Remembering Walter McNew

Bruce Greene first took me to see Walter McNew in the fall of 1990. Walter lived in Rockcastle County in Kentucky, just a mile or two up the road from the Renfro Valley music barn complex. I was just beginning work at Berea College nearby and over the next three years, I visited Walter and his wife Elizabeth many times. I never met a more gracious gentle man than Walter and his unassuming kindly outlook on life and people made a huge impression on me. To this day, I still count Walter as one of the most influential people I've ever encountered—not because of anything he did necessarily, but just the way he conducted himself and the love he shared for music, both singing and instrumental. I was lucky to be allowed to produce a cassette recording of Walter's fiddle playing for Berea College.

Here are the liner notes I wrote for the cassette.

Also, here are some photos I took on several different visits between 1990-1993.

mcnew 01

mcnew 02

mcnew 03

mcnew 04

mcnew 05

mcnew 06

mcnew 07

mcnew 08

mcnew 09

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