents' home in Houston, I found some handwritten sheets tucked between the pages of an old book. When I asked my father-in-law how he came by the book, he couldn't remember, and he was unaware of the handwritten sheets I stumbled on. Curious about the Yosemite, I did a little online searching and came up with the following.


uss yosemite


USS Yosemite: USS Yosemite (1898-1900) USS Yosemite, a 6179-ton auxiliary cruiser, was built at Newport News, Virginia, in 1892 for commercial employment. Acquired by the Navy in April 1898, she operated in the West Indies area during the Spanish-American War. After that conflict, she served briefly in the Atlantic and then was sent to Guam for use as station ship and, occasionally, as a transport. On 13 November 1900 she was badly damaged by a typhoon. After her crew was rescued, Yosemite was scuttled offshore.

New York Times ~ November 30, 1900

guam 1


New York Times ~ December 5, 1900

guam 2


The Loss of the Yosemite

yosemite sheet 1

yosemite sheet 2

yosemite sheet 3

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