Native Kentucky Ballads

001  Arch and Gordon
002  Ashland Tragedy, The
003  Assassination of William Goebel, The
004  Bad Tom Smith [Tom Smith’s Death Song]
005  Baker and White Feud Song
006  Bugger Burns
007  Chet Fugate [Bloody Breathitt]
008  Civil War Song [Battle of Richmond?]
009  Combs Hotel Fire, The
010  Corbin Wreck, The
011  Death of Alexander Going, The [Goins]
012  Death of Bernard Friley, The
013  Death of Colonel Sharp, The [also Beauchamp’s Confession]
014  Death of Dewey Lee, The
015  The Murder of Dr. Richard Duke and Wife
016  Death of Edward Hawkins, The
017  Death of Floyd Collins, The
018  Death of Granma Ray, The [The Death of Junior Ray]
019  Death of Harry Simms, The
020  Death of Lula Viers, The
021  Death of Lura Parsons, The
022  Death of Mary Jane Martin, The
023 Death of Mrs. Broughton, The
024  Death of Nancy Downing, The
025 Death of Roy Rickey, The
026  Death of Muriel Baldridge, The
027  Death of Samuel Adams, The
028  Death of Two Lovers, The
029  Devil Winston
030  Drunken Driver, The
031  Execution of Floyd Williams, The
032  Execution of Simpson Bush, The
033  [Fanny Patrick]
034  Fitches and Austins, The
035  Floyd County School Bus Tragedy, The
036  Floyd Frazier [Murder of Ellen Flannery, The]
037  Harlan County Tragedy, The
038  Harlan Town Tragedy, The
039  [Hindman Mine Disaster]
040  Hiram Hubbard
041  House Burning in Carter County, The [Come All You Tender Hearted]
042  Hyden Mine Disaster, The
043  J. B. Marcum
044  Jeems Braggs
045  Jesse Adams [The Cause & Killing of Jesse Adams]
046 [John Adkins' Farewell] [?]
047  John Ferguson
048  John T. Parker
049  Jones and Bloodworth Case, The [Georgia 1923-1926]
050  Kentucky Mine Explosion
051  Kentucky Miner’s Dreadful Fate, The
052  Killin’ in the Gap, The
053  Laura Belle
054  Lora Williams [Clurie Williams]
055  The Murder of Lottie Yates
056  Murder of George Thompson, The
057  Murder of Virgil Gibson, The
058  Pearl Bryan
059 Peddler and His Wife, The
060  Poor Goins
061  Railroad Bill
062  Reed Taylor’s Murder
063  Rose Connelly [?]
064  Rowan County Jail, In
065  Rowan County Troubles, The
066  Samuel Young
067  Stella Kenny
068  Story of Gerald Chapman, The [Connecticut 1926 ?]
069  Talt Hall [Murder of Frank Salyers, The]
070  Ten Broeck and Molly
071  Vance Song, The
072  William Baker
073  William Owen
074  Willie Warfield
075 Wreck at Latonia, The
076  Wreck of [No.] 36, The
077  Wreck of the Hunnicut Curve, The
078  Wreck of the L&N Railroad, The
079  Wreck on the Somerset Road, The
080  Yellow Tomb, The
081  Wreck of Number Four, The
082  The Lynching of Kid Shannon
083  Letcher County Burglar, The
084  Fatal Derby Day, The
085  When Roscoe Cherry Killed John Jackson
086  Bill Brown
087  Wild Bill Jones
088  Rufus Mitchell’s Confession
089  Tragedy of Sandy River
090  Lillian Smith [Poor Ellen Smith?]
091  The Tompkinsville Tornado
092  Caines Creek Distillery
093  Mary Brockwell
094  The Frozen Creek Destruction
095  The Hanging of Pud Marcum
096  The Murder of Roy Sasser
097  The Four Mile Disaster
098  The Knott County Coal Mine Disaster (1961)
099  John Kelly
100  Lee Brown
101 Pennington's Farewell [Old Joe Coleman Killed His Wife]
102 Flood of '57, The
103 Jack Combs' Death Song (Green Morris Bad Tom Smith Eversole Feud—see Shearin and Combs 1911)
104 Clair and Pearley Blues